Sheriff Clarke for next AG?

He is Da Man!

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said on Fox News Friday that AG Eric Holder, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D), and Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) are making “irresponsible and inflammatory” comments about the police force that is “a slap in the face to every law-enforcement officer in America.” Clarke focused particularly on Holder, who he said owes either an explanation or an apology to law enforcement.

After commenting on the problem of people outside the community converging on the area, Clarke turned his attention on Holder and two of the states’ key Democratic leaders:

Clarke told Fox that Holder and the Democratic leaders in Missouri, Nixon and McCaskill, were

I think that some of the officials in Missouri, like Governor Nixon, Senator McCaskill, and even the Attorney General of the United States, made some irresponsible and inflammatory statements during this time, which didn’t help the situation. Insinuating that our law-enforcement officers across the United States engage in some nefarious or systematic and cultural attempts to violate people’s civil rights.

I thought that was a slap in the face to every law-enforcement officer in America who… puts on the badge and the uniform everyday to go out and risk their lives in service to their community.

Armed Masked Man chooses the wrong house to rob

Thug go bye bye

While details of precisely what went on inside are still sketchy, that the husband was able to obtain one of his firearms and use it effectively is not in doubt .

An Algiers man, 28, and his 36-year-old wife were on their backyard patio around 10 p.m. when a 25-year-old gunman, his face covered in a mask, walked up and demanded they give him money, police said.

The gunman ordered the couple into their home in the 1800 block of West Homestead Drive, where the couple’s three young children – ages 6, 13 and 14 – were inside, police said.

At some point the husband was able to retrieve his gun, police said, and fatally shot the gunman, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

I wonder where the gun grabbers are? The media coverage? Maybe Bloomberg will present this man with an award of some sort, yeah, no!

*VIDEO* Andrew Klavan: Democrats At War



Don Lemon is too smart to be this stupid

Cnn’s Don Lemon has shown his intelligence, he has said some very good things, but, THIS is what happens when raw emotion supplants intelligent debate

Bob Owens weighs in

Lemon doesn’t know the difference between an automatic weapon—a machine gun—and an semi-automatic weapon, which fires one bullet per trigger pull and which have been commonly owned by civilians for more than a century.

Lemon, never willing to concede how stunningly wrong he is, then attempts to argue that the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic is a matter of “semantics.”

Again, Lemon either did zero research, or ignored that which was inconvenient. This is NOT journalism, this is emotionally based rhetoric, that has no place on any credible news outlet. Here are some more facts about automatic weapons

Since the National Firearms Act passed in 1934, automatic weapons have been very tightly regulated. There are roughly 250,000 in the entire nation—half of those are registered to law enforcement agencies—out of 300 million total firearms.

Precisely zero automatic weapons have been manufactured for public consumption in 28 years, since the Hughes Amendment to the Firearm Owner Protection Act (FOPA) made the sale of new machine guns to the public illegal, regardless of their qualifications.

Frankly, this is why so many point to media bias. 

Update! Whiny rapper displays typical entitlement attitude, genuine stupidity

This guy is a spoiled child. What a moron, Typical Leftist useful idiot

Doug Powers on Rick Perry’s new ad


Before video of the knockout blow, some brief background on the indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry that even the New York Times and David Axelrod have said is questionable at best:

At issue is Perry’s decision to veto $7.5 million in funding for an anti-corruption unit that is part of the Travis County district attorney’s office. Perry wanted Rosemary Lehmberg (D), the district attorney for Travis County, to step down after her April 2013 drunken-driving arrest. She declined, and Perry made good on his threat to withhold the money. A watchdog group filed an ethics complaint that led to Perry’s indictment on two felony counts.

In response, Team Perry delivered a cup-shattering kick to the crotch followed by a roundhouse to the head:

Let me say it, again, BEST DAMNED GOVERNOR in America! And, I think it only fair that we now refer to Rosemary Lehmberg’s party affiliation as (Drunk). Good grief, she looks like she has never passed a bar in her life

Why yes, we HAVE seen this movie before

Smitty nails it

Larry2 at Instapundit

There seems to be a pattern:

  1. unarmed young black guy is shot,
  2. there is a vast media outcry over the young “honor student’s” death,
  3. family provides photos of the dead guy taken when he was 11 years old, well before he had opted for the ghetto thug look,
  4. it comes out that the “honor student” has been committing felonies,
  5. witnesses say the honor student was beating the hell out of the person who shot him,
  6. Democrat politicians call for the shooter’s conviction, and
  7. prosecutors, fearing rioting, black voters, or what have you, prosecute the shooter anyway.

Have I missed anything?

Probably could add something about #OccupyResoluteDesk inserting himself, sadly, wearily, oh-why-won’t-this-world-listen-to-me-self-righteously.

An interesting nuance is the way Obama gets his emotional vampire on in these cases, while never getting too close to Rev. Jesse or Rev. Al or whichever flag officer the Racism Industrial Complex deploys to whip up the Low Information Voters.

And, as Smitty notes, bringing in protesters seems to be another factor in these cases

Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan reported that only three of the 78 protesters arrested last night during last night’s clash between the police and protesters in Ferguson were actually from the city on Tuesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” 

He stated that there were, “78 arrests, just three of them here from the town of Ferguson.” Harrigan added that there were “a lot from Missouri, but some came from as far away as California and New York.”  And that there are “some concerns from police that rioters are using the demonstrations as a cover, a cover to launch some attacks against police.”

It is like these things just attract thugs from all around