Oh good grief! Liberals at UNC freaking out over Heteropatriachal Capitalism!

Yes really, looks like the loons have made up another imaginary threat because KRAZY!

Students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill blamed racism and heteropatriarchal capitalism for the recent academic scandal that has plagued the university.

Gathering Wednesday afternoon, members of the Real Silent Sam coalition gathered to share their response to the recently released “Investigation of Irregular Classes in the Department of African and Afro-American Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,” which found that certain classes in the former African and Afro-American Department were created simply to keep athletes grade-eligible.

“In this space, we will not bend to the will of oppression! We will lift our voices to the administration and the world. We will reclaim our space in higher education. This is your space!” UNC senior Taylor Webber-Fields said to the crowd gathered on the front steps of one of the administrative buildings.

The Real Silent Sam is a coalition of UNC students, faculty, and community members who aim to “create honest dialogue” about Chapel Hill monuments and buildings, according to the group’s description.

On Wednesday, however, the coalition’s mission was more about the structure of the university as it rallied to “reveal ways in which our university participates in the ‘American’ system of white supremacist, heteropatriarchal capitalism and brings our understanding of what it means to be a Tar Heel into question,” according to the group’s Facebook page.

“The way that the media corrupted what happened in this space was informed by the way that blackness is understood here,” Omololu Babatunde, a UNC senior who spoke at the rally, toldCampus Reform. “Society, which is reflected in the media, understands blackness in such a discredited way that it’s able to corrupt something that is much broader than one site.”

Good Freaking Grief!

Mandatory day care, another dream of the Left

The Left has been using the education system to indoctrinate our kids for years. And, it has had some real effects on our nation. Now, imagine if they could mandate day care from, say, age two? Oh they can’t? Thanks to Justice Roberts, they can mandate that you buy health care, why not mandating that you pay for day care too?

During a speech in Rhode Island today, President Obama stressed the importance of public pre-school in America, pointing out that the cost of daycare was getting too high.

“Moms and dads deserve a great place to drop their kids off every day that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg,” Obama stated. “We need better child care, day care, early child education policies.”

Obama explained that in many states it cost parents more money to put their kids in day care than it cost to put them in a public university.
“Too often parents have no choice but to put their kids in cheaper day care that maybe doesn’t have the kinds of programming that makes a big difference in a child’sdevelopment,” he said.

Because America lacks public pre-school, Obama said, women often earned less money than men.

“Sometimes, someone, usually Mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result,” he said. “That’s not a choice we want Americans to make.”

So, here we go. Universal day care anyone? How about universal college too? Imagine what the Left can do if they have you kid from age two until their early 20’s. Yea, think about that!

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Remember to the Left the ends ALWAYS justify the means

Case in point, one Alex Wagner of MSNBS via Weasel Zippers

The woman whose recent wedding President Obama attended is okay with stoking the racial fears of black Americans—if that’s what it takes to drive them to the polls and secure Dem victories. Alex Wagner devoted a segment of her MSNBC show today to the naked appeals to the racial fears of black Americans that Democrats are making in campaign ads. Wagner discussed Dem ads that seek to stoke black fear toward Republicans by invoking Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

You might think Wagner would have condemned these ugly tactics, explicitly aimed at driving Americans apart based on their race. Think again. To the contrary, Wagner concluded the segment by saying that it shouldn’t have to be the kind of threats contained in these ads that get people to vote, “but if it does, so much stronger the party is for it.”

Just another example of the Left cares nothing about the truth, to them anything that gets them power is OK!

Geraldo Rivera an expert on being a chicken shit

Old Mustache Man, Tweeted something pretty vile about Benjamin Netanyahu today

“If Israeli PM Netanyahu does not stop West Bank settlement expansion then WH critic is right, he is chickensh*t,” Rivera tweeted Thursday.

The White House has been deeply critical of Israel’s continuing plans to build homes in east Jerusalem.

While the White House called the “chickens**t” remark about the Israeli prime minister from an unnamed top Obama administration official “counterproductive” and Secretary of State John Kerry said it was “disgraceful” and “damaging,” the U.S. has not offered a formal apology.

Rivera had a sharp encounter with fellow Fox hosts after he criticized Israel during its offensive in Gaza over the summer, telling Andrea Tantaros she “should be ashamed” of herself for questioning him, a “dyed-in-the-wool Zionist.”

Geraldo, Geraldo, Geraldo, you pathetic excuse for a man. I have a great idea. Lets lock you and Netanyahu in a room, and see who comes out.

BTW, a note to Fox, every time I see Geraldo on your network, I change the station frankly. What it is you see in that no talent mouthy hack is beyond me.