New gun laws allowing carry in restaurants in South Carolina not causing any problems, Liberal Narrative hardest hit

AWWWWWWWWWWWW poor Liberals got it wrong again!

Greenville News:

Marina Lambrou, owner of the Boston Pizzeria on Woodruff Road, said she knew some of her customers had permits to carry concealed weapons before the law changed in February to allow permit holders to take their guns into establishments that serve alcohol.

Lambrou chose not to prohibit guns, and she said the issue hasn’t been a problem.

“I don’t prohibit and I don’t encourage it,” she told The Greenville News. “I just feel this is a free nation, and if someone feels like they need the extra protection, then God willing, let them do it.

State law enforcement and restaurant officials say they know of no problems since the law went into effect seven months ago. The law allows permit holders to take guns into places that serve alcohol but allows businesses to prohibit guns and doesn’t allow permit holders to consume alcohol.

Erin Dando, leader of the South Carolina Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a gun reform group, said more businesses would prohibit guns but the new law requires the signs banning guns be 8 by 12 inches with 1-inch lettering.

Good grief what a reach. The sign is “too big”? Another Liberal burying their head in the sand, refusing to admit they are simply on the wrong side

“Frankly, the size requirement is alarming for business owners and it’s prevented some from putting them up,” she said. She said one business that has posted a sign has heard negative feedback from members of a gun rights organization.

Gun owners said on The Greenville News‘ Facebook page they are voting with their feet if restaurants choose to ban weapons.

“Only a couple of the restaurants where I have eaten decided to post signs after the new law went into effect,” posted Stephen Combs. “Their food wasn’t exceptional enough for me to feel the need to disarm and patronize them.”

“If there have been any incidents, I’m not aware of them,” said Jerrod Bruder, executive director of the South Carolina Sheriffs Association.

He said the organization’s concerns about the changes in the law had to do with training and education. The new law still requires training of permit holders but has dropped the number of mandatory hours of training.

Thom Berry, a spokesman for the State Law Enforcement Division, said he wasn’t aware of any incidents involving concealed weapons permit holders and businesses that serve alcohol under the new law.

Sgt. Jennings Autrey, a spokesman for the Greenville County Sheriff’s office, also said he wasn’t aware of any such incidents.

Board members of the South Carolina Restaurant and Hotel Association said they think the new law hasn’t produced any problems.

So, allowing law-abiding people to carry in restaurants has led to no problems. Yet, the Left will never learn anything from this

Liberalism is an ideology of Hypocrisy

Michelle Malkin lays the truth about the “anti-violence” Left bare. At the MTV Music Awards, there was much Liberal angst about Ferguson, violence, etc. But, some other violence much closer to that awards show, was ignored

The night before the VMAs, a gunman barged into the 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood and shot rap mogul Suge Knight six times. He survived.

It wasn’t the first time Knight had been targeted for apparent revenge. And it wasn’t the first time the VMA party scene had been rattled by violent gunfire. In 2005, Knight was shot at a pre-VMA party in Miami hosted by rapper Kanye West.

Knight, founder of the Death Row Records empire and possessor of a mile-long rap sheet, reportedly refuses to cooperate with L.A. police, who are investigating the roles of the infamous Bloods and Crips rival street gangs in the crime. The Bloods-affiliated Knight’s reign of criminal terror has been well documented by law enforcement and rap aficionados. A climax: the still-unsolved shooting deaths of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, which multiple insiders believe the record executive ordered.

Go read it all, it will open your eyes to the hypocrisy of these Liberals who bemoan violence, while going gaga over trash like the ones Michelle mentions


Noted economic moron to teach class on job creation?

It might make no sense to you that a person who was AWFUL at creating jobs, as Michigan governor, would be asked to teach students HOW to create jobs, until you hear that she is being asked by Berkeley, where sanity is not allowed

The course will be called “There’s One Born Every Minute 101.”

Bonus points: It’s a class on creating “clean energy” jobs:

Granholm, who has taught various classes at Berkeley since 2011, will lead a special topic seminar this semester titled “creating jobs through better government policies for innovation and education.”

The class will focus on strategies for creating clean energy jobs, which Granholm claimed some success with in Michigan. Fox News and various conservative websites have been quick to point out the state’s unemployment rate was in the double digits when she left office.

Will this background be on Granholm’s course syllabus?

Michigan lost more than half a million jobs (576,900) during Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s 8-year tenure. The month before Granholm took office, Michigan had 4,468,700 jobs in December of 2002. When she left office in December of 2010, Michigan 3,891,800 jobs. Michigan led the nation in unemployment for 45 consecutive months from May 2006 to January 2010.

Ah Liberalism, where results do not matter

Who says smoking pot makes you stupid?

Real brain surgeons here

A homeowner and his son held two would-be burglars at gunpoint after the suspects tried to break into their home, according to Orchard Park Police.

Officers were called to a home on Transit Road shortly after 1 a.m. on reports of two people in dark clothing trying to break in. A second call was received a short time later informing police that the suspects were being held at gunpoint by the homeowner and his son.

Police arrived on scene and determined 18-year-old Jacob Rappleye and 22-year-old Anthony Guarino, both of Lancaster, used a ladder to climb up to a second story window and break into the home.

Both are charged with attempted burglary, criminal mischief, and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Oh no, Moms Demand Action meet counter protesters, Offendeditis soon follows

Via Bearing Arms

Do anti-gun Democrats ever tire of whining?

Moms Demand Action held yet another anemic protest this past Sunday in Ohio.

They were counter-protested by Ohio Carry and Moms Take Action.

Which group had the better turnout? According to Ohio Carry, the turnout for these events was typical, with pro-liberty forces far outnumbering the gun-grabbers.

Of course, the Knuckle dragging leftists cried that they were “bullied”. No, they were beaten at their own game, and, as usual, wrong about the facts. Video here

How pathetic are these gun grabbers? The “minister” with his bullhorn does, I think set a record for the number of lies told. Good grief! This is a great example of how Democrats use the ignorant and uneductaed to further their cause