AGAIN! More whiny malcontented college kids contract Offendeditis

I would tell these brats to cry me a river, but, face it, they could cry a freaking ocean of butt hurt! Even in Utah

The Associated Students of the University of Utah passed a resolution on Tuesday that charged the school’s fight song with objectifying women, making non-males feel unsafe and promoting white privilege, according to The College Fix. The song should be changed to spare the feelings of those offended by the song, according to the resolution.

Criticized portions of the song include its title, “Utah Man,” and a line about Utah coeds being “the fairest.” Here is the full song:

I am a Utah man, sir, and I live across the green.
Our gang, it is the jolliest that you have ever seen.
Our coeds are the fairest and each one’s a shining star.
Our yell, you hear it ringing through the mountains near and far.

Who am I, sir? A Utah man am I A Utah man, sir, and will be till I die; Ki!Yi!
We’re up to snuff; we never bluff,
We’re game for any fuss,
No other gang of college men
dare meet us in the muss.

Corny? Yes, it is, after all a college song, but RAAAAACIST? SEXXXXXIST? Transphobic, whatever the Hell that is? 

The song does not represent women, or the ambigendered, according to some.

Ambigendered? Good grief these miscreants are making up words as fast as they can.

“It did not represent me when I identified as a woman, and it does not represent me now as a genderqueer individual,” said Allison Boyer, a student representative, in a statement to The Daily Utah Chronicle.

Genderqueer? Someone get me  a bottle of aspirin, Everyone wants to be the biggest victim now

And using the word “fairest” as a compliment is demeaning to dark-skinned minorities, some student representatives concluded.

Fairest simply means prettiest, most attractive, or whatever other terms you can use to define good looking. You know, I cannot help thinking that if these petulant little snots would spend half the time studying as they do whining, they would be much happier.

yeah, about that whole “there is no voter fraud” argument………..

The Conservative Hideout offers up 44,000 examples of people registered in two states!

There is voter fraud and voter ID laws do NOT keep people away from the polls.

A crosscheck of voter rolls in Virginia and Maryland turned up 44,000 people registered in both states, a vote-integrity group reported Wednesday.

And that’s just the beginning.

“The Virginia Voters Alliance is investigating how to identify voters who are registered and vote in Virginia but live in the states that surround us,” Alliance President Reagan George told the State Board of Elections.

George acknowledged that the number of voters who actuallycast multiple ballots is relatively small. In the case of Maryland and Virginia, he revealed that 164 people voted in both states during the 2012 election. 

But George said his group will expand their search forduplicate voters in the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Georgia.

Read the full story here.

Of course, Liberals will say that there were only 164 folks who voted twice and in different states, and out of the others ide of their mouths will come “every vote counts”. Hypocrites!

Wait, I thought the Left wanted common sense gun laws?

What they really want, of course is people control, but the new Georgia law is giving them major butt hurt instead

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed a common sense gun law (PDF) yesterday that modernized the Peach State’s archaic guns laws and brings them in line with neighboring states.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed a wide-ranging gun bill into law Wednesday that has critics howling and proponents applauding.

House Bill 60, or the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014 — which opponents have nicknamed the “guns everywhere bill” — specifies where Georgia residents can carry weapons. Included are provisions that allow residents who have concealed carry permits to take guns into some bars, churches, school zones, government buildings and certain parts of airports.

GeorgiaCarry, which lobbied for the bill, calls it “meaningful pro-gun legislation,” despite it being watered down from the group’s perspective. Still, the group has lauded the legislation, which will go into effect July 1. Americans for Responsible Solutions opposed the bill, calling it “extremism in action.”

“Extremism?”Gabby Giffords needs to pull her head out of her ARS and have it examined. Again.

The simple fact the matter is that despite all the howling from the anti-liberty left, this was a very moderate and logical bill, as even the Huffington Post admitted:

Here’s what the bill basically does: 1) It allows guns to be carried in places where liquor is served, which previously had been off-limits for guns; 2) It also allows guns to be carried in churches which, like restaurants and bars, were also off-limits for guns; 3) It further allows guns to be carried in certain non-secure areas of airports, which is really funny since Atlanta’s airport was ranked #1 nationally in the number of guns confiscated in 2013.

The law also makes some minor changes in the application process, a few new dos and don’ts when it comes to hunting and, what has become requisite in virtually every gun law passed since Sandy Hook, some language allegedly making it easier to pass information about mentally ill people to the Feds. But if you take the time to read the new law and go back and read the current law as well, you discover that most of these “historic” changes don’t really change things at all.

As Bob Owens points out, other states have very similar laws, and have had for a while now. But the anti-gun nuts got wind of this one and decided to try and make political hay out of it. For some of the clueless, over the top reaction check out these tweets from Piers Morgan and his band of morons. Most of whom have no clue about what the law says, or about guns period. They simply go on emotional auto-pilot whenever they hear the word gun.

Remember lay away programs?

I know I do, they were a big deal, or at least they seemed to be when I was a kid. But, with credit, and instant gratification, it seemed that lay away was a thing of the past. But, today, I stopped by a Gander Mountain, planning on buying some ammo, some targets, and of course look over their gun selection. I will say, Gander Mountain is more expensive than some stores, but, they always seem to have some good deals. One such deal was on a gun I wrote about two, three weeks ago, a Ruger SR .40 C. I liked the price, but, the gun was in a dual tone, so I asked the salesman to check if they had it in all black. They did not, but, they did have an SR 9 c in black, just one. I figured I would just wait until later, but then I remembered someone saying that Gander Mountain has lay away for firearms. So, after paying 20% down, actually I paid a bit more, I will soon be the proud owner of a fine pistol, as long as I pay the balance within 60 days, trust me it will take much less than that. And, yes, I would suggest anyone looking to buy a gun, but who has trouble saving money to pay one lump sum, might look into firearm lay away programs. I would also suggest other stores bring back lay away programs. A bit of delayed gratification is a good thing.

WTF is a Throuple?

Not just any “throuple” mind you, but a Lesbian throuple

Three Massachusetts lesbians got hitched and are now expecting their first child.

The nuptials of Doll, Kitten and Brynn Young were held this past August, with all three brides wearing white and traditional wedding veils.

Brynn and Kitten were married 2 ½ years ago in the Bay State, before adding Doll to their household mix.

“I cried watching Doll and Kitten walk down the aisle towards me with their dads,” Brynn, a computer programmer, told The Sun newspaper of London.

“After we said our vows, Doll and Kitten kissed me first then each other.”

The state of Massachusetts doesn’t  recognize three-way marriage – but these  women insist their unconventional union is very real to them.

“In our eyes we are married,” said Brynn, 34.  “We had specialist lawyers draw up paperwork so our assets are equally divided.”

Good Freaking Grief! How long until three, or more people marrying each other is a “right”, and anyone opposed to it is a “hater”?

More Left-Wing anti-gun bias from the media

Via Bearing Arms

WFSB reporter Kate Rayner was quick to dramatically label a defensive gun use in Hartford, Connecticut as an example of “some serious road rage” in her heavily biased video report.

Even the slightly more measured print report was constructed in such a way as to clearly show disdain for the actions of a man who saved his life with a handgun:

A homeowner who shot a driver this morning will not face charges.

Police say the shooting happened around 2 a.m. on Newberry Street in Hartford. The homeowner was trying to pull into his driveway, when two other drivers blocking the way, refused to move their vehicles.

Following a verbal altercation, officials say one of the drivers pointed a gun at the homeowner. The homeowner, reached for his own gun and fired first.

Police say the homeowner is a licensed gun owner, and he will not face charges.

The driver who was shot was taken to the hospital for treatment. According to police, both he and the other driver were arrested.

Law enforcement agrees that the homeowner who shot in self-defense was entirely in the right, and that the two jerks blocking the road were entirely in the wrong.

That seems to matter little to WFSB, who seem entirely apoplectic that a citizen dared defend his life with a firearm.

Road rage? Road rage? Really lady? I think the intellectually honest words you should use are self-defense

Far be it from me to tell NBC how to spend their money, but……….

….if they want to throw money around to find out why no one watches Meet the Press anymore, I am very affordable, certainly more affordable than any “consultant”.

The Washington Post reports that NBC hired a “psychological consultant” to interview David Gregory as part of a desperate effort to find out why ratings for Meet the Press have fallen to their lowest point ever — as in,since 1947.

As The Other McCain points out, the first problem is David Gregory himself. He is smug, and boring. The second problem is that shows like Meet the Press are dinosaurs, their time has passed. They are boring, stale, pretentious, and oh yeah, BORING! You want ratings? Hire someone interesting, and funny to host. No, not like Stephen Colbert, who is neither funny or interesting, I mean someone who actually makes people laugh but who can also make political points. Greg Gutfeld or Andrew Klavan come to mind.  Next have some guests that are not BORING and who do not come across as obnoxious and snobbish. In short make the show fun to watch. David Gregory? NOT FUN!

Finally, you need to remember that sex sells. Along with the funny, engaging host, try getting a co-host who is, how shall I put this, HOT! No, I do not mean a bimbo, I mean an intelligent woman whose smile and beautiful face just happens to make me stay tuned. There are MANY choices there. And it does not even matter what her politics are. It matters that she is HOT. If you ask me, right now your top choices there would Tamron Hall, Robin Meade, or Brooke Baldwin. I do not know their political leanings, but they are, smart, engaging, and oh yes, HOT!

My point is, make the show interesting rather than coma-inducing. NBC you have to be honest, who would you rather listen to, Gregory, who has the sense of humor of a clam, or Klavan or Gutfeld who are both very funny. See EASY choice there. Now, ask yourself who Americans want to look at, Gregory, who looks like a complete tool, sorry, he does, or one of these three? Yeah, I thought so

tamron-hall (1) Robin Meade brooke_baldwin-1

And the War on Women targets Sharyl Attkisson

Here come the Hounds of Leftist Tolerance

I’m sorry but Attkisson has some serious temperament issues.

Let’s be frank: Media Matters is quite openly an activist media watchdog operation. Its brief is to provide a counter-balance to hackish and/or biased rightwing media and to make sure Republicans get plenty of scrutiny.

Yes, let us be frank here. Attkisson is a tremendous reporter and it seems CBS did not appreciate her trying to do her job. And, of course, Mr. Marshall is welcome to have his opinion, but dismissing Attkisson as a crank is pathetic. Of course, we knew these types of attacks were coming, and we know they will increase in severity. That is what the Left tries to do to anyone who dares oppose them.

Democrat who voted against ObamaCare: The SH#@ is going to hit the fan

Again, the fact that he voted against the abomination lends credibility to his prediction. H/T Gateway Pundit

U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch (D-MA) told the Boston Herald there are parts of Obamacare that were delayed because they were unpalatable.

“It’s going to hit the fan… Many will have to pay a 40% tax… It’s the first time in this country’s history that we are going to tax health care.”

Via Mediaite:

Two morons caught on tape

Watch this video, and see if you see the mistakes these two nimrods make H/T Clash Daily

First, they are following the moose. And yes, to the moose, that likely seemed threatening why would you chase any wild animal?  Especially one that can kill you. 

Second, she carries a gun for protection, great! But a .380? REALLY? That is OK for self-defense against a person, but a moose, or bear, or other large dangerous animals? Good grief! Go buy a .357 Magnum (or better yet a .44 Magnum) at the very least. COME ON!

Third when she fires a shot in the air, look where the gun is pointed? Pretty much straight ahead. Guess who is responsible for that bullet lady, yes YOU! What if someone else is on their snowmobile coming the other way?

Is it just me, or is everyone fed up with whiny Atheists

A serious question for radical Atheists who lose their flipping minds when they hear the word God, why does something you DO NOT believe in offend you so?

An Atheist Group at Clemson University is offended, because a football coach has been using certain words on the field, they feel are promoting “religious coercion.”

Larry O’Connor succinctly stated:

“Clemson Tigers football coach Dabo Swinney has been targeted by a group called The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) out of Wisconsin. The organization has accused coach Swinney’s program of being saturated with “Christian worship.”

One of Swinney’s offenses is the use of his favorite motivational saying: “Run your race to win, don’t just run the race.” Nevermind that it could have come from a Dale Carnegie book or a Steven Covey seminar: the phrase is from 1 Corinthians 9:24-25, so clearly Swinney is engaged in the establishment of a state religion here. Can’t you see it?”

Another complaint from the Freedom to Whine Incessantly or whatever the aggrieved groups calls itself is that Swinney, and other coaches have, brace yourself,

Swinney directly hiring the team chaplain (even Clemson policy says the players should choose), to coaches participating in testimonials and bible studies, to buses being organized to transport the entire team to “Church Day” at a local Baptist Church.

OH NO! Not that! Not coaches sharing their faith! My God, what is next if we allow this? I mean college football players and coaches exercising their liberties? Heaven forbid!

Here is an idea for the Freedom to be Royal Pains in Everyone’s Asses Foundation Try being a bit tolerant for a change! You are nothing but a group of pin-headed bigots and bullies who cannot stand the thought of anyone, anywhere acting as they see fit without clearing it with Collectivists like you first!! And, I hope that Clemson plays your favorite school next year and beats the 84 to 0!