But there are only “peaceful” protesters in Ferguson they said……….

Perhaps the radical Left has a different definition of “peaceful”?

The U.K. Daily Mail is a lurid tabloid… but they do have the tendency to print those more controversial news stories that the American mainstream media refuses to cover, including the sickening revelation that some of the agitators in the St. Louis area who are awaiting the grand jury decision into the shooting death of Michael Brown are threatening to rape the wives and murder the children of police officers,according to an officer’s wife.

Protesters in Ferguson have been threatening to rape the wives of front line police and kill their children during the latest clashes, the wife of one officer has claimed.

The unnamed woman said that her husband has been ‘screamed at’ as he faced off with the angry crowds amid heightened tensions in the suburb of St Louis, Missouri.

She told Fox 2 News that they threatened a home invasion in an apparent attempt to provoke the officers.

The wife claimed the protesters said: ‘We’re going to go to your house. ‘We`re going to rape your wives then we`re going to kill them and we`re going to kill your children’.

These terrorist threats were made by a mob that has created what can only be described as a cultish mythology around the August incident, in which 6’3″, 292 lbs,  strong-arm robbery suspect Michael Brown attacked Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in his vehicle, and was shot in a struggle over the officer’s gun.

And, that is not all, how about those DOJ “investigators”? Are they there to ensure calm, or to ensure the police are hamstrung?

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)– Department of Justice representatives have come to Ferguson in the wake of Michael Brown’s death. They’re making strong demands they don’t appear to follow themselves.

Activists often complain about officers without name tags. Department of Justice representative Christy Lopez jumped on the issue in a recent public meeting saying, “That’s a problem.  We need to fix that.”  A police wife told us that officers agree they should not be anonymous, but said they`ve lately faced extreme circumstances that have caused some to remove their name tags at times.

The police wife said officers have been, “screamed at by protestors, “we`re going to go to your house. We`re going to rape your wives then we`re going to kill them and we`re going to kill your children” and this is being screamed at them in the presence of Department of Justice agents.”

Those agents said a name tag is non-negotiable, regardless of the threat.

At a public meeting Christy Lopez said, “Especially when it`s tense.”

The police wife said DOJ agents are “not there to guide, they`re there to harm.”

She says a DOJ rep. criticized an officer who said he was afraid for his family.  The police wife explained, “The person was told, by the Department of Justice agent, if they`re afraid of the citizens of Ferguson, they shouldn`t be police.”

Yet Federal Agents appeared to be afraid when they called Ferguson police for help. An incident report, obtained by Fox 2, reveals a series of tense moments on September 25th. DOJ was meeting inside a business when a 911 call revealed subjects “stopping at (that business).” Then another 911 call describes “DOJ inside coffee house, requesting escort out of building.”

A Ferguson officer spoke out about the incident in an open letter to the DOJ.  The letter also describes another case the officer fears is a sign the feds may not be interested in hearing all sides. The officer wrote about DOJ rep. who said he was a former police chief and asked to ride along with a Ferguson Police Sgt.  The police wife went on to describe that, “within 15 minutes, the situation had erupted again and now there were shots fired on West Florissant and they were looting one of the beauty supply stores over there and when that call came out the DOJ officer said “take me back to the station.”  They were half way between where this call was and the station and the supervisor wanted to go to the call.  That`s where his men were. They needed help.  The citizens needed help.  The DOJ rep said “No. Take me back to the police department.”  The police wife continued, “There would`ve been a perfect opportunity for him to witness these guys in a situation, a tough situation and how did they handle it?  He opted instead to distance himself from it entirely.”

Of course, such allegations might see outrageous, until you consider two words, Eric Holder. Yeah! And, then of course, there are those sneaky New Black panthers, not too bright, but, apparently willing to buy pipe bombs for justice or something

(Reuters) – Two men suspected of buying explosives they planned to detonate during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, once a grand jury decides the Michael Brown case, were arrested on Friday and charged with federal firearms offenses, a law enforcement official told Reuters.

Against this backdrop of heightened tensions, according to a law enforcement source, two men described as reputed members of a militant group called the New Black Panther Party, were arrested in the St. Louis area in an FBI sting operation.

As initially reported by CBS News, the men were suspected of acquiring explosives for pipe bombs that they planned to set off during protests in Ferguson, according to the official, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly discuss the case.

The official said the two men are the same pair named in a newly unsealed federal indictment returned on Nov. 19 charging Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis with purchasing two pistols from a firearms dealer under false pretenses.

But I am sure they only wanted “peaceful” pipe bombs. More at Bearing Arms which reports that things are so peaceful that schools are going to close next week

One St. Louis area school district has already canceled the remaining classes for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday week in anticipation of unrest when the jury verdict is delivered.

Again, peaceful……..

CNN host gets into heated debate with bottom feeding radical

Bassem Masri is a thug and a a boil on the ass of society. He is a great example of the lynch mob mentality. He says in this interview he “knows” what happened in the Michael Brown shooting, he says he does not need to hear evidence, because he “knows”. He is a cancer, he truly is. He is seeking fame, or whatever “cause” he supports. He is doing everything he can to cause violence because he thinks he can spin that violence to benefit himself. In short he is evil, as are all the others who have been jawing and agitating and screaming for “justice” without knowing the facts since the shooting. They do not want justice, they want revenge, or an excuse to commit violent acts, or some personal gain, or maybe even revolution. I pray that Black people across this nation will reject these evil people, and take the steps needed to make their communities free of such vermin. Cowards like Masri always back down when confronted by people not afraid of them. 

Most college coaches already calling for 8 team playoff

The sooner the better in my view

College football’s inaugural four-team playoff is still weeks away, but the FBS head coaches already prefer an eight-team playoff.

Of the coaches who voted in ESPN’s weekly poll, 44 percent want an eight-team playoff, compared with 29 percent for the current four-team playoff. Some 17 percent want a 16-team playoff.

Of the 128 FBS coaches, 103 participated in this week’s poll.


No matter how badly Liberalism fails, Liberals never learn

We often hear that the U.K. has a MUCH lower rate of “gun violence” than does evil America. We often hear that this is due to the wonders of strict gun control in the U.K., yet, the truth is that violent crime is up since the U.K banned guns, so, of course, now the Liberal buffoons are coming after your knives!

The news out of the United Kingdom almost reads like a satire piece from The Onion. But as strange as it may sound to people around the world, and especially in the United States, the British police push to ban knives is no joke.

The new “Save a Life – Surrender Your Knife” program is in full swing and police are telling us that they have joined forces with an already growing trend in the United Kingdom to ban “pointy” knives.

Lancashire Police tell us that an “amnesty” program began at the end of August, and “more than 800 knives have been handed in across the county – including swords, machetes and commando knives.”

“The amnesty was extended for a further week owing to its success,” Lancashire Police representatives explained.

The Lancashire department explains that their “officers have now given their backing to a national initiative designed to raise awareness of knife crime and encourage the surrender of dangerous weapons.”

In spite of the amnesty ending this week, police tell us that “people can continue to hand in any knife at any police station with a front counter as well being able to drop them into the designated bins.”

And no, apparently this is not satire folks. 

Can We Trust Ben Carson to Defend our Right to Keep and Bear Arms?

I will say this, you can make your own mind up. There can be no doubt where our natural rights are concerned. The right to self-defense, and the right to buy, own, and carry guns is part of our Bill of Rights for that reason. Unless someone has a consistent record on defending those rights, I can not truly support them. And, sorry, but Ben Carson said what he said, and that statement made clear he does not understand what a natural right is

Now, he has, in my view, made it worse by sounding like a typical politician

In the aforementioned conference call, he walked back his statements made on the Glenn Beck show and seems pretty adamant about it.

Carson said on the conference call, “Perhaps I didn’t convey it appropriately. I wanted to convey that, you know, I’ve lived in urban areas. I’ve worked in urban areas. I’ve seen a lot of carnage, and I’d prefer a situation where the kinds of weapons that create that kind of carnage don’t fall to the hands of criminal elements or insane people.

“But that is secondary to the desire to always defend the Second Amendment.”

He said that if elected, “under no circumstances” would he “allow a bureaucrat to remove any law-abiding citizen’s rights for any kind of weapon they wanted to protect themselves,” including semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms, Bloomberg reported.

So, can we trust him> One of the appealing things about Dr. Carson was that he was NOT a politician, now though, he sounds very much like a politician doing damage control.