Your Idiotic Leftist Statement of the Day

There have been some mob attacks in Memphis recently, so what do the geniuses in charge think the solution is?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We now know three juveniles were charged after the violent attack in Midtown Friday night, but unlike the days after the Kroger parking lot attack, Memphis’ police director and mayor aren’t saying much.

Sharon Mourning was one of the victims in this weekend’s violent mob attack near South Bellevue and Peabody.

She told WREG, “Memphis is going to burn if they do not control these children.”

Mourning says the kids were crowded in the middle of the street and attacked her car.

Early Monday morning, WREG sent requests to talk with Police Director Toney Armstrong and Mayor A C Wharton.

People at city hall say the mayor is still out of town but want you to know, “The spike in violence in our city is attributable to a small, but destructive minority. The City is doing its part to provide alternatives for teenagers.”

Well, there you go! these “youths” are just bored, so, naturally, boredom leads to them gathering in “wilding” packs and attacking and hurting innocent people. Good Freaking grief! Talk about stuck on stoopit! Bob Owens has the truth

Unfortunately, I fear that Mrs. Mourning may be entirely correct. Memphis is under siege from within, and it seems that it will only take a spark to trigger an even more violent incident that leads to a loss of lives. It may be that one of these mobs eventually beats someone to death. It may be that a concealed carrier or off-duty cop or homeowner is forced into a position of having to fire upon the mob to defend themselves, or other innocent people caught in the maelstrom.

Perhaps when a several of these “children” are stainless steel tables sporting little more than a toe tag parents and community leaders will finally begin taking some responsibility and attempt to stop this criminal behavior.

Unfortunately, it seems that parents in some communities simply don’t care to act, until it’s already too late.

Excusing violent behavior has never, and will never work. Bullies cannot be appeased, they only respect greater force, but Liberals would rather pass the buck and blame anything BUT the little thugs, and that will lead to greater violence. And, do not be surprised if one, or more of these thugs does pay the price for their behavior, to hear ]what a “good boy” he was. And do not be surprised if the race Pimps show up blaming police, or stand your ground laws, or concealed carry.

Guns for Me, but not for Thee!

Anti-gun hypocrites that would deny our right to self-defense truly make me sick. Animal Magnetism exposes a few

But there’s a marked tendency among anti-gunners to refuse to practice what they preach, and Allen’s support of restrictive gun control does seem odd in light off his hobby.

But Allen isn’t really the star hypocrite in this story.  The linked article concludes:

The late Tom Siatos, a longtime executive at Petersen Publishing Co. and regular columnist in Guns & Ammo, was having a few belts at a Los Angles Safari Club Int’l gathering when he encountered Los Angeles Times publisher Otis Chandler, who enjoyed numerous Africa safaris.

Why, Siatos asked, was the Times reliably anti-gun when its publisher owned and used hundreds of them? “Oh, Tom,” Chandler replied, “we’ll always have our guns.”

Uh huh.

So, how about we peruse a short list of anti-gun hypocrites?

Father Micheal Pfleger.

Dianne Feinstein.

NYPD Chief Ray Kelly.

Mark Kelly.

And, last but not least, notorious liar and blowpigMichael Moore

Venezuela travelling the road to destruction

Communism, in all its forms, destroys liberty, wealth, and hope, as Venezuela shows us. Food rationing, nationalization of businesses destitution, in an oil RICH nation, and of course gun confiscation

The socialist President of Venezuela is spending a whopping $47 million on disarmament centers. They can’t even keep stores stocked with toilet paper, or other necessities, but he’s concentrating on disarming Venezuelan citizens.

It’s what happens to gun owners and freedom when a lawless, leftwing, socialist president who doesn’t like America, who uses the power of his office to intimidate his political opponents, and who will do nearly anything to preserve his power gets elected.  On Sunday, Nicholas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, announced that he will spend $47 million for 60 civilian disarmament centers, where people can turn in their privately owned guns.  Venezuela banned the commercial sale of guns in 2012, and Maduro–continuing the fundamental transformation of the country begun by his predecessor, Hugo Chavez–now saysWe are building peace from within, and for that, you need disarmament.”

History repeats itself, and God help the people of Venezuela if they are foolish enough to comply. 

There they go again

The Left can make a cause out of anything, they just trow the word “justice” behind their cause. Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Economic Justice, this Justice, that Justice, and now, from the Communist Mayor of Jersey City, “Social Responsibility”

Jersey City will pay $10,000 more than needed for replacement handguns for their police department so that Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop can claim that he is “socially responsible.”

Fulop forced bidders on the police handgun contract to fill out a questionnaire to show how the bidders feel about lawfully selling firearms to civilians under federal and state laws. Jersey City will now attempt to award the contract to Lawman Supply Company despite a bid that was $10,000 higher, apparently because Lawman refuses to sell firearms to the general public .

A Pennsauken-based weapons and ammunition supply company is set to win a $500,000 contract to provide firearms and ammo to Jersey City police under new rules that Mayor Steve Fulop has said will help “shape the dialogue” on gun control nationwide.

Lawmen Supply Company, one of two bidders for the contract, had to answer questions regarding how it handles firearms it purchases back from the city, whether it manufactures or sells assault weapons for civilian use and whether it agrees not to sell certain firearms for civilian use.

Jersey City is the first municipality to seek this kind of information about suppliers’ practices. Seattle and other cities are reportedly interested in replicating the city’s initiative.

The questions, which have raised the ire of gun rights advocates, are “socially responsible,” according to Jersey City. Fulop, who will travel to Los Angeles today to participate on a panel on gun violence, has said that in the absence of nationwide legislation to curb gun violence, big-city mayors must act.

Lawmen’s bid was about $10,000 higher than the only other bidder — Atlantic Tactical, of Pennsylvania — but the city said Lawman’s bid “best met the needs of the department.”

Just the latest back door attempt at limiting the right to bear arms. The mayor is trying to hurt businesses that sell firearms to civilians because they are not “socially responsible”. This is one of the more despicable things the Left does. They marginalize and then demonize legitimate businesses who engage in lawful business transactions. And if that involves charging the tax payers more, fine with Mayor Douche Nozzle.