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In Columbia, Hippos are creating havoc

How would you like wild hippos loose around the region? Pablo Escobar’s hippos: A growing problem

A herd of hippopotamuses once owned by the late Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar has been taking over the countryside near his former ranch – and no-one quite knows what to do with them.

It was in 2007, 14 years after Escobar’s death, that people in rural Antioquia, 200 miles north-west of Bogota, began phoning the Ministry of Environment to report sightings of a peculiar animal.

“They found a creature in a river that they had never seen before, with small ears and a really big mouth,” recalls Carlos Valderrama, from the charity Webconserva.
He went to look, and found himself faced with the task of explaining to startled villagers that this was an animal from Africa. A hippopotamus.

“The fishermen, they were all saying, ‘How come there’s a hippo here?’” he recalls. “We started asking around and of course they were all coming from Hacienda Napoles. Everything happened because of the whim of a villain.”

Hmmm, maybe we can work out a trade. We can trade John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Thad Cochran and other RINOS, Yes ESPECIALLY you Karl Rove, for these hippos!

RINO Senator Thad Cochran: I Grew Up Doing ‘All Kinds Of Indecent Things With Animals’ (Video)

Thad Cochran: I Grew Up Doing ‘All Kinds Of Indecent Things With Animals’ – Big Government


Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) provided his latest head-scratching comment in public, this time joking he engaged in illicit activities with animals as a child.

“[We’d] get back [to the Pine Belt-Hattiesburg area of Mississippi] as often as we could because it was fun – it was an adventure to be out there in the country and see what goes on,” Cochran said of his childhood and how parts of his family lived in the central part of the state. “Picking up pecans, from that to all kind of indecent things with animals.”

The audience laughed at that point, video published by the Jackson Clarion-Ledger shows. Cochran’s facial expressions did not change, nor did his stance or demeanor. “I know some of you know what that is,” he continued. “The whole point of the story is not just coming here to visit cousins and get to know aunts and uncles better, you absorb the culture and you know what’s important to people here. I feel very comfortable here and have an identity with this area of the state that’s different than any other.”

Cochran made the speech at the Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, an area of the state known as the Pine Belt where his primary challenger, conservative state Sen. Chris McDaniel, massively over performed in last Tuesday’s primary.

The Clarion-Ledger’s Geoff Pender described Cochran’s comment as “a joke, apparently about harassing wildlife or livestock.”

Cochran’s campaign spokesman Jordan Russell didn’t return a request for comment about specific details on what types of “indecent things” Cochran did “with animals” as a child, but Russell did brush it off to the Daily Caller. “I’ll check with my political correctness department and get back to you,” he told that publication.

This could hurt other Republicans, Tea Party News Network’s Scottie Hughes said in an email to Breitbart News. “It’s funny, politicians like Cochran would have been the first to scream foul at this type of comment,” Hughes said. “They would have said he was insensitive, an embarrassment and cruel to animals. Yet do we see those like the senators who raised funds for Cochran at the NRSC this week coming out and denouncing his comments and withdrawing their support? Of course not. Maybe birds of a feather do flock together.”

FreedomWorks, a Tea Party group backing McDaniel, has argued that the GOP establishment’s support of Cochran in the runoff could jeopardize the entire effort to win back the majority in the U.S. Senate.

The night after McDaniel got more votes than Cochran in last Tuesday’s primary, FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe called on the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) to ask Cochran to concede the election to avoid a runoff.

“If the NRSC’s mission is for the Republican Party to win in November, they should encourage Thad Cochran to concede,” Kibbe said then. “Last night’s primary numbers proved that Mississippians want new leadership in the Senate. Why don’t we all focus our resources on defeating Democrats in November?”

In response to that statement, NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring told Breitbart News that while the GOP establishment group agrees that its “focus is on defeating Democrats” and its “goal is winning a Republican majority,” he argued that FreedomWorks’ “goals are at times at odds with that.”

“Differences of opinion are fine and part of the process,” Dayspring said in an email at the time. “Look, last night’s result was basically a statistical tie which results in a runoff. It is surprising that a ‘grassroots organization’ based in Washington DC seemingly wants to discount voters and the election process. Instead demanding any candidate concede, grassroots organizations typically encourage voters to participate in the process. It’s weird.”

The NRSC has – with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s blessing – doubled down and gone “all in” for Cochran in the runoff. McConnell held a fundraiser for Cochran at the NRSC where several senior Republican senators attended earlier this week, raising more than $800,000 for Cochran.


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*AUDIO* Yes, There Actually Are People THIS DUMB! …I’m Betting She Voted For Obama

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Dumbass Tries To Trade Live Gator For 12-Pack Of Beer (Video)

Florida Man Tries To Trade Gator For Beer – Washington Free Beacon

In a story that could only take place in wacky, weird Florida, a man attempted to trade a live, four-foot alligator for a 12-pack of beer at a Miami convenience store WSVN reports.


Fernando Caignet Aguilera found the alligator at a nearby park, captured it, and took it to the store in hopes of bartering it for a 12-pack of beer. He brought the gator to the front of the store and tried to trade it. The clerk, naturally petrified, called authorities.

The gator’s story has a happy ending, though: he was found to be in good shape and will be released back into the wild.

Unfortunately for him, the gator thief has since been cited for taking possession of and trying to sell the alligator.

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Look out it is a vicious Pit Bull story about a vicious Pit Bull, that is VICIOUS!

Via Stephen Green, who really should be linking this blog sometime

I know I run my share of Bad Cop stories, so how about a good one for a change? This isn’t a new story, but it’s new to me — so here you go:

The Baltimore Humane Society honored Officer Dan for compassionate service this week for his actions in rescuing a Pit bull after responding to a call about a “vicious” dog on the loose this past May.

For those that don’t know his story, Officer Dan arrived on the scene and and saw a Pit bull being chased by kids who were throwing glass bottles at him. He called the dog over to him, and the Pit bull came over, sat next to him and began licking him affectionately. After taking the dog to the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS), he ended up adopting the dog a few days later and named him Bo. The Baltimore Police Department interviewed Officer Dan this week and he recounts his and Bo’s first meeting in detail (see the video below).

Officer Dan told WBALTV News, “I’ve always been a dog-lover. I’ve had dogs all my life, so coming across him was no problem,” Officer Dan said. “He didn’t need to be like euthanized or anything like that. He just needed somebody to basically love him.”

I have never bought into the vicious Pit Bull line of thinking. Since I adopted, initially against my wishes a Staffordshire Terrier named Dugal, I have been amazed at thew idiots who are scared of him because he is a “Pit Bull”.  Nope, sorry, different breed. Staffordshires are well known for being great family dogs, and Dugal is. Yes he is protective of the house, and my  niece, and he does like to sit in your lap, and at 90 pounds of muscle, he can be a load. But he is a great dog, even when Savannah dresses him up




Alleged Dumbass Charged With Running Over A Duck That Didn’t Want Her Candy

Charged With Running Over Duck Who Rejected Her Advances – Weekly Vice

Karie Lindgren, a 36-year-old Florida woman, was jailed Saturday after she allegedly killed a duck after the animal rejected her advances.


According to police, Lindgren became angry when she tried to lure a duck towards her with a piece of candy, but the duck refused to come to her.

Witnesses say Lindgren “stalked the duck” in an attempt to win the animal’s favor, but the duck would have no part of her.

That’s when she allegedly got into a car, drove across a lawn at a high rate of speed, and struck the animal with her vehicle.

Officers who arrived on the scene found the dead duck laying in a driveway.

Lindgren was booked into the Pinellas County Jail and charged with animal cruelty. She was released after posting $5,000 bail.

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Sad news Western Black Rhino extinct

In  nature, species go extinct, if you do not believe me ask the dinosaurs and woolly mammoths, or any other thousands of animals that have disappeared over time. That is just part of the natural order, but in the case of the Western Black Rhino, poaching was a big factor. It seems that the Rhinos were killed for their horns, and that is horrible. Poachers are nasty people, and it is too bad they are not extinct.

Africa’s western black rhino is now officially extinct according the latest review of animals and plants by the world’s largest conservation network.

The subspecies of the black rhino — which is classified as “critically endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species – was last seen in western Africa in 2006.

The IUCN warns that other rhinos could follow saying Africa’s northern white rhino is “teetering on the brink of extinction” while Asia’s Javan rhino is “making its last stand” due to continued poaching and lack of conservation.

Rhino horn trade triggers extinction threat

“In the case of the western black rhino and the northern white rhino the situation could have had very different results if the suggested conservation measures had been implemented,” Simon Stuart, chair of the IUCN species survival commission said in a statement.


Cute Animals Discover 15 Surprising Things About ObamaCare (Kyle Becker)

Cute Animals Discover 15 Surprising Things About ObamaCare – Kyle Becker

1. “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

According to a new estimate, 129 million people will lose their current insurance plans. (DC)

2. “But the AMA has endorsed Obamacare!”

Recently, 44% of doctors say they will not participate in ObamaCare. (NY Post)

3. “Premiums will be reduced by $2,500 per family.″

Doesn’t lower healthcare costs by $2,500 per family – estimated increase is $7,450. (NRO)

4. “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”

As stage IV cancer patient Edie Littlefield Sundby found out the hard way, no, no you can’t keep your doctor. (WSJ)

5. “The plan I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion …”

ObamaCare costs two times what was promised – $1.8 trillion over ten years. (CBO)

6. “You can keep your plan, if you’re satisfied with it.”

Obama said “you can keep your plan” at least 24 times – mostly after his own rule-writers estimated that an overwhelming majority of plans would be dropped. (DC)

7. “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits, either now, or in the future.”

A Mercatus study shows that ObamaCare will likely increase the deficit by between $346 and $527 billion over ten years. (Forbes)

8. “Essentially the [GOP's] saying people will like this thing too much and then it will be really hard to roll back.”.”

ObamaCare remains very unpopular overall, with only 37% supporting the law and 47% opposed. (WSJ/NBC).

9. “30 million people will get healthcare… if this passes.”

ObamaCare still won’t cover 31 million people by 2023. (WaPo/CBO)

10. “It will not impose a single new burden on small business”…

In addition to higher small business taxes, because of the (illegally delayed) employer mandate businesses are switching to part-time hiring (7 times the PT to FT jobs in 2013).

11. “If we don’t pass it… the federal government will go bankrupt.”

For this to happen ObamaCare would magically be the first huge entitlement to actually lower the debt, instead of explode it.

12. “And health reform strengthens Medicare by… improving quality of care.”

ObamaCare makes the doctor shortage worse, while increasing medical demand. (CNN)

13. “It will reduce our debt by four trillion dollars”…

When one doesn’t take into account rationing by the IPAB (aka “death panels”), ObamaCare adds $6.2 trillion to the long-term debt. (GAO)

14. “The Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – I don’t mind the name because I really do care. That’s why we passed it…”

Premiums in the non-group market will increase 99% for men and 62% for women on average (Manhattan Institute). 45 out of 50 states will see average individual premium increases.

15. “All of that is well and good, but if the Web site doesn’t work, nothing else matters.”

And yet the rollout of has been a monumental disaster, and no one has been fired.

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Your rotten to the core people of the day

Some people deserve to be shot, there I said it!

HARARE — Zimbabwean ivory poachers have killed more than 80 elephants by poisoning water holes with cyanide, endangering one of the world’s biggest herds, a minister said on Wednesday.

Environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere said the elephants had died in the last few weeks in the Hwange national park, the southern African nation’s largest, while security forces were preoccupied with a July 31 general election.

Police and rangers had recovered 19 tusks, cyanide and wire snares after a sweep through villages close to the park, which lies just south of Victoria Falls.

“We are declaring war on the poachers,” he told Reuters. “We are responding with all our might because our wildlife, including the elephants they are killing, are part of the natural resources and wealth that we want to benefit the people of Zimbabwe.”

Zimbabwe is home to some of Africa’s largest herds, with half of its estimated 80,000 elephants thought to be in Hwange.

Kasukuwere, who was appointed to the environment ministry a week ago, said he would push for stiff penalties for convicted poachers, who routinely get less than the 9-year jail term imposed for cattle rustling.




Incredible: Pack Of Wolves Act Like Playful Beagles Around Wildlife Photographer (Pictures / Video)

Kissing With Wolves: Incredible Moment Photographer Is Jumped By A Pack Of Gigantic Grays Who Then Nuzzle Him – Daily Mail

They are known as some of the wildest predators in the animal kingdom.

But you wouldn’t think it watching this video.

In a bizarre clip that is both heart-warming and strange, five grey wolves kiss and cuddle a photographer – who is happy to join the pile of love.



The pack starts by circling each other and wild life photographer Monty Sloan on a lake-side green at the Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana.

Mr Sloan is poised to take a picture but it seems he cannot resist returning the sharp-fanged animals’ affection.

Alarmingly, in the Park’s description of the pack, they explain that they are ‘very friendly’ to their prey – but sources insist this was a moment of genuine affection.

‘Wolves do not growl or snarl at their prey,’ the guide explains, ‘It would be like a human getting angry at an ice cream cone he or she was about to eat! Wolves who are hunting look very excited and happy, even “friendly”.’







But tumbling around on the floor, these animals show no sign of cunning.

They climb on each other to lick his face and nuzzle his head.

Incredibly, the fearless animal lover kisses them back.

Eventually the group roll onto the floor, where the snuggling continues.

Mr Sloan juggles the excitable hounds with his camera as he flounders underneath the doting pile.

The scenes completely contradict normal behavior for the carnivorous breed, which feeds off mammals.

Unlike their cousins – dogs – these animals are instinctively wild, with a strict code of conduct based on hierarchy within their pack.

There is one line of rank for males and one for females.

The alpha male and female lead their packs.

Second in command is the beta male or female.

At the bottom is the omega wolf – a scapegoat.

Although there are leaders and weaklings, it is not always survival of the fittest. It is always the hungriest that gets to eat first, not necessarily the biggest.

Working together, they ensure each member has a role to play and none are neglected.

Contrary to popular belief, wild wolves are not dangerous.

Naturally afraid of humans, they scarper in an instant, making them ‘safe’.

However, domesticated wolves and hybrid breeds are notoriously violent as they have lost their fear.

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Good dog! Pooch alerts parents to abusive babysitter

Dogs really ARE man’s best friend

A woman who was abusing a baby has been arrested thanks to the family dog, who gave away his distrust of her when she came to the house.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan were horrified to learn that the woman they trusted to care for their son for five months had been abusing him when she thought no one was watching. But someone was – the dog.

The dog, whose name has not been given, served as baby Finn’s protector when his parents were away. The Jordans, who had recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina, hired 22-year-old Alexis Khan after she came up clean on a background check.

“We felt like Alexis was a good fit at the time,” said Benjamin Jordan.

But before long, they began to see some peculiar behavior from their dog.

“About five months into her being our baby sitter, we started to notice that our dog was very defensive of our son when she would come in the door,” Jordan said. “He was very aggressive towards her and a few times we actually had to physically restrain our dog from going towards her.”

The parents were suspicious, but had nothing substantial to go on. Hope suggested they keep tabs on Khan by putting an iPhone under the couch to record what happened while they were at work.

“It started with cussing,” Jordan said. “Then you hear slap noises and his crying changes from a distress cry to a pain cry. I just wanted to reach through the audio tape, go back in time and just grab him up.

“To know that five months I had handed my child to a monster, not knowing what was going on in my house for that day…”

A few weeks later, Charleston City Police took Khan into custody. She pleaded guilty to assault and battery. She will serve one to three years in prison, and placed on a child abuse registry, preventing her from ever working with children. She will be eligible for parole after completing one year of her sentence.

My only question is how did the parents stop themselves from beating the woman to a pulp? I do not know if I would have that self-control if anyone ever hurt my niece.


88-Year-Old WWII Veteran Beaten To Death By Two Black Men Outside Eagle’s Lodge

WWII Vet, Beaten By Teens Outside Eagles Lodge, Dies – KXLY

WWII veteran Delbert Belton survived being wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa only to be beaten and left for dead by two teens at the Eagles Lodge in Spokane on Wednesday evening.


Belton, 88, succumbed to his injuries Thursday morning at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Witnesses say Belton was in the parking lot of the Eagles Lodge at 6410 N. Lidgerwood, adjacent to the Eagles Ice-A-Rena, around 8 p.m. Wednesday when the two male suspects attacked him as he was about to head inside to play pool.

Police responded with K-9s to track the suspects’ scent but were not able to locate them.

“It does appear random. He was in the parking lot, it appears he was assaulted in the parking lot and there was no indication that he would have known these people prior to the assault,” Spokane Police Major Crimes Detective Lieutenant Mark Griffiths said.

Belton died from his injuries Thursday morning at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

“Shorty,” as he was known by his friends at the Eagles Lodge, served in the U.S. Army in the Pacific during WWII and was shot in the leg during the Battle of Okinawa. He went on to work at Kaiser Aluminum at the company’s Trentwood plant for more than 30 years. Belton’s wife passed away several years ago.

He loved playing pool, even though he claimed he was no good at it and had been a member of the Eagles Lodge for the last four months. In addition to playing pool he loved working on cars.

Shorty was Ted Denison’s best friend of 23 years; the two played pool occasionally and worked on cars daily.

“He was always there for me when I needed him,” Denison said. “We’d joke back and forth. We were always having fun, some sort of fun.”

He was the kind of nice old man who’d become your friend in minutes.

“Probably every time I come into town, he’d have a project for me to do,” Denison said. “I thought of him more as a dad than I did a friend really.”

Now, with the suspects still at large and the Spokane Police Department working to track them down, Shorty’s friends are hoping for justice.

“I don’t understand how somebody could do this. I really don’t,” Denison said.

Spokane police are looking for two male suspects in the attack. They said the suspects are African Americans between 16 and 19 years old. One suspect was described as heavy set and wearing all black clothing. The other was described as being about 6 feet tall and 150 pounds. There was no description of what clothing the second suspect was wearing other than a silk do-rag.

Police investigating the deadly attack on Belton have also obtained surveillance footage from the scene.



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James Woods Leads Call For Justice For Slain World War II Vet Delbert Belton – Twitchy

No community organizer was necessary to inspire calls for justice for Delbert Belton, the World War II veteran beaten to death by two teenagers Wednesday night in North Spokane, Wash. Actor James Woods was among those anxious to send Belton’s name trending and demand justice in the case.

#JusticeForDelbertBelton it is.

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And now, a dog licking a baby’s face, everyone say awwwwww


Animal Shelter Worker Charged With Repeatedly Having Sex With Dogs, Posting Photos Online

Animal Shelter Worker Charged With Repeatedly Having Sex With Dogs, Posting Photos Online – Weekly Vice

Seadon Henrich, a 21-year-old former animal shelter worker, was charged Thursday after he allegedly had sex with four dogs and then posted photos of the acts online.


According to police Henrich had sexual relations with four dogs at the Wake County Animal Shelter in Raleigh. The alleged sex acts reportedly took place over an 18 month period between May 2011 and November 2012.

Investigators say Henrich began working at the center as a volunteer, but was hired on as a full time employee. After leaving the agency for a brief period, Henrich reportedly returned as a volunteer who worked alone at the center during the night.

On at least four occasions, Henrich “willfully and feloniously did commit the abominable and detestable crime against nature with a dog” according to the arrest affidavit.

Henrich then allegedly took photos of himself molesting the dogs and uploaded the images to the Internet.

He was booked into the Wake County Jail and charged with four felony counts of crime against nature and three felony counts of disseminating obscenity. His bail has been set at $70,000.

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