INJUSTICE! Beauty Queen stripped of crown by Bikiniphobes!

In 2014, where everyone is either a victim, or has been, a victim, or claims to feel like a victim, we need BIKINI Justice! Donald Douglas has the story of the bikini profiling and oppressive tactics being used againstĀ Paola Builes, who, is, I repeat, a victim of the Bikiniphobes

Seriously? In this day and age?

She was stripped of the Miss Antioquia title.

At the Mirror UK, “Miss Colombia favourite kicked out of contest because bikini was ‘too revealing’,” and the New York Post, “Colombian pageant queen kicked out of competition over ‘inappropriate’ bikini pics.”

More photos at the Lad Bible, “Miss Colombia Contestant Banned From Pageant Because Her Bikini Is ‘Too Revealing’.”

What is this but Bikinism my friends? I say No Bikini, No Peace! I am behind you Paola, I am with you. Please help friends, because small bikinis need love too

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