How I unwittingly saved us all from certain doom Saturday!

So there I was, at Tom Thumb, doing my grocery shopping. A guy, just pushing my shopping cart, one with four GOOD wheels that rolled properly I might add, when I was called upon, possibly by a higher power to make a choice. A choice that, it turns out, saved all of our sorry souls. Who thought that one man, saying no to the evil that IS frozen pot stickers could be so awesome!

Cause “climate change”, y’all!

Frozen Pot Stickers Are Hastening The World’s Demise

Your favorite doughy midnight snack may be a contributing factor to world annihilation. A fascinating article in this week’s Times Magazine shows how China’s rapidly expanding network of freezers is having a huge impact on global warming.

The world’s number one carbon emitter (We’re Number Two!) is experiencing the boom in commercial and residential refrigeration the United States saw some decades ago, but on a much larger scale.

This [refrigeration] is not simply transforming how Chinese people grow, distribute and consume food. It also stands to become a formidable new factor in climate change; cooling is already responsible for 15 percent of all electricity consumption worldwide, and leaks of chemical refrigerants are a major source of greenhouse-gas pollution. Of all the shifts in lifestyle that threaten the planet right now, perhaps not one is as important as the changing way that Chinese people eat.

I would normally say no big deal, but, HEY, I just saved the world, so yes, I will gladly accept gifts and favors, favors, I might emphasize are befitting an environmental hero

The science is settled, again, so shut up you damned climate denying Nazi Bastards!

Here they go again. The Gore Cult of Climate Change and their “settled science” line of BS

No more criticizing the Climate Change Consensus™! The BBC has muzzled anyone who does not agree with Official Global Warming Science™ and Salon’s Lindsay Abrams is orgasmic with pleasure:

Good news for viewers of BBC News: You’ll no longer be subjected to the unhinged ravings of climate deniers and other members of the anti-science fringe. In a report published Thursday by the BBC Trust, the network’s journalists were criticized for devoting too much airtime (as in, any airtime) to unqualified people with “marginal views” about non-contentious issues in a misguided attempt to provide editorial balance.

Yeah dudes! That editorial balance, is like, you know, straight up Fascism dudes!

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As Promised, Obama To Impose New EPA Regulations That Will Cause Energy Prices To Skyrocket (Video)

Obama Declares War On Poor & Middle Class; New Rules Will Force Energy Prices To Skyrocket – Gateway Pundit

We were warned…

In January 2008 Barack Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Businesses would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that cost onto consumers.”

He promised that his plan would cause electricity rates to skyrocket.


He wasn’t kidding.


On Monday the Obama administration unveiled the first-ever national limits on carbon emissions from existing power plants.

FOX News reported:

The Obama administration on Monday unveiled the first-ever national limits on carbon emissions from existing power plants, a controversial regulation aimed at fulfilling a key plank of President Obama’s climate change agenda.

The Environmental Protection Agency wants existing plants to cut pollution by 30 percent by 2030, under the plan.

The draft regulation sidesteps Congress, where Obama’s Democratic allies have failed to pass a so-called “cap-and-trade” plan to limit such emissions. The EPA plan will go into effect in June 2016, following a one-year comment period. States will then be responsible for executing the rule with some flexibility.

They are expected to be allowed to require power plants to make changes such as switching from coal to natural gas or enact other programs to reduce demand for electricity and produce more energy from renewable sources.

They also can set up pollution-trading markets as some states already have done to offer more flexibility in how plants cut emissions.

If a state refuses to create a plan, the EPA can make its own.

Obama’s energy policies will disproportionately harm the poor, middle class and minorities.

Real Clear Energy reported:

A study by Eugene M. Trisko for American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity reviewed the disproportionate impact of higher energy costs on differing income groups from 2001 to 2011.

The study found that the amount of money spent on energy for half of American households that make less than $50,000 almost doubled rising from 12 percent in 2001 to 20 percent in 2011.

Minorities with lower average incomes than white households are disproportionately harmed by rising energy prices.

For example, in 2009, 67 percent of black households and 62 percent of Hispanic households had average incomes below $50,000 in contrast with only 46 percent of white households.[4]

Since minority households have lower incomes than white households, rising energy prices will take a larger share of their family’s disposable income leaving fewer dollars for housing, medicine and clothes.

Obama’s refusal to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, new greenhouse gas regulations from the EPA and discussions of a carbon tax provides more evidence that Obama’s anti-fossil fuel agenda will force energy prices higher.

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Well, Obama does not break ALL his promises

Sure, he lied about transparency, not allowing lobbyists to have access to the White House, and then there is that whopper about keeping your doctors and insurance. Oh and about Benghazi too. But, about bankrupting coal with regulations? That he was honest about

Yep, he said it. His goal is to bankrupt any business that relies on coal.

“If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them,” Obama said, responding to a question about his cap-and-trade plan. He later added, “Under my plan … electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

So fast forward to the present day and he is still at it.

On Monday, Obama plans to announce his decision to use his executive power to cut carbon emissions by up to 20 percent, a move that would be “the strongest action ever taken by an American president to tackle climate change,” The New York Times reports.

The initiative would allow states to use cap-and-trade systems, which let companies emitting pollutants buy and sell greenhouse gas emission allowances. A cap is set on the total number of permits to dispense carbon emissions. Companies that emit larger amounts of greenhouse gases can buy additional permits from companies that don’t need to emit as many.

Hope and Change? Looks more like Marx and Lennin. This cap and trade nonsense failed to make it through Congress, but Obama needs no stinkin’ Congressional approval. He has that magic executive order pen ya know.

Prince Charles plays Chicken Little

I find it odd that the members of the Gore Church Cult of Climate Change claim we must end Capitalism to save ourselves from certain destruction. Yet, if they opened their eyes and looked at countries that ARE destitute, and that often have miserable records on human rights, and on conservation and pollution they would see that those nations do not have capitalistic systems. They would see that capitalist nations tend to be free nations with far higher standards of living. 

Someone should clue Prince Charles in

Via Telegraph:

Prince Charles has called for an end to capitalism as we know it in order to save the planet from global warming.

In a speech to business leaders in London, the Prince said that a “fundamental transformation of global capitalism” was necessary in order to halt “dangerously accelerating climate change” that would “bring us to our own destruction”.

He called for companies to focus on “approaches that achieve lasting and meaningful returns” by protecting the environment, improving their employment practices and helping the vulnerable to develop a new “inclusive capitalism”.

In a politically-charged speech at the Inclusive Capitalism conference, the Prince said: “I remember when the Iron Curtain came down there was a certain amount of shouting about the triumph of capitalism over communism. Being somewhat contrary, I didn’t think it was quite as simple as that. I felt that unless the business world considered the social, community and environmental dimensions, we might end up coming full circle.”

Inclusive Capitalism? What will these Leftist buffoons think up next?

Oh those sneaks Climate Change Con Artists

Propaganda, on top of more propoganda

Columbia University in New York City is spending a $5.7 million grant from the National Science Foundation to produce projects that show several conjectural scenarios that promoters of global-warming science swear will happen soon if the developed world doesn’t mend its evil ways.

One of the taxpayer-funded creations is a large series of fictitious voicemails in which people complain and gasp for breath, reports Campus Reform.

For example, in one of the pretend voicemails, set in 2065, a man tells his mother that he is really worried about dying from either rising temperatures or a huge tsunami.

“If the tsunami doesn’t get us, the heat might,” the man says. “I’m just calling to say I love you and I miss you and it might be the last time you hear my voice. Bye.”

In another fake voicemail, a woman struggles frantically for breath because she is “out of CO2 credits,” according to Campus Reform.

In still another voicemail, a man who says he is 70 laments that glaciers “are just gone now.”

Just making it up as they go along

Are Populationists as crazy as Feminuts?

Yes, we know, and I mean know beyond any shadow of any doubt that radical Feminists are KRAZY! But what about those that predict that over population will lead to horrific things like, say cannibalism? How crazy do they have to be? Consider Paul Ehrlich, a special breed of crazy, who Stacy McCain writes about today

Long ago utterly discredited by the falsehood of his “overpopulation” prophecies, Paul Ehrlich is still taken seriously by liberals. He went on HuffPo Live this week to warn that the depletion of natural resources means soon we’ll be forced to “eat the bodies of your dead,” et cetera:

A quick note here. Yes Ehrlich is still taken seriously by the Left. It does not matter how low his credibility falls. It matters what he says, and his message is Leftist approved, not because it is based in facts, but because it is based in raw emotionalistic hogwash that supports a basic Leftist ideal, that people are bad for Mother Earth.

In addition to being full of wild predictions, Ehrlich was prepared to lay extensive blame on Republicans and the media. He accused “every state legislature” of waging a “war on women” and a “war on the environment.” In addition, he blamed former President Ronald Reagan of “stealing from the poor” — all the pro-forma stuff you have to say to make sure of being invited back on HuffPo Live.
Ehrlich viciously attacked pro-life Americans, somehow accusing them of “trying to kill women by making abortion illegal.” Instead, he called for “backup abortions” for any woman who’s birth control failed, in an attempt to control “breeding,” as he put it.

Yes, we have to stop all that “breeding” because nut cases like Ehrlich will feel better if more babies are aborted. In that Ehrlich is in lock step with Feminists

Your Marxist Moron of the Day is………….

David Suzuki, a Canadian Geneticist, is REALLY into the Gore Church Cult of Climate Change, and I mean REALLY into it!

Canadian geneticist David Suzuki urged Western governments to lock up politicians who question man-made climate change, telling PBS’ Bill Moyers “our politicians should be thrown in the slammer for willful blindness!”

Suzuki appeared on “Moyers and Company” earlier this month to express his abject frustration over politicians, in both Canada and the United States, who refuse to accept the “settled science” on man-made global warming.

“Our politicians should be thrown in the slammer for willful blindness!” he asserted. “If we are in a position of being able to act, and we see something going on and we refuse to acknowledge the threat or act on it, we can be taken to court for willful blindness.”

“I think that we are being willfully blind to the consequences to our children and grandchildren,” Suzuki continued. “It’s an intergenerational crime.”

Well, someone should switch to decaf and pronto! Seriously though, how dangerous is that mindset? And how shallow is that defense of climate disruption is man-made theory? I mean if the science is “settled”, then Suzuki ought to be able to present said scientific facts without acting so irrationally and emotionally shouldn’t he? Frankly, the science is settled crowd use that phrase as a weapon to marginalize dissenting views. And any time anyone uses such tactics, I wonder about their sincerity.

Ever notice how countries that have tried the kind of Marxism the Democrats want for America are rejecting it?

Take Australia for example. That nation is slashing its expenditures on fighting global warming climate change climate disruption

Australia’s conservative coalition is set to cut more than 90 percent of the funding related to global warming from their budget, from $5.75 billion this year to $500 million, over the next four years.

Environmentalists and leftist politicians in the country protested the move by conservative Liberal Party Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s governing coalition to slash funding for climate programs, arguing such funding for green energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions were necessary to stop global warming.

But Abbott’s government shot back, saying that the country needed to reduce the size of government and improve the economy.

“The coalition government acknowledges the role of renewable energy in Australia’s energy mix,” said Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane. “There is over $1 billion in funding for existing renewable projects to be completed over the coming years.”

“Given the tight fiscal environment as a result of [liberal] Labor’s legacy of debt and deficit, the government considers there is a very significant investment in renewable energy,” MacFarlane added.

Ah, reduce the size of government to spur economic growth he says? Hmmmm, maybe President Obama and fans of his idea of a carbon tax ought to LEARN from Australia

“The carbon tax is an act of economic vandalism,” Abbott said in March. “You can’t trust [Labor] anywhere near an economy.”

The carbon tax was imposed by former Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard in the summer of 2012, and quickly became unpopular as businesses and households began to bear the costs of higher power bills and higher inflation.

Well DUH! What kind of moron could not see that coming? Higher taxation does not help an economy. But what if those taxes were really going to help clean up the environment?

After just one year, the carbon tax increased taxes on 2.2 million Australians, according to Robson, and has done nothing to decrease the country’s carbon emissions, which aren’t predicted to fall below current levels until 2043.

AHA! See those taxes were going to slow down those evil carbon emissions in 30 years. THIRTY YEARS? Good Freaking Grief

Robson also found that a year after being enacted, the carbon tax caused electricity prices to rise 15 percent. The country’s unemployment rate shot up by 10 percent after the carbon tax was implemented.

“The carbon tax is bad for the economy and it doesn’t do any good for the environment,” Abbott told The Washington Post last year. “Despite a carbon tax of $37 a ton by 2020, Australia’s domestic emissions were going up, not down. The carbon tax was basically socialism masquerading as environmentalism, and that’s why it’s going to get abolished.

In other words, Green is the new Red folks

The truth about Climate Change

They say the science is settled, what they really mean is that the science is activism

Global warming proponents are quick to accuse those who are skeptical of their theory as ignoring a scientific consensus. According to a front page story in the UK Times, that supposed consensus may have been built in part by suppressing research which disagrees with their global fear mongering. 

The article tells the story of research completed by five climate experts rejected by one of the world’s top academic journals after a reviewer privately the study it as “harmful” to the promotion of climate change theory.  

Lennart Bengtsson, a research fellow at the University of Reading and one of the authors of the study, said he suspected that intolerance of dis- senting views on climate science was preventing his paper from being published. “The problem we now have in the climate community is that some scientists are mixing up their scientific role with that of a climate activist,” he added.

Go read the rest that Yid With Lid has compiled, good stuff!

Maybe we should start calling terrorist groups Climate Change

Then maybe John Kerry would see them as a threat

Secretary of State John Kerry plans to give a major speech on the connection between climate change and national security this summer.

In an interview with The New York Times, Kerry said the speech would also be an opportunity to build political support for President Obama’s climate agenda.

“We’re going to try to lay out to people legitimate options for action that are not bank-breaking or negative,” Kerry said.

A central part of that agenda are regulations to curb carbon emissions from new and existing coal-fired power plants. 

Kerry spoke with the Times after the release Tuesday of a government-funded military research study, which found that the increasing rate of climate changes will serve as “catalysts for instability and conflict.” 

The report, published by the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) Corp.’s Military Advisory Board, also states that the growing number of extreme weather events across the globe, brought on by climate change, will spark a demand for U.S. troops. 

Kerry said that the report’s findings, which were based on analyses by every U.S. military branch, numerous federal agencies and industry, will influence U.S. foreign policy.

“Tribes are killing each other over water today,” Kerry said. “Think of what happens if you have massive dislocation, or the drying up of the waters of the Nile, of the major rivers in China and India. The intelligence community takes it seriously, and it’s translated into action.”

The report goes on to recommend that the Department of Defense develop, fund and implement plants to adapt, placing higher emphasis on the projected impacts of climate change on Pentagon facilities, and associated infrastructure.

Propaganda so inane only a Democrt could buy it

Five Things You Can Do About Climate Change (James Delingpole)

Five Things You Can Do About Climate Change – James Delingpole


CNN has just produced a list of “Five Things You Can Do About Climate Change”. They are: Become Informed; Make Changes At Home; Be Greener At The Office; Reduce Emissions In Transit; Get Involved And Educate Others About The Big Picture.

Here at Breitbart we agree entirely with the broad principle of these noble objectives. It’s only on the detail that we differ slightly.

1. Become Informed.

Every even half-way educated person ought to know by now that global mean temperature has flatlined since 1997. This means that no child under 17 has ever lived through a period of “global warming”. It also drives a coach and horses through the “anthropogenic global warming” (AGW) theory so assiduously championed by the scientific establishment for the last three decades. After all, if CO2 levels have continued to rise – especially thanks to industrial development in China – how come, as all the climate alarmists’ computer models predicted, world temperatures haven’t followed suit?

Clearly it is time for a rethink. As an informed citizen, you can do your bit by advising your children not to believe the politicized rubbish taught them by their geography and science teachers at school; warn your political representatives that if they carry on wasting taxpayers’ money on this nonsense they’re not going to get your vote; write letters to newspapers and TV channels asking why they’re not doing their due dilligence and exposing the most expensive scientific fraud in the history of mankind.

2. Make changes at home.

There are lots of things you could do to make home life more comfortable for yourself and your family: ditch flickery, cold, dim low energy light bulbs and replace them with old-school incandescent ones that enable you to see what you’re doing; turn up the heating as the winters get colder; spend less time recycling which, besides being a colossal waste of man-hours as you divide your trash into any number of coloured sacks, probably costs more energy than it saves and can, in any case, be done by commercial machinery these days so why should you be giving free labour to the environmental zealots?

Tragically, however, your options for rebellion here are limited. Thanks to government regulation, incandescent light bulbs are almost impossible to obtain; your energy bills – thanks to the massive state subsidies paid for compulsory renewables – have been driven so unaffordably high that heating is now a luxury; and if you don’t recycle you get fined by your local authority.

Still if you’re really desperate you can do what toads and snakes sometimes do in winter: bury yourself inside your compost bin and try and warm yourself with the ambient heat generated by the decomposing vegetable matter.

3. Be Greener At The Office.

If you are the CEO of a large corporation, consider sacking your Head of Sustainability. The business of business is to create value for shareholders and you certainly aren’t going to do that by ramping up your overheads with worthless departments dedicated to feelgood environmental schemes.

Even if you are not the CEO you can still make a difference. For example, has your office canteen been suckered by some greenie do-gooders into sourcing locally-grown, organic food? If so, campaign for change! Note that “organic” is a decadent Western fad which does nothing for the needs of the world’s growing population (that’s what GM and fossil-fuel-fertiliser and industrial agriculture are for). Note to that – as per Liberal Curmudgeon Stephen Budiansky – that imported food, even when shipped by air, is often far more energy efficient than locally grown produce and has the added virtue of helping producers in the developing world.

4. Reduce Emissions In Transit

The key thing here is to avoid electric cars. Even before it rolls off the production line, an electric car has created far more CO2 than a conventional one. That’s because the manufacturing process – notably the energy used to create its battery and mine the lithium – is so un-eco-friendly.

Avoid also using bio-fuels, one of the most environmentally damaging forms of energy available. In Asia and Africa, the demand in the West for mandated bio-fuels has led to the replacement of rainforest with plantations of industrial palm oil; it has also driven up food prices by diverting agricultural land for food production, thus harming the world’s poor who are especially vulnerable to starvation.

Also avoid extensive jet travel – not because it isn’t fun and good and useful and much cheaper than it was thirty years ago, but because you run a severe risk of being mistaken for leading environmental campaigners like Al Gore, the IPCC’s Rajendra Pachauri and the Prince of Wales, all of whom fly tirelessly around the world every to warn anyone who’ll listen about the terrifying relationship between air miles and catastrophic climate change.

5. Get Involved And Educate Others About The Big Picture

You may feel powerless in the face of so much green bullshit but you really can make a difference. Here’s one thing you can do right now: write to Greenpeace/Friends of the Earth/The Sierra Club/The Nature Conservancy/WWF/RSPB/the Audubon Society/etc and explain why you’re cancelling your subscription. Every one of them has been hijacked by green ideologues who seem to care less about saving the planet than they do ramping up scare stories (to raise revenues from credulous idiots), promoting junk science, and indulging rent-seeking crony capitalists like the companies making a killing (literally, in the case of the birds and bats they slice and dice) in the wind farm industry.

Then spread the word. Really, it’s not to late to save the world from the creeping menace of eco fascism.

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*AUDIO* Mark Levin: Obama’s Political Staff Operating Illegally Within The EPA


H/T Gateway Pundit


UN climate change fear merchants have a plan

What are the scariest words to hear? We are from the government United Nations, we are here to help

Via Breitbart:

The United Nations (UN) has delivered its latest verdict on the measures necessary to save the world from global warming and the news is as grim as it is predictable and wearisomely familiar:

More regulation from “experts”, technocrats and bureaucrats at supranational organisations, such as the one whose initials begin with U and end with N.

More taxpayer subsidies for expensive, inefficient renewable energy.

More nuclear power (with shale gas used as a transitional fuel to replace coal).

The abandonment of fossil fuels.

Less meat consumption.

A single, globally-regulated price for carbon dioxide.

More local-government-enforced walking, cycling and public transportation.

More back-door wealth redistribution from the West to the developing world in the name of “sustainability”

All at a cost to the global economy of up to 3.7 per cent of GDP by 2030, provided we act now.

All in the pursuit of redistributing wealth and controlling people’s lives

It has come to this

William Teach reports that the Gore Cult of Climate Change might have hit the bottom of the Pit of Leftist Stupidity

(Western Morning News) A hereditary peer has questioned whether flatulence caused by the country’s high consumption of baked beans is adding to global warming.

Viscount Simon, 73, a Labour peer who has been a member of the House of Lords for more than 20 years, raised concerns about the “smelly emissions”.

His comments came as energy minister Baroness Verma answered questions in the Upper House on how the Government was tackling climate change.

Lord Simon said: “In a programme some months ago on the BBC it was stated that this country has the largest production of baked beans and the largest consumption of baked beans in the world.”

To laughter from peers, he asked Lady Verma: “Could you say whether this affects the calculation of global warming by the Government as a result of the smelly emission resulting there from?”

Instead of asking Lord Simon if he was stoned or losing his marbles, she said his question was different, and

But she added: “You do actually raise a very important point, which is we do need to moderate our behaviour.”

There is only one way to honor such abject intellectual shortcomings. The Face Palm!

Facea Palm

Your Marxist Moron of the Day is………..

Adam Weinstein at Gawker. This genius supports jailing anyone who dares question man made climate change

Man-made climate change happens. Man-made climate change kills a lot of people. It’s going to kill a lot more. We have laws on the books to punish anyone whose lies contribute to people’s deaths. It’s time to punish the climate-change liars.

This is an argument that’s just being discussed seriously in some circles. It was laid out earlier this month, with all the appropriate caveats, by Lawrence Torcello, a philosophy professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Go read the rest, it is good for anyone who wants to shake their head as they read the ramblings of a man who obviously worships at the Gore Cult of Climate Change. Just another buffoon who would scrap freedom of speech because he KNOWS best what is and isn’t acceptable speech.