Bad guy with a gun picks the wrong house

The gun control crowd hates stories like this

District Attorney Ed Marsico said 23-year-old Craig Everette II had a right to defend others when he shot and killed 60-year-old Todd Eugene Taylor.

Taylor, 60, of Halifax, went to his estranged wife’s home in the 200 block of Kempton Avenue to confront her boyfriend.

Police said he fired several rounds in front of the house and yelled for the boyfriend, Lawrence Gaul, to come outside.

Taylor was armed with a shotgun and two handguns when he then broke into the home and fired into a bathroom door, wounding Gaul as he tried to take shelter with his girlfriend.

Taylor then went outside to reload the shotgun, went back in the home and began firing through the door.

Everette, the woman’s nephew, fled out a back door when shooting started, but returned and shot Taylor to death.

He then disarmed Taylor and waited for police at a neighbor’s house.

Authorities said he is a combat veteran and a Purple Heart recipient who has no criminal record.

“Mr. Everette’s actions, frankly, saved the lives of the individuals that were holed up in that bathroom,” Marsico said.

Again, if the gun control nuts had their way, this story would be about a mad man killing three innocent people. And, if someone were to say, if only there had been someone with a gun to stop the shooter, the same gun control nuts would have scoffed.

Brady Center to Destroy Your Right to Self-Defense Sues Lucky Gunner

Bob Owens has the story of this junk lawsuit that has no legal basis

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, also known as the Brady Campaign, has been struggling for relevance in recent years. Long ago supplanted as the “go to” gun control group for media sound bites by Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) and then Moms Demand Action, Brady seems intent on clawing its way back onto the front page with a grandstanding lawsuit against Tennessee-based online ammunition retailer Lucky Gunner.

Brady wants to hold the Internet-based retailer partially responsible for the Aurora Colorado theater shooting, suggesting that they somehow should have been able to screen the shooter, even though there are no mechanisms or federal laws that would allow such an act to take place  either online or for in-person sales.

A victim’s parents and a national gun control group plan to sue an online retailer who sold J____ H_____* ammunition and body armor used during the July 2012 Aurora theater shooting, the group announced Monday.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence said they, along with Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter, Jessica Ghawi, was killed in the theater, will sue Lucky Gunner, which operates

In court, prosecutors said H_____ bought ammunition and body armor from various online retailers, including On the night of the shooting, H_____’ arsenal included an AR-15 assault rifle, two .40-caliber pistols, a shotgun, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. He was also wearing body armor from head to toe.

According to the Brady Campaign, the lawsuit, which is expected to be filed in Arapahoe County District Court in the coming days, alleges that the websites “negligently supplied Holmes with the arsenal” and failed “to use any screening mechanism to determine his identity or intent for the products.”

This lawsuit is the first in the nation against online sellers of ammunition and military equipment, according to the Brady group, and it is part of a national effort against “Bad Apple” gun dealers that aims to reform the business practices of gun dealers that irresponsibly sell guns. Nationally, just 5 percent of gun dealers account for nearly all of the guns used in crimes, according to the group.

Gun control groups have been trying to sue gun manufacturers, gun stores, and now online ammo sales companies for doing nothing more than conducting legal business. There is ZERO merit to such a suit, but, Brady is hoping, no doubt, that they can find a court wacky enough to award them a settlement. Brady and their ilk will stop at nothing to strip our right to own firearms away, and filing baseless lawsuits or exploiting grieving families is no big deal for these fanatics.

On this edition of wrong store asshole…………..

An armed criminal picked the wrong people, and store to target

When an armed robber pointed a shotgun at his sister, 20-year-old Usman Seth snatched a Smith & Wesson handgun out of his father’s hands and opened fire, striking the robber in the leg. The robber fired back while hopping around the family’s Houston convenience store, but missed, as Seth yelled at the robber to drop his weapon.

When the robber refused to give up, Seth put him down for good .

‘He kept threatening us,’ Seth told reporters.

As the gunfight continued, the robber positioned himself beside a Dr. Pepper cooler.

Finally Seth was able to hit him again, eventually killing the man.

Seth said he recognized the man’s face when first responders arrived and removed the man’s mask.

He was a young Hispanic who had come into the store about 30 minutes earlier.

The robber’s name has not been released.

However, Seth said the man’s brother came to the store Saturday morning and threatened to take revenge by murdering the family.

Seth’s father, also named Usman Seth, 59, said he worries the family will have peace after this.

‘We are continuously getting threats from them,’ he said.

Sounds like the dead robber’s brother is a thug too. Yes, that sounds cruel, but what are we supposed to say. Sorry, if a family member, or friend is shot by someone he is threatening I am not going to defend them

Missouri Legislature Overrules Leftist Governor’s Veto Of Law Allowing Teachers To Be Armed In School

Missouri Legislature Overrules Dem Governor’s Veto, Provides Huge Gun Rights Victory – TPNN


Our system of government was designed with a redundancy of checks and balances. In recent years, Democrats have charged Republicans with supposed obstruction and have maintained that their unwillingness to rubber-stamp the president’s agenda is, somehow, an anti-American concept when, in reality, blocking bad ideas from becoming law is a tremendously American idea upon which our system of government relies.

Similarly, across the country, there have been battles in state legislatures as one party battles another. Recently, Missouri passed legislation that would allow schools to train teachers in the use of firearms and allow such teachers to defend students from a would-be attacker.

The legislation, SB 656, was vetoed by Democrat Governor Jay Nixon. With regards to his veto, Nixon stated, “Arming teachers will not make our schools safer. I have supported and will continue to support the use of duly authorized law enforcement officers employed as school resource officers, but I cannot condone putting firearms in the hands of educators who should be focused on teaching our kids.”

What’s amazing is that every time a “bad guy with a gun” seeks to create carnage, the defenseless are forced to run, hide and cower and pray that a trained “good guy with a gun” makes it to the scene in time to save their life. What this legislation accomplishes is exactly that plus offering the added benefit of a deterrent effect.

I ask: how many would-be shooters would be willing to wage an assault on a school knowing that there are trained, armed teachers everywhere? This legislation will save lives.

However, our representative democracy prevailed as this week, Missouri’s House and Senate voted to override the governor’s veto and the legislation is set to become law.

The House voted to overrule the governor 117 to 39 and the Senate voted to overrule Nixon 23 to 8.

SB 656 doesn’t just arm teachers, but makes adjustments to current laws concerning concealed carrying of firearms. It disallows public housing authorities to infringe upon “a lessee or a member of the lessee’s immediate household or guest [to] personally [possess] firearms.”

It further augments the places in which open and concealed carry is lawful and even lowers the concealed permit requirements from 21 years of age to 19. It also prohibits healthcare professionals from inquiring about a patient’s firearm ownership.

This is a tremendous step in the right direction and an affirmation of our American values. More guns in the hands of responsible citizens has been the only tried-and-true method of lowering violent crime and the right to carry and use firearms in defense of oneself or another is a right that must be recognized and supported.

The anti-Second Amendment crowd is sure to hate this development, but for those who love freedom and have a clear understanding of our rights as Americans should rejoice at the news of this victory that is relatively undiscussed within the leftstream media.



Homeowner 1, armed intruder DOA

Bearing Arms has the story

A Timberlake, NC man did not respond kindly to the threats of an armed home invader :

A homeowner shot and killed a masked man early Sunday who had broken into the Timberlake home, aimed a shotgun and demanded money, authorities said.

Person County Sheriff Dewey Jones said the homeowner, whom he did not name, discovered Jonathan Ellias Ziminack, 25, in the bedroom at about 5 a.m. wearing a mask “like a hoodie (but) only his eyes were showing.”

The homeowner pulled a pistol from beside his bed and fired one shot at Ziminack, Jones said. The bullet hit the shotgun before striking Ziminack in the stomach, Jones said.

Ziminack was transported by medical helicopter to Duke University Medical Center where he died on the way to surgery, Jones said.

The dead thug’s girlfriend and suspected getaway driver Cody Alicia Bowling was arrested, and has been charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree burglary.


Panera Bread can ban guns in its stores, but they should spare us the empty rhetoric about communities

Panera Bread can set its policies as it sees fit, but this is what galls me

Panera Bread is asking customers not to bring guns into its restaurants. The request places it on a growing list of companies asking guests to refrain from toting firearms into their locations amid an ongoing nationwide debate about gun policy.

“The request is simply we recognize everyone’s rights,” said Panera CEO Ron Shaich during a phone interview Monday. “But we also recognize that we are building communities in our cafes and are where people come to catch a breath.”

They are building communities? And apparently law-abiding gun owners are not fit to be in such “communities”. And I will admit, I have never eaten at a Paneras, and damn sure will not now, but do those with CHL’s NOT deserve to catch a breath? I also note that Paneras has not had one problem, of any sort, with a anyone lawfully carrying a firearm. So, it puzzles me why they need to fix a problem that does not, by their own admission does not even exist.