Daley Douchebag Award goes to…………..

World class scumbag Jose Canseco, abuser of women, and all-around douche

Former Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Jose Canseco—the first player to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in a season—is recovering from a negligent discharge:

Former major league slugger Jose Canseco is recovering after shooting himself in the hand at his Las Vegas home.

Metro police Lt. Mark Reddon says officers responded to a call of an accidental shooting shortly after 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Reddon says Canseco told police he was cleaning his gun in the kitchen when it fired, shooting a finger on his left hand. He was taken to University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.

Canseco’s fiancee, Leila Knight, tweeted from his account late Tuesday night, saying he was still in surgery and would be OK.

Accidents can happen, and are far more likely when someone is careless. Here is some advice to novice shooters and gun owners. Two words you must learn to live by SAFETY CHECK! Safety checking your firearm every time you handle it is a must. Allow me an example. When I go to the range, I safety check every gun before I put it in my bag. I load the mags, lock the slide back, keeping the mags out of the mag wells. When I get to the range and get the targets set up, I then take whatever gun I am going to shoot out, safety check it AGAIN, then load it and shoot the target. I repeat this with every magazine. When I am done, I reload the mags with hollow points, and put the mags in the bag, lock back the slides on the pistols,  put them in the bag. After I get home, I clean my guns. And YES, I safety check them AGAIN before disassembling them. After they are cleaned and lubed, I reassemble, and check them AGAIN before taking them up to the bedroom and the gun cabinet. In other words, I safety check repeatedly, and I also abide by these four rules, which I first learned from my father and grandfather as a boy



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When government disarms citizens, evil soon follows

Via Bob Owens

Two men leaving the North Carolina State Fair were robbed at gunpoint last night as they left the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh, NC.

Police say the victims were walking to their vehicles after returning from the North Carolina State Fair around 11:30 p.m. when the armed men approached them and stole their wallets. No one was injured.

The two robbers then drove off in a tan or cream-colored Lincoln.

Because of the arbitrary actions of North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler these men had no other options than to hand over their wallets to the armed robbers.

Troxler denied citizens the right to carry concealed weapons at the North Carolina State Fair despite lacking the legal authority to do so.

Activist Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens was unable to find a statute to support Troxler’s ban, but decided to uphold it based on his personal whims.

How is that for the absurd gun control = safety argument the Gun Control Cult tries to sell us? The bad guys still had weapons, ignoring the ban, and the innocent victims? Well, they were deprived of the most basic of human rights, that of self-defense. But to committed Leftists, this somehow makes sense.

Black Panther whiner : I don’t condone attacking cops with hatchets, but……..

Via Weasel Zippers

Via NY Post:

The Muslim extremist who attacked rookie cops with a hatchet last week was “a crusader seeking justice’’ — and more assaults will likely follow, the head of his local New Black Panther Party warned.

“It probably won’t be the last [attack on police] because you have a lot of frustrated people out here,” Queens chapter leader Frank Sha Francois told The Post.

Francois said ax-wielding Zale Thompson wasn’t officially a member of his group, but he came to meetings and they talked about “police brutality” cases such as Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

“I don’t condone violence, but something needs to be done,” Francois said. “We need to have some type of deterrent and real oversight to deter the police from violating the laws and to know they are not above the laws.

Just so we all understand what the Black Panthers, and Nation of Islam are really about. At their heart, they are groups that despises America, people who are different from them, and yes, they should be considered dangerous. One day, one, or more of these thugs will attempt “justice seeking” and a CHL holder will give them justice. When that happens look for all Hell to break loose unless our authorities begin to deal with these thugs as they deserve, as violent criminals. The fact is that there are terrorists here already. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection lays out what is going on in Ferguson Missouri right now. And yes, this will spread like a cancer if we do not stamp it out. If you do not believe me, meet Bassem Masri

While no one knows if there will even be an indictment of Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown, leaked evidence including an autopsy report raise the possibility there will be no indictment.

If that happens, the streets will be on edge, and it will not take much of a spark to set the city on fire worse than ever before.

As much tension as there is, an underreported story is the active role of “pro-Palestinian” activists who have exploited the Ferguson riots and tension this summer and fall to push their anti-Israel agenda. That anti-Israeli agenda, which involves encouraging confrontation with police in solidarity with Palestinians, is helping provide the accelerant to an already volatile situation.

It started with a propaganda campaign over the summer when Brown was shot. On Twitter and elsewhere, anti-Israel activists started tweeting messages of “support” for protesters in Ferguson,including advice on how to deal with tear gas.

It was a highly organized effort to exploit the Ferguson tension and co-opt it into the anti-Israel cause:

But there is one anti-Israel activist who actively is trying to provoke a confrontation between protesters and police, even taunting police in crowd situations about losing their guns and hoping they die.

His name is Bassem Masri.

If the video does not play here try the one at the link. You NEED to watch and share this

So, do not delude yourself, terrorists and their sympathizers are here folks. Stay vigilant, stay safe. Please go read the entire post from William Jacobson


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