Defending Andrea Tarantos- If the truth offends you, that is your problem, get over it!

The Left and the morally retarded, but I repeat myself, are suffering from an outbreak of Offendeditis because some dared tell the truth about Jihadists. And, these poor deluded fools are now demanding that Andrea apologize for “smearing an entire faith” which Andrea never did

As Twitchy reported on Wednesday, the Asian American Journalists Association  is demanding an apology from Andrea Tantaros Fox News for comments made by Tantaros on “Outnumbered.”:

AAJA calls for Tantaros and Fox News to apologize for the irresponsible, inflammatory statements. We also call on Fox News to discourage its journalists from making blanket comments that serve to perpetuate hate and Islamophobia.

Commenting on the brutality of the ISIS terrorists who beheaded journalist James Foley, Tantaros said, “You can’t solve it with a dialogue. You can’t solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet to the head. It’s the only thing these people understand.” As we noted in our earlier post, that seems like a reasonably accurate assessment of violent Islamic jihadis.

A defiant Tantaros declared today that she spoke the truth and has no intention of apologizing. Period.

Three words the Left needs to hear, repeatedly. GET OVER IT

NY Slimes apologizes for daring to speak out of turn

They have prostrated themselves before the grievance mongers for writing the truth about “Saint” Michael Brown

The New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan apologized this afternoon for an article published this morning that referred to Michael Brown of being “no angel.”

Those two words “no angel” caused an uproar on the far left.

Oh no! Not an “uproar”. Likely an uproar complete with race baiters with their panties in a bunch. This is what the Left does now though. They attack anyone, and anything that does not meet their approval. This is what happens when freedoms of speech and the press die.

Don Lemon is too smart to be this stupid

Cnn’s Don Lemon has shown his intelligence, he has said some very good things, but, THIS is what happens when raw emotion supplants intelligent debate

Bob Owens weighs in

Lemon doesn’t know the difference between an automatic weapon—a machine gun—and an semi-automatic weapon, which fires one bullet per trigger pull and which have been commonly owned by civilians for more than a century.

Lemon, never willing to concede how stunningly wrong he is, then attempts to argue that the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic is a matter of “semantics.”

Again, Lemon either did zero research, or ignored that which was inconvenient. This is NOT journalism, this is emotionally based rhetoric, that has no place on any credible news outlet. Here are some more facts about automatic weapons

Since the National Firearms Act passed in 1934, automatic weapons have been very tightly regulated. There are roughly 250,000 in the entire nation—half of those are registered to law enforcement agencies—out of 300 million total firearms.

Precisely zero automatic weapons have been manufactured for public consumption in 28 years, since the Hughes Amendment to the Firearm Owner Protection Act (FOPA) made the sale of new machine guns to the public illegal, regardless of their qualifications.

Frankly, this is why so many point to media bias. 

Update! Whiny rapper displays typical entitlement attitude, genuine stupidity

This guy is a spoiled child. What a moron, Typical Leftist useful idiot

How to Write About Israel

Some columns are perfect, and this one, by Daniel Greenfield, is one of those. Here is a small part, but please go read it all

It has two types of people; the Israelis who live in posh houses stocked with all the latest appliances and the Arabs who live in crumbling shacks that are always in danger of being bulldozed. The Israelis are fanatical, the Arabs are passionate. The Israelis are hate-filled, while the Arabs are embittered. The Israelis have everything while the Arabs have nothing.

Avoid mentioning all the mansions that you pass on the way to interviewing some Palestinian Authority or Hamas bigwig. When visiting a terrorist prisoner in an Israeli jail, be sure to call him a militant, somewhere in the fifth paragraph, but do not mention the sheer amount of food in the prison, especially if he is on a hunger strike. If you happen to notice that the prisoners live better than most Israelis, that is something you will not refer to. Instead describe them as passionate and embittered. Never ask them how many children they killed or how much they make a month. Ask them what they think the prospects for peace are. Nod knowingly when they say that it’s up to Israel.

Weigh every story one way. Depersonalize Israelis, personalize Muslims. One is a statistic, the other a precious snowflake. A Muslim terrorist attack is always in retaliation for something, but an Israeli attack is rarely a retaliation for anything. When Israeli planes bomb a terrorist hideout, suggest that this latest action only feeds the “Cycle of Violence” and quote some official who urges Israel to return to peace negotiations– whether or not there actually are any negotiations to return to.

Center everything around peace negotiations. If Israel has any domestic politics that don’t involve checkpoints and air strikes, do your best to avoid learning about them. Frame all Israeli politics by asking whether a politician is finally willing to make the compromises that you think are necessary for peace. Always sigh regretfully and find them wanting. Assume that all Israelis think the same way. Every vote is a referendum on the peace process. A vote for a conservative party means that Israelis hate peace.

Like I said go read it all

Missouri Governor: How dare you racists mess with our narrative!

It amazes me how the media, hand in hand with Liberals, have tried their damndest to anoint Michael Brown a saint. How many times have we heard the Brown was “unarmed” and a “victim”, that he was “executed” with his “hands up”. Well sorry, but we do not KNOW those things yet, but please Governor Nixon, don’t let that stop you

Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lambasted the Ferguson police department for releasing a video showing teenager Michael Brown robbing a convenience store minutes before being shot by a police, calling it “an attempt to, in essence, disparage the character of this victim.”

On Friday, Ferguson police provided a tape to the media showing Brown — whose killing touched off a firestorm of race riots and police crackdowns — robbing a convenience store just before his death last Saturday.

Pardon me Governor, but Michael Brown might not be a victim. There are now witnesses that say he was the aggressor, attacking the officer, and that he charged at the officer, which would, yes, make the use of deadly force just. Again, the race baiting must stop. Facts matter!

And the MSNBS Race-A-Palooza Telethon rolls on

Michael Eric Dyson, and guest eliminating any doubt that they are race hustlers and nothing more

MSNBC guest Dr. James Peterson claimed that the media shouldn’t be talking about the violent race riots going on in Missouri over the police shooting of an African-American teenager, calling it “a red herring.”

Peterson spoke with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” Tuesday. The duo discussed the shooting of Michael Brown and the days of riots that have followed — although Peterson wasn’t too keen on discussing the violence and looting at all. 

Well of course not, that does not fit the narrative at all. We have to keep those pesky facts hushed up

“I think first and foremost, for us to be outraged at the response to the murder of Michael Brown doesn’t make a lot of sense to me,” Peterson claimed. “Because the outrage needs to be directed at the source.”

The source? How about the source of the riots, violence, and looting? How about the presumption of guilt for the police. Even BEFORE any facts come out, thee race pimps are screaming “MURDER” and “RAAAAACISM”. They are doing nothing but egging the looters on.

“They can handle the riot and stop the riot and control the riot,” he said dismissively. “But the real question is can we get our criminal justice system, can we get our police departments, to acknowledge the humanity of black and brown folks?”

Hmmm, if you ask me, I question why, if the system is soooooooo RAAAAAAAAAACIST, why are these looters not being billy clubbed, shot, or arrested? Oh, I forgot, that does not fit the narrative. And you can bet, that no matter what the actual facts are about this shooting, these race pimps will still pound the same narrative. Can you say propagandists?