“I am glad you shot him”

Your quote of the day. It comes from the story the news media SHOULD BE covering

The ex-wife of the psychiatric patient who murdered a case worker before being shot three times by his psychiatrist has words of thanks for pistol-packing Dr. Lee Silverman:

‘I just want to meet the doctor and thank him,’ Kimberly said at her tidy red-brick house in a Philadelphia suburb.

‘I am not saying I wish he had killed him, I would never feel that way about anyone, but a world where my ex is not around will be a much safer world.

‘He has been in and out of trouble for 20 years and if he hasn’t been rehabbed by now he never will be. I hope he never gets out of prison — we will all be in trouble if he does.

‘He has never been stable. He is very unpredictable. He can be the nicest person in the world, talking with you and then suddenly he would get the look of evil in his eye and he would put a knife to your throat.’

Richard Plotts pulled a .32 revolver and executed case worker Theresa Hunt after arguing about the Mercy Healthcare System’s “no guns” policy, and then opened fire on his doctor, Lee Silverman. Dr. Silverman ducked for cover behind his own desk and pulled a .32 semi-automatic, firing it over the desk until it ran dry, hitting Plotts three times. Other hospital employees then tackled the wounded Plotts and disarmed him.

Police have credited Dr. Silverman with stopping a mass shooting. Plotts had 39 additional rounds of ammunition in his pockets, and authorities suspect that he intended to murder both Hunt and Silverman as part of a rampage through the hospital.

Imagine if the doctor had not acted, and the madman would have committed a mass shooting.You wanna bet the media would still be yapping about it, doing their usual “we need more gun laws” act? But, when a gun is used to STOP such an atrocity, well, the media is silent

Hamas censoring US media now?

Stacy McCain has a great post up regarding the spin machine and media guidelines Hamas has put together

Check the #Gaza or #Israel hashtags on Twitter and you’ll see that anti-Israel activists are flooding social media with their messages.

This is absolutely not an accident:

The Middle East Media Research (MEMRI) published Thursday a translation of a new Hamas internet campaign to provide guidelines for Gaza’s social media users. According to MEMRI, the Hamas Interior Ministry has instructed Gazans to use Facebook and Twitter to “play their part in strengthening the home front and properly convey information worldwide.” The guidelines in fact instruct social media users to mislead the public and propagate disinformation worldwide.
The interior ministry’s “Be Aware — Social Media Activist Awareness Campaign” centers around an instructional video and posters published on the ministry’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Gazans are taught, first and foremost, to refer to all terrorists as innocent civilians.
“Anyone killed or martyred is to be called a civilian from Gaza or Palestine, before we talk about his status in jihad or his military rank,” the guidelines state. “Don’t forget to always add ‘innocent civilian’ or ‘innocent citizen’ in your description of those killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza.” Mainstream media outlets would do well to remember this when quoting distorted reports from Gaza of civilian casualties.
The guidelines go on to tell Facebook and Twitter users how to spin Hamas terrorist activity aimed at harming Israeli civilians to appear legitimate.

And, our media, led by the NY Times, seems all too willing to perpetuate this propaganda

Something important is missing from the New York Times‘s coverage of the war in Gaza: photographs of terrorist attacks on Israel, and pictures of Hamas fighters, tunnels, weaponry, and use of human shields. 

It appears the Times is silently but happily complying with a Hamas demand that the only pictures from Gaza are of civilians and never of fighters. The most influential news organization in the world is thus manufacturing an utterly false portrait of the battle—precisely the portrait that Hamas finds most helpful: embattled, victimized Gaza civilians under attack by a cruel Israeli military. 

A review of the Times‘s photography in Gaza reveals a stark contrast in how the two sides are portrayed. Nearly every picture from Israel depicts tanks, soldiers, or attack helicopters. And every picture of Gaza depicts either bloodied civilians, destroyed buildings, overflowing hospitals, or other images of civilian anguish. It is as one-sided and misleading a depiction of the Gaza battle as one can imagine. 

Today’s Times photo essay contains seven images: three of Gaza civilians in distress; one of a smoke plume rising over Gaza; and three of the IDF, including tanks and attack helicopters. The message is simple and clear: the IDF is attacking Gaza and harming Palestinian civilians. There are no images of Israelis under rocket attack, no images of grieving Israeli families and damaged Israeli buildings, no images of Hamas fighters or rocket attacks on Israel, no images of the RPG’s and machine guns recovered from attempted Hamas tunnel infiltrations into Israel.

Frankly the job of the media should be taken seriously by that media. The job of the media in a war is to tell the story of that war. Our media is not doing that. Instead they are carrying the message that Hamas, terrorists, wishes them to carry

Leaked Intelligence Report On Border Crisis Shreds Narrative From Obama Regime And Leftist Media

Leaked Border Crisis Intel Shreds Narrative From Media And Obama Admin – Breitbart Texas


An elite, law-enforcement sensitive El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) intel report from July 7, 2014 was leaked to Breitbart Texas and reveals that homicide rates in Central America suggest violence is likely not the primary cause of the surge of thousands of unaccompanied minors and incomplete family units illegally entering the United States.

The EPIC report indicates that the belief among the illegal immigrants that they would receive permisos and be allowed to stay was the driving factor in their choices to come to the United States and that the crisis will continue until ‘misperceptions’ about U.S. immigration benefits were no longer prevalent . The report also states that the migrants cited Univision and other other outlets as having shaped their views on U.S. immigration policy. Another implication of the report is that family members already in the U.S. are encouraging the minors to come and organizing the travel with smugglers. EPIC is a widely respected intelligence analysis group and was initially staffed by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

According to the official DEA website, EPIC now contains representatives from a host of law enforcement agencies. The DEA states:

Agencies currently represented at EPIC include the Drug Enforcement Administration; Department of Homeland Security; Customs & Border Protection; Immigration & Customs Enforcement; U.S. Coast Guard; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; U.S. Marshals Service; Department of Transportation; Internal Revenue Service; U.S. Department of the Interior; National Geospatial – Intelligence Agency; U.S. Department of Defense/IC; Joint Task Force – North; Joint Interagency Task Force – South; Texas Department of Public Safety; Texas Air National Guard; National Guard Counter Narcotics Bureau; Department of State; Bureau of Indian Affairs; Union Pacific Railroad Police; Kansas City Southern Railroad Police; El Paso Police Department; and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

The leaked EPIC report discusses the motivational factors of the illegal immigrants in their choice to migrate to the United States:

(U//LES) In late May, the U.S. Border Patrol interviewed unaccompanied children (UAC) and migrant families apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley. Of the 230 total migrants interviewed, 219 cited the primary reason for migrating to the United States was the perception of U.S. immigration laws granting free passes or permisos to UAC and adult female OTMs traveling with minors. Migrants indicated that knowledge of permisos was widespread across Central America due to word of mouth, local, and international media messaging – prompting many to depart for the United States within 30 days of becoming aware of these perceived benefits, according to the same reporting.

(U//LES) A majority of migrants interviewed also noted that they had encountered family units, consisting of a mother and child under the age of 18 during their journey to the United States and that the families had indicated they planned to surrender to U.S. authorities because they were informed that they would likely be released.

The EPIC report discusses the lack of correlation between violence rates in Central America and the current border crisis:

(U//LES) EPIC assesses homicide trends and migrant interviews suggest violence is likely not the principal factor driving the increase in UAC migration. While CBP data from early fiscal year 2011 indicates a steady increase in OTM and UAC migration, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) statistics – within this same timeframe – show a decline in per capita homicide rates in these three countries; El Salvador saw the sharpest decline, followed by Honduras and Guatemala, respectively.




The EPIC report discusses the media outlets that the illegal immigrants claimed shaped their perceptions about U.S. policies towards illegal immigrants of this nature:

…Migrants cited Univision, Primer Impacto, Al Rojo Vivo and several Honduran television news outlets for helping shape their perception of U.S. immigration policy.

(U) Although EPIC lacks reliable reporting of Central American newspapers broadcasting the perceived benefits of U.S. immigration policies, several U.S. media outlets since June 2014 have identified Central American newspapers that have enticed minors to travel to the United States. For example, Honduran and El Salvadoran press have reportedly advertised the DACA policy, accommodations for detained UAC, and the promise of reunification with family members in the United States.

The EPIC report discusses the illegal immigrants’ family members already living in the U.S. as encouraging the minors to illegally enter the nation and setting up the travel arrangements with smugglers:

(U//LES) U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) also notes that a large number of migrants interviewed claimed family members in the United States encouraged their travel because the U.S. government would cease issuing permisos after June 2014. (U//LES) U.S. Border Patrol officials report that the majority of migrants interviewed in late May indicated that they made arrangements with smugglers in their respective countries through the assistance of family members and friends in the United States.

The EPIC report states that near-term slowdown in the crisis is unlikely and that traditional migration factors will likely continue to fuel the wave of illegal immigration. It states that the crisis will continue until the migrants’ “misperceptions” about U.S. immigration benefits are changed:

(U//FOUO) EPIC assesses that UAC flow to the border will remain elevated until migrants’ misperceptions about US immigration benefits are changed. We further judge that this process could take the remainder of 2014 given the time needed for bi-lateral coordination efforts – such as information and enforcement campaigns in Mexico and Central America – to take hold. Nonetheless, traditional underlying immigration factors, such as family reunification and poor socioeconomic conditions, will continue to drive alien flow – including minors – from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Breitbart Texas provides a redacted version of the leaked intel report here. All redactions were made by Breitbart Texas. The redactions are limited to source material citations, names, and contact information.



Six-year legal ordeal finally over for man who killed two thugs in self-defense

Via Bearing Arms

A very biased account of the events carried in the Miami Herald and republished by the Florida Courier nonetheless gets the general account of incident correct :

Mobley shot and killed Jason Jesus Gonzalez and Rolando Carrazana in February 2008 outside the Chili’s restaurant at 5705 NW 173rd Drive.

Gonzalez and Carranza had gotten into an argument with Mobley and a friend inside the restaurant. No fights occurred and the two men left the eatery, though not before banging on the outside windows and pointing at Mobley’s group.

Some 20 minutes later, Mobley and his friend, Jose Correa, were smoking cigarettes outside the restaurant. Mobley had retrieved his Glock pistol from the glove compartment of his parked car.

Suddenly, Gonzalez appeared out of nowhere, delivering a “vicious punch” to the face of Correa, fracturing his eye socket, according to court documents. Gonzalez danced backward, his arms raised as if to taunt the men. Seconds later, Carranza appeared rushing toward the men.

“I was scared, and then I seen this other guy coming up from the back and then he reached up under his shirt so I was scared,” Mobley testified at an immunity hearing in January 2012. “I thought, you know, they were going to shoot or kill us.”

Conveniently, the “journalist,” David Ovalle, forgets to mention that Carranza had charged Mobley while reaching his hand under his shirt, and two knives were found near where he fell .

As Bob Owens rightfully points out, the bias in the story is deep. Apparently the writer wanted to attack Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, which was not really at play in this case. Take a peek at the headline to the story 

Two unarmed men dead; shooter walks

Unarmed if you discount the two knives one of these thugs had. I love how the Left uses “unarmed” when an innocent citizen uses a gun to kill a criminal violent attacker. They use it because, in their twisted view “unarmed” means you have no gun, and are, apparently therefore harmless and a saint. The REAL bad guys? Well the Left sees a citizen that uses a gun in self-defense as bad these days or so it seems. Talk about moral retardation

There goes the media again, telling us what the story is before they even know what it is

Stacy McCain labels it “preemptive journalism”, and gives us a great example of the media reporting what the story might be, rather than simply sticking with what they actually know

Well, we can all agree on this, I’m pretty sure. But apparently there is someone in Florida who feels otherwise: FORT MYERS — Fort Myers police are trying to find the killer of a transgender woman whose body was found burned behind a garbage bin Thursday. Police on Friday identified the victim as Eddie James Owen, 31, but family members said Owen identified as a woman and went by the name Yazmin or Yaz’min Shancez. (Warning: Pronoun confusion ahead.) Fort Myers Police Lt. Jay Rodriguezsaid they have not determined a cause of death, and are not investigating the homicide as a hate crime. “We have no indication at this time to say this was specifically done because it was a male living as a female or anything like that,” Rodriguez said. “If you really think about it, a hate crime is killing someone for a specific reason, being black, Hispanic, gay. We’re investigating as we would any other homicide.” (Keep this in mind: Police don’t even know the cause of death yet. They haven’t identified a suspect or a motive.)

Go read the rest of McCain’s post, he does a great job of illustrating how the media, far too often, seeks to create a story, or an angle to a story that suits some narrative, or garners more attention.

A Basic Primer On The Scott Walker Case For Ignorant Reporters (Gabriel Malor)

A Basic Primer On The Scott Walker Case For Ignorant Reporters – Gabriel Malor


I’m going to tell you a true story, and then tell you how the news media is covering it.

This is a true story: in 2012, Democratic district attorneys in Wisconsin launched a secret probe known as a John Doe investigation with the goal of proving that conservative groups illegally coordinated activities during Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election. They issued more than 100 subpoenas, demanded the private information of conservatives and conservative groups, and actually conducted secret raids. And under state law, individuals who were targeted or witness to the investigation were forbidden from making knowledge of it public.

Fortunately, judges saw right through this partisan abuse of power. Early this year, a state judge, ruling in a secret proceeding, quashed the subpoenas and all but ended the investigation. According to the judge, “the subpoenas do not show probable cause that the moving parties committed any violations of the campaign finance laws.” This started the unraveling of the John Doe investigation that had many conservatives fearing they would be targeted for subpoenas and raids next.

In February, a conservative activist and group filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the partisan district attorneys who had pursued the John Doe probe. In short order, a federal district court judge held that the plaintiffs “are likely to succeed on their claim that the defendants‘ investigation violates their rights under the First Amendment, such that the investigation was commenced and conducted – without a reasonable expectation of obtaining a valid conviction.” In other words, at this early stage of the civil rights litigation, it looks to the judge as if the Democratic district attorneys abused their power and chilled conservatives’ free speech rights. Accordingly, the federal judge ordered that the John Doe probe must cease, all the seized property be returned, and all copies of materials be destroyed.

After a short trip to a federal appeals court, the federal judge reissued his order that the John Doe probe cease. Most recently, that appeals court has ordered some of the previously secret probe documents disclosed to the public, including an unsuccessful defense that the John Doe investigators made to one of their secret subpoenas. In their attempt to get a subpoena, which was rejected by a judge for lacking probable cause, the partisan investigators claimed that Walker was involved in the so-called conservative conspiracy.

And that is where the litigation stands as of today. Having launched a secret probe that has now been shut down by both the state and federal courts, the Democratic district attorneys find themselves the subject of an ongoing civil rights lawsuit for infringing the First Amendment rights of conservatives. But that is not how the media have reported the case.

Upon the unsealing of some of the probe documents by the federal appeals court, the media worked itself into a frenzy claiming that Walker was part of a criminal conspiracy. The media claim was based entirely on the subpoena document that was denied by the state judge as failing utterly to demonstrate probable cause to believe a crime occurred. In short: the judge, looking at all the evidence, found no reason to believe that a crime had occurred. That has not stopped the media from falsely implying otherwise.

This is largely accomplished by playing with verb tense. For example, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel kicked off this infuriating libel with a piece that claimed, “John Doe prosecutors allege Scott Walker at center of ‘criminal scheme.’” The more accurate word, of course, would have been “alleged,” past-tense with the addition of the words “in denied subpoena request” or perhaps “in failed partisan investigation” or even “in politically-motivated secret investigation rejected by the state and federal courts.”

The New York Times, trumpeting the story on today’s front page, also uses the present tense to give the wrong impression. The piece begins “Prosecutors in Wisconsin assert that Gov. Scott Walker was part of an elaborate effort to illegally coordinate fund-raising and spending.” Again, the true story is that this took place last year and was ended by the courts. You’d have to read all the way down to the tenth paragraph to learn that the subpoenas weren’t granted because there was no probable cause to believe that a crime had occurred. Oddly, the Times piece muses on the electoral consequences for Walker in the third paragraph.

The media obsession with Walker is no coincidence. Liberals are still stinging from their failure to recall him in 2012 after he successfully curtailed union abuses. And they sense that he could be a formidable contender for the White House in 2016. That the John Doe probe simultaneously harms him, suggests widespread wrongdoing by conservatives, and raises the campaign finance bugaboo makes this story the almost-perfect storm. The inconvenient fact that the investigation was cooked up for partisan purposes, has now ceased, and has impelled a federal civil rights lawsuit will go unmentioned in the papers.



*AUDIO* Walton & Johnson Interview Dr. Ben Carson


*VIDEO* Bill Whittle – Showtime: Evil Or Stupid?


A story you will not see covered by the main stream media

We all know that the Left is trying to pimp the tragic mass killing in Santa Barbara to get more  gun control laws. There a 22-year-old nut case Elliot Rodger, shot three people to death. Of course he also used a knife to slaughter three others and tried to use his BMW to kill more innocent people, but the Left still blames only the guns. No mater that none of California’s gun control laws stopped Rodger, or even slowed him down. Limits on magazine capacity, a waiting period,  bans on many types of semi-autos did nothing to stop Rodger. Yet, still the Left attacks the guns. The father of one of the victims has said no one “needs” three pistols, but, in Fresno, California, another 22-year-old used a gun in a far different manner, but do not expect national coverage of that

….he very likely kept this situation from becoming a another home invasion massacre.

Deputies say four siblings — ages 22, 18, 11 and 8 — were in the home just before 6 a.m. when the 22-year-old man heard the sound of someone breaking through a door, then saw a least two people in his home. The man got a handgun out of a safe and confronted the suspects. Deputies say the man and at least one intruder exchanged fire.

The man was hit by multiple rounds, as were two intruders. One suspect died at the scene as the second suspect tried unsuccessfully to pull the first to a getaway vehicle.

The second suspect was driven in a van by two other suspects to Keweah Delta Medical Center. A security camera at the hospital captured the arrival. The sheriff’s office did not provide the suspects’ gender.

The 22-year-old stopped the attackers, killing one and wounding another. More importantly, he stopped the attackers from successfully killing him and his siblings, which certainly seemed to be on the mind of the trigger-happy home invaders.

This story, of course, does not fit the narrative. This story is about the “other” side of the gun debate. The side against the folly of more useless gun laws. The side with the numbers on its side. Imagine if our media, YES, you too Fox, actually devoted time to stories like this? Guns are used more often to stop crimes, and defend the innocent than they are used to commit crimes. Imagine if the media were to cover THIS 22 year-old hero who very likely saved four lives, and took out two monsters, as much as they cover the crazy 22-year-old that committed his evil acts in Santa Barbara? In other words what if the media actually reported self-defense uses of firearms like they do mass shootings? 

An apology is in order, I carelessly posted Elliot Rodger’s name incorrectly and that mistake has been corrected

BBC: You Go “Girl”

Once the media starts banning words…………

The British Broadcasting Corporation censored a completely innocuous word in a recent documentary, just in case people would find it offensive.

The word: “girl.”

In a documentary ahead of the Commonwealth Games, which will take place in Glasgow, Scotland in July, host Mark Beaumont interviewed 19 year-old judo champion Cynthia Rahming and her family.

Rahming and Beaumont grappled, with the fighter taking the 31 year-old host to the mat.

“I am not sure I can live that down — being beaten by a 19-year-old girl,” he said in the documentary.

The episode originally aired in April, but in a re-run, the BBC removed the line containing the apparently offensive description of a young female.

The GIRL, did you read that BBC? I said GIRL, was not offended by being called GIRL at all. But, of course, the thing about the Left is you don’t have to know what offends you, they will tell you when to be offended.

Your Marxist Moron of the Day is………..

Bill Press, who might be the biggest ass hat on the Left, and that is saying something

Is it me or did Press actually say ObamaCare is doing “so well”? Good grief. He cannot be serious. And check out the “Conspiracy Card” he plays. He is a partisan hack, of course you have to be a left-wing hack to be a guest on MSNBS, especially on Sharpton’s show.

I would like to ask Press one question about Benghazi, or the VA scandal. If there is a “conspiracy” then who is complicit? The Republicans? They are not in the White House. They are not running the State Department. Democrats are! The Republicans did not lie about Benghazi multiple times. They did not repeatedly blame a video when they KNEW that Benghazi was a terror attack. Democrats did, and the evidence is plain to see, there is no doubt about this. Team Obama LIED! And they imprisoned a man for what, a year? All under the guise of blaming a video. Hey, if Press wants to call conspiracy, he needs to look at Team Obama.

Possibly the most biased, and factually incoherent column ever written

Bob Owens at Bearing Arms has the background on how he spoke, at length, with a columnist at the recent NRA convention about “smart guns”

You wanted to talk about “smart guns,” and how in your view, the industry and the NRA are against them.

I explained that very few of people who I know in the industry (and being the editor of an industry news site, I know a few) are against the concept of so-called “smart guns.” What we are against is the mandating of the technology, especially when it is still incredibly new and dangerously unreliable.

I recall mentioning, in great detail, the shortcomings of the current “best of breed” smart-gun, the Armatix iP1, and the separate watch required to make it function, the iW1.

I recall explaining, in great detail, that the pistol fails 100% of the time for the authorized user if he or she must use the hand without the watch on it, and I gave you several examples of why someone might need to do so. I recall explain how that the pistol is reported to have a failure rate of 10% when used with the “authorized hand,” which means that over the course of a 10-round magazine, the failure rate approaches 100%.

I explained that the pistol is only chambered in .22LR, a very anemic round best suited for target practice, and not recommended for self-defense due to its lack of power unless the user is too weak or frail to use something more substantial.

I explained that the technology used in the pistol is so fragile that chambering anything more a low-recoiling .22LR would shake the gun’s electronic brains apart in short order.

I tried to tie it all up as succinctly as I could, summarizing that a firearm that fails repeatedly, doesn’t use an adequate defensive cartridge, and cost three times as much as the best of breed pistol has no natural market… only a political one.

I explained that mandating a $1,400 gun/watch combo is the Second Amendment equivalent of a poll tax, and that limiting citizens to buying an unreliable, inadequate, and prohibitively expensive firearm is incredibly and obviously racist by design, hoping to disenfranchise the poor and middle class in urban areas most affected by violent crime.

Saddest of all, Yasha,  I recall that at the end of our conversation I gave you my business card with my email address and my phone number, I remember extending a very sincere invitation to help answer any questions you might have about firearms and technology, at any point in the future… far prior to the publication of this incredibly dishonest attack piece.

That “dishonest” piece is an absolute abomination. It is filled with lies, ignorance, more lies, anti-gun bigotry and talking points, still more lies, and drips with sarcasm. The kind of sarcasm that is driven by stupidity and closed-mindedness. In short the author of this piece. A few low, and I mean LOW lights

He thought the NRA was a harmless gun trade/lobby outfit, and didn’t seem to realize that it was much more than that: a cultural nexus for some of the most toxic politics in America: rabid xenophobia, racism, longing for a purer past, the glorification of extrajudicial justice against a creeping threat from within… tendencies that are not all that different than the bile that brought Hitler to power, I might have pointed out.

But I didn’t press the point. I wasn’t there to preach or educate. I was there to report.

Oh no doubt education had nothing to do with the reporters’s mission. The fact is he likely has no ability to educate anyone on anything. He certainly knows nothing about the NRA at all. all this dimwit knows is what he feels in his little mind. But there is more

There was even a company selling Stand Your Ground legal insurance — which would cover up to $1 million in legal fees for people who live in states with Stand Your Ground laws and shot someone in “self-defense.” The company motto: “Why settle for less? Get the MOST COMPREHENSIVE protection for armed self-defense in America.” The guys at the booth told me their policy would’ve been great for an armed vigilante like George Zimmerman — who shot and killed a 17-year-old black kid named Trayvon Martin just because he looked suspicious. “Of course, Zimmerman’s uninsurable now…” Naturally, the rep made an Obama assassination joke. He couldn’t help himself.

Apparently this “crack reporter” never watched a second of Zimmerman’s trial or looked at one shred of evidence. If he had, he would not have written the paragraph above. And who wants to bet that the “assassination” joke was never made. All the time I spend at the range, in gun stores, and on-line reading and talking with fellow gun owners, and I have yet to hear one hint of such a joke. But maybe Mr. Crack Reporter has a “smart ring” that allows him to detect jokes that are never spoken. What a douche!

Of course, Crack Reporter and his  Smart Ring also were deeply butt hurt over guns he saw that were brightly colored

Most gun makers now feature entire lines of shotguns, hunting and assault rifles, handguns, and all sorts of gun accessories with “girly” trim: bright neon colors, shades of pink, rose camo patterns. One stand even sold pink shooting targets, with proceeds helping fund breast cancer awareness.

It was a worrying trend — bright and colorful guns also look a lot like children’s toys.

You mean like your reporting might look like the actual work of a real journalist? Y’all can go read the rest, it is a long piece, so bring hip waders, you will need them.


SHOCKER! Gay CNN anchor admits he loves anti-Gay hate group

So, Don Lemon love shim some Nation of Islam? The well documented anti-White, anti-Semitic, and openly anti-Gay hate group? I guess Left Wing hate is OK

A strange thing happened on CNN on Saturday May 3 prior to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. CNN host Don Lemon, appearing alongside Professor Marc Lamont Hill, professed his admiration for the Nation of Islam, a well-known hate group

Lemon proclaimed that Hill thinks he “look[s] like a member of the Nation of Islam. That’s okay. I like them. I live on 123rd Street. They’re always at 125th Street subway stop and I buy my Final Call.”

The Final Call is the official newspaper of the Nation of Islam, and Lemon cheered on their work: “I buy The Final Call…The Final Call today, the one that they were selling was about torture in America in American prisons. I buy it every time I see them.” 

It seems odd that Lemon, who himself is openly gay, would endorse a group whose leader Louis Farrakhan has openly condemned gay marriage. Odds are that the Nation of Islam doesn’t share the same admiration for the CNN host. Despite this, Lemon seemed perfectly content supporting the Nation of Islam and even hyped their claims that U.S. prisoners were being tortured. 

I would expect Lemon’s guest, noted buffoon and race baiter Marc Lamont Hill to be all in for the Black Klan, but I thought Lemon had better sense. Obviously he does not. Even the SPLC lists the nation of Islam as a hate group!

The ADL pulls no punches about the naked bigotry of the Nation

The Nation of Islam (NOI), the oldest Black Nationalist organization in the U.S., has maintained a consistent record of racism and anti-Semitism under the guise of instilling African-Americans with a sense of empowerment since its founding in the 1930s. 

Under the guidance of Louis Farrakhan, who has expressed anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric for nearly 30 years as NOI leader, the organization has used its programs, institutions and publications to disseminate its message of hate. Despite this record, the NOI has been given a measure of legitimacy by some political and media figures.

Despite formally relinquishing his leadership role in September 2006 due to illness, Farrakhan continues to speak regularly on behalf of his organization at NOI and other events around the country. His public expressions of anti-Semitism have escalated significantly since 2009, during which time he has delivered several speeches and interviews rife with conspiracy theories about Jews and Israel, and about Jewish control of government, finance and entertainment.  

During these speaking engagements, including his keynote address at the group’s 2011 Saviours’ Day convention, Farrakhan has promoted anti-Semitic charges of Jewish deicide, denied Jewish claim to the word “Semite” and charged that Blacks, not Jews, are the “real” children of Israel. He has also repeated many of his past accusations about Jewish involvement in the transatlantic slave trade and exploitation of Black labor in the cotton trade—accusations he has attempted to bolster by promoting multiple anti-Semitic books, including a second volume of the NOI’s anti-Semitic 1991 work, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.

In summer of 2010 Farrakhan joined with several African American Muslim leaders to form the Coalition of African American Muslims (CAAM). The initiative’s first major effort, a September press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, was held to express support for the controversial proposed Islamic community center near Ground Zero.

And Don Lemon wants to support these bigots? REALLY?


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*VIDEO* U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Callahan From Oregon Calls Out Leftist Douchebag Reporter

Click HERE to visit Mr. Callahan’s officiail campaign website.


Your Daley Gator Benghazi Scandal Picture O’ The Day


The Lutheran Menace again?

Ah, the moral relativity game again, the media likes to play it when talking , or actually NOT talking about certain acts of evil perpetrated by a certain religion. As Stacy McCain notes, might as well blame the Lutherans, since all faiths are moral equals right? See, it is not Islamic terrorism, it is just “militants” 

Probably radical Lutherans, I’d guess:

For two weeks, retired teacher Samson Dawah prayed for news of his niece Saratu, who was among more than 230 schoolgirls snatched by Boko Haram militants in the north-eastern Nigerian village of Chibok. Then on Monday the agonising silence was broken.
When Dawah called together his extended family members to give an update, he asked that the most elderly not attend, fearing they would not be able to cope with what he had to say. “We have heard from members of the forest community where they took the girls. They said there had been mass marriages and the girls are being shared out as wives among the Boko Haram militants,” Dawah told his relatives.
Saratu’s father fainted; he has since been in hospital. The women of the family have barely eaten. “My wife keeps asking me, why isn’t the government deploying every means to find our children,” Dawah said. The marriage reports have not been confirmed officially, and rely on eyewitnesses.
The 14 April abduction of the girls — students aged between 16 and 18 who were sitting a physics paper at their school, one of a handful in troubled Borno state that had opened specially for final exams — shocked a nation inured to violence during a five year-insurgency. . . .

You see we’re now four paragraphs into a story about these girl-raping “militants” who have fought a “five-year insurgency” in Nigeria, and yet there is not a word to indicate what the “Boko Harm militants” are all about. Spoiler alert: You can read all the way through the Guardianarticle and never get even a clue that Boko Haram is also known as “The Congregation of the People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad”(Jama’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-da’wa wal-Jihad), a terrorist organization founded by Mohammed Yusuf in 2002, which “seeks to establish a ‘pure’ Islamic state ruled by sharia law.”

Barbarism, and Sharia go hand in hand, but the media, well, they seem to have very cold feet about actually telling everyone WHAT Sharia is and what evil it advocates. Boko Haram is an evil terrorist group that slaughters innocents in the name of Islam, and commits gross violations of human rights in the name of Sharia Law. But, the media seems reluctant to simply share the truth about what TYPE of militants these militants are. 

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