Teen’s Remarkable Dance Routine Gets Him Invited To Las Vegas By Michael Jackson’s Estate (Video)

Teen’s Viral Michael Jackson Routine Is So Amazing That The Late Singer’s Estate Has Invited Him To Las Vegas – The Blaze

Michael Jackson’s estate has invited 17-year-old Brett Nichols to Las Vegas for a show after video of his impressive high school talent show performance went viral, TMZ reports.

Video of Nichols’ amazing MJ routine at a school talent show – complete with the moonwalk and more of the late star’s signature moves – exploded across the Internet this week, making him an overnight viral sensation.

A representative with the Jackson estate told TMZ that they were so impressed with the performance that they sent him a package that included two CDs and invitation for him and his family to see a performance of Michael Jackson ONE in Vegas.

If you missed the original performance check it out below (His dance starts at about 1:11):


The video now has over six million views.

It should come as now surprise that Nichols won the Pitman high school talent show. He’s only been practicing that routine for about a decade.

“I guess people still miss him, it’s been five years (since his death). The younger generation appreciates the work, and not only does someone care, but someone cared to put in the time,” Nichols told News 10.

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