A very sad commentary on the mindset of too many Blacks in America

In seeking to memorialize Saint Mike Brown, residents of Ferguson set up a shrine to honor his memory, H/T Clash Daily


It amazes me how Liberals do not look at such scenes and say WTF? What are the people who placed those objects trying to say about Brown, and, more importantly, what are they saying about their community? Is this really what they honor? It baffles me how some in the “Community” are always going to attack the police, no matter the facts. And it amazes me that these same folks will defend the “victim” no matter what he did. Yes, there are cases of police abusing their power, yes, those cops ought to be punished, but there is no sane reason for the riots, looting, and thuggery, none at all. 

The sadness of this photo is also that the race pimps of this nation have brainwashed so many Liberals, especially Black Americans into not merely believing their race propaganda, but somehow NEEDING to believe it. Honestly, I can think of nothing more despicable than to tell a race of people that everything, everything about them is based solely on their skin color. To teach them, that everything bad in their life is because of their race, and of course because of the Republican Party. Of course, race pimps have to make a living, so actually helping to solve problems in the Black community? No, that does not pad their wallets, that does not keep Blacks voting almost exclusively for the Democratic Party now does it?


And the MSNBS Race-A-Palooza Telethon rolls on

Michael Eric Dyson, and guest eliminating any doubt that they are race hustlers and nothing more

MSNBC guest Dr. James Peterson claimed that the media shouldn’t be talking about the violent race riots going on in Missouri over the police shooting of an African-American teenager, calling it “a red herring.”

Peterson spoke with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” Tuesday. The duo discussed the shooting of Michael Brown and the days of riots that have followed — although Peterson wasn’t too keen on discussing the violence and looting at all. 

Well of course not, that does not fit the narrative at all. We have to keep those pesky facts hushed up

“I think first and foremost, for us to be outraged at the response to the murder of Michael Brown doesn’t make a lot of sense to me,” Peterson claimed. “Because the outrage needs to be directed at the source.”

The source? How about the source of the riots, violence, and looting? How about the presumption of guilt for the police. Even BEFORE any facts come out, thee race pimps are screaming “MURDER” and “RAAAAACISM”. They are doing nothing but egging the looters on.

“They can handle the riot and stop the riot and control the riot,” he said dismissively. “But the real question is can we get our criminal justice system, can we get our police departments, to acknowledge the humanity of black and brown folks?”

Hmmm, if you ask me, I question why, if the system is soooooooo RAAAAAAAAAACIST, why are these looters not being billy clubbed, shot, or arrested? Oh, I forgot, that does not fit the narrative. And you can bet, that no matter what the actual facts are about this shooting, these race pimps will still pound the same narrative. Can you say propagandists?

And the obligatory MSNBS Race Pimpapalooza Telethon begins

Ever get the feeling that these cretins actually salivate for police to shoot a young Black man?

An MSNBC panel led by guest host Michael Eric Dyson agreed that the police and justice system in America “don’t see black and brown people as full human beings.”

Anger surged in the wake of this weekend’s tragic shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by a St. Louis police officer, with some African-Americans rioting in protest. Dyson brought on MSNBC contributor and university professor James Peterson and St. Louis alderman Lewis Reed to discuss the broader cultural themes surrounding the shooting.

“The police should not be there to chastise, and therefore brutalize, young children,” Dyson charged. “They’re there to be adults.

Young children? This guy was 18, and please remember that we have no idea if the police acted incorrectly. But, this is not a fact-finding mission, it is all about the narrative.

“At the core of this, you have an institution — criminal justice system and the police — who essential do not see black and brown people as full human beings,” he charged. “They do not afford them the rights of full human beings, and therefore all the interactions with them are colored, unfortunately, by that incapacity of them to see young people of color as human beings.”

“Yeah, that’s a great point,” Dyson agreed, claiming that black children “are not extended what would seem to be the fundamental basis that we use to treat other kids.”

“Treat them with respect and dignity,” he said. “Don’t assault them, don’t shoot them. If they’re doing something wrong, tap them on the back of the hands and say ‘Let me take you to your parents,’ as opposed to gunning them down in the streets.”

Again, nothing but coarse, divisive rhetoric meant to enrage, and paint a narrative that fits the Leftist agenda of these miscreants. Their goal is to poison the well before any hard facts emerge, so that those facts will never really matter.  I can scarcely think of more deplorable tactics.

Oh please, spare us you fake moral outrage

Saturday afternoon, an 18-year-old Black youth was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri. What followed were riots, looting, a Quick Trip was burned to the ground because nothing say s Social Justice more than destroying businesses, private property, and terrorizing people apparently. The “Community” immediately blamed police, labeling them a murderers, and screaming RAAAAACISM. And most sickening were the actions of instigators and race pimps like @marclamonthill who excused the violence and thuggery. Here are some of his Tweets

I’m glad we’re angry. Nothing would be sadder than to become accustomed to Black death. Especially among our youth…

The homicide rate among Blacks youths is appalling, but most of it is done by other Blacks youths, a point that Hill never mentions. The fact is he ignores the horror of Chicago, and Black on Black violent crime because he cannot race bait those crimes.

Michael Brown should be starting college in a few hours. Instead, he’s yet another teenager executed for being young, Black, and outside.

There he goes, he has no clue what actually happened, there are conflicting accounts from witnesses, but is he waiting to play the Race Card? Hell no, again, I wonder if he is secretly pleased that he can pimp this death for his own gain. And I doubt that he cares that his careless rhetoric does more harm to race relations, and serves to spur more looting and riots

 · 11h

At the same time, it takes a special kind of arrogance and hypocrisy to morally censure rioters in the wake of another teenager executed.

AGAIN! He defends and excuses the thuggery, and how does he KNOW that this kid was “executed”? He doesn’t no one does, but he cares nothing about that. Hill is simply playing the same game as Sharpton plays. Go stir the pot, create as much outrage as possible. To Hell with the consequences, to Hell with finding the truth BEFORE we rush to judgement. And of course, this pathetic excuse for a human being can’t miss a chance to demonize self-defense

The criminalization of Blacks in public space is compounded by laws like “Stand Your Ground,” which codify irrational fears of Black bodies.

Of course, this shooting has nothing to do with “Stand Your Ground” nothing at all. But Hill just cannot stop his inner race hustler I suppose. Gotta keep dividing people along every line possible, that is what Marxists do after all.

Gateway Pundit has a TON of info on the shooting, the riots, the looting. As for me, I can only hope that Black Americans stop listening to hate mongering bigots like Marc Lamont Hill. I hope they stop rushing to judgement, and stop excusing, in any way, the looters and thugs that take advantage of these opportunities. If the police did, indeed, murder this kid, I hope they are properly punished, but for God’s sake let’s find out what DID happen , THEN react for a change.

At Sooper Mexicans blog, he lays out some numbers that SHOULD be the story

According to FBI stats, about 5,886 blacks are murdered by other blacks per year.

That’s about 16 blacks killed by other blacks per day.

That’s about 490 blacks killed by other blacks every MONTH.

Now whether Mike Brown was wrongfully killed by cops or not, the much greater problem in the black community is blacks murdering each other, NOT white cops or cops of any color, or “white Hispanic”George Zimmermans killing them.

But that would mean actually taking a hard look at the problems of the community and doing the hard work of fixing it.

And fixing problems is NEVER a priority for race pimps. That would cut into their profits, and that just is not “Social Justice”

Twitter should tell Je$$e Jack$on to go F#%& himself

Mr. Shakedown is doing what he does best

Jesse Jackson Jr. called on Twitter to release its diversity data to his Rainbow Push Coalition.
PC World reported:

U.S. civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson has called on Twitter to release its employee diversity information, which its Silicon Valley peers such as Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Facebook have already done.

The Rainbow Push Coalition, founded by Jackson, has also asked Twitter to signal its commitment to inclusion by hosting a public community forum to address the company’s plan to recruit and retain more black talent.

The coalition and black empowerment group, ColorOfChange.org, plans to launch a Twitter-based campaign to challenge the company, the coalition said in a statement Thursday.

On Friday at the Netroots Nation conference in Detroit, ColorofChange will lead a “Black Twitter” plenary session where activists will push out the petition campaign over Twitter and other social media.

As I said, Jackson has enriched himself by using this tactic, and it is past time an intended target stood up to his bullying tactics. Of course, I would doubt Twitter will.

Good Freaking Grief! Now Thomas causing Racial Obsession Syndrome outbreaks

There are no words to define such rampant stupidity

I think we’re reaching the pinnacle of liberal PC insanity.

Thomas the Tank Engine had to shut the hell up to save children everywhere – Guardian

There are many terrible children’s programs through which parents must suffer during their child’s young life. For every Sesame Street, there is an annoying Caillou or an acid-trippy Yo Gabba Gabba. But Thomas and Friends is – or was – the one show with enough subversive messages to make me turn it off for good. [...]

But there was one particular episode that caused me to put the brakes on Thomas for good. It revolved around James, a red engine who is described in the opening credits as “vain but lots of fun.” (Wait, it’s OK to be vain if you can show others a good time occasionally? Great – that’s going in my Parenting 101 book.) In the episode “Tickled Pink”, poor vain James, is ordered by Topham Hat to get a new coat of paint. But while James has only had an undercoat of pink slathered on, Topham Hatt interrupts and demands that James go pick up Hatt’s granddaughter and deliver her and her friends to a birthday party right now.

James is mortified that he has to travel while pink and proceeds to hide from all the other trains along the way. When he’s caught, the other trains – including Thomas – viciously laugh and mock him.

“What are you doing James? You’re a big pink steamie,” says Diesel, the bad-boy engine. (For the record, all the “villains” on Thomas and Friends are the dirty diesel engines. I’d like to think there was a good environmental message in there, but when the good engines pump out white smoke and the bad engines pump out black smoke – and they are all pumping out smoke – it’s not hard to make the leap into the race territory.)

But once James gets back on the rails and picks up Granddaughter Hatt and her friends, all seemingly ends well because the girls love pink.

Well guess what? It’s not OK. You think a little boy watching Thomas is going to file away the lesson that pink is OK for boys? No, what kids remember is that James was laughed at, cruelly, over and over again, because he looked different and was clad in a “girly” pink color.

Eric Holder DEEPLY Offended over Redskins name

Oh no! Not Offended, oh anything but offended!

Via NBC:

While he’s not pursuing it in his job as the United States Attorney General, Eric Holder’s feelings about the Redskins nickname are clear.

Holder made it clear he was opposed to the name during an appearance on ABC’s This Week.

“I’m going to speak very personally now,” Holder said, via ESPN.com.“The name ought to be changed. It’s an offensive name. 

Perhaps our AG should pick a new name of which he approves? Maybe the Gun Runners? The Race Baiters? Whatever, the new name, we should do it FAST, so Holder will not be so FURIOUS!

More Proof The National Republican Senatorial Committee Funded Racist, Anti-Tea Party, Anti-McDaniel Ads In Mississippi

More Proof The NRSC Funded Racist Anti-Tea Party Anti-McDaniel Ads In Mississippi – Gateway Pundit

Last week we learned this…

Former GOP Governor Haley Barbour Was Behind Racist Anti-Tea Party Pro-Cochran Ads In Mississippi

The former governor’s group paid for the racist radio ads.


FOX News reporter Ainsley Earhardt broke the news on Hannity that that the racist, anti-Tea Party pro-Cochran ads that played on black radio stations in Mississippi were paid for by former Republican governor Haley Barbour’s super-PAC.

Then we found out this…

The NRSC is linked to the racist anti-Tea Party ads in Mississippi.


And, now there’s more evidence the NRSC funded these racist anti-Tea Party ads…

Got.News has more proof that the NRSC funded the racist anti-Tea Party ads in Mississippi against conservative Chris McDaniel.

Gotnews.com has exclusively obtained another “All Citizens for Mississippi” radio ad from conservative media consultant Rick Shaftan, who stands by his allegation that these ads were paid for by media buyer Jon Ferrell at National Media of Alexandria, Virginia using funds provided by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

The newly-surfaced 90 second ad features Arthur L. Siggers, who identifies himself in the ad as pastor of the Mt. Olive Baptist Church and makes similar racially-charged accusations against U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel to the ad featuring Bishop Ronnie Crudup of New Horizon Church International that Gotnews.com reported on Monday.




Thad Cochran’s Campaign Manager, Staffer Busted In Illegal Vote Buying Scheme (Audio)

Cochran Campaign Manager, Staffer Busted In Illegal Vote Buying Operation – Got News

A black reverend stiffed by the Cochran campaign has exposed an alleged criminal conspiracy by Cochran staffers to commit massive voter fraud ahead of Tuesday’s controversial U.S. Senate Republican runoff election in Mississippi.


Reverend Stevie Fielder, associate pastor at historic First Union Missionary Baptist Church and former official at Meridian’s redevelopment agency, says he delivered “hundreds or even thousands,” of blacks to the polls after being offered money and being assured by a Cochran campaign operative that Chris McDaniel was a racist. “They [the Cochran campaign] told me to offer blacks fifteen dollars each and to vote for Thad.”

It is illegal under several provisions of Mississippi law and federal law for campaign officials to bribe voters with cash and punishable up to five years in jail. (MS Code 97-13-1; MS Code 97-13-3 (2013) (Federal Code 18 U.S.C. 597, U.S.C. 1973i(c)) Voter fraud schemes are not unusual for Mississippi. In 1999 Mississippi’s attorney general reported massive voter fraud allegations throughout the Magnolia state. In 2011, a Mississippi NAACP leader was sent to prison for voter fraud, according to the Daily Caller.

It would seem that laws were broken here, too. At the direction of the Cochran campaign, Reverend Fielder went “door to door, different places, mostly impoverished neighborhoods, to the housing authorities and stuff like that,” telling fellow blacks that McDaniel was a racist and promising them $15 per vote. “They sold me on the fact that he was a racist and that the right thing to do was to keep him out of office,” Fielder says.

Text messages released to Got News and a recorded interview with Reverend Fielder confirmed that Saleem Baird, a staffer with the Cochran campaign and current legislative aide to U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, and Cochran campaign manager, Kirk Sims, were involved in a $15-per-vote cash bribery scheme to target members of the black community.

“They said they needed black votes,” said the Reverend Fielder on the phone. He says Baird told him to “give the fifteen dollars in each envelope to people as they go in and vote. You know, not right outside of the polling place but he would actually recruit people with the $15 dollars and they would go in and vote.” Fielder said he received thousands of dollars in envelopes from Baird and distributed them accordingly. Fielder also says he went to the campaign office on another occasion to pick up $300 in cash and was among a room full of people who were doing the same thing he was.

Fielder said that Saleem Baird was doing the same thing with people all over the state. Fielder believes that the racism charge against McDaniel and the promise of $15 a vote motivated ‘thousands’ of black Democrats like him to vote for Cochran in the runoff. When asked if Fielder would have been more suspicious of Baird’s promises had he been white, Fielder replied, “Yes, definitely.”

For his efforts, Fielder says the Cochran campaign and Baird promised him $16,000 for paying black voters $15 a vote, but Baird wound up stiffing him. Baird even asked him to delete all texts between the two of them. In addition to Baird, Fielder says he spoke with Kirk Sims, the Cochran campaign manager, and a woman named “Amanda” with the campaign, most likely Amanda Shook, director of operations to re-elect Thad Cochran. All refused to pay him the agreed upon amount of $16,000.

Baird realized he had been lied to when he “took a good look at the campaign ads” and realized “McDaniel was not a racist… me and other people were misguided and misled.”

Fielder confronted Saleem the weekend before the election and asked about whether or not McDaniel was actually a racist and Baird confirmed it. Baird “personally confirmed that McDaniel was a racist.” Baird ‘manipulated me to manipulate many other people,” says Fielder. Baird did not disclose that he worked as a paid legislative staffer for Senator Roger Wicker. Fielder also says he spoke with campaign manager Kirk Sims about getting paid and about the ethical complaints he had.

Fielder is a Democrat but said he has voted for Republicans in the past. And though Fielder is being paid for his story by Got News, he says he’d come forward anyway. “I thought what I did was wrong.” Fielder said he was motivated mostly by concerns that McDaniel was a racist, not money.

As to what should happen next, ‘definitely the election should not be allowed to stand,” says Fielder, who says he’ll support McDaniel in event of a special election. ‘He’s been done wrong. He’s not what they said that he is.’

Got News tried calling both Baird and Sims with Fielder on the line. We got through to Sims but Sims insisted that there was a bad connection when Fielder asked about the racist smear campaign against Chris McDaniel and hung up. Were Baird found to have violated any laws in this matter, this would not be his first time he had a brush with the wrong side of the law. In 2011, Baird, who is a legislative staffer with U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, was allowed to keep his job with the senator after being arrested on charges of running an illegal strip joint in Jackson.

Fully aware that we have helped reveal the Cochran campaign may be involved in a criminal conspiracy, Got News will turn over any and all evidence to law enforcement.Joel Gilbert produced the video of the phone call for Got News.




Related video:




Oh no! Paint color causes outbreak of Racial Obsession Syndrome

Whiny little snot hardest hit

A black man in New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against his former employer, Benjamin Moore Paints, which he says named one of its paint colors after him and then fired him when he complained.

Clinton Tucker, who managed online sales for Benjamin Moore, which is owned by the conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, said that he was bothered by the names of several of the company’s paint colors, “Clinton Brown,” “Tucker Chocolate,” and “Confederate Red.”

“Being a black man named Clinton Tucker, the plaintiff found this to be extremely racially offensive,” reads the complaint, filed in Essex County Court.

Tucker claims that the company’s executive management were aware of his displeasure with the color names, but failed to take his complaints seriously and then terminated — allegedly unlawfully — him in March 2014.

It sounds like the company had no interest in employing a whiner if you ask me. Good for them! If everyone stood their ground against miscreants like this, we would all be better off

Complete the following sentence-Democrats try to paint Scott Walker as a…….

Here are your choices




D- All of the above because RAAAAACISM!

Does the Left have anything except divisive, hateful, and yes racist language? Where are their ideas? Where are their solutions? Where is anything but attack dog smear campaigns?

You Racist Leftist Bottom Feeder of the Day is…………

Meet Mr “Kill the Gringo” himself  JOSE ANGEL GUTIERREZ read all about this dirt bag at 90 Miles From Tyranny. Note his quote below, and then ask yourself why the Left wants gun bans so badly

1 1 gringo-quote-by-jose-angel-gutierrez-university-of-texas-on-taking-back-america-southwest

Melissa Harris-Perry-redefining stupid

I do not enjoy being “mean” to this woman, but she is as dumb as a box of rocks. Honestly, does she think before speaking?

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry drew parallels between the NBA and slavery on the Saturday episode of her eponymous show. She teased a segment on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban by saying “you can’t really talk about reparations and ignore the modern day wealthy Americans who own teams made up predominantly of black men and profit from their bodies and labor.”

Harris-Perry’s segment on the NBA involved an update on the latest move to transfer ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers and video clips of Mark Cuban’s comments regarding racial prejudice. Harris-Perry then issued a summary of the two stories: “Wealthy owners, check. Profit made from the sale of black bodies, check. Racial angst, check.” Harris-Perry then teased a continuation of the show’s discussion of reparations for slavery. 

Frankly I am getting to the point where stupidity of this magnitude hurts my  head. In what alternate universe does Harris-Perry reside? In America, sometimes slaves were allowed to earn money, and keep it. But they were not “free” to choose for themselves. They were still slaves. In the NBA the players are free, and they make millions of dollars. No one is “selling” them, they are part of  a team, and they are payed according to their ability. Harris-Perry really ought to consider what slavery was before she shoots her mouth off. Frankly, if a Conservative dared compare anything to slavery, people like Harris-Perry would jump all over them, calling them racists and accusing them of defending slavery. But, of course Liberals are allowed to play by very different rules aren’t they?

*VIDEO* Andrew Klavan: Why Democrats Call You Racist


Sen. Johnson Tears Into Sen. Rockefeller For Implying That Obamacare Opponents Are Racists (Videos)

Sen. Ron Johnson’s EPIC Rebuttal To Sen. Rockefeller Calling Obamacare Opponents Racists – Right Scoop

Sen. Ron Johnson tears into Sen. Rockefeller for calling Obamacare opponents racists, explaining very substantive reasons why he opposes Obamacare. And Johnson makes clear he doesn’t like being called a racist.

But make sure you watch all the way to the end because that’s where Rockefeller and Johnson get into it directly after Rockefeller tries to smear Sen. Johnson’s ideas over what healthcare should be.


Click HERE For Rest Of Story


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Fearless Jason Mattera Confronts Leftist Swine Al Sharpton Over His Long History Of Racist Rants (Video)

Terrific! Jason Mattera Confronts Al Sharpton Over His Long History Of Racist Rants – Gateway Pundit

Al Sharpton Defends Racist Rants: ‘It Was Only One Jew’

On May 3, 2014, Jason Mattera confronted Rev. Al Sharpton over his long history of racist rants.

This was great.

Sharpton said it was just one Jewish dude.


Via The Daily Surge:


Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Leftist Professor Says Ending ‘White Privilege’ Motivated Him To Help Write Common Core Standards (Video)

Teacher Says Ending ‘White Privilege’ Motivated Him To Help Write Common Core Standards – Independent Journal Review

Dr. David Pook, a professor at Granite State College, told the audience at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics that he helped write Common Core standards for English Language Arts in an effort to end “white privilege.”

“The reason why I helped write the standards and the reason why I am here today is that as a white male in society I am given a lot of privilege that I didn’t earn.”

The audience reacts with gasps, boos, and sounds of disbelief before a panel member yells “Hey!” to hush them.


So Common Core has racial and gender-based motivations – coming from this Administration’s Department of Education, who could be surprised? Promoting division has been a common theme throughout this presidency.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


*AUDIO* Walton & Johnson: The Week In Leftist Lunacy (May 12 – 16)

Click HERE to visit Walton & Johnson’s official website.