Social Justice? Or Lynch Mob Justice?

At Bearing Arms Bob Owens does a great job at exposing the “Social Justice” crowd in Ferguson for what they are, domestic terrorists

Brown’s family furiously claims God himself will take retribution on Officer Wilson and unnamed others, with Brown’s Aunt Sheryl Davis stating, “It’s murder and they will feel and see the wrath of God’s vengeance come upon them in a mighty way, just as he promised all who do evil in his sight.”

Note that she did not say “he” and “him.” She said “they” and “them.”

In her mind, society must be punished because her nephew was shot after apparently committing two felonies.

Davis’s fury appears to be little more than an attempt at theological justification for the violence most expect to come if officer Darren Wilson is either not indicted by the grand jury, or is indicted, but not convicted.

This is the atmosphere the Left has created. Hatred, division, and a campaign of indoctrination to lead Blacks to blame every problem they have on RAAAAACISM. The Left has done this in an attempt to secure the Black voter as a dependable Democratic voter for life. But the by-product of this insidious campaign is racial division, and too many Blacks following bottom-feeders like Je$$e Jackson and Al Sharpton. And the you-know-what might hit the fan if the race baiters do not get their version of “justice”.

Ferguson “activists” around the nation are attempting to extort “justice,” promising riots, looting, and what certainly sounds like race-based revenge attacks if their lynching of officer Wilson isn’t supported by a murder conviction.

This isn’t activism. This isn’t a search for justice.

This is the overt plotting of domestic terrorism.


This is why idiots should not be elected

The foolish folks who run Minneapolis apparently have way too much time on their hands

Opponents of the Washington Redskins’ name in Minneapolis are pulling out all the stops to bar the team from using its controversial name during its November game against the Minnesota Vikings. Now, a city attorney will explore  whether the Mill City has the legal authority to ban the name entirely.

The decision to look into taking legal action was part of two resolutions recently passed by the Minneapolis city council. The first resolution, which passed unanimously last week, officially condemned “the racist, offensive name of the Washington, D.C. football franchise.” One councilmember said the name is an affront to “a sensitive city.”

At the encouragement of the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media, the city will seek  to find out if it can issue restraining orders against offensive mascots or nicknames, as well as bar products or companies that use similar names from doing business in the city.

City attorneys and council members expressed concern that the First Amendment might prove difficult to work around.

What a bunch of busy body Statists! 

*VIDEO* Bill Whittle: Ferguson And The Real Race War



Sickening! The Left inciting riots in Ferguson because SOCIAL JUSTICE or something

The Last Refuge has the back story and this video that makes me incredibly angry

Of course, this is what these miscreants want. They want more RAAAAACISM, and more INJUSTICE, and so on. They think nothing of lying, of inciting violence, and nothing of launching false accusations. Just as this hateful State Representative who would apparently love to see some more rioting and store burnings. Paid agitators? I would bet some of those who staged this incident are paid yes. No one was run over, and frankly, even if her ass hat intern were run over, it would be his own damn fault. These thugs want some chants? How about “Get your dumb asses out of the road”?


Hey kids, take a look at our Bottom Feeding Race Pimp of the Day!

He is a doctor, and kinda full of hate for any Black person that thinks for themself

Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere is a professional Psychotherapist with an office in Columbus Ohio.  He is also a Black Panther and leader of The Black Nationalist Network currently calling for the public “whipping” and “lynching” of Martin Baker

Lei Millere is the ANGRY looking guy. Note his pose of outrage, he thinks it adds legitimacy to his claims of oppression. In reality it just makes him look like a douche. Or maybe he is just constipated, who knows. Baker is the guy who is smiling. He is the target here because he dared think in a manner that the race pimps find inconvenient. When people like Mr. Baker do not toe the line they might make it difficult for race pimps, like LeiMillere to make a living by spreading lies, bigotry, and RAAAAACISM!

martin-baker-wilson-rally mauricelm-lei20millere













According to Mr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere’s Facebook page, he tried to intimidate Mr. Baker by encouraging people to, “catch, beat, drag and whip” Mr. Baker for being a reasonable man. Here is a screenshot from his page:


Well, someone is stirring the pot a bit. Talk about a despicable little troll. The Last Refuge has more info on our race Pimp. And of course, you ought to check out the website of the Black Nationalist Network as well. Seems like Lei Millere is looking to cash in on some hate!

Race-Baiting Democrat Councilwoman Walks Out Of Public Meeting After Cop Berates Her (Video)

NY Dem Who Said Feds Are Preparing To Exterminate Black Race Storms Out Of Meeting – Daily Caller


The New York Councilwoman who claimed the federal government of “AmeriKKKa” is going to “round up and execute” black people following the Ferguson shooting stormed out of a meeting Thursday after a new accusation was leveled against her.

Sgt. Tom Hoffman, president of the Police Benevolent Association, said in the meeting that Democratic Councilwoman Anastasia Robertson took part in a group effort to incite a white police officer to violence, because he was talking to a black woman involved in a domestic dispute, reported the Times Union.

“This is why the black community doesn’t respect the police,” Robertson allegedly said with a camera pointed at the officer. “You only go after black people.”

Hoffman said her effort to foment anti-police sentiment was “unethical and unprofessional,” and asked the Ethics Committee to consider removing her from her position.

She serves on the Public Safety Committee, in addition to her elected position on the Troy City Council.

“I’ve been a proud member of the Troy police department for almost 25 years,” he said as Robertson gathered her things and walked out. “And I have never witnessed a more disrespect towards the group of men and women, who put their lives on the line everyday for the citizens of this community.”

One woman is heard in the video yelling at Robertson to “sit down and take it!”