Not so Great Moments in Statist Cowardice

The least legislators trying to destroy your natural rights could do is to identify themselves

I’m just going to post this National Shooting Sport Foundation (NSSF) press release and walk away whistling.

A handful of state legislators from across the country gathered at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to announcethe creation of “American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention” or ASLGVP.  The new group, which claims to be non-partisan, will work to push new gun restrictions at the state level.  But the coalition has one major problem – they will not let anyone know who they are.

ASLGVP boasts having 200 members from all 50 states but the group will not release a list of their membership, due to a fear of “political backlash.”  So, outside of the eight members that participated in the inaugural press conference, no one knows who is or is not a member of this group. We are not witnessing a “Profiles in Courage“moment here.

Citizens across the country have a right to know whether or not their respective elected official is a member of this group. Considering that ASLGVP intends to potentially tamper with our Constitutional rights, it is unethical and secretive for members to keep their constituents in the dark about their participation in the group.  If a state legislator is too scared to reveal his or her affiliation with this group, shouldn’t that say something about the agenda that ASLGVP may be trying to move forward?

Perhaps members of this group have opted to keep their participation in ASLGVP a secret because they do not want people to know how out of touch they really are — with their constituents but also the country as a whole.  Last week, the Pew Research Center released the results from its newest pollwhich found that public support for gun rights has never been higher. The survey showed that 52 percent of Americans believe it is important to protect our Second Amendment rights, a figure that increased seven points over the past year. Since public opinion is not in their favor, ASLGVP members, once they reveal their identities, should indeed be fearful of “political backlash” – a vote out of office in the next election.

ASLGVP said it would meet this week in Washington, DC for the first time.  NSSF would like to attend and hear more about the group’s agenda, but the meeting time and location is secret. Of course it is.  We assume disguises are optional?  How about secret handshakes or de-coder rings?

How about this? Any elected public official who believes they must conduct themselves in such cartoonish secrecy is certainly raising questions about their fitness for their office.  As for transparency, well they clearly don’t see any need for that quaint notion of representative government. They’ll tell us what they want to tell us when they’re ready.  In the meantime, mum’s the word.

The Founders would be ready to get the tar and feathers

Noted gas bag Michael Eric Dyson digs deeper into the Pit of Race Pimping

So, Bill Cosby, “raped the Black Community” because he said Balcks should take some responsibility for the problems that so many of them face?

MSNBC political analyst Michael Eric Dyson said on “Now w/Alex Wagner” that Bill Cosby didn’t just allegedly rape women; he raped the entire black community with his famous comments critiquing the community

WAGNER: And many in the black community say he has had not the right tact in talking about the issues that plague African-Americans…

DYSON: …You’re beating up on people. You’re a hypocrite by doing so, which is why I never speak about a lot of stuff… I’m not going to get up on a megaphone to beat someone down. And Bill Cosby has been relentless and nasty.

Let me tell you something else; the very kind of man who would rape woman, allegedly, is the same kind of man who will rape an entire black community. Poor black people, who are powerless before him, using his powerful foot to clamp down on their neck. And black people who think that tough love and hate are the same thing, and that excoriation is the sign of affection, I think also have to admit this is something that is a blistering part of our own psyche that has to be addressed.

Yep, we certainly cannot have any black person taking responsibility for anything they do or any consequences they face right? Hell if they start doing that, then race baiters like Dyson would have to get a real job. The fact is that Leftist trash like Dyson are and have been screwing the Black Community for years. Fortunately, I see more and more Black American standing up and calling Dyson and others on their BS. Of course, they are viciously attacked for it, and we need to support them against these attacks

Slate, where morons go to write non sense

Get a load of this from Slate writer Reihan Salam

What, then, is a useful way to think about what white privilege means and how it works? In my view, the key to understanding white privilege is in this question: How can you benefit from racial inequality without being a racist? It’s true, and important to understand, that white people often have the privilege of getting the benefit of the doubt from law enforcement. Or to put it in another, starker way: White people are less likely to be killed by police officers.

Well, actually that is not true

But a scientific study from Washington State University-Spokane suggests just the opposite. In truth, according to findings from the research team’s innovative experiments:

• Officers were less likely to erroneously shoot unarmed black suspects than they were unarmed whites — 25 times less likely, in fact

• And officers hesitated significantly longer before shooting armed suspects who were black, compared to armed subjects who were white or Hispanic

“In sum,” writes Dr. Lois James, a research assistant professor with the university’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology who headed the study, “this research found that participants displayed significant bias favoring Black suspects” in their shooting decisions.

Note the report speaks of erroneous shootings, in other words unjustified shootings. But, Slate writers are above such trivial facts I suppose

Your Daley Dose of Radical Atheist FAIL!

Karma baby, Karma!

Anti-Christian zealots from Madison, Wisconsin attempted to impose their moonbattery on a small town in Florida, only to step on a rake:

When the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) went after a city council in Jay, Fla., for displaying a nativity set on public property, the atheist group might have won a battle, but seems to have lost the war.

The FFRF, known for protesting any and all religious displays in public places, sent a complaint letter recently to local officials in the 526-person city of Jay, arguing against the life-sized nativity that had been set up on the site every Christmas for nearly 40 years, the group said in a press release.

Congrats, liberal fascists. You forced the town to sell the nativity set as surplus property to the Santa Rosa County Ministerial Association. But wait:

[A]fter the ministerial association purchased the nativity, they then placed the huge Christian display on private property near one of the busiest parts of the small town, reports the American Pastors Network.

“It now stands at a busy corner at the town’s main stop light—ironic, say nativity supporters, because many more people will see it there,” the APN said in a news release, adding that the more prominent display shows the citizens of Jay “have no intention of removing the real meaning of Christmas from public display.”

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

To the Left, especially the Cult of Gun Control, it should be a crime to make any gun accessible to any “child”. Yet, there are many examples of minors defending their homes and loved ones with firearms. Stories like this one via Bearing Arms

A 14-year-old North Carolina boy shot and killed one of two drug-craving home invaders who were attempting to break into his grandparents’ home to steal her prescription drugs.

A teen is dead and his brother is charged after breaking into a home in southeast Mecklenburg County near Mint Hill on Tuesday, according to police.

The incident happened at a home in the 8600 block of Rolling Fields Road, off of Whispering Falls Ave. near Fairview Rd.

Police say they found and arrested 22-year-old Carlos Delcid on Tuesday night. His brother, 18-year-old Isai Robert Delcid, was shot by the resident’s grandson, according to police.

“They heard some noises, saw an individual at the back of the residence trying to come into their house,” said Lt. Eric Brady of Charlotte Mecklenburg Police.

Brady said when officers first arrived on the scene they found a man, later identified as Isai Delcid, dead at the back of the home.

Police say the brothers were reportedly trying to break into the home when a 14-year-old, who was visiting his grandmother, shot Isai Delcid. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Again, remember that the Left insists that children and gun never mix, yet if they are taught the proper safety and use of firearms…….

The Charlotte Observer notes that the teen’s grandfather had wisely trained him to use firearms in self defense, and left the gun where he and his grandmother could access it for protection after the previous break-ins.

The teen gave these idiotic criminals every chance to flee. When Isai Delcid responded by forcing his way through the window, the teen fired his grandfather’s .380-caliber Glock 42 as Delcid came through the window, and struck him with at least one fatal shot.

FINALLY! Leftist nutcase makes link between #BlackLivesMatter and Climate Change!

Good Freaking Grief! You might think that no one could be THAT stupid, until you hear who cooked this idiocy up. Naomi Klein

Why #BlackLivesMatter Should Transform the Climate Debate

What would governments do if black and brown lives counted as much as white lives?

What does #BlackLivesMatter, and the unshakable moral principle that it represents, have to do with climate change? Everything. Because we can be quite sure that if wealthy white Americans had been the ones left without food and water for days in a giant sports stadium after Hurricane Katrina, even George W. Bush would have gotten serious about climate change. Similarly, if Australia were at risk of disappearing, and not large parts of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Tony Abbott would be a lot less likely to publicly celebrate the burning of coal as “good for humanity,” as he did on the occasion of the opening of a vast new coal mine. And if my own city of Toronto were being battered, year after year, by historic typhoons demanding mass evacuations, and not Tacloban in the Philippines, we can also be sure that Canada would not have made building tar sands pipelines the centerpiece of its foreign policy.

It’s everything, folks! Everything! But, wait, it gets even better, if that’s possible!

The reality of an economic order built on white supremacy is the whispered subtext of our entire response to the climate crisis, and it badly needs to be dragged into the light. I recently had occasion to meet a leading Belgian meteorologist who makes a point of speaking about climate change in her weather reports. But, she told me, her viewers remain unmoved. “People here think that with global warming, the weather in Brussels will be more like Bordeaux—and they are happy about that.” On one level, that’s understandable, particularly as temperatures drop in northern countries. But global warming won’t just make Brussels more like Bordeaux, it will make Haiti more like Hades. And it’s not possible to be cheerful about the former without, at the very least, being actively indifferent to the latter.

Wow, just wow