CNN host gets into heated debate with bottom feeding radical

Bassem Masri is a thug and a a boil on the ass of society. He is a great example of the lynch mob mentality. He says in this interview he “knows” what happened in the Michael Brown shooting, he says he does not need to hear evidence, because he “knows”. He is a cancer, he truly is. He is seeking fame, or whatever “cause” he supports. He is doing everything he can to cause violence because he thinks he can spin that violence to benefit himself. In short he is evil, as are all the others who have been jawing and agitating and screaming for “justice” without knowing the facts since the shooting. They do not want justice, they want revenge, or an excuse to commit violent acts, or some personal gain, or maybe even revolution. I pray that Black people across this nation will reject these evil people, and take the steps needed to make their communities free of such vermin. Cowards like Masri always back down when confronted by people not afraid of them. 

Most college coaches already calling for 8 team playoff

The sooner the better in my view

College football’s inaugural four-team playoff is still weeks away, but the FBS head coaches already prefer an eight-team playoff.

Of the coaches who voted in ESPN’s weekly poll, 44 percent want an eight-team playoff, compared with 29 percent for the current four-team playoff. Some 17 percent want a 16-team playoff.

Of the 128 FBS coaches, 103 participated in this week’s poll.


Someone REALLY should explain “justice” to the Indict Officer Wilson or else crowd

Oh Brother!

Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr, presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ, threatened to pull future conventions from St. Louis unless there is “justice” in the Mike Brown shooting.

The Business Journal reported:

Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr., the Church of God in Christ’s presiding bishop, last week sent a letter to Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, outlining concerns over Michael Brown’s death — and threatening to move its annual convention elsewhere.

“We feel especially obligated to urge that steps be taken to ensure that there will be justice in the Michael Brown shooting and that necessary systemic changes will be made,” Blake said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

OK, here it is, in a nutshell. Our justice system has some very important pillars. Innocent UNTIL prove guilty is a big one. Yet all I hear from these “Justice for….” types is that they want this officer indicted, and found guilty, no matter what the evidence is. That is NOT justice, that is a lynch mob mentality.

Bishop Blake released this statement on Ferguson calling for the indictment of Officer Darren Wilson.

We in the church are called to stand with the widow and the orphan, with the poor and the suffering as our Lord Jesus Christ did. For “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world” (James 1:27). We therefore seek to encourage the people of Ferguson in their steadfast protest for justice following the tragic death of Michael Brown. More important, we will continue to pray for the people, their leaders and the authorities of the area. We will seek God’s blessing especially for those dealing with systematic racial injustice.

The residents of Ferguson have suffered enormous pain as a result of the heartbreaking death of Michael Brown on August 9. The anguish of a life cut short was exacerbated by the egregious disrespect for Michael Brown’s body and family displayed by law enforcement agencies. The exposure of the community, including very young children, to the scene of violence was extremely injurious.

I would imagine that the “community”suffered a lot more because of the looting and rioting, but we can’t talk about that right Bishop?

The pseudo-military overreaction by the police to the initially peaceful protest was even more harmful.

The injustice that even now the apparent perpetrator has not even been indicted rankles.

Again, it takes time to gather evidence, it takes time for a grand jury to see and hear that evidence. Again, sorry but indicting someone without giving a fair reading to the evidence is not justice!

Sadly, the incident that took Michael Brown’s life was not the first instance of racialized behavior on the part of the police force in Ferguson. Prior to August the Justice Department was already investigating the force. In addition, there is a clear case of racial imbalance: out of fifty three officers only three were black at the time of the shooting. The racial injustice in Ferguson extends far beyond the police to structural issues. The budget of the city relies heavily on fees and traffic fines apparently issued disproportionately to blacks. And the black residents of Ferguson, who make up sixty-seven percent of city’s population, are grossly under-represented in the local legislature. And it is reported that in several of these areas Ferguson is not the exception in St. Louis County.

The grand jury will undoubtedly release its verdict in this case very soon. Given the current laws governing the use of deadly force Officer Darren Wilson may not be indicted. With this in mind, we call on all involved to continue to work for the greater good of the people of Ferguson. We call on the leadership of the city and the police force to reject a militarized response to the situation. They must deal justly with any peaceful protest. And they must judiciously put an end to any acts of violence.

Finally, we call on the business community and philanthropists to support the creation of jobs for young black men and women in Ferguson and throughout St. Louis County and city. They should support the efforts of clergy working with the youth from the poorest neighborhoods in the area.

Oh, like the jobs at all those businesses that were burned down by those “peaceful” protesters? You mean jobs at companies that will now seriously question the wisdom of placing a store in that town BECAUSE of the riots and looting?

Why are St. Louis Police negotiating with thugs?


Following weeks of intense negotiations, the three largest police departments in St. Louis, Mo., have agreed on a dozen rules or policies they will follow as they engage with protesters after a grand jury announces its decision regarding Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson.

The negotiations have centered on 19 “Rules of Engagement” proposed by a coalition of 50 community and civil rights groups. The list is largely a docket of best police practices, such as “the first priority shall be preservation of human life” and “excessive force and other forms of police misconduct will not be tolerated.” In general, protesters have agreed to peaceful demonstrations if police don’t interfere, while police agree to respect demonstrators’ right to assemble as long as there is no violence. 

These are useless “rules” demonstrators have nothing to fear as long as they protest and they know it. But, at least the police are not agreeing to these inane demands

Negotiations on Tuesday continued to stall, however, over seven of the proposals, including the coalition’s request to give protesters 48 hours’ notice prior to the grand jury announcement.

The three departments – called the “unified command” for police response to protests — have also not agreed to the coalition’s request that police be dressed in minimal gear and that tear gas, tactical vehicles and rubber bullets not be used, a coalition leader said.

My biggest issue here is that the police are even talking about these demands. They should issue a statement that states, that lawful protests will not be disturbed, but looters, rioters, and anyone attacking innocent citizens or law enforcement will be shot, PERIOD! Those making these demand have agendas, and no doubt some of those agendas include wreaking havoc, such acts can NOT be tolerated, and the police, no matter how professional they are, will still be accused of brutality by the activists and criminals who will be out among legitimate protesters.

There can never be negotiations with vermin like this waste of skin