Five Blogs you should read TODAY!

Today I said!

The Other McCain reveals the sucktastic suckage that is Salon

90 Miles wonders why the Left doesn’t take on the REAL war on women

A View From the Beach has a post to piss off Feminists, and Moms Demand Action

Gateway Pundit: Did you ever notice that Harry Reid really is a lying asshole?

I Own the World has changed to IOTW Report! Check it out!

Five Blogs you should read today

How about Blackmailers Don’t Shoot, which honors Katy Perry turning 30

The Other McCain notes the failures that Feminists think are successes

American Power explains why the Left downplays terrorism

Captains Journal has the fallout for Dems who champion gun control

Doug Powers notes that Hillary’s mouth is one size bigger than her foot

PGA head calls whiny Little man Little girl, gets fired!

I hate golf, for many reasons, the pretense, the obnoxious fans, usually dressed like they are going to play golf that whine at sports bars about watching whatever tournament is on, and I especially hate all the damn sweater vests they wear. But, apparently the PGA is more than just the head of a snotty, non-sport. Apparently it is a cesspool of PC as well!

And, sadly, the now fired head not only lost his job but his balls as well. Prostrating himself like some coward as if he said anything that offended anyone with an IQ of more than 17, then getting fired anyway! Douche!

Hero teacher confronted worthless punk who opened fire at Washington school, saved lives

This lady is a hero

Erick Cervantes is a student at the school who witnessed the shootings, from the events beforehand until the moment the gunman shot himself — after being confronted by a heroic woman, he told KIRO-TV.

Cervantes thought the woman was a “lunch lady” who worked at the school, but she was later identified as a first-year social studies teacher. Cevantes confirmed to Natasha Chen of KIRO-TV that teacher Megan Silberberger was the woman he saw in action.

“I believe she’s actually the real hero. She’s the one that intercepted him with the gun. He tried either reloading or tried aiming at her. She tried moving his hand away and he tried shooting and shot himself in the neck,” Cervantes said.

God bless her