DARPA Launches Memex Project To Revolutionize Web Search

DARPA Launches Project To Revolutionize Web Search – Nextgov

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has kicked off a project to fine tune Web searches by topical domain rather than general subjects, allowing it to “maintain technological superiority in the area of content indexing and Web search on the Internet.”


DARPA plans to use the system initially to counter human trafficking, which is enabled by websites, forums and chat rooms.

DARPA said its “Memex” (a combination of the words memory and index) project will, among other things, search “deep Web” content missed by commercial search engines and “will address the inherent shortcomings of centralized search by developing technology for domain-specific indexing of Web content and domain-specific search capabilities.”

Memex will develop technology to enable discovery, organization, and presentation of domain-relevant content. DARPA envisions the new system providing fast, flexible and efficient access to domain-specific content as well as search interfaces that offer valuable insight into a domain that previously remained unexplored.

DARPA wants researchers to develop advanced and highly automated Web-crawler software to penetrate sites and resources that have erected crawler defenses to aid domain-specific indexing and a domain specific search engine.

The research agency said the Memex system can help counter human trafficking, which, “especially for the commercial sex trade, is a line of business with significant Web presence to attract customers and is relevant to many types of military, law enforcement, and intelligence investigations.”

Human trafficking forums, chats, advertisements, job postings and hidden services “continue to enable a growing industry of modern slavery,” DARPA said. “An index curated for the counter trafficking domain, including labor and sex trafficking, along with configurable interfaces for search and analysis will enable a new opportunity for military, law enforcement, legal, and intelligence actions to be taken against trafficking enterprises.”

The Memex project takes its name and inspiration from a 1945 article in The Atlantic titled As We May Think, in which Dr. Vannevar Bush, head of the White House Office of Scientific Research and Development, envisioned an analog computer to supplement human memory, the Memex, which would store and automatically cross-reference all of the user’s books, records and other information.

DARPA expects the Memex research project will run three years with proposals due April 8.

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*VIDEO* Publius Huldah Explains Why All Federal Gun Control Is Unlawful

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“Alabama Girl” With Illiterate Anti-Obama Sign On Facebook Is Actually Obama Supporter From MA

Internet FAIL: The truth About That Tea Party Sorority Girl You Saw On Facebook – Alabama Live

You might have seen the picture on the Internet. Depending on your political leanings, you might have even shared it.


As the story goes, a sorority girl at the University of Alabama, in some sort of political fit, scribbled a barely literate screed on the back of a pizza box. Amid the debris of a college dorm room, the young woman grits her teeth and scrunches her face as she holds up her homemade sign. A freshly used Sharpie is still between her fingers.


For many, the meme was too delicious not to believe and share. It has gone viral on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. It even made the FAIL blog. And everywhere it goes, a legion of trolls follows, bloviating about that illiterate trailer trash from Alabama and all the nasty, unrepeatable things that should happen to her.

But there’s one problem – nothing about the story is true.

Actually, that’s not quite accurate, either. She did scribble the sign on the back of a pizza box.

Here is what actually happened.

Her name is Kim Stafford. And far from being from Alabama, she grew up in Boston.

She’s not in a sorority. The liberal arts university she attends in western Massachusetts doesn’t even have a Greek system. (For this interview she asked not to disclose which college she attends because of the threats she’s received since the photograph went viral).

And come November she intends to vote for President Barack Obama.

Ever since Stafford saw discrimination against a Middle Eastern merchant in her Boston neighborhood when she as a kid, she has had an interest in politics, she says. She’s a registered Democrat, but she doesn’t shy from the political right.

“I have been to Tea Party rallies, and I’m the first person to tell you that not all people in the Tea Party are nuts,” she said. “I’ve talked to some extremely intelligent, well informed people. But let’s face it. When anyone mentions the Tea Party, people think of the extremists.”

Starting her freshman year, she was invited to her first college party. It had a theme – the Boston Tea Party. In a rush to put together a costume, she thought she’d be clever. She Googled “Tea Party signs.” She saw one that inspired her scrawling on the pizza box, although she says that the grammar on the original sign was correct. The misspellings were her idea to make sure no one thought she was serious.

She showed the sign to her roommate, who took a picture and later put it on her Facebook page.

The party was on a Saturday, she says. On Sunday morning she got a message on Facebook from a friend she hadn’t seen in two years. Her friend told her that she had found a picture of her on Tumblr, a blogging platform and social media site.

“At first I didn’t know what she was talking about, and I was excited, because who doesn’t want to be Internet famous?” she said. “And then you figure out why you are Internet famous.”

A friend of her roommate had seen the picture on Facebook and posted it on Tumblr. One of the features of Tumblr is that any user can “reblog” something they’ve found on another Tumblr blog. And lots of people reblogged it. And “liked” it. And retweeted it.

On the Internet, people tried to extrapolate everything that they could from the picture. They said what a messy room she had. (Like any college student, she’s very defensive about that, from the Dr. Pepper bottle she says she was going to recycle to the slip she was letting air dry on the back of a chair.) A few even deduced that she was a Dr. Who fan from the Adipose stress ball she had on her desk.

And what they couldn’t infer from the photo, they made up – even guessing where she went to school.

By the time Stafford realized what was happening, the meme had spread beyond anything she could control.

But she tried anyway. Stafford started her own Tumblr blog, which she used to refute the things that were being said about her.

Having taken six years of Latin, she’s something of a grammar snob. Many of the commenters online were saying that she was using “there” instead of “their.”

Both are wrong.

“But it shouldn’t be ‘their,’” she said.” It should be ‘its’ without an apostrophe because ‘village’ is singular.”

And people said awful things. They said she should be raped. They said she should kill herself.

“With the Internet, no one cares,” she said. “People are cruel on the Internet because they can get away with it.”

Still, she persisted. At first she spent hours every night trying to counter the things strangers were saying about her. But Stafford says she must focus on her school work or she could lose her merit scholarship.

The hardest part, she said, was that most of the people who were attacking her were of her same political persuasion.

Finally, her boyfriend asked her how many crazy people there could be in the world.

“About half,” she said.

Then he asked how many people could be Republicans or Democrats.

“About half,” she said.

And then he said, “OK, not all of them can be in the Republican Party.”

Then she realized that there are extremists of all political stripes in the world.

“The party I’m a part of because I’m tolerant and I think that homosexuals should be able to get married – the group of people that I associate with – can be just as cruel as the people I disagree with,” she said.

And she’s learned not to trust what she sees on the web, especially when it’s something embarrassing for a stranger. When she sees something that might have tempted her to click “share,” she lets it be.

But there was still one thing left to surprise her – when she learned this week that people on the Internet thought she was from Alabama.

“That’s about as far away from here as you can get,” she said.

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The Daley Gator Has Its Best Month EVER, Garnering Over 130,000 Views In September

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*VIDEOS* It’s Reagan Forum Friday! (Featuring Dennis Prager, Paul Ryan And Mark Levin)

Dennis Prager

Paul Ryan

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The Worst Zombie Movie Ever? Maybe… Just Maybe (Video)

………….Click on the image above to watch this awful movie.


The story follows Dusty, a yoga instructor from Colorado, who is on a desperate rescue mission to save her crazy brother Derek, a conspiracy theorist who is convinced Osama bin Laden is still alive, despite having been buried at sea. In Afghanistan, Dusty falls in with a team of NATO special forces on a secret assignment. Turns out Derek is not so crazy after all, and that Osama has returned from his watery grave and is making an army of zombie terrorists. When the group crashes headlong into the growing zombie apocalypse, Dusty and the troops must find and destroy the root of the zombie insurgency before it infests the rest of the world.

…….For more information on ‘Osombie’, visit The Internet Movie

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Youtube, Facebook Refuse To Remove Video Calling For The Murder Of Rush Limbaugh (Video)

A band known as DÉTENTE has produced a song titled ‘KILL RUSH’ which calls for the murder of conservative talk radio host Rush Limbauh. It now has a page on facebook and its offensive – and likely illegal – song is available for viewing on lead singer Tiina Teal’s YouTube channel.


As of 3:30 pm 03/22/12, neither company has banned these “musicians” or their putrid video from their respective websites.


Please contact the administrators of facebook and YouTube, and demand that this despicable song be removed from these networks as soon as possible.

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Daley Gator Surpasses 90,000 Monthly Views Mark For The First Time!


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*LIVE STREAMING* Mike Huckabee / Fox News Republican Primary Forum – December 3, 2011 – 8pm EST




Fox News Live Stream – Link 1

Fox News Live Stream – Link 2

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Daley Gator Surpasses 60,000 Monthly Views Mark For The First Time!


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Two Recent Must-See Marco Rubio Videos

Senator Marco Rubio Delivers A Major Foreign Policy Speech At The Jesse Helms Center In Wingate, North Carolina – 09/13/11

Marco’s Constituent Mailbox: Jobs And The Economy – 09/09/11

Visit Senator Rubio’s YouTube Channel At http://www.youtube.com/user/SenatorMarcoRubio

Then Check Out His Official Website At http://rubio.senate.gov


Daley Gator Surpasses 50,000 Monthly Views Mark For Second Straight Month!


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Daley Gator Surpasses 50,000 Monthly Views Mark For The First Time!


We here at the Daley Gator would like to take this moment to thank our many loyal readers for helping to make this humble blog a success.

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*VIDEOS* RightNetwork: Politics And Poker

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‘Kennedys’ Miniseries Lands Home, Will Air On ReelzChannel

‘Kennedys’ Miniseries Lands Home, Will Air On ReelzChannel – Hollywood Reporter

After a three-week journey, The Kennedys has found a home.
The controversial miniseries will world premiere on April 3 on the ReelzChannel, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Producers of the ambitious project from 24 executive producer Joel Surnow and writer Stephen Kronish have struck a deal with the independent, family-owned cable network to air the 8-part miniseires, which was abruptly yanked from the History channel on January 7 amid pressure from the Kennedys over its depiction of the political family. At the time, History owner A&E Television Networks told THR that “after viewing the final product in its totality, we have concluded this dramatic interpretation is not a fit for the History brand.”

But it is certainly a fit for ReelzChannel, a 4-year old independent cable channel owned by Minnesota-based Hubbard Communications that is available in 60 million homes nationwide on services including DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Charter Communications.

Sources say the company stepped up with a big financial commitment for the lavish $30 million miniseries starring Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes and produced by Asylum Entertainment and Muse Entertainment.

In an interview with THR, ReelzChannel CEO Stan Hubbard would not reveal the pricetag, but he said he hopes the attention surrounding the project will bring new viewers to his network and help it win carriage from such cable systems as Cablevision and Cox, which currently do not carry the channel.

“We think it will drive ratings and put a spotlight on this network that has never been on it before,” Hubbard said. “We’re going to do a full-blown marketing campaign.” Plans are already in the works for in-theater ads, TV spots, online and a print campaign, he added.

Known mostly for chat shows such as Hollywood Dailies and such on-air personalities as Leonard Maltin and Richard Roeper, Albuquerque-based Reelz is making its first bet on original scripted programming with The Kennedys.

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Hubbard said the plan is to air the first two episodes on April 3 and air the rest on successive nights that week. The Kennedys was scheduled to air in Canada beginning on March 6, but Hubbard said part of his deal is that Reelz gets to world premiere the miniseries, so it is unclear when the program will air in other countries.

The pickup ends a dramatic, weeks-long saga for The Kennedys, which was dumped by History after being championed by AETN president and CEO Abbe Raven and History and Lifetime president and general manager Nancy Dubuc, who greenlit the project as History’s first effort at scripted programming. But the project drew fire from Kennedy associates from the moment it was announced in December 2009. An early draft of the script was called “vindictive” by a former advisor to John F. Kennedy.

Producers then took the project several networks. Showtime, Starz and FX passed but Showtime CEO Matt Blank, a friend of Hubbard’s, reached out to him after watching the miniseries and liking it but determining that it wasn’t a fit for Showtime. The arrangement with ReelzChannel has been in the works for at least two weeks (a recent blog report suggesting Tribune might nab the project was erroneous), and Hubbard blessed the deal after watching the miniseries last weekend.

AETN is owned by a consortium including NBC Universal, the Walt Disney Co. and Hearst Communications, whose executives were lobbied to kill the project in the weeks leading up to the Jan. 7 announcement, according to THR sources.

Hubbard said he pounced on the opportunity to pick up the project.

“One of the benefits of being an independent network is that you can be an independent voice and you don’t have to worry about corporate pressure or political pressure,” Hubbard said. “This is a project that deserves to be seen.”

Muse and Asylum said in a joint statement: “The producers of The Kennedys welcome the news that American audiences will have the opportunity to view our highly anticipated series starting April 3.

“In creating the dramatization of the Kennedy family story, which involved compressing time lines and creating dialogues, we meticulously researched all story and visual points and made sure they were supported by multiple respected and objective sources. We accurately and authentically recreated each of the events that occurred. Anyone who watches the show will agree that the Kennedy family emerges from our treatment as a legendary American Family, who made an enormous contribution to the world and to their country, but were beset by epic tragedies,” the statement concluded.

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*VIDEO* Herman Cain: Right Nation Address


I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia by loving and hardworking parents. We grew up poor, but we grew up happy. Things weren’t always easy, but my mom and dad knew that if they kept their faith in God, faith in themselves and their faith in the greatest country in the world, they, too, could achieve their American Dream.

That dream, we discovered, was for my parents to own their own home and watch their two sons graduate from college. Those dreams required that my father work three jobs to support our family.

The first dream was realized in a brick home on Albert Street. I can still recall the excitement of the day, as he surprised us—even my mother—when he drove us to our new home.

Their second dream was realized when I proudly accepted my degree in mathematics from Morehouse College in 1967 and my brother graduated from Morris Brown College. Both of my father’s American Dreams were achieved. Now, I set off to achieve mine.

One year after graduating, I married the love of my life, Gloria. And together, we started our journey to achieve our Dreams. This meant relocating to Indiana where I would begin my Master’s degree program at Purdue University, while working full-time as a mathematician at the Department of the Navy.

After earning my Master’s degree and six years working for the Department of the Navy, we returned home to Atlanta, where I began to climb the corporate ladder with the Coca-Cola Company. I faced challenges, but I always remembered the values my parents taught me. With enough faith and determination, I knew I could go as high in corporate America as I desired.

I enjoyed a successful career at the Coca-Cola Company and later moved to the Pillsbury Company. Within a short period, I rose to the position of Vice President. When I got there, I thought I had already achieved my American Dream on the 31st floor of the new Pillsbury Corporate Headquarters with a corner office. But I quickly realized I wanted something more.

I resigned my position and started on another path- the restaurant industry. I knew that in order to be successful, I had to start from “the ground up.” This meant broiling hamburgers at Pillsbury’s Burger King division. After nine months of a grueling restaurant experience, I was assigned to lead a low performing region of 450 Burger King restaurants. Within three years, we became the best-performing region in the U.S.

I could have been content with my executive role with one of America’s biggest corporations. Instead, after consulting with my wife, we decided to take one of the biggest risks of our marriage: picking up our young family, relocating yet again and accepting the call to become CEO and President of Godfather’s Pizza, a company teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

In 14 months, we turned the company around and returned it to profitability, and I ultimately led my management team to a buyout of Godfather’s Pizza. The company never went bankrupt, and today, there are still hundreds of locations across the U.S.

My success at turning around Godfather’s got the attention of fellow restaurateurs around the nation who invited me to join the Board of Directors of the National Restaurant Association and later elected me its chairman. In 1996, they retained me as the full-time President and the CEO of the National Restaurant Association, working on behalf of thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

In 1994, as chairman of the National Restaurant Association, I had the opportunity to speak with President Clinton during a nationally televised town hall meeting. Here, I challenged the President regarding the impact on businesses if his health care overhaul proposal were passed.

President Clinton attempted to assure me and the millions of viewers watching at home that his legislation would not harm American business owners and their employees.

I was skeptical. “Quite honestly Mr. President, your calculations are incorrect,” I said. “In the competitive marketplace, it simply doesn’t work that way.”

Through these and other appearances on behalf of the National Restaurant Association, I began working with business leaders across all sectors of the American economy. This led to my acceptance of a position on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and I was subsequently elected their chairman.

Today, I host a radio talk show, “The Herman Cain Show,” on Atlanta’s WSB 750 AM/ 95.5 FM. I serve as a regular contributor on several broadcast networks and as a keynote speaker at conferences and events around the nation.

Despite the many professional commitments of my life, I continued to enjoy most the time spent with family and friends. As my children got married and had their own children, I knew that I had an extraordinary obligation to do what I could to make this a safe and prosperous nation for them. The paramount joys in my life are my wife, Gloria, our children and our grandchildren.

I am grateful for the many professional successes I have enjoyed. I am grateful for the steadfast loyalty and unwavering love of my family and friends. And I am grateful for this country that is so exceptional that was afforded the opportunity to achieve my American Dreams.

I’m not done yet!


Listen To The Chimpsy’s Real American Christmas Special Tonight!

Chimpsy’s Real American 87: The CRA Christmas Show – David Cholesterol

When: Wednesday, December 15 From 8:00pm – 9:30pm Est.


Ho Ho Ho! It’s that festive time of year again, as David Cholesterol (DC) hosts his 5th annual Christmas Show!

Get out the eggnog, and get ready for some new parody tunes, as well as the liberal-mocking ditties of CHIMPSmas’ past.

Listen as DC unwraps the messages left for him under the big CRA tree! And be there, as DC tells us of a Soldier’s Christmas!

DC will also be joined by Oleg Atbashian, director of the People’s Cube (www.thepeoplescube.com) and author of Shakedown Socialism. As they discuss the failure of Socialism.

And as a bonus gift, DC will define the liberal term NEOCON, and expose those who use it!

So don’t be a Scrooge, a Grinch, or a liberal… and be there with Jingle Bells on!!!!

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But what exactly IS Chimpsy’s Real American – you may be asking – and who the heck is David Cholesterol? The Following videos may help to answer those questions… or not.

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Daily Benefactor News – WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Under Arrest In London



————————————————————- TOP STORY ————————————————————-

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Under Arrest In London – The National

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, was in a British jail last night after being arrested in London on allegations he sexually assaulted two women in Sweden.

Mr Assange, 39, an Australian, whose organisation is in the midst of publishing a quarter of a million secret US diplomatic cables, surrendered to police yesterday after Scotland Yard received an Interpol arrest warrant on Monday.

A few hours later, he appeared in court in London for a preliminary hearing on extradition to Sweden, where he is facing charges including rape and sexual molestation, alleged to have been committed when he visited Stockholm in August.

Mr Assange, who gave his home address to the court as Australia, said that he would fight extradition, but his application for bail was rejected.

District Judge Howard Riddle said he was refusing bail because there was a risk that Mr Assange would fail to surrender despite offers to stand surety from several well-known personalities including Jemima Khan, the sister of the Tory MP Zac Goldsmith, the film director Ken Loach and the veteran journalist John Pilger.

The judge ordered Mr Assange to appear again before City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, though the extradition process could take months to run its course.

After the hearing, his legal team said that they would be making a renewed application to get Mr Assange freed, probably today.

Mr Assange, who denies the allegations and says that his sexual encounters with the two women were consensual, told The Guardian newspaper last week that he believed the charges were politically motivated to silence the embarrassing leaks his organisation has been publishing.

His lawyers also fear that if he is taken from the UK to Sweden it will be easier for US authorities to extradite him. Peter King, Republican US Congressman from New York who is the incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, reiterated his call yesterday for Mr Assange to be prosecuted under the Espionage Act.

Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, was informed of Mr Assange’s arrest by reporters during a visit to Afghanistan. “It sounds like good news to me,” Mr Gates said.

Mr King said he wanted the US to demand the extradition of Mr Assange.

Leading Democrats, including California’s Dianne Feinstein, have echoed this view, and Eric Holder, the US attorney general, has said he has authorised “significant” action related to a criminal investigation of WikiLeaks, saying US national security has been put at risk.

Mr Assange’s arrest came after a decision on Monday by PostFinance, the bank of the Swiss post office, to close Assange’s €31,000 (Dh152,000) account there on the grounds that he was not, as he had claimed, a permanent resident of Geneva.

WikiLeaks itself has been the subject of cyber attacks recently. Additionally, two US internet providers have pulled the plug on the website and the French government has tried to ban servers from hosting the database.

Mr Assange has reacted by saying that, in case he is arrested or assassinated, he has taken out “poison pill insurance” by posting a host of classified documents, including damaging revelations about Guantanamo Bay and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, in encrypted form on various websites.

He says that WikiLeaks staff have been instructed to distribute the secret pass phrase necessary to unlock the encryptions should anything happen to him, though his arrest yesterday is not considered likely to trigger such a move.

Although Mark Stephens, his British lawyer, describes the charges in Sweden as “a political stunt” aimed at silencing his client, the UK authorities say they had no option but to act after receiving the Interpol warrant.

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