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Rush Limbaugh gets history wrong, Blogger corrects him

Bravo Stogie!

Rush Limbaugh really showed his ignorance of American history and the Civil War today.  He voiced some feel-good myths that are easily refuted, and should be.

Here are his statements and my correction:

1.  The Founding Fathers only allowed slavery at the formation of the United States to appease the Southern states and encourage them to join the union.  The Northern states opposed slavery and hated it and wanted to get rid of it.

Horse feathers.  MOST of the Founding Fathers were slave owners or slave traders, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Patrick Henry.

Twelve of the thirteen original colonies were slave states.  There was no significant opposition to slavery by the Northern states.  In fact, the Northern states were enthusiastically getting rich through slave trading.  For every slave they sold to the South, they sold 20 more to Cuba, Brazil and the West Indies.  Massachusetts, that great bastion of abolitionism, enslaved the Pequot Indians and sold them into slavery outside the continent.  Rhode Island built and maintained an impressive fleet of ships designed and used specifically for slave trading.  Northern textile mills used Southern cotton, planted and harvested by slaves, without any moral objections whatsoever.

Slaves were used in the North just as long as they were needed, and were then sold to the South once immigrants (like the Irish) were plentiful enough to replace slavery.

2.  Fifty thousand soldiers died in the Civil War to abolish slavery.  Not even close, Rush.  Over 600,000 soldiers died in the Civil War (estimates put the number at around 640,000).  At least 300,000 were Union soldiers. They did not fight to free the slaves, they fought to force the South back into a political union that they no longer wanted, for the usual reasons:  to maintain the ability to tax and control property.  For more details, see the scholarly essay by a university professor who actually knows what he is talking about:  Why the Civil War Was Not About Slavery, by Donald Livingston, Emory University.  The “fighting to free the slaves” myth was created after the war to give a false veneer of righteousness to Northern aggression.

So Rush, as someone who listens to you regularly, I must advise you to SHUT UP with regard to the Civil War and the Southern states, since you are wrong on the facts, and since you are alienating many Americans who are Confederate descendants, many of whom are conservatives.

It is possibly the best testament to how twisted our education indoctrination system is that brilliant patriots like Rush still misunderstand why the War Between the States happened.

I nominate Donald Douglas to head the RNC!

Here is the short of it. Douglas, speaking of the looming mid-term election has the right attitude towards the Democratic Party

Crush these mofos. Flatten them until they’re bleeding out of the eye sockets.

So crush their souls, the Democrat-progressive vermin. Flatten them like corpses in the mud.

Works for me. Elections are serious business and Republicans need to accept that Democrats are NOT our friends. They seek to destroy is, so……….. lets resolve to crush them at the ballot boxes November 4th!

Ed’s 2014 College Football Post-Week 8 Rankings – Undefeated & 1-Loss Teams


1.) Mississippi State Bulldogs
Record: 6-0
Points For/Against: 251-120

2.) Florida State Seminoles
Record: 7-0
Points For/Against: 265-151

3.) Ole Miss Rebels
Record: 7-0
Points For/Against: 248-74

4.) Alabama Crimson Tide
Record: 6-1
Points For/Against: 264-86

5.) Auburn Tigers
Record: 5-1
Points For/Against: 248-95

6.) Michigan State Spartans
Record: 6-1
Points For/Against: 348-132

7.) Baylor Bears
Record: 6-1
Points For/Against: 343-161

8.) Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Record: 6-1
Points For/Against: 234-134

9.) Oregon Ducks
Record: 6-1
Points For/Against: 313-139

10.) Georgia Bulldogs
Record: 6-1
Points For/Against: 307-137

11.) Ohio State Buckeyes
Record: 5-1
Points For/Against: 293-107

12.) TCU Horned Frogs
Record: 5-1
Points For/Against: 274-121

13.) Kansas State Wildcats
Record: 5-1
Points For/Against: 241-129

14.) Arizona State Sun Devils
Record: 5-1
Points For/Against: 267-132

15.) Marshall Thundering Herd
Record: 7-0
Points For/Against: 332-116

16.) Arizona Wildcats
Record: 5-1
Points For/Against: 227-159

17.) East Carolina Pirates
Record: 5-1
Points For/Against: 256-133

18.) Nebraska Cornhuskers
Record: 6-1
Points For/Against: 292-134

19.) Utah Utes
Record: 5-1
Points For/Against: 228-129

20.) Duke Blue Devils
Record: 6-1
Points For/Against: 247-91

21.) Minnesota Golden Gophers
Record: 6-1
Points For/Against: 224-127

22.) Colorado State Rams
Record: 6-1
Points For/Against: 230-137


Moms Demand Action’s Stupidity is Hard to Fathom

What do we get when we combine nuclear grade stupidity with raw emotionalism? This!

Moms Demand Action is at it again today, attempting—for the second time this week—to blame armed robberies that have occurred within Kroger stores on lawful open carry.

Rational people understand that this was a crime from start to finish, as was thearmed robbery in another Ohio store earlier this week.

But what does Moms Demand claim that people should learn  from these crimes?

These crimes at two Kroger stores in one week should serve as a wake up call to Kroger’s leadership to prohibit the open carry of firearms in its stores. Kroger customers should not be responsible for determining if someone in the store holding a gun is a criminal or making a political statement.

Please SHARE and CALL Kroger and tell them women and mothers want them to prohibit open carry…

Incredibly, they’re claiming that felony crimes committed by these two criminals justifies banning the carrying of firearms by law-abiding citizens. They are seriously arguing that reducing crime deterrence will reduce crime, and the presence of firearms causes crime.

Of course no laws that exist stopped the robber in this story, and banning the LEGAL carrying of firearms by LAW-ABIDING citizens would have stopped him either. But facts just do not matter to the Moms Demand Stupidity crowd, as these Tweets attest

Bob Owens @bob_owens

  1. @DaLeahWeathers Please explain how banning lawful carry stops armed robbery. We’re all ears.

Greetings @bob_owens , – it ENCOURAGES armed robbery by having guns in the store and now to BLOCK ya! Get therapy, dude!