Another hunky Republican challenges a Democrat

The whole “hunky” reference comes from Cassy Fiano, not me. Cassy seems to think GOP women might soon be swooning over Adam Kinzinger

He’s an officer in the Air Force Reserves, and is a hero on and off the battlefield. Check out his bio:

In 2003, Adam joined the United States Air Force. He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in November 2003 and later awarded his pilot wings. Captain Kinzinger has served in the Air Force Special Ops, Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, and Air National Guard.

Captain Kinzinger has been recognized for his efforts both in an out of uniform. In 2007, he received the United States Air Force Airman’s Medal for saving the life of a young woman who was violently attacked. Despite the likelihood that he too would be stabbed, Adam wrestled the knife away from the attacker and pinned him to the ground until the police arrived. He was also awarded the National Guard’s Valley Forge Cross for Heroism and was selected as the Southeastern Wisconsin American Red Cross Hero of the Year.

He’s done five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s also done missions on the southern border in the war on drugs. He’s a fiscal conservative who believes in free-market capitalism and small government. He’s advocating a freeze on all non-defense spending immediately. He’s also pro-life and a member of the NRA.

Cassy has a couple of photos, and info on contributing to his campaign to escort current Democratic Representative Debbie Halvorson out of the House. Sounds like another step in the right direction to me.