Arizona Congressman Trent Franks Has Been Tweeting #ObamaFailures Every 30 Minutes For 3 Days

Here are all of his #ObamaFailures tweets as of 4pm ET today.


“Rarely Has a President Been So Wrong About So Much” I will tweet EVERY Obama Admin. failure, 1 per half hour. Join me. #ObamaFailures #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half hour – Ignoring generals’ advice and giving up blood bought gains in Iraq to ISIS. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour – #2 Ignoring pleas for help and misleading public after death of 4 Americans in Benghazi. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour: #3 Admin refused to call Boko Haram terrorists in 2012, despite regular, violent attacks. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour: #4 Released 5 extraordinarily dangerous Taliban leaders in negotiations with terrorists. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour. Join me. #5 IRS targeting of conservative groups and subsequent cover-up by IRS. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour: #6 Operation Fast and Furious, giving 1000′s of guns to cartels. Death of Brian Terry. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour. Join me. #7 Cash for clunkers program burns through entire budget in one week. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour. This may take awhile. #8 Unconstitutional recess appointments. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour: #9 “Pen and phone” approach to governing disregards Constitutional checks & balances. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour for as long as it takes: #10 Loosened restrictions on regimes using child soldiers. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour. Admin. has failed Americans. #11 Repealed Mexico City Policy. $ flow to int’l abortions. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every 30 mins. or until servers overload: Called #Israel “apartheid state” on Holocaust Remembrance Day #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour despite carpal tunnel risk: #13 1st trillion $ deficit in our history. And 2nd. And 3rd. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour. Join me. #14 Meaningless “red line” on Syria & projection of weakness to the whole world. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half hour: #15 Attacking medical workers’ rights of conscience. #tcot @FoxNews @MichelleMalkin

Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour in attempt to catalog failure of this Admin. #16 Seizure of @AP reporters’ phone records. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until all are listed: #17 Refusal to call terrorism what it is, including at Ft. Hood. #tcot
Compiling comprehensive list of #ObamaFailures of Americans: #18 Waivers allowing business w/Iran, largest state sponsor of terrorism. #tcot
This Admin. has failed nation in so many ways that it’s nearly impossible to summarize all. This is attempt to do that. #tcot #ObamaFailures
Will resume list of #ObamaFailures at 9:00 AM EST. Will continue for as long as it takes to compile comprehensive list. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour until I list 100%: #19 “If you like it, you can keep it” lie about Obamacare. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour until all are listed: #20 Seized one million acres of land near the Grand Canyon. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour. #21 Added more to the National Debt than was added from 1776 through Clinton Presidency. #tcot
Tweeting comprehensive record of #ObamaFailures every half-hour. #22 D.O.J.’s selective enforcement of immigration laws. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour for as long as it takes to list 100%: #23 Failure of ~$1 BILLION (!) #Obamacare website. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour all day: #24 Pressured #Israel to release 104 murderers, rapists, and terrorists. #tcot
Reports of another Malaysian airlines flight downed by Russian-backed separatists in #Ukraine. Thoughts with families of those on-board.
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour. Might take awhile. #25 Obama gift to Queen Elizabeth? iPod featuring his own speeches. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until the list is complete. Elections have consequences.: #26 Civilian trials for terrorists. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until the list is complete. #27 Offshore drilling ban/preventing access to domestic resources. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until list is complete. Join me. #28: Accuses Americans of “clinging to guns and religion.” #tcot
#ObamaFailures every 30 mins. until 100% listed. #29 “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Someone else made that happen.” #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until list complete. #30 $6 MILLION spent on two Veterans Affairs conferences in Orlando. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour for as long as it takes. #31 Refusal to prosecute Muslim Brotherhood in Holy Land Foundation trial.
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until 100% listed. #32 Lack of response to Russian aggression in #Ukraine & invasion of Crimea #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until 100% listed. #33 Betraying ally Poland, scrapping European Missile Defense Shield. #tcot #ccot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until list complete. #34 $535 Million loan to Solyndra. One year later, Solyndra fails. #tcot #ccot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour: #35 Obama to Russia’s Medvedev: Give me space til elections, then I’ll have more flexibility. #tcot
#ObamaFailures every half-hour until list is complete: #36 Size of federal gov’t under Obama equal to entire U.S. population in 1776. #tcot
#ObamaFailures every 30 mins: #37 Said “You’re fed up w/ him? I have to deal w/ him every day” re: @IsraeliPM on hot mic #Israel #tcot #ccot
Have tweeted #ObamaFailures every 30 mins. since 07/16. #tcot @TwitchyTeam @theblaze @DRUDGE_REPORT @DRUDGE @michellemalkin
Tweeting #ObamaFailures until list complete. Get comfortable. #38 Sent NO ENVOY to Margaret Thatcher funeral. Cited “busy week.” #tcot
#ObamaFailures every 30 mins. Obama approval rating very low in poll of my keyboard #39 Vowed to close Guantanamo in a year. In 2009. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until list is complete. #40 Blocking Keystone Pipeline and 1000′s of jobs that’d go with it. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until I’ve listed them all. Addition from @tsr63 – “Selfies” during Nelson Mandela funeral. #tcot
#ObamaFailures every half-hour. Elections have consequences. #42 Mocked @MittRomney in debate for saying Russia #1 geopolitical foe. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half hour until list is comprehensive. #43 Sued Arizona for doing feds’ job (enforcing immigration law). #tcot
I’ll keep tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until the job is done. #44 Google “Pigford Scandal.” Too complex to summarize here. #tcot
Still tweeting #ObamaFailures every half hour. Twitter servers yet to melt. #45 Engaging radical Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour #46 Returned Churchill bust gift. Lied: “We still have it!” British Embassy: “No, you don’t” #tcot
Still tweeting #ObamaFailures until list is done. Join me. #47 Appointing “czars” with no Congressional oversight. #tcot #ccot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour until list is complete. #48 Appears to have supported release of Lockerbie Bomber. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour for as long as it takes. #49 Said stimulus would prevent unemployment from going above 8%. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half hour until list is 100%. Join me. #50 Failure to support green revolution in Iran. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half hour until list is complete. #51 Signed law raising debt ceiling numerous times. #tcot
Short break from #ObamaFailures tweets until 9:00 AM EST. Sorry if Twitter load times longer – full list requires lots of bandwidth. #tcot
Thanks for support for #ObamaFailures tweets. It’s vital to make this Administration’s record public. See you in the morning! #tcot
Back to it! Tweeting all #ObamaFailures every half-hour until list is complete. #52 Record number of Americans on food stamps. #tcot
Good morning Twitter. Still listing #ObamaFailures every half-hour. #53 START treaty w/ Russia gives up FAR too much, weakens America. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until list done. Join me. #54 Federal bailouts, incl. 100′s of millions of $ in exec. bonuses. #tcot
#ObamaFailures every half-hour. Thanks for support. #55 Praised Abbas as peace-seeking after Fatah joined terrorists #Hamas. #tcot #Israel
#ObamaFailures every 30 mins #56 More outrage b/c #Israel builds homes in CAPITAL Jerusalem than when terrorists threaten to destroy Israel
#ObamaFailures every 30 mins. #57 Suggested @JamesRosenFNC was criminal with no evidence as excuse to monitor his phone and e-mail. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour: #58 Assistant Attorney Gen Perez’ REFUSAL to affirm 1st Amend rights. Watch:
#ObamaFailures every 30 mins: #59 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals = 2,232% increase in unaccompanied minors/humanitarian crisis #tcot
#ObamaFailures every 30 mins #60: Gordon Brown gift to Obama? Pen holder made from timbers of historic ship. Obama’s gift? Set of DVDs #tcot
#ObamaFailures every half-hour until list complete: #61 Has time for photo op playing pool, drinking beer, no time to visit border. #tcot
Tweeting all #ObamaFailures until list complete or internet fails under burden: #62 $823,000 on lavish GSA conference in Vegas. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until list done: #63 100′s of non-existent Congressional districts get millions from stimulus. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour: #64 Civilian trial for Ghailani led to acquittal of terrorist who ADMITTED to his activities. #tcot
Tweeting #ObamaFailures every half-hour until list complete. #65 Ignored requests of commanding generals, imposed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

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Obama Regime Flies 400 Illegals Caught In Texas To Arizona; Drops Them Off At A Greyhound Bus Stations

Unreal: Obama Admin Flies 400 Illegals Caught In Texas To Arizona, Released By Dropping Them Off At A Greyhound Station – Weasel Zippers



Via AZ Central:

Scores of undocumented immigrants from Central America have been released at Greyhound Lines Inc. bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix over the past several days after they were flown to Arizona from south Texas, officials acknowledged.

Andy Adame, a spokesman for the Border Patrol in Tucson, confirmed that over the weekend federal officials flew about 400 migrants apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas to Tucson to be processed. He said the migrants were flown to Arizona because the Border Patrol does not have enough manpower to handle a surge in illegal immigrants in south Texas.

The release has drawn criticism from those on both sides of the immigration issue.

Border enforcement groups are concerned that the migrants will now disappear into the U.S., spurring even more to come illegally.

“This is a huge concern,” said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington, D.C.-based group that advocates for more immigration and border enforcement.

Keep reading

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Judge Orders Feds To Help Enforce Proof-Of-Citizenship Voter Requirement In Kansas And Arizona

Federal Officials Ordered To Help Enforce Ariz., Kan., Voter Citizenship Laws – Fox News

Federal officials must help Kansas and Arizona enforce laws requiring new voters to document their U.S. citizenship, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, in a decision that could encourage other Republican-led states to consider similar policies.


U.S. District Judge Eric Melgren in Wichita, Kan., ordered the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to immediately modify a national voter registration form to add special instructions for Arizona and Kansas residents about their states’ proof-of-citizenship requirements.

Both require new voters to provide a birth certificate, passport or other documentation to prove their U.S. citizenship to election officials. The federal registration form requires only that prospective voters sign a statement declaring they are citizens.

Kansas and Arizona asked the federal agency for state-specific modifications, but it refused. The states and their top elected officials – Secretaries of State Kris Kobach of Kansas and Ken Bennett of Arizona, both conservative Republicans – sued the agency last year.

Most voters in both states register with state forms, but their officials said the availability of the federal form created a loophole in enforcement of proof-of-citizenship requirements. Supporters argue the requirements preclude voter fraud by preventing noncitizens from voting, particularly those in the country illegally.

“This is a really big victory, not just for Kansas and Arizona but for all 50 states,” Kobach told The Associated Press. “Kansas has paved the way for all states to enact proof-of-citizenship requirements.”

Arizona enacted its proof-of-citizenship requirement by voter initiative in 2004, and Alabama, Georgia and Kansas followed with similar laws. Kansas’ rule took effect last year.

Critics of such laws view them as suppressing voter participation. They also said the federal National Voter Registration Act, enacted in the 1990s, was meant to simplify registration across the country and allowed federal officials to reject a modification of the national form.

Jonathan Brater, legal counsel for the New York-based Brennan Center for Justice, said Melgren’s ruling, if it stands, would erode Congress’ power to protect voting rights. The center represented the national League of Women Voters and its Arizona and Kansas chapters, which intervened in the lawsuit.

“There is a concern that other states could move to pass some of these misguided laws,” Brater said. “There can be a copycat effect.”

Melgren said the U.S. Constitution gives states the power to set voter qualifications, and Congress has not pre-empted it, even in enacting the 1990s law.

The federal commission and the national League of Women Voters were reviewing the decision Wednesday and not saying whether they’d appeal to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

But league President Elisabeth MacNamara said: “Our first impression is that it’s a harsh decision and it’s a decision that will harm voters.”

The federal commission also had rejected a request for a state-specific change in the national form from Georgia, and Jared Thomas, chief of staff to Secretary of State Brian Kemp, said his state will ask the commission to reconsider.

“We applaud Judge Melgren’s decision and the good work of Kansas and Arizona in litigating this important issue,” Thomas said in an email to the AP.

The proof-of-citizenship laws are part of broader attempt by Republicans nationally to tighten up state voting requirements in the name of fighting election fraud.

“We must ensure citizens are the only ones who vote if we are to have honest elections,” said Republican Alabama state Sen. Scott Beason.

But critics contend it can be difficult for some poor, minority and elderly voters to obtain copies of their birth certificates or other citizenship documents.

Brater said college students registering to vote away from their previous homes also may have trouble finding the necessary papers quickly. And Democratic Arizona state Sen. Steve Gallardo, who joined the lawsuit on the side of the federal commission, said a proof-of-citizenship requirement is designed to weed out progressive voters, particularly college students.

“These are new voters that are getting active,” Gallardo said. “They tend to be a lot more progressive and liberal… particularly when it comes to issues like medical marijuana, same-sex marriage, more progressive-type issues.”

In Kansas, the registrations of nearly 15,700 prospective voters – enough to decide a close statewide race – remained on hold Wednesday because they hadn’t yet complied with the proof-of-citizenship requirement.

Kobach said the state has found “20 or so” noncitizens on its voter registration rolls, but he believes that’s only a fraction of the potential number. Kansas has about 1.73 million registered voters.

In Arizona, Attorney General Tom Horne, another conservative Republican, said election officials learned they had more than 200 noncitizens on their rolls when court officials forwarded the names of people who sought exemptions from jury duty because they weren’t citizens. Arizona has 3.25 million registered voters.

“There’s been a cover-up by the media of the extent to which voter fraud is a problem,” Horne said.

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The Lefts’ tragic addiction to appeasement

Ah those special fools, here they go again, seeking peace at any price. Deluding themselves into trusting evil people with evil intentions, to be honest and above-board. Here they go again with their clueless “if we are nice to them…..” strategy. Ed already blogged about this but I wanted to add my two cents worth. I remember watching Liberals in the mid 1970′s as they called for peace with the Soviets. We should cut our military, so as not to frighten the Soviets they opined. We must show them we mean them no harm they said. Even as a child, I was aghast that they did not see that the Soviet Union, and in fact all Communists were bad, very bad, and meant us no good will. I never grasped how anyone could look at a country that was our sworn enemy, a country that had enslaved other countries and committed horrific atrocities, and even consider bowing to them. Years later I still am amazed at the depth of the stupidity of the Left. These are folks who would not only buy ocean front property in Arizona, but demand to pay twice the asking price. The Other McCain has some thoughts

We need not know anything about the details of this “historic deal” to know that it is absolutely worthless. The Islamic Republic of Iran has no respect for law, and cannot be expected to honor any promise it makes, except for its long-avowed purpose to annihilate Israel, to destroy “the Great Satan” and otherwise to carry out its violent worldwide revolutionary jihad against the West.

All the Iranian dictatorship seeks to accomplish by negotiation with the West is to anesthetize its enemies, to render opposition impotent by means of treaties that will postpone the inevitable confrontation until Iran has become stronger and we have become weaker.

Any “deal” with Iran is necessarily a bad deal, and the double guarantee of a bad deal is that it was approved by the Obama administration, which is “historic” only as a monument to incompetence with few parallels in human experience.

“The practical way of looking at things . . . may serve well enough in ordinary, normal times. But our times are not ‘normal’ in the good old Victorian sense, and never will be again. . . . These men, even Halifax, were essentially middle-class, not aristocrats. They did not have the hereditary sense of the security of the state, unlike Churchill, Eden, the Cecils. Nor did they have the toughness of the 18th-century aristocracy. They came at the end of the ascendancy of the Victorian middle-class, deeply affected as that was by high-mindedness and humbug. They all talked, in one form or another, the language of disingenuousness and cant: it was second nature to them — so different from Churchill. . . . It meant that they failed to see what was true, until too late, when it was simply a question of survival.”
– A.L. Rowse, Appeasement: A Study in Political Decline, 1933-39

Maybe it is because the Left denies the existence of evil that they cannot recognize its presence, even when it is so blatant as to be unmistakable.

5 Brand New Military Planes Headed For Arizona ‘Boneyard’

Brand New Military Planes Headed For ‘Boneyard’ – WorldNetDaily

Five brand new military cargo airplanes slated for delivery to the U.S. armed services early next year will go directly to an Arizona “boneyard” set aside for equipment no longer in use, according to


The report, citing the Dayton Daily News, said about a dozen of the new C-27J Spartan equipment haulers already have been taken out of service and sent to Tucson, where the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base stores unused equipment and airplanes.

The airplanes appear to be one of the casualties of decisions by government managers regarding the federal budget.

The DoD Buzz, which calls itself an online defense and acquisition journal, reported just months ago that the Air Force had announced it was discarding 21 C-27Js.

The blog said the original plan was to buy a fleet of 38 of the haulers as part of a “Joint Cargo Aircraft Program” at an estimated cost of $1.6 billion. Reports said 16 had been delivered already, and another five are in line to be released for use early next year.

The report at the time of the U.S. budget sequester, which cut funds for the military, said that the C-27J cost around $9,000 an hour to operate while the larger C-130, which doesn’t have the C-27J’s capability of landing on some airfields, cost about $10,400 per hour.

The newest report Monday said the new C-27Js already produced are now being shipped to storage, and any new ones that were contracted and scheduled for delivery will follow the same route.

Ethan Rosenkranz of the Project on Government Overnight told that the military wanted the airplanes because they could land on less-developed runways, but when budgets were reduced, military officials decided the program wasn’t a priority.

“When they start discarding these programs, it’s wasteful,” he said in the report.

The five new planes still to be delivered were so close to completion that it would have been counterproductive to cancel the plans. The 209th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group will try to keep the airplanes operational so that another use – or another user – may be found, the report said.

Thousands of airplanes already are at the Arizona site, which features a hard-soil runway and low rainfall and humidity.

The airplane is made by Alenia North America, a subdivision of Italy’s Finmeccanici Inc.

Members of the Ohio congressional delegation have been fighting for the airplane, because the Ohio Air National Guard was one of several units designated to fly the C-27J. The National Guard disputed other cost estimates, saying it costs $2,100 per hour for the C-27J and about $7,000 for the C-130.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said in the report that he was looking for ways and opportunities to “redeploy” the airplanes, possibly by letting the Forest Service or the Coast Guard use them.

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Dear Leader closes Grand Canyon, refuses to reopen it after Arizona offers to pay

Denying Americans entry into National Parks to score political points

Via Fox News:

With the partial suspension of U.S. government services showing no signs of ending, tourists will continue to be turned away from the Grand Canyon, despite a push by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and local businesses to reopen the state’s signature national park.

Brewer wants the iconic park reopened and has offered to pay for it with state money, but her proposal was rejected Thursday by a park official who said that as long as the federal government remains shut down, such a plan isn’t an option.

“I appreciate the support and I thanked them for the offer, but it’s not an offer we can accept,” said park superintendent Dave Uberuaga.

About 2,200 people who work at the Grand Canyon National Park and its hotels have been furloughed as a result of the government slimdown that began Tuesday. “And that’s not counting the economic impact in the gateway communities, all of the related businesses, the bus tours, hiking companies, the jeep tours, all of those associated functions are suffering economically as well,” Uberuaga said.

Many of those businesses also have offered to chip in to pay to reopen the park.

All about inflicting as much pain as possible to score political points. But, as I have said I believe the Liberals are over playing their hand. Their rhetoric and tactics are getting harsher, which means they do not think they are winning this public image battle. This poll at Weasel Zippers backs me up




John McCain Useful Idiot

I suppose it never dawned on Senator Maverick that the Jihadists might lie to him.

Via Daily Caller:

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain hotly disputed a study claiming that at least half of Syria’s rebels are radical jihadis, repeatedly exclaiming “Not true, not true!”

“Frankly, I just disagree,”McCain told the Council on Foreign Relations audience, challenging the contention by defense consultancy IHS Jane’s that “the insurgency is now dominated by groups with at least an Islamist viewpoint of the conflict.”

“There’s about 70 percent still who are Free Syrian Army,” McCain said, flipping on its head the consulting firm’s research showing that just 30 percent are fighting for secular values.

McCain has frequently called for an increase in arms shipments to rebels groups fighting the Assad regime, and on Tuesday evening he sought to diminish concerns that these arms may one day be turned against the United States or its allies.

“The point, I think, that you and others are missing,” he told the questioner, “[is that] Syria is a moderate nation. Syria has the highest literacy rate of any nation in the Middle East. They are not going to submit to a jihadis or al-Qaida group governing them. They will not.”

“That’s a really a convenient cop-out to say, ‘Oh, we don’t know who they are,’” he continued angrily. “I know who they are. I was in Syria and I met them.”

Yep, you met them, and I am sure they were completely open and honest right Senator? I mean they would most assuredly never just tell you what you wanted to hear.


Arizona Sheriff To Senator Rubio: ‘You Know Nothing About Our Border’

Sen. Rubio, ‘You Know Nothing About Our Border’: Arizona Sheriff Hammers Immigration Bill Supporters And Offers Revealing Picture Of The Border – The Blaze

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels doesn’t mince words. He’s angry that local law enforcement and the citizens who call the Southwest border home have been left out of the decision making process when it comes to security and immigration reform.


Dannels has lived along the border since 1984. He remembers when the dangers from smugglers circumventing the rocky, mountainous terrain were few and far between. Now, he says, a different breed of narcotics traffickers has amassed weapons, technology and small armies of death; threatening not only the stability of Mexico but U.S. national security as well. He works closely with DEA, FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement but the system is not perfect.

Sitting at a local eatery under the shadow of the Huachuca Mountains, he questioned how much time, if any, the law makers who drafted SB 774 – known as the ”Gang of Eight” bill – had actually spent on the border. Dannels, along with residents living on the Southwest border and local senior law enforcement officials told TheBlaze on a recent trip to Arizona that they were left out of the decision making process on border security. They say the Gang of Eight bill just isn’t good enough when it comes to addressing the complex security issues they deal with every day.

“Look at (Sen. Marco) Rubio out of Florida – have you been down here, Rubio?” he said, noting that drug cartels had just replaced a radio relay station on the mountain that the sheriff’s team had taken down less than three weeks earlier.

The Sinaloa Cartel, one of Mexico’s most powerful drug organizations, uses the ”receiver/transmitter to extend their communication footprint between Mexico and the Huachuca mountains,” a U.S. Intelligence official, familiar with the terrain, told TheBlaze. It’s how they stay ahead of law enforcement and keep track of their contraband, the official added.

Home invasions, burglary, theft, destruction of private property – and a constant fear that it’s only going to get worse – is something Cochise County border residents live with daily.

“I say to myself, ‘Rubio, you’re making decisions for me, for my state, for my county, my city when you haven’t even been here – what an insult, what do you know about our border? You know nothing about our border. Yet you’re making those decisions without even speaking to us.’”

Rubio’s office did not return phone calls seeking comment.

The Senate’s Gang of Eight bill, drafted this year by a bipartisan group of well-known lawmakers, was supposed to be the answer to the nation’s 11 million plus illegal immigrants. Or at least that’s what these senators hoped. Instead, it has left many lawmakers, local law enforcement officers and American residents living along the nearly 2,000 mile Southwest border scratching their heads.

A majority of House Republicans say it is nothing more than amnesty for illegal residents, worsens entitlement spending, overrides the more than 4 million people trying to enter the U.S. legally. Critics say the border measures in the bill do not provide any guarantees for the billions of dollars allocated for security and give enormous power to the Department of Homeland Security.

Ranchers and law enforcement agents in Arizona told TheBlaze they don’t trust that anyone in Washington understands how serious the security issues are, especially with the growing power of Mexican drug cartels operating on the border.

‘It’s very frustrating… we can’t stop the cartels’

In 1984, Cochise County had 50 U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents working along it’s 83 mile border. Today, it’s increased to 1,300 agents and 200 Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement officers.


The Gang of Eight bill will add 20,000 more Border Patrol agents and an additional 700 miles of border fence.

“The men and women working for the federal government have a very dangerous job out there which I respect,” Dannels said. “They do the best with what they’ve been given…It’s very frustrating. Even with 1500 federal agents and I have only 83 miles of Southwest border – we can ‘t stop the (cartels) the drugs and human trafficking.”

During the 1990s, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol implemented Operation Gatekeeper, whereby agents built a strong three-tier line of defense to stop the flow of contraband and people, in urban Southwest border cities. Dannels said that policy helped the big cities but “sent the bad guys ballooning to use crossings in rural communities like Cochise County.”

He said the Gang of Eight bill doesn’t deal with the real problem. Along with Rubio, the other seven members who drafted the new immigration bill are Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.); Chuck Schemer (D-N.Y.); Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.); Dick Durbin (D-Ill.); Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.); Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.).

The bill passed 68 to 32 in the Senate with 14 Republicans onboard. It has been rejected by some House Republicans openly and others have avoided it all-together. Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, promised that he would not bring the bill to a vote on the floor because much of his party opposes it.

“You can understand why the citizens of Cochise county are upset, they detoured the drug cartels right into their backyards,” Dannels said. ”I say it everyday… on the federal side- you created it, you solve it. You need to redefine your plan of the 90s, and don’t put a maintenance key on border security until that’s done and I stand strongly on that.”

Dannels isn’t giving up on the federal government. He and nearly a dozen other border sheriff’s held several conference calls over the past month with Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) regarding different border security legislation he’s drafted.

‘Border Security is not one size fits all’

Late night “cat and mouse” car chases between Dannel’s officers and drug runners have become more common and more dangerous.

His officers don’t need to be left in the dark in Washington as well, he said.

Not all hope is lost.

The border sheriffs say some of their concerns are being addressed in the House bill. It gives local law enforcement a stake in what happens in their communities.

“Border security is not one-size-fits-all and the border sheriffs know perhaps better than anyone the unique challenges in their jurisdictions and what resources are needed to meet those challenges,” McCaul told TheBlaze. “When I met with several border sheriffs this week, the one thing I kept hearing is ‘finally, someone is listening to us.’”


The bipartisan bill, called the Border Security Results Act of 2013, authored by McCaul, and co-authored by Texas Democrats Sheila Jackson Lee, Henry Cuellar, and Republicans Ted Poe, Pete Olson, Blake Farenthold and and Kevin Brady makes more sense than the Gang of Eight bill, Dannels said.

It would require state governors to work closely with Homeland Security officials, assessing the individual needs of the states in regards to security and immigration. It would also require the Government Accountability Office to issue reports on the progress of those measures.

‘No Faith in the federal government’

John Ladd, a rancher who has a close relationship with Sheriff Dannel’s office, says he doesn’t have time for Washington politics and he has very little faith the federal government.

He’s not alone.

Other ranchers that spoke with TheBlaze on condition of anonymity, out of fear of retaliation from the cartels, said lawmakers use the border issue for their own political purposes but rarely follow through with their promises.

Like many of the residents in the area, Ladd, a third generation Cochise rancher, lamented the days when drug cartels didn’t threaten his way of life. His ranch runs 10 miles along the south border and to the north it sits on state route 92. Ladd estimates that 32 trucks have illegally crossed from Mexico through his property since January.

He counts the tire tracks. Ladd’s also come face to face with the trucks on his ranch and watched as they made their way to route 92. He says the calls to federal law enforcement fall on deaf ears and they rarely if ever show up to check out his claims.

“We don’t even know what or who was in those semis that crossed my property,” said Ladd. “Homeland Security is the most inept federal bureaucracy. They lie when they tell the American people the border is more secure today than it ever has been.”

A DHS Official, who works along the Southwest border, said “it’s difficult to do the job you need to do when administration officials tie your hands.”

“It’s a shell game – you think something is happening but it’s all theater,” the official said. “Ladd is speaking for a lot of us.”

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Related article:

Marco Rubio Confronted On Amnesty Bill At Town Hall… Doubles Down – Gateway Pundit

“Gang of Ocho” member Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was confronted by radio host Doc Washburn on his amnesty plan tonight at a Republican Party meeting in Panama City, Florida.

Rubio doubled-down.

It’s hard to listen to.


Doc Washburn reported:

I used to be a big cheerleader for Senator Rubio. I was grieved when he joined with Democrats in the Senate to push amnesty. Imho, they are trying to complete the “fundamental transformation” of our country and now he is aligned with them. Marco used to say the problem with our immigration system is that our government refuses to enforce existing law. Now he seems to think that Congress can pass a bill to make this President enforce immigration law.

I tried to call him on it politely. Unfortunately, instead of addressing this paradox, he just doubled down. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

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Nineteen Firefighters Killed In Arizona Wildfire (Video)

Out-Of-Control Arizona Wildfire Kills 19 Firefighters, Including Nearly All Of Elite Hotshot Crew – Fox News

Eighteen members of an elite Hotshots firefighting crew and one other person who were killed Sunday in an Arizona wildfire tried to protect themselves by deploying tent-like structures before they were overtaken, a state forestry spokesman says.


The lightning-sparked fire, which spread to more than 8,000 acres amid triple-digit temperatures, destroyed at least 50 structures and threatened 500 people in Yarnell, a town of about 700 residents that sits 85 miles northwest of Phoenix, the Yavapai County Emergency Management said Monday. Most people had evacuated from the town, and no injuries or other deaths were reported.

The fire killed 18 members of the 20-member of the Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots crew, which were known for battling the region’s worst fires, including two earlier this season. The average age of the men in the crew was 22-years-old, Fox 10 reports. The other person killed has not yet been identified, Reichling said.

Nineteen fire shelters were deployed on Sunday, and some of the firefighters were found inside them, while others were outside the shelters, Mike Reichling, Arizona State Forestry Division spokesman, told the Arizona Republic.

A helicopter pilot discovered the bodies and authorities are working to remove them, a Department of Public Safety spokesperson said, according to Fox 10.

It was the most firefighters killed battling a wildfire in the U.S. in decades.

Prescott Fire Chief Dan Fraijo said the firefighters, whose names have not been released, were part of the city’s fire department.

“We’re devastated,” Fraijo said late Sunday. “We just lost 19 of the finest people you’ll ever meet.”

Prescott firefighter and spokesman Wade Ward told the Prescott Daily Courier in an interview last week that the hotshots crews are highly trained individuals who work long hours in extreme conditions. The crews, which number roughly 100 in the U.S., often hike for miles into the wilderness with chainsaws and backpacks stuffed with heavy gear to build lines of protection between people and raging fires.

State forestry spokesman Art Morrison told the Associated Press that the firefighters were forced to deploy their emergency fire shelters – tent-like structures meant to shield firefighters from flames and heat – when they were caught in the Yarnell-area fire on Sunday.

The Cronkite News Service had featured the group in a story practicing such deployment in a worst-case scenario drill. The crew last year had four rookies on its team, according to the story.

“One of the last fail-safe methods that a firefighter can do under those conditions is literally to dig as much as they can down and cover themselves with a protective — kinda looks like a foil type – fire-resistant material – with the desire, the hope at least, is that the fire will burn over the top of them and they can survive it,” Fraijo said Sunday.

“Under certain conditions there’s usually only sometimes a 50 percent chance that they survive,” he said. “It’s an extreme measure that’s taken under the absolute worst conditions.”

Two hundred firefighters were working on the Yarnell fire Sunday, and several hundred more were expected to arrive Monday. The fire has also forced the closure of parts of state Route 89. It was zero percent contained late Sunday.

Reichling said Monday that 18 hotshot fire crews are now battling the blaze.

The National Weather Service also said there’s a 30 percent of thunderstorms and showers Monday in the Yarnell area. Rain could help slow the fire, but the forecast also says the storms could produce gusty winds.


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer plans to travel to the area on Monday.

“This is as dark a day as I can remember,” Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said in a statement on Sunday. “It may be days or longer before an investigation reveals how this tragedy occurred, but the essence we already know in our hearts: fighting fires is dangerous work. The risk is well-known to the brave men and women who don their gear and do battle against forest and flame.

“When a tragedy like this strikes, all we can do is offer our eternal gratitude to the fallen, and prayers for the families and friends left behind. God bless them all.”

President Obama, currently traveling in Africa, released a statement praising the firefighters as “heroes – highly-skilled professionals who, like so many across our country do every day, selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to protect the lives and property of fellow citizens they would never meet.”

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said the “devastating” loss is a reminder of deadly risks firefighters take every day.

“Their sacrifice will never be forgotten,” McCain said in a statement.

The National Fire Protection Association website lists the last wildland fire to kill more firefighters as the 1933 Griffith Park fire of Los Angeles, which killed 29. The most firefighters – 340 – were killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York, according to the website.

In another Arizona fire, a 2-acre blaze that started at a motorcycle salvage yard and spread to a trailer park has destroyed five mobile homes in the Gila County community of Rye, located more than 130 miles east of Yarnell.

Gila County Health and Emergency Services Director Michael O’Driscoll said no one was injured in Rye.

The fire was ignited Saturday night at All Bikes Sales located off Highway 87. It spread to neighboring federal Forest Service land but was fully contained within 12 hours of its start.

The Red Cross says seven adults and two children were staying at a shelter set up for people who were evacuated.

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Arizona Senators McCain And Flake Now Facing Recall Petitions Over Amnesty Bill

Enough Is Enough… ‘Gang Of 8′ Members Jeff Flake & John McCain Face Recall Petitions – Gateway Pundit

A new website is asking Arizona residents for their signatures to recall Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain for supporting the immigration-amnesty bill.


The website even has an easy name to remember –

Senator Flake is Failing Arizona!

** Senator Jeff Flake is not representing Arizona voters, conservatives, or American citizens, even though he is our employee and ran under the Republican ticket.

** Jeff Flake is voting as if he were employed by foreign nationals who have invaded the USA, aka illegal aliens, rather than his Arizona constituents.

** Jeff is showing us his true colors- he is as blue as they come, a Rhino, a Liberal Democrat in everything but official party designation.

His recall begins now.

Arizona Constitution Article 8, Section 1.

And this is from shameless Senator John McCain’s recall page:

Do you remember this? McCain’s “Complete the Danged Fence”? In June 2013, McCain showed us his true colors and voted against building the 700 mile-long fence (that was required by previous law in 2006).


You can sign the petitions here and here.

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Yet Another Reason Why States Need To Begin Ignoring The Federal Government

Supreme Court: Arizona Law Requiring Citizenship Proof For Voters Is Illegal – Fox News

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that states cannot on their own require would-be voters to prove they are U.S. citizens before using a federal registration system designed to make signing up easier.


The justices voted 7-2 to throw out Arizona’s voter-approved requirement that prospective voters document their U.S. citizenship in order to use a registration form produced under the federal “Motor Voter” voter registration law.

Federal law “precludes Arizona from requiring a federal form applicant to submit information beyond that required by the form itself,” Justice Antonia Scalia wrote for the court’s majority.

The court was considering the legality of Arizona’s requirement that prospective voters document their U.S. citizenship in order to use a registration form produced under the federal “motor voter” registration law. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which doesn’t require such documentation, trumps Arizona’s Proposition 200 passed in 2004.

Arizona appealed that decision to the Supreme Court.

“Today’s decision sends a strong message that states cannot block their citizens from registering to vote by superimposing burdensome paperwork requirements on top of federal law,” said Nina Perales, vice president of litigation for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and lead counsel for the voters who challenged Proposition 200.

“The Supreme Court has affirmed that all U.S. citizens have the right to register to vote using the national postcard, regardless of the state in which they live,” she said.

The case focuses on Arizona, which has tangled frequently with the federal government over immigration issues involving the Mexican border. But it has broader implications because four other states — Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Tennessee — have similar requirements, and 12 other states are contemplating such legislation.

Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented from the court’s ruling.

The Constitution “authorizes states to determine the qualifications of voters in federal elections, which necessarily includes the related power to determine whether those qualifications are satisfied,” Thomas said in his dissent.

Opponents of Arizona’s law see it as an attack on vulnerable voter groups such as minorities, immigrants and the elderly. They say they’ve counted more than 31,000 potentially legal voters in Arizona who easily could have registered before Proposition 200 but were blocked initially by the law in the 20 months after it passed in 2004. They say about 20 percent of those thwarted were Latino.

Barbara Arnwine, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, called the decision a victory. “The court has reaffirmed the essential American right to register to vote for federal election without the burdens of state voter suppression measures,” she said.

But Arizona officials say they should be able to pass laws to stop illegal immigrants and other noncitizens from getting on their voting rolls. The Arizona voting law was part of a package that also denied some government benefits to illegal immigrants and required Arizonans to show identification before voting.

The federal “motor voter” law, enacted in 1993 to expand voter registration, requires states to offer voter registration when a resident applies for a driver’s license or certain benefits. Another provision of that law — the one at issue before the court — requires states to allow would-be voters to fill out mail-in registration cards and swear they are citizens under penalty of perjury, but it doesn’t require them to show proof. Under Proposition 200, Arizona officials require an Arizona driver’s license issued after 1996, a U.S. birth certificate, a passport or other similar document, or the state will reject the federal registration application form.

While the court was clear in stating that states cannot add additional identification requirements to the federal forms on their own, it was also clear that the same actions can be taken by state governments if they get the approval of the federal government and the federal courts.

Arizona can ask the federal government to include the extra documents as a state-specific requirement, Scalia said, and take any decision made by the government on that request back to court. Other states have already done so, Scalia said.

The Election Assistance Commission “recently approved a state-specific instruction for Louisiana requiring applicants who lack a Louisiana driver’s license, ID card or Social Security number to attach additional documentation to the completed federal form,” Scalia said.

The case is 12-71, Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.

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Nine foot tall gargoyle and it’s package cause outbreak of Offendeditis in Arizona

Apparently horses are worried that the old phrase “he is hung like a horse” will become outdated

Anderson Cooper weighs in on a nude, 9-foot gargoyle that’s causing a giant controversy in one small town. “I hate Ken dolls,” the artist comments. “It just seemed like it needed to be there.” “It” being anatomically correct genitalia, scaled to a 9-foot tall humanoid.

Well, I have nothing to add, except maybe this


The biggest problem with the Immigration Reform Bill? The morons writing it!

I would love to see Congress come up with a meaningful immigration reform bill, but the biggest problem is this, CONGRESS! Let’s face it, Congress cannot do much that makes any sense. If Congress set out to fix your flat tire, it would take a month, cost you 12 billion dollars, and all four of your tires, plus your spare would be flat after they finished. Congress is completely incompetent, and you can trust me, I have worked for a corporate restaurant chain or two, I know incompetence. 

Every time I hear some talking head talk about the importance of immigration reform, I nod in agreement then the realization hits me. Any bill’s success would depend on the government doing what it has refused to do for decades now. They talk about making those who are here illegally pay back taxes. Really? Sounds good, except for this. the same buffoons telling us this are also the same buffoons who tell us we cannot deport those here illegally because we cannot find them. So, we can’t find them to boot them out, but we can find them to collect back taxes? Sure, sure, we can also look at buying that bridge in Arizona while we are at it.

If we want, as a nation, to remain a nation, we MUST fix our border issues. The biggest issue regarding border security, and fixing our immigration system is national sovereignty. Frankly, most of Congress could not care any less about that. Democrats see a huge voting block, and we know Democrats will always put securing political gain over patriotism. Republicans also see a huge voting block that they think they can win over. Of course, too many Republicans think that they can out Democrat Democrats, which, of course they cannot. So, instead of anything that might fix the problem, we get bills that run over 1,000 pages, and that create more bureaucracy and we know that will only make the solution as bad as, if not worse than the original problem.

Now, here is where I would usually give some advice to Congress on how to FIX the problem. I might say we must not even speak of amnesty, in any form, we must not talk about paths to citizenship until we secure the border. That must be the first step, because we are simply encouraging more to come here to take advantage of whatever amnesty gets passed. I could tell them to round up the worst illegals, felons, gang members  and either boot their asses out or lock them up somewhere. I could tell them to streamline the process that LEGAL immigrants have to go through. I could advise them to look for solutions for those who have been here a long time, or whose parents brought them here AFTER, and only AFTER those steps are taken. I could tell them many things, but, would these idiots listen? No, because they are more concerned for exploiting the problem than they are in fixing it, and that is why I hold out no hope in anything meaningful coming out of the Gang of Eight A.K.A. Ochos Stupidos.

Stacy McCain has a good aggregation of what some others are reporting about Ochos Stupidos including this

Gang of Eight Bill Would Cost $6 Trillion

The difference between a hooker and a politician?

The hooker will at least let you screw her after she gets your money, politicians just screw you after TAKING your money!

I seem to remember some politicians promising us that newly legalized immigrants would not be able to receive welfare benefits. I must have been mistaken, seeing that a Senate panel just approved welfare payments for those they want to legalize. But on the bright side, if any of the formerly illegal aliens is convicted of drunk driving three times they can be deported. (Not that this administration would do so. They regularly ignore laws, or parts of laws, that don’t jibe with their agenda.)

The SenateJudiciary Committee voted Monday to allow illegal immigrants who get legal status to begin collecting tax-welfare payments, as the panel spent a fourth day working through amendments to the massive immigration bill and party-line splits began to emerge.

In one major change, the committee voted 17-1 to make a third drunken-driving conviction a deportable offense for the newly legalized immigrants if at least one of those offenses occurs after they are approved for legal status….

Overall, the committee continued to maintain the delicate balance struck by the “Gang of Eight” senators who negotiated the 867-page bill: Quick legal status for illegal immigrants, but delaying citizenship rights until after the administration spends more money on border security, puts in place a new electronic verification system to check workers’ status, and enacts an entry-exit system to check visas at airports and seaports.

In previous days’ action, two Republican members of the Gang of Eight — Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona — joined with Democrats to block a series of GOP amendments to stiffen the bill’s security.

Any Republican that works with Democrats on this is a fool. The Democrats intend one thing. To get more Democratic voters into the nation. And what better way than to make government benefits available to these new immigrants. And while I know that these immigrants will not be able to vote, legally, I wonder something. If they do not have to show ID, because that would be RAAAAACIST, well, what is there to stop them from voting. And what is to stop Democrats from trying to grant them the right to vote? Patriotism? Yeah, that is a good one.

Lastly, anyone with any common sense knows that no immigration reform will ever work unless the border is secured FIRST! And we already know the Congress has no real interest in doing that. Any plan passed now will only further bloat our national debt, empower Democrats, and further weaken our national sovereignty. And if you disagree then you are a Tea Partier who wears fur and shows ID when you vote.

Arizona Senate Votes To Approve Guns For Any School Employee

Senate Votes To OK Gun For Any School Employee – Arizona Daily Star

State senators voted Wednesday to allow a teacher, administrator, custodian or even a cafeteria worker at rural and some suburban schools to be armed.


Sen. Rich Crandall, R-Mesa, said SB 1325 would improve student safety. He said while better mental-health screening and more police officers at schools are important, it is also necessary to provide schools with a “self-defense component.”

Crandall joined with other Republicans to beat back an effort to require that whoever is designated to carry a gun must report to police if the weapon is lost or stolen. That brought derision from Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix.

“The only reason that gun owners do not want to report they lost their gun or they misplaced it is because they’re too embarrassed,” Gallardo said. “They don’t want people to know that they’re an irresponsible firearm holder.”

And Gallardo said that notice of an errant gun really should not be limited to police.

“At the very least, I would believe every parent would want to know that their child is going to a school that may have a gun roaming around,” he said.

Crandall’s legislation needs a final roll-call vote before going to the House.

The measure is limited to schools with fewer than 600 students that also are more than 30 minutes and 20 miles from the closest law-enforcement facility. He said the most isolated schools, like those in Crown King and Wikieup, are far too far away from anything to be able to depend on prompt police response.

The Republicans who control the Senate also killed an attempt by Gallardo to scale back the legislation so it would apply only to schools of fewer than 200. Crandall said larger schools need similar self-defense capacity, specifically mentioning the elementary and high schools in Elfrida.

But the Senate action may not be the last word. Rep. David Stevens, R-Sierra Vista, already has said he hopes to expand the scope of the legislation when the measure reaches the House.

Stevens had crafted a proposal to allow an armed teacher at all of the state’s more than 2,000 public schools. But it was introduced too late to get a hearing of its own.

Crandall said his legislation is modeled after laws in Texas that give school districts similar permission to let school employees be armed.

Aside from the school size and location limits, the legislation says weapons either must be carried concealed by the designated employee or secured in a storage locker.

Senate Minority Leader Leah Landrum Taylor, D-Phoenix, questioned the whole premise of allowing a school board to decide whether one of its employees is qualified to be armed and potentially walking around the building with a loaded weapon.

But Senate Majority Leader John McComish, R-Phoenix, dismissed those concerns.

“Who better to decide than the local school board, elected by the local community?” he said. Ultimately, he said it will be up to the community, acting through the school board, that decides whether it wants any employee armed.

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Arizona gun store owner bans Obama voters

Good for him! Of course, not too many Obama voters would be buying guns anyway, but still, I like this! Via Gateway Pundit

Todd Starnes reported, via FOX Nation:

The owner of an Arizona gun store said he will not sell weapons to customers who voted for President Obama because “you have proven that you are not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

Cope Reynolds, owner of the Southwest Shooting Authority in Pinetop, Ariz., posted the new store policy in a newspaper advertisement — as well as on a sign posted on the front door.

“If you voted for Barack Obama your business is not welcome at Southwest Shooting Authority,” the ad reads. “You have proven that you are not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

The Southwest Shooting Authority is a family-owned, family-run business that Reynolds opened in 2004. He told Fox News that he’s absolutely serious about the new policy.

“I’m a small business owner,” he said. “If you are dumb enough to vote for Obama again – after four years of this — I don’t think you are responsible enough to own a firearm. I don’t care who it makes mad.”


What the media, and you, should be focusing on after last Tuesday

Ever since last week’s elections, the media, in predictable fashion, has been focused on what the election mean for Republicans, and whether or not Democrats, especially the president have a mandate now. Republicans are running around shouting their theories of what went wrong and how to fix it, and Democrats are running out of footballs to spike. But, there is something else that has become obvious that this election exposed, something the media will miss, probably deliberately miss. That something else is this, the face of the Democratic Party is becoming more radicalized, seemingly by the day. Donald Douglas has a perfect example, in newly elected U.S. Rep Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema, you should at least know that she’s a far left-wing radical, so she’ll be right at home with the Israel-hating Democrat Caucus in the Jew-bashing Democrat Party of President Barack Obama.

See: “Kyrsten Sinema, Bisexual Israel-Hating Antiwar Radical, is Face of Today’s Democrat Party.”

And see Weasel Zippers, “Radical Anti-Israel Democrat Declared Winner In Arizona U.S. House Race…

On election night, all we heard about Sinema was that she would be the first openly bi-sexual member of Congress. The Left, of course was so excited, but, I noted that all they talked about was her sexual preferences, NOT her ideology. Now, you can chalk that up to typical democratic identity politics, but maybe they were not so willing to discuss her radical side?

Sinema has advocated against what she calls the “Israeli occupation” and helped create several groups that oppose the U.S.-Israel alliance.

“She’s trying to scrub a 10-year record of radicalism on all aspects, and she doesn’t realize you can’t erase things you’ve said and done for the sake of running for office,” said one Democratic Arizona lawmaker who has worked with Sinema. “For us [Democrats] it’s a very scary situation because we don’t want our reputation to be diminished by one ambitious politician. Many of us pro-Israel politicians don’t want to see her win because it will diminish our positions on Israel.”

Another Democratic insider in Arizona described Sinema’s past deeds as “albatrosses hanging around her neck.”

Sinema’s foray into anti-Israel activism began in the early 2000s when she organized for the Arizona Alliance for Peace and Justice (AAPJ), a group whose members have denounced Israel’s “disproportionate” use of  “violence and oppression.”

The group also decried U.S. military aid to Israel as well as the expansion of Israeli settlements “into Palestinian lands.”

Sinema later urged supporters of the AAPJ to deluge the phone lines of a radio show hosted by “an unapologetic unconditional supporter of Israeli policy.”

To this day, AAPJ continues to take a hardline stance against Israel, aligning itself with the far left Occupy AIPAC movement and sponsoring various speeches “against the Israeli occupation.”

Another of Sinema’s progeny is Local to Global Justice, a grassroots advocacy group that has positioned itself as one of Arizona’s leading critics of the Jewish state.

What is so troubling about Sinema’s views is not restricted to their radical bent. The most troubling part is that this IS what the Democratic party increasingly represents. Not too many years ago, such views would not have been tolerated by the Democratic  Party, today, they are closer to defining that same party than ever, and that radicalism is one thing we must focus on and expose. The media, could, if they chose to, easily expose candidates like Sinema. But, as we know, they are more likely to talk about whether Mitt Romney should release tax returns, or what was painted on a rock that Rick Perry might have seen, or if Herman Cain flosses between meals, or whatever asinine charges they can “investigate” about Republicans. So, it is up to us, isn’t it? Yes, it is. It is up to the bloggers, talk radio, Facebookers, Tweeters, etc to tell the stories the media will not.

We know that one problem the GOP faces is that many Americans, and not, not all of them are Liberal, have a false perception about our party. That perception is fed by Democrats, and spread by media bias. The Democratic party has become a party not of ideas, but of empty rhetoric, smear, and hyperbole. Unfortunately though, many Americans buy into that type of thing. I hear a lot of conversations every day, and you would be stunned at two things. First, how many Americans are Conservative, which is great. But, you would be stunned at how little many of us know about politics, current events, or the real stories behind latest headline in your local paper. Many of us buy into those Democrat talking points. Yes, those people are misinformed, and yes,m they are ignorant of the facts, and yes, the media is feeding that ignorance. So, what can you do? What can the GOP do?

Well, first off, the GOP has to understand something. Giving in and playing Democrats non-partisan game is never going to work. There is no appeasing the Left, we must beat them. Too many in the GOP leadership are addicted to the notion that if we “work with Democrats”, they will say nice things of us, that they will see we are not too radical, and we can heal the “partisan” divide. That of course is wrong, the Democrats believe certain things, Republicans believe certain things, those things are rarely the same, hence the divide. So, first of all, we must accept that this is a political war, and that the Democrats are dedicated to winning it, and that they will do most anything to achieve that victory.

Second, we must realize that no matter what we do, the Left will attack and demonize us, so, curbing our message will never dissuade the Left from calling us radicals, racists, sexists, greedy, mean, etc.

Third, when delivering our message, we must be CLEAR, and part of being clear demands that we not use weasel words, or try to avoid saying something that Democrats will blow out of proportion to paint us as bad people. If we are CLEAR, in our message, then we have nothing to worry about. The ideals of Conservatism did not lose last week. If anything that lack of clarity on what those ideals are cost us. Again, when we allow Democrats to paint our image, we lose. We must not fear bringing the message of Conservatism to the people. The message of Conservatism is hopeful, and optimistic, it is rooted in undeniable truths. It will never appeal to all, but, if expressed and defined, let me say again, CLEARLY, it will appeal to most of this nation.

Fourth, and finally, we must attract a broader base, everyone likely agrees there. But, how do we reach out to single women, Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Lesbians? As best I can tell, too often Republicans try to reach out to these groups by either pandering to some degree, or we go in almost apologizing for our Conservative principles. In other words, we go in with an aura of weakness, and trepidation. Again, we must believe in our own principles, and be able to define those clearly. And we must present our case thinking that most that hear it will embrace at least a healthy portion of it. Again, we must present our position with clarity and confidence, not with weakness or vacillation.

Yes, I know, I am just some blogger, but, I will put my prescription up against anyone else’s. Why? Well, because every word I just wrote I BELIEVE IN! And the first part of the road back for the GOP has to start with believing in Conservatism!

Arizona Secretary Of State Threatens To Keep Obama’s Name Off Ballot Without Birth Certificate Verification (Audio)

Arizona Secretary Of State Threatens To Keep Obama’s Name Off Ballot Without Birth Certificate Verification – The Blaze

Arizona’s secretary of state is threatening to keep President Barack Obama’s name off the November ballot unless the state of Hawaii can verify that Obama’s birth certificate is valid.

Secretary of State Ken Bennett told KFYI Phoenix radio host Mike Broomhead on Thursday he’s not a “birther,” but that he’s responding to constituent concerns in the wake of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into Obama’s long-form birth certificate. Arpaio released findings in March that said he believes the birth certificate the White House released last year is a “computer-generated forgery.”


“I’m not a birther, I believe the president was born in Hawaii – or at least I hope he was,” Bennett said on KFYI. “My responsibility as secretary of state is to make sure the ballots in Arizona are correct and that those people whose names are on the ballot have met the qualifications for the office they are seeking.”

Bennett said that since Arpaio’s investigation, he has received more than 1,200 emails from people requesting he look into the matter. He said Hawaii has a system where they’ll verify a birth certificate in lieu of providing a certified copy of it – and that eight weeks later, state officials have not fulfilled his request.

“They could say yes tomorrow and the whole thing goes away,” Bennett said. “If they can’t say yes to that simple question, then it makes me wonder if we have to take it to another level. And one way or another, we have to have some simple verification that people are qualified for the office if they’re going to be on the ballot here in Arizona.”

Click HERE to listen to Mike Broomhead’s interview with Ken Bennett .

The issue gained further attention this week after World Net Daily, which has pursued theories that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake, published an email that Bennett sent to constituents about the matter:

“Because of the importance and profile of the president’s case, and at the request of many constituents, I have gone the extra step of asking the state of Hawaii to verify the facts contained in his birth certificate,” Bennett wrote in response to concerns last month.

“[I]f Hawaii can’t or won’t provide verification of the president’s birth certificate, I will not put his name on the ballot,” he wrote.

A Bennett spokesman confirmed to the Phoenix New Times the secretary of state did write the email, saying: “With respect to the story, a constituent requested him to request a verification in lieu of certified copy. They have yet to respond.”

Asked by Broomhead whether he would actually keep Obama off the state’s ballot without the verification, Bennett responded: “It’s possible.”

Click HERE For Rest Of Story

House Democrats: Self-Defense is BAD!

Liberals are always digging in the Pit of Moral Retardation

House Democrats said Tuesday they will offer an amendment to push to overturn stand-your-ground self-defense laws in states like Florida.

The amendment, which would withhold some grants from states that have such laws, will come as part of the House’s debate on the Commerce Department spending bill.

“‘Shoot-first’ laws have already cost too many lives. In Florida alone, deaths due to self-defense have tripled since the law was enacted. Federal money shouldn’t be spent supporting states with laws that endanger their own people,” said Reps. Raul Grijalva of Arizona and Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the two Democrats who are offering the legislation. “This is no different than withholding transportation funds from states that don’t enforce seat-belt laws.”

Got that? Killing someone who is attacking you, trying to kill you, is bad according to these jack wagons! Apparently the only “lives” endangered are those of murderous thugs. The most basic human right is that of self-defense, and the Democrats are attacking it. Understand this, if these weasels had their way, the people who defended themselves, RIGHTLY defended themselves would be criminals!

*VIDEO* Entire Arizona Republican Primary Debate (CNN) – 02/22/12