Dem Wants To Ban Importing Legal Firearms Because A Dem Was Busted Trying To Illegally Import Banned Weapons

Democrat Wants To Ban Importing Legal Firearms Because A Democrat Was Busted Trying To Illegally Import Banned Weapons – Downtrend

California State Rep. Jackie Speier, a democrat of course, is calling on President Obama to ban the importation of all foreign-made firearms, and her reason defies logic. Because of Leland Yee’s arrest last week, where her fellow democrat was accused of trying to import illegal machine guns and rocket launchers, Speier thinks we should stop the importation of legal semi-automatic rifles.


Speier released a statement yesterday, blissfully unaware of her hypocrisy and apples-to-oranges comparison:

“This FBI investigation of Leland Yee reveals how easy it is to import lethal assault weapons that were previously banned. This case should be a warning to us all that even the most trusted appearing among us are ready to do real harm. Since Congress can pass no meaningful gun-control laws, even after the mass killing in Newtown, President Obama should use his pen to slow the import of these weapons, which have no place in our homes.”

The FBI investigation had nothing to do with the import of weapons that were previously banned. Yee is accused of trying to bring in full-auto rifles and shoulder-fire rockets. These things have always been banned.

What she is confusing here is the Clinton-era ban on imported semi-auto rifles. Under George W. Bush that ban was allowed to expire. Military-grade weapons and consumer-level firearms are not the same thing. Speier is purposefully erasing the line to push further gun ownership limitations on the people.

In addition, the FBI investigation does not show how easy it is to import illegal guns. It was a complex criminal organization involved in this scheme. Your average Joe would not be able to get the Chinese Triads to ship him a case of M4 rifles or Javelin missiles. Even the legal importation of semi-auto rifles is beyond an average person’s ability. It requires a license and all kinds of hoops to jump through.

Best line in her rant: This case should be a warning to us all that even the most trusted appearing among us are ready to do real harm.

What she must mean are that democrat gun grabbers can’t be trusted because I can’t think of one Republican that ever tried to raise campaign funds by selling illegal weapons. I fail to see how the dishonesty and hypocrisy of democrats should lead to a further erosion of the 2nd Amendment. Also, she should speak for herself; I never trusted Yee.

There is a subtle little twist in the gun grabber’s rhetoric included as well. Usually, the enemies of freedom like to say these guns don’t belong on our streets. Speier has switched it up and says they “have no place in our homes.” I sense this is a shift in strategy by the anti-gun crowd to convince us that not only don’t we not have a right to protect ourselves in public, but that we no longer enjoy that protection at home.

Lelenad Yee did a bad bad thing. He tried to illegally import weapons that themselves were illegal. Leave it to a democrat to use this situation as a reason to halt the legal importation of legal firearms.

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Ex-Dem Rep. And Child Sex Offender Busted In Zimbabwe For Staying Illegally And Shooting Porn Vids

Former Dem Lawmaker Arrested In Zimbabwe For Staying Illegally And Shooting 100 Porn Videos – Gateway Pundit

Former Democrat Representative and child sexual predator Mel Reynolds was hoping to run for Jesse Jackson Jr’s seat in Congress.

He told reportersin Novermber, “Nobody’s perfect.”

Then he went to Zimbabwe instead.


Mel Reynolds was arrested this week for staying illegally in Zimbabwe and shooting 100 porn videos. reported:

A Former USA Congressman was arrested for staying illegally in Zimbabwe and shooting porn with local girls. Assistant Regional Immigration Officer Francis Mabika has confirmed the arrest of former United States Congressman for Chicago Melvin Jay Reynolds for allegedly violating immigration laws and possessing pornographic material.

Reynolds, was in 1995 convicted on 12 counts of statutory rape, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography which led him to resign from his seat in the USA, had come to Zimbabwe last year actin as a middleman for foreign investors.

Reynolds had been living large in Zimbabwe and had raked up an incredible bill of US$24500 at the Bronte Garden hotel he had been staying at. Detectives and immigration officials descended on him for the alleged offences.

Officer Mabika said “He has been picked up. Investigations are still underway and revealing information will jeopardise investigations that are underway,” he said.

Reports from the state media are that an aide identified as Sunny,blew the whistle on Reynolds who was in possession of pornographic material he shot on various occasions with a local model (name supplied) and several other girls in his hotel rooms.

“His travel documents were not up to date and he used to bring beautiful women at different times. He employed five of us including a personal assistant and a driver. He currently has unpaid hotel bills of more than US$24 500 accrued at two local hotels,” he said.

Another closely placed source said Reynolds shot more than 100 pornographic videos and a further 2,000 nude pictures while he was in the company of at least 10 women including famous models.

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Parasitic Gun Control Activist Busted For Bringing Pistol Into Elementary School

Gun Control Activist Swears He Forgot He Was Carrying Gun While Visiting School – Daily Caller

A Buffalo, N.Y. community activist who is well known locally for pushing for a highly restrictive 2013 gun control law has been arrested for – wait for it – carrying a gun illegally at a public elementary school.


The arrested gun-control advocate, Dwayne Ferguson, caused quite a scene at Harvey Austin Elementary School, reports local CBS affiliate WIVB.

At about 4:15 p.m. on Thursday, police acted on a pair of anonymous 911 tips. A battalion of cops quickly swarmed the school. The brigade included over a dozen squad cars, the SWAT team and K9 units. The Erie County Sheriff’s Air One helicopter and what appears to be an armored vehicle also turned up.

The school was immediately placed on lockdown. Parts of two streets were closed.

About 60 students who were still on campus participating in after-school activities were funneled to the cafeteria.

Cops searched the school room by room and would not let parents on campus until they were satisfied that no shooting threat existed.

Ferguson, 52, was at Harvey Elementary because he works as a mentor in an after-school program for disadvantaged students.

He said he frequently carries a pistol. He has a license but the license does not matter under the strict state law Ferguson helped pass.

Among much else, the 2013 law, deemed New York’s SAFE Act, made it a felony to carry a gun on school property, according to The Buffalo News.

While it was always illegal to carry a gun on school grounds, the new law bumped the crime from a misdemeanor to a felony in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The community activist has claimed that he forgot he was carrying his gun in a felony gun-free zone he helped create.

Rev. James E. Giles, Ferguson’s friend and the president of Buffalo’s Back to Basics Outreach Ministries, vouched for this claim.

“I’m sure Dwayne went into the school not thinking he had the gun on him,” Giles told The Buffalo News.

Giles said Ferguson even asked police on the scene what was going on.

“Dwayne’s reaction was to get his kids – he had about 50 of them – and make sure they were safe,” Giles explained.

Ferguson was eventually busted when police were patting down the people at the school so they could evacuate. He was wearing the gun in a holster. Throughout the duration of the terrifying lockdown, the community activist never bothered to tell the cops that he was carrying a gun.

“He had opportunities,” local chief of police Kevin Brinkworth told the News.

“I will say he had no ill intent to harm these students,” Brinkworth noted. “I don’t know why he had it on him.”

Ferguson is the head of the Buffalo chapter of MAD DADS, a national group that opposes gang violence and illegal drugs. MAD DADS is an acronym for Men Against Destruction Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder.

The father of three also belongs to Buffalo Peacemakers, a separate anti-violence group that stands athwart gang-related crime.

Still more, Ferguson is something of a professional vigilante in Buffalo. He can be seen patrolling local malls and city streets in an effort to stop gang violence.

Ferguson now faces two felony charges of criminal gun possession.

He faced his first court hearing on Friday, reports local NBC affiliate WGRZ. Prosecutors had asked Judge Jeanette Ogden to set bail at $10,000. However, Ogden allowed Ferguson to walk out of her courtroom on his own recognizance, citing his community involvement and his squeaky clean criminal record.

Ogden did order Ferguson to submit all of his guns to authorities and to stay away from Harvey Austin Elementary until his criminal case has been resolved.

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Homosexual Health Food Store Owner Busted For Hate Crime Hoax (Video)

It Never Ends With These People: Gay Store Owner Arrested For Hate Crime Hoax – Pat Dollard


Excerpted from Paris, Tennessee Post Intelligencer: A man who told police he had been robbed and beaten at a Paris health food store a few days before Thanksgiving was arrested after he allegedly withheld information about the incident and has now been charged with filing a false report.

Joe Williams, 32, of 803 E. Wood St. was arrested Friday afternoon after turning himself in at the Henry County jail.

Williams originally told officers he had been beaten and robbed Nov. 20 at Healthy Thyme, which is at the same address as Williams’ home. There was also a fire, and Williams had a homosexual slur written on his forehead.

Officers later found inconsistencies in Williams’ story. Paris Police Sgt. Ricky Watson said Williams failed to bring up certain facts known to investigators on three different occasions.

“He was given three opportunities to disclose that information, and he chose not to,” Watson said.

That leaves investigators trying to determine how much of Williams’ story might have been true.

“We’ve not been able to verify or dispel any of the statements made about the actual robbery or fire,” Watson said. “We’re looking into Mister Williams, and we’re looking into whether it did or did not happen.” Keep reading


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Aviation Technician Busted After Failed Wichita Airport Suicide Bombing

Aviation Technician Terry Lee Loewen Arrested In Failed Wichita Airport Suicide Bombing – Gateway Pundit

The jihad reaches Kansas.


A Kansas man was arrested after a failed suicide bombing attempt at the Wichita Mid-Contintent airport. The 58 year-old aviation technician, Terry Lee Loewen, wanted to die a “martyr” in the explosion.

The Witchita Eagle reported:

Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams says a 1 p.m. news conference Friday will address “a major situation for our city that was averted” through a collaborative investigation.

NBC News reported that federal officials arrested a man who planned to detonate a suicide bomb at Wichita’s Mid-Continent airport.

U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom and Michael Kaste, special agent in charge of the FBI office in Kansas City, will appear at the news conference in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Wichita to announce charges against a person arrested Friday morning “in a case involving a national security matter,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Friday morning in statement.

Gov. Sam Brownback also is scheduled to be at the news conference, his office said.

More… U.S. Attorney for Kansas Barry Grissom said the man, a 58-year-old Wichita resident Terry Lee Loewen, had been under investigation since this past summer after making threats to engage in a terrorist act of jihad against the United States.

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Transgender ‘Bias Incident Response Team’ Member Busted For College Hate Crime Hoaxes

Shocking Discovery In Hoax Bias Incident At Vassar College – Daily Caller

Reports of bias incidents at Vassar College that involved hateful messages left on students’ doors were actually elaborate hoaxes – and the perpetrator is none other than the student member of the Bias Incident Response Team, The Daily Caller has learned.


This fall semester at the liberal arts college in New York saw a curiously high number of bias incident reports. On Nov. 14, the college sent a mass email to students advising them that Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) had received at least six reports in the last few months of hateful and insensitive messages being scrawled and spray painted on student residences. Messages included “Avoid Being Bitches,” “Fuck Niggers,” and most prominently, “Hey Tranny. Know Your Place.”

“This is unacceptable and members of our community should be able to learn and work in environments that are free of hurtful expressions and behaviors,” wrote Edward Pittman, BIRT coordinator and dean of the College for Campus Life and Diversity, in an email to students.

The email also outlined BIRT’s purpose and role in bias incident response. The task force receives the reports of bias incidents, meets with victims, and provides support for campus efforts to foster diversity and inclusion.

The task force had one student member: Genesis Hernandez, who is transgendered and was also a vice president of the Vassar Student Association (VSA), the student government.

Five days after the email was sent, Vassar President Catharine Hill sent a follow-up email announcing that the bias incidents were hoaxes perpetrated by two students. The students wrote the vile messages and then filed the reports themselves, claiming to be the victims of unknown haters.

“It is our unfortunate duty to report that two Vassar students have admitted responsibility for creating a number of recent bias and hate-speech messages in public spaces on campus,” wrote Hill in an email. “They also falsely reported these as anonymous messages. Sadly, our community has been deeply hurt by these actions.”

The email noted that the two students had admitted responsibility and withdrawn from the college voluntarily. Their names were not reported.

However, The DC has learned that one of the perpetrators was none other than Genesis Hernandez.

Informed sources within Vassar told The DC that administrators pinpointed Hernandez as a responsible party, forcing him to give up his position in student government and leave the college. Leaked conversations between student government members also paint Hernandez as the culprit.

On the same day that Hill’s email went out, VSA President Deborah Steinberg sent an email of her own announcing an election to fill Hernandez’s now-vacant VP position.

Hernandez has withdrawn from the college. His address no longer works, and as such, he did not respond to a request for comment.

A representative for the college declined to comment. Vassar’s only statement on the matter remains Hill’s email, in which she acknowledged that the campus might now be skeptical of BIRT’s efforts, but stressed the need to continue them.

“The outcome of this most recent investigation in no way diminishes our commitment to working toward a more just, diverse, egalitarian and inclusive campus community,” she wrote.

The DC could not determine the other perpetrator’s identity, nor was it clear which student wrote and falsely reported which messages.

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Dude Named Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop Busted For Pot Possession… Again

Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop Jailed After… Well… With A Name Like That, Does It Really Matter? – Weekly Vice

Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-bop, a 32-year-old Iowa man, has been jailed after he was arrested on felony drug charges.


According to police, an officer on patrol pulled Beezow over after watching his minivan weave back and forth between lanes.

Officers conducted a search of the minivan and uncovered more than a half-ounce of marijuana.

Beezow, whose birth name was Jeffrey Wilschke before he had it legally changed, first appeared on The Weekly Vice in January 2012 when he was arrested on similar charges. His unusual name was the topic of many news reports and late night television shows after that arrest.

Beezow was booked into jail and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia and operating a motor vehicle without registration.

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Creep Busted For Having Sex With Pool Float… Again

Ohio Man Again Busted For Sex With Pool Float – Smoking Gun

For the second time in two years, an Ohio man has been charged with public indecency for allegedly “having sexual relations with a rubber pool float,” police report.


Edwin Tobergta, 34, was indicted today in connection with last month’s incident, which reportedly occurred outside his home in Hamilton, a southwestern Ohio city.

According to a Hamilton Police Department report, Tobergta “stepped out of his back door, naked and was having sexual relations with a rubber pool float.” Investigators added that Tobergta’s alleged encounter with the item “occurred in front of several children who saw his genitals and his actions with the float. The children were under the age of 10 and it occurred in the afternoon during the daylight hours.”

Pictured in the above mug shot, Tobergta is being held in the Butler County jail in lieu of $25,000 on a felony public indecency charge.

In August 2011, Tobergta was arrested after a witness reported seeing him having sex with a pink blow-up pool raft early one Sunday morning. Tobergta, whose pants were at his ankles, was trysting with the raft in an alley, not a swimming pool.

When a witness yelled at Tobergta, he reportedly threw “a pink object over the fence,” reported cops, who added that, “A pink raft was located in the back yard” of a neighboring home.

Today’s felony indictment of Tobergta notes that the defendant has previously been convicted on three or more occasions of public indecency.

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Gabby Giffords’ Husband Spews Anti-Assault Weapon Rhetoric, Then Caught Buying An AR-15 (Video)

Busted. Gabby Giffords’ Husband Spews Anti-Assault Weapon Rhetoric Then Caught Buying An AR-15 – Gateway Pundit


Former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ), a victim of a mass shooting in 2011, and her husband, Mark Kelly, testified before a Congressional panel on gun control in January. Kelly told the assembled members of Congress that modern weapons “Have turned every single corner of our society into places of carnage and gross human loss.”


Then he went out and bought an AR-15.

Kelly bought the AR-15 at Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson.

x reported:

Mark E. Kelly, gun-control proponent and husband to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, recently purchased an AR-15 (an “assault weapon,” he called it) – which he now says he intended as an illustration of the need for more stringent gun laws.

Kelly reportedly bought the AR-15 and a 1911-style semi-automatic pistol at Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson, Arizona.

Various sources contacted Breitbart News once Kelly made the purchase, and after we began investigating the details surrounding the purchase, Kelly announced on his Facebook that he was not going to keep the AR-15, which he has yet to pick up from the store.

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Drunken Idiot Busted After Calling 911, Asking Cops To Deliver Cigarettes To Her House

Texas Woman Arrested After Calling 911 For Cigarettes, Police Say – Fox News

Authorities in North Texas say a 48-year-old woman called 911 to have a deputy deliver cigarettes to her home.

Hood County sheriff’s Lt. Kathy Jividen says the woman, a Granbury resident, called 911 on Feb. 11 asking for the cigarettes. Jividen says the woman instead received a visit from two deputies and was arrested.

She was charged with a misdemeanor count of abuse of 911. She was later released from the Hood County jail on a $1,000 bond.

Jividen says the caller was “very intoxicated” when she dialed 911.

Granbury is about 65 miles southwest of Dallas.

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Chicago Teachers Union VP Busted Participating In Midwest Marxism Conference

Chicago Teachers Union VP Busted Participating In Midwest Marxism Conference – Big Government

While a guest on a local Chicago radio show, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) VP Jesse Sharkey was questioned over his recent participation in the Midwest Marxism Conference and refused to answer why he was there and what relationship the Chicago Teachers Union has with the conference and sponsoring organization, the International Socialists Organization. Sharkey, who was documented by Breitbart News attending the Marxist conference at Northwestern University last month, appeared caught off-guard and struggled to respond to the question.

WLS radio’s Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft had Sharkey on their show to discuss the ongoing school closing battle between the CTU and the Chicago Public Schools. Sharkey had been discussing the Chicago Teachers Union’s network of coalitions that supported the recent teachers strike, when Proft asked him to address the union’s relationship with “revolutionary movements.”


Sharkey first stammered that Proft’s question was “McCarthyism,” but when he persisted [Editor’s note: in an effort to keep Sharkey’s response intact, we have done our best to transcribe the stutters and “ums” as uttered]:

Sharkey: What our union has done, is work very hard to build a coalition between people who work in the schools and depend on the public schools and the people who go to school, the students and community… And, uhm, I think the fact that we’re dedicated to that is reflected in the fact that there’s been broad support for the things we’re trying to do.

Proft: Where do the revolutionary movements fit into that coalition? I understand that a couple weeks ago that you appeared at the Midwest Marxist Conference at Northwestern University to talk about the important support that Chicago teachers get from revolutionary movements’ use of the strike weapon. What’s the alignment with Marxist organizations and revolutionary movements?

Sharkey: Ha, ha, ha, look guys, I mean, thanks…

Proft: That’s a legitimate question. That’s actually just happened. That’s actually true. That’s not McCarthyism.

Sharkey: Thanks for the 1950s McCarthyism.

Proft: It’s not McCarthyism.

Sharkey: Uh, uh, well look it, the, the, the um – every time that unions or social movements have raised issues about what’s fair and what isn’t in base and equality, people have branded them as communist. I, I know…

Proft: Wait a second. You spoke? Did you, or did you not, speak at the Midwest Marxist Conference?

Sharkey: I… [pause] No I did not speak at the Midwest Marxism Conference.

Wolf: You were there though.

Proft: You didn’t?

Wolf: You were there.

Sharkey: Uh.

Wolf: You were there. We’ve got you on video there. Why were you there?

Sharkey: Uh. I’m allowed to attend a Marxist conference, like I’m allowed to [inaudible]…

Wolf: Do you subscribe to their beliefs Mr. Sharkey?

Sharkey: Eh. Look, look guys, I mean, if you want to have me on as part of a, uh, uh, witch-hunt…

Wolf: It’s not a witch-hunt. What do you believe?

Proft: You attended this conference, I’m just asking you what value you derive from this conference and how you see revolutionary movements as so described to connect to the teachers unions, that’s all. It’s not a witch-hunt. It’s something you did.

Sharkey: Ah, uh, look gentlemen; I’m not sure where you’re going with…

At that point Bruce Wolf was forced to cut the interview for a commercial break and thanked Sharkey for the “lucid interview.” (Listen to the full interview here)

During the conference, a heavy focus was placed on the relationships between revolutionary organizations, including the International Socialist Organiation’s intervention in the Chicago Teachers’ strike.

In a breakout session about Marxism and education, Sharkey participated by discussing what he referred to as an interesting dilemma regarding the challenges facing a revolutionary movement isolated by geography and chronology in relation to the lack of other concurrent revolutionary movements:

It’s very hard to have a huge struggle in Chicago over the set of things that are being pushed – education reform, or frankly workplace reform – and not have that struggle taken up anywhere else.

Just in the same way, it’s hard to have you know, if one freight way, has got wages that are $10 an hour higher than their competitors. Guess what! The logic is that high wage place gets smashed down, and that’s the logic of the market. And it’s only when you start to generalize that there could be some alternative to that, that you have the ability to push back…

The magic of struggle is just how easy it is to generalize those lessons. Whether it’s Wisconsin or Occupy or the CTU strike.

Sharkey then went on to joke about class discrimination lawsuits over what is considered appropriate attire for female teachers in schools.

This occurred at the same all-day event where, upon being labeled as “not in solidarity” and recognized as a Breitbart News correspondent, I was forcefully removed by a group of teachers, social workers, and others members of the ISO attending the Marxism conference.

WLS radio’s follow-up coverage of the Chicago Teachers Union’s presence at the conference (they were even selling CTU t-shirts in the foyer) provided some additional light on the collaboration between the ISO and CTU leadership.

That is more than local mainstream media provided; two days later, after Sharkey’s appearance at the Midwest Marxism conference, I attended a protest being led by the CTU, ISO, and many leaders of socialist and communist organizations headquartered in Chicago. While there, I questioned Mr. Sharkey about his participation in the conference and the ISO’s celebration of their coordination with the Chicago Teachers Union during the teachers strike, but Sharkey refused to answer any of my questions.

I noticed that NBC Chicago’s Charlie Wojciechowski was also “covering” the protest. Thinking that he might be able to elicit a response, I briefly informed him as to Sharkey’s recent participation in the Midwest Marxism Conference, asking if he might raise the issue with Sharkey as part of NBC’s coverage.

I was more than taken aback when, besides just refusing, Wojciechowski sneered at my suggestion he cover this news, saying on camera, “Breitbart is full of shit.”

And true to his word, Wojciechowski’s coverage of the protest that day did not contain one mention of information he had been provided by Breitbart reporting about the organizers of the protest he was covering that day. By willfully covering news up from his audience, veteran mainstream news reporters like Charlie Wojciechowski essentially aid and abet their subjects in swindling the public.

The Chicago Teachers Union leadership has much to hide from the public. It was clear when, being recognized as “not in solidarity,” I as a journalist was booted from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, where the Midwest Marxism conference was being held. It was even clearer when Sharkey, after being questioned on WLS about his presence at the conference, stammered and obfuscated rather than confirm his speaking at the conference.

But clearest of all is how unfortunate the Chicago public – and that includes the rank-and-file members of the teachers union – are to have a news network that abandons truth-seeking and coverage.

Perhaps the educators of Chicago’s children, after being used successfully as protest props in the recently well executed “strike weapon,” might want to take an honest look at who their leadership really is, who they are really fighting for, and think deeply about whether or not they are in the right fight.

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*VIDEO* Busted! DNC Chair Debbie Whatshername Schultz Caught Lying About Israeli Ambassador

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Former Israeli Ambassador Slams DNC For Dropping Jerusalem From Platform

Drugged-Up Douchebag Busted After Writing Bomb Threat On The Back Of His Job Application

Man Jailed For Bomb Threat On Job Application – Arizona Republic

A central Nebraska man landed in jail for writing a bomb threat on the back of a restaurant job application.

The Kearney Hub reports that the Legacy 272 Lounge employee who reviewed 38-year-old Jason Dornhoff’s application last Thursday called police when he read the threat that closed with: “If you be quiet and help me, you won’t die.”


Police arrested Dornhoff, of Heartwell, Neb., at gunpoint and searched his truck, but didn’t find any bomb.

Court documents say Dornhoff told police he uses methamphetamines and went to the restaurant hoping to find a way to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

A public defender who was appointed to represent Dornhoff didn’t immediately respond to a message Wednesday.

Dornhoff has posted $10,000 bond and is due back in court on Aug. 13.

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Obama Treasury Officials Busted For Soliciting Prostitutes, Accepting Gifts Form Corporate Executives

FOIA Docs Reveal Treasury Officials Cited For Soliciting Prostitutes, Accepting Gifts –

Treasury Department officials have been cited for soliciting prostitutes, breaking conflict-of-interest rules and accepting gifts from corporate executives, according to the findings of official government investigations.

The revelations of unethical behavior at Treasury are detailed in little-noticed documents posted this month on, which publishes agency responses to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.


While it is not uncommon for departments within the executive branch to have personnel issues, it is unusual for these types of documents to become public. They provide a rare glimpse of internal probes within the Treasury Department, exposing different episodes of misconduct.

Investigators at the Treasury’s Office of Inspector General (OIG), which responds to tips and official referrals from within the department, found that employees had engaged in unethical, and perhaps criminal, conduct.

The emergence of the OIG probe findings come in the wake of embarrassing scandals for the Obama administration at the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Secret Service. Even though the wrongdoing at Treasury is not as far-reaching or as embarrassing as those controversies, it could put the administration on the defensive with less than four months to go before the election.

Some of the OIG’s work focused on the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), an agency housed within Treasury that was created by Congress to oversee banking institutions. It also homes in on the now-defunct Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), which recently became part of the OCC as a result of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law.

The identities of the government officials who were investigated are unclear. Their names were redacted from the documents released under FOIA, consistent with FOIA law.

In 2010, an OTS employee “misused” government resources to solicit prostitutes on three separate occasions via Craigslist. While working at the OTS, investigators said, the government staffer “viewed websites offering erotic services on a weekly basis as well as communicating with and arranging meetings with women offering erotic services.”

The OIG concluded that the OTS worker had violated government rules on “notoriously disgraceful conduct.” The case was referred for criminal prosecution to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, which opted not to prosecute “absent aggravating circumstances such as underage prostitutes or human trafficking.” The employee, who was not a political appointee, subsequently retired from the government, according to the documents.

In another finding, the OIG cited an OCC staffer for accepting golf fees and meals from bank executives. The staffer, who had received ethics training, said he believed playing golf with industry officials under the purview of OCC was “a condoned activity.”

The golf outings took place on multiple occasions during workweeks when OCC was conducting bank examinations. Many of the greens fees and meals at the golf course were paid for by corporate executives.

The OIG stated the OCC official “violated several regulations covering ethics and the conduct of employees in the performance of their official duties.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Georgia, however, declined to pursue criminal charges.

OIG found other financial conflicts of interest with the OCC relating to contract bids and the acceptance of improper gifts such as flowers, meals and at least one limousine ride. A separate Treasury official was deemed to have a financial conflict of interest in 2010 when the bank examiner disclosed he had an overdraft protection line of credit loan from a financial institution that was regulated by the OTS.

The documents from OIG also show that a few allegations of unethical conduct were found to be without merit.

Treasury Department officials say the violations are isolated incidents.

“Treasury has a strong ethics policy that we expect all of our employees to follow, and the overwhelming majority of them do. As with any large organization, issues of misconduct occasionally arise. When that happens at Treasury, we act promptly and decisively to address them. The OIG moved aggressively to investigate the isolated instances of misconduct referenced in these documents, most of which were brought to the OIG’s attention by bureau management,” a Treasury spokesman told The Hill.

The spokesman added that “all six of these isolated cases of misconduct were done by career federal employees.”

An OCC spokesman said that “the agency does not comment on individual personnel matters. As your review of the documents will note, many of the investigations were found to be without merit, others are several years old, and some reference referrals made by the OTS, prior to the integration of that agency’s responsibility’s into the OCC.”

Unlike most government entities, the OCC does not receive appropriations from Congress. Its operations are primarily funded from assessments levied on national banks and federal saving associations.

OCC has nearly 4,000 full-time equivalents (FTEs), while Treasury has more than 107,000 FTEs. The OIG report highlights the wrongdoing of a handful of Treasury workers.

The OIG determined that a Treasury employee in the Financial Management Services division used government resources to mail personal bills over an eight-year period.

Another ethics violation in the OIG documents focused on a Treasury Department employee in the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).

The intoxicated OFAC official attempted to bring prohibited alcoholic beverages into a college football game, and was stopped by law enforcement.

The OFAC official was perceived to be “disorderly and disruptive” and was nearly arrested even after University of North Carolina police noticed the official’s badge and credentials. The report said the officers used “restraint because they believed him to be a law enforcement officer.” OIG found him to be in “violation of Treasury policy.”

Other than the employee who surfed the Internet for prostitutes, it’s unclear if the workers whom the OIG investigated are still employed at Treasury.

In an interview with The Hill, Eric Thorson, the inspector general at Treasury, praised senior leaders at the department for supporting the freedom to aggressively investigate allegations. He noted that Treasury is a “fairly large department,” suggesting the actions of a few should not tarnish the vast majority of employees who comply with government ethics laws.

“Many organizations have people who do dumb things,” he said.

Thorson stressed that the OIG findings are not comparable to GSA’s scandal of lavish spending, saying Treasury has a clear track record of not tolerating misconduct. He and other Treasury officials said that the OIG reports show Treasury’s systems are working because they have rooted out problems within the department.

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Registered Sex Offender Busted For Sunbathing In The Nude While Holding A Rubber Penis

Registered Sex Offender Busted For Sunbathing In The Nude While Holding A Rubber Penis – Weekly Vice

Joseph Conn, a 49-year-old registered sex offender was jailed Monday after police found him sunbathing nude in his front yard, while holding a sex toy.

According to Ocala police, officers were dispatched after a witness saw Conn standing on a front porch naked while facing traffic.

When officers arrived, Conn was allegedly lying nude on a blanket on the side of the house – holding what appeared to be a rubber penis.


When the officer asked Conn why he was naked, Conn stated that he sunbathes that way while holding a sex toy in his right hand. Conn also claimed that he was unaware anyone could see him from the roadway.

Some witnesses at the scene noted that most of Conn’s front and side yard is shaded during the day by large trees – and is otherwise not a likely spot for someone to sunbathe.

Conn was booked into the Marion County Jail and charged with exposure of sexual organs.

Conn was released from prison in March after serving one year for violating the terms of his probation. He was originally sent to prison in February 2002 after he was found guilty of lewd assault/sexual battery of a minor younger than 16.

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Busted! Obama Headlined A Democrat Socialists Of America Event In 1996

Busted! Obama Headlined A Democrat Socialists Of America Event In 1996 – Gateway Pundit

Can we call him a socialist now???

Barack Obama headlined a Democrat Socialists of America town hall meeting in Chicago in 1996.

Buzzfeed reported:

And don’t forget about this.

Barack Obama was also a member of the socialist New Party in Chicago back in the 1990s.

Barack Obama was a leader in the communist-affiliated progressive groups in Chicago throughout the 1990s when he first moved to the Windy City.

So, really… Can we call him a socialist now?

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Five Leftwing Democrat Endorsed Occupy Leaders Busted In Cleveland Bridge Bomb Plot (Video)

Five Leftwing Democrat Endorsed Occupy Leaders Busted In Cleveland Bridge Bomb Plot (Video) – Gateway Pundit

Yup. They’re just like the tea party.

The FBI arrested five leftwing anarchists for plotting blow up a bridge that crosses from Brecksville to Sagamore Hills over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

WKYC reported:


CBS News reported:

Five alleged anarchists have been arrested after a months-long sting operation, charged with plotting to blow up a bridge in the Cleveland area, the FBI announced Tuesday.

CBS News senior correspondent John Miller reports the group had been involved in a series of escalating plots that ended with their arrest last night by FBI agents.

The sting operation supplied the anarchists with what they thought were explosives and bomb-making materials.

At no time during the case was the public in danger, the FBI said.

Douglas L. Wright, 26; Brandon L. Baxter, 20; and Anthony Hayne, 35, were arrested by members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force Monday night on charges of conspiracy and attempted use of explosive materials to damage physical property affecting interstate commerce.

Also arrested were Connor C. Stevens, 20, and Joshua S. Stafford, 23.

Notice how the media always calls the leftwing kooks “anarchists” when they resort to violence. It’s so predictable.

UPDATE: The young bombers were leaders in the local Democrat endorsed Occupy movement.

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Former International Monetary Fund Chief Busted For ‘Complicity In Pimping’

Former International Monetary Fund Chief Busted For ‘Complicity In Pimping’ – Daily Mail

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was today arrested by French police and faces criminal charges relating to an illegal prostitute racket.

The former International Monetary Fund chief was told by detectives that there is evidence linking him to ‘complicity in pimping’ and ‘misuse of corporate assets’.

He will be held in custody until ‘Wednesday at least’ before bail can be considered, said a source close to the case.


Strauss-Kahn, 62, has admitted to attending ‘sex parties’ in cities all over the world, but denies knowing that the women he slept with were prostitutes.

Now he faces criminal charges if prosecutors can prove that fraudulently obtained money was being paid to the prostitutes, and that Strauss-Kahn knew about this.

The money is alleged to have come from a building company executive who is accused of using his firm’s funds to entertain the guests.

Strauss-Kahn was driven to the police station today in a Mercedes limousine with blacked-out windows before being hustled inside by his legal team.

He has claimed he did not know he was sleeping with prostitutes because ‘the women were all naked at the time’.


The unorthodox defence comes amid allegations that his mobile phone records showed he had relationships with at least 10 call girls.

All of the women, who come from France and Belgium, claim to have had paid sex with him while he was IMF chief.

Strauss-Kahn, 62, has admitted to attending ‘sex parties’ in cities all over the world, but denies knowing that the women he slept with were prostitutes.

Now he faces criminal charges if prosecutors can prove that fraudulently obtained money was being paid to the prostitutes, and that Strauss-Kahn knew about this.

The money is alleged to have come from a building company executive who is accused of using his firm’s funds to entertain the guests.

Strauss-Kahn was driven to the police station today in a Mercedes limousine with blacked-out windows before being hustled inside by his legal team.


He has claimed he did not know he was sleeping with prostitutes because ‘the women were all naked at the time’.

The unorthodox defence comes amid allegations that his mobile phone records showed he had relationships with at least 10 call girls.

All of the women, who come from France and Belgium, claim to have had paid sex with him while he was IMF chief.

But Strauss-Kahn’s lawyer, Henri Leclerc, said his client was ‘totally unaware’ that the women were receiving cash.

‘At these parties, people were not necessarily dressed, and I defy you to tell the difference between a naked prostitute and any other naked woman,’ said Mr Leclerc.

Strauss-Kahn admits taking part in orgies and said he had an ‘uninhibited sex life’, but that ‘he never paid a centime’ for it. ‘I have a horror of prostitutes and pimping,’ he said.

Strauss-Kahn, a leading member of the French Socialist Party who wanted to run for President this year, resigned from the IMF last May after being accused of raping Nafissatou Diallo, a 32-year-old chambermaid in a New York hotel.


The US case collapsed, but when he returned to France Tristane Banon, a 32-year-old writer, accused him of attempting to rape her.

Prosecutors found prima facie evidence of sexual assault, but said the alleged attack – which happened in 2003 – was too old to pursue.

Now Strauss-Kahn is at the centre of an entirely separate investigation into the prostitution ring which operated out of Lille’s upmarket Carlton Hotel.

Judges have already charged a number of men with organising orgies, and a building company executive is accused of using its money to entertain guests at the sex parties.

Strauss-Kahn, who is still facing a civil suit from the New York chamber maid, is said to have attended a number of the parties.

The last one he attended was in Washington in May, just before he was accused of attempted rape by Ms Diallo.

Prostitution is not illegal in France, but acting as a pimp – or somebody who controls prostitutes and makes money out of them – is.

There is also a suggestion that some of the girls involved in the Carlton ring may have been underage.

Strauss-Kahn had previously asked to be questioned by judges leading the inquiry into the so-called ‘Carlton Affair’, so as to put the record straight.

Strauss-Kahn has been keeping a low profile since returning from the U.S. living quietly in Paris with his wife, Anne Sinclair.

Ms Sinclair, a former TV presenter who now runs a news website in the French capital, has caused astonishment by staying with her husband, despite him admitting to numerous affairs.

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Daily Benefactor News – Busted: Obama DOE Altered Green Energy Loan Program Bulletins


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Busted: Obama DOE Altered Green Energy Loan Program Bulletins – National Review

It appears as though the Obama administration has been caught red-handed trying to cover up evidence in relation to the “green” loans programs that helped finance Solyndra.


CNBC reports that a number of press releases posted by the Department of Energy have been retroactively altered to remove the name of a solar company thought to be the next “green” failure:

The changes occurred in two press releases from the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program – the same program that has been the center of controversy surrounding the failed solar company Solyndra.

Both were changed to remove the name of a company that has received negative press attention in recent days, SunPower, and replace it with the name of another company, NRG Energy.

In the April case, the Department of Energy loan programs office announced in a press release on April 12 “conditional commitment” to a $1.187 billion loan guarantee to support the California Valley Solar Ranch project, which it said was “sponsored by SunPower Corporation.”

But that release was later changed on one website to say the project was “sponsored by NRG Energy.” The date on the release remained “April 12, 2011.”

The name substitution is not completely random. NRG recently finalized its acquisition of the California Valley Solar Ranch project from SunPower in September. However, at the time of the press release in April, SunPower still controlled the project.

Naturally, the DOE blames ‘outside contractors,’ who “inadvertently” altered the news bulletins while updating the loans program website.

Either way, what possible motivation could DOE have to making the changes? Well, here’s a possibility:

SunPower now carries $820 million in debt, an amount $20 million greater than its market capitalization. If SunPower was a bank, the feds would shut it down. Instead, it received a lifeline twice the size of the money sent down the Solyndra drain.

Indeed, SunPower received a $1.2 billion loan guarantee just days before the DOE’s Sept. 30 deadline to approve such agreements. The company, like Solyndra, is also extremely well-connected politically.

Rep. George Miller (D., Calif.), co-chairman of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee and close confidant of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (who has Solyndra connections of her own), was a strong advocate for SunPower, which according to PAC filings contributed $15,650 to House and Senate Candidates in 2010. Of that, $14,650 went to Democrats, including $4,000 to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.), $2,900 to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) and $500 to Miller himself. Oh, and the company also hired Miller’s son as a lobbyist.

SunPower is currently on track to become the second embarrassing failure in the DOE’s loan portfolio. It is deeply in debt, and company executives recently announced plans to lower its earnings projections for 2011 even further.


In his Sept. 26 column for, Stoyan Elitzen lists SunPower as the ninth-most-shorted solar stock in either the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ markets. Short sellers are betting that a stock price will go down, as opposed to those who buy long, who expect a stock price to up.

According the Elitzen, the size of SunPower’s short position is equal to 15 days of its average daily volume of 725,000 shares per day. By any measure, such pessimism is a banshee screaming in the night for a company’s stock price that has already lost 94% of value from its 2007 apex.

Although its stock has recovered from its all-time low Oct. 4 of $6.60 per share to trade between $8 and $9 per share, it has been a steep slide from its all-time high Dec. 3, 2007 of $133. Then, the company was worth $13 billion.

Today, its market capitalization is $800 million, just short of its debt of $820 million, according to the company’s July filings for the second quarter.

It certainly doesn’t look good.

Video here.

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Busted Again: VA Planned Parenthood Worker Coaches Fake Pimp On Underage Abortions

Busted Again: VA Planned Parenthood Worker Coaches Fake Pimp On Underage Abortions – The Blaze

The anti-abortion group Live Action has released a new video as a follow-up to its undercover “pimp” video from earlier this week. The new video shows another sting-style operation, this one at a Planned Parenthood facility in Virginia.

The facility’s worker can be heard coaching the actor on the ways minors – especially his underage sex workers – can go about “bypassing” the laws if they need an abortion. The most shocking part? The worker admits the facility facilitates about two such abortions a month:

“Planned Parenthood’s problems go far beyond New Jersey. Our new video shows their Richmond clinic willing to aid and abet the sexual exploitation of minors and coaching a pimp about how girls as young as 14 – 15 could circumvent parental consent laws for secret abortions,” Live Action President Lila Rose said in a statement. “Watch the video – the clinic worker admits they do this ‘once or twice a month.’ Our investigations of 12 clinics in the past four years show a pattern of Planned Parenthood’s willingness to cover-up the sexual abuse of minors and young women.”

Rosa sent a letter to Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli this morning calling for an investigation.

“This morning [Thursday], Live Action released undercover video footage that we believe is evidence that Planned Parenthood in Virginia aids and abets the sexual abuse and prostitution of minors,” she writes, before continuing that “it appears that blatant violations of Virginia law may well be occurring at Planned Parenthood facilities and affiliates in the state.”

“So long as Planned Parenthood operates in such a reckless manner, young women and girls in Virginia are at risk of forced abortion and sexual exploitation,” she added.

The group’s earlier video shows a Planned Parenthood worker in New Jersey offering similar advice but also suggesting ways the “pimp” can run his prostitution ring. The video led to that worker’s firing on the same day it was released.

The new video can be viewed in its full form here.

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