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Trio Of Armed Thugs Tied Up Man And His Wife, Then Momentarily Left Them Unattended. When They Returned, There Was A Surprise Waiting – The Blaze

A man and his wife were reportedly attacked and tied up by a trio of home intruders who forced their way into the couple’s Lakewood, Washington, home on Tuesday. The horrifying incident left one of the intruders dead and the others running for their lives, according to police.

The 66-year-old wife was reportedly in the bath when three men knocked on the door. When the husband, 62, answered the door, he quickly realized he didn’t know them and tried to close the door. Unfortunately, the men – armed with a gun and knife – overpowered him and entered the home.

The thugs beat the man severely, leaving him needing stitches, and cut his wife’s hand, according to court documents obtained by the News Tribune. The men then allegedly tied up the couple and searched the house for valuable items to steal. At one point, they momentarily left the house – and it turned out to be a huge mistake.

During the brief time that the men were outside, the husband was apparently able to free himself, untie his wife and relocate to their bedroom. They locked the door and the man retrieved his firearm from a lock box and aimed it at the door.

When the suspects returned and busted through the door, the husband opened fire. Police believe the man fatally hit one of the robbers. Police later identified the deceased suspect as 19-year-old Taijon Voorhees. All three of the men ran out of the house in fear.

Police later arrested Duprea Wilson, 19, in connection to the robbery, which he reportedly told others had “gone wrong.” The suspects may have broke into the wrong house looking for drugs and money, according to investigators.


Wilson was later charged with 12 felonies, including first-degree manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping and assault.



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2nd Amendment Success Story: Armed Citizen Kills Serial Bank Robber, Another Arrested – Universal Free Press

The duo behind a rash of Phoenix bank robberies is out of business, with one now dead and the other under arrest, thanks to the efforts of an armed local businessman.


On Wednesday, the Desert Schools Federal Credit Union was targeted by Lyndell Cherry, age 29 and Vincent Jones, age 21, who entered at around 2 p.m. and demanded money. The two had left the keys in the ignition and the engine of their getaway vehicle running, a mistake which proved to be their undoing.

While the robbery was taking place, one credit union employee was able to call Sean Quaid, who owns a business next door to the credit union and told him what was happening. Quaid grabbed his gun and ran outside. After determining which was the likely vehicle of the perpetrators, Quaid removed the keys from the ignition.

When attempting their getaway, Cherry and Jones ran outside to their car and found they had no keys. They went back inside to see if they might have dropped them somewhere along the way, even going as far as searching a woman’s purse inside to see if she might have picked them up.

With time running out, the robbers ran back outside and accosted a couple in a Chevy pickup, with Jones pointing his gun and demanding their vehicle. At that point, Quaid stepped in, ordering the felonious pair to stop. It was then that Cherry reportedly spun around and aimed his gun at Quaid, who fired first, striking Cherry.

Jones jumped into the truck and drove off, crashing into several cars in the shopping center along the way as he made his way out into traffic. He reportedly ran a red light and collided with a minivan, which caused both vehicles to crash into an adjacent brick wall. Jones then bailed out of the stolen truck but was apprehended by police soon afterwards.

Fortunately no one was injured in the melee, other than the fatally shot Cherry. Unsurprisingly, Jones is reported to have still lived with his mother prior to taking up residence at his new home, at the Arizona taxpayer’s expense.

In addition to the multiple charges associated with this robbery, Jones admitted to police that the pair had also committed other robberies previously. He will not only face those charges, but he is also looking at six counts of kidnapping, one of aggravated assault, and one of first-degree murder for the death of Cherry.

It was not a good day for Cherry or Jones. It was a good day however for the Second Amendment, the people of Arizona and Sean Quaid, a hero who stood up and took action, and possibly saved innocent lives in the process.



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Homeowner Shoots 2 Intruders, Kills 1 – WJW

After being beaten and pistol whipped in his own home, a 24-year-old man managed to get to his personal weapon and shoot two robbery suspects.


According to the Cleveland Division of Police, the homeowner encountered the men when he returned to his Rudyard Road home.

They allegedly attempted to rob him in the driveway then took him inside where they beat and pistol whipped him.

It happened Tuesday around 2:20 a.m.

One intruder was pronounced dead at the scene. The other was arrested a few blocks away and was being treated at MetroHealth Medical Center for a gunshot wound to the knee.

The homeowner has a concealed carry permit. Police said the suspects were males in their 20s.

The incident remained under investigation.

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Bethel Park Music Store Owner Shoots Intruder – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The owner of a Bethel Park music store shot and killed an intruder who had attacked the owner’s wife inside their store late this morning.


Bethel Park police Chief John Mackey said Alfred Armen, owner of Armen’s House of Music at 5920 Library Road, jumped to his wife’s defense as she was being clubbed by a man who, just minutes earlier, had entered the store to browse.

The man stayed in the store for two or three minutes, went outside to his car, and came back in with some type of wooden club, Chief Mackey said.

He attacked Sylvia Armen, clubbing her on the head, and Mr. Armen came to her defense, the chief said.

The man then attacked him with the club, and Mr. Armen pulled a revolver and shot him dead, Chief Mackey said.

Allegheny County homicide detectives were assisting Bethel Park police with the investigation.

Chief Mackey said the Armens were being treated at UPMC Mercy Hospital for injuries they received in the attack.

The chief said robbery appeared not to be the motive in the attacks. He said he didn’t know whether the Armens knew the man, described only as white and in his early 30s.

The Allegheny County medical examiner’s office removed the body from the store about 4 p.m.

The store sells instruments and offers music lessons, according to its Facebook page.


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Suspect Robs Family At Miami Burger King, Then Man Shoots Him: Police – WTVJ

A father who was robbed while eating with his family took out his own gun and shot the suspect, Miami Police said.


It happened at about 1 p.m. Friday at the Burger King restaurant at Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 17th Street, police said.

The robber walked in, flashed his gun to the family, demanded their valuables, then headed for the door, according to police.

The father, fearing for his life, took out his gun and shot the suspect in the leg as he stood outside the restaurant, police said.

The suspect, 36-year-old Travis Harris, jumped into a getaway Ford F-150 and took off, police said.

Police said they found him and the driver, 38-year-old Ramon Smalls, a few blocks away thanks to a Good Samaritan who followed them and alerted police. The two suspects were taken into custody at a gas station at Northeast 2nd Avenue and 26th Street after they apparently ran out of fuel, police added.

The Burger King incident followed an earlier incident in which the duo teamed up to rob a young woman of her iPhone 4S at 2200 NE 4th Ave. at about 10:15 a.m., with Smalls driving the truck as they fled, police said. Her phone was later found inside the truck, police added.

Harris was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma to be treated for his gunshot wound, and faces three counts of armed robbery with a firearm, police said.

Smalls faces one count of strongarm robbery for the morning incident, and possible pending charges for the afternoon incident, police said.

It was not immediately known whether Harris or Smalls have attorneys.

The father who fired his gun is not being charged, police said.

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Armed Good Samaritans Rescue Man After Gunpoint Robbery: They ‘Protected Me When I Couldn’t Protect Myself’ – The Blaze

A Houston man was robbed at gunpoint as he made his way to his car after leaving a bar on Thursday. But in addition to the man’s wallet and phone, the robber ended up with bullet wounds and bite marks from a German Shepherd, thanks to a pair of quick-thinking good Samaritans.

Police say the armed thug was canvassing a local neighborhood when he thought he had found an easy mark. The victim, Kevin Dorsey, told KHOU that he hadn’t even closed his car door before a man, dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask, put a gun to his chest and demanded his wallet, cell phone and car keys.

Dorsey took off on foot after being robbed, prompting two men in a Mercedes to ask him what had happened.

“As soon as they pass me, they see the guy has a gun to me,” Dorsey told KPRC. “They stopped right there. The guys in the gray Mercedes asked me, ‘Did you just get jacked?’ I said yes.”

The two unidentified vigilantes went after the suspect and reportedly exchanged fire with the criminal. The good guys eventually won the gun fight and wounded the thief.

In a twist of irony, the robber jumped a fence after being shot in an attempt to escape – only to find a German Shepherd waiting for him on the other side. The dog attacked him and prevented him from escaping before police arrived.

“I don’t own a gun. I’m totally at the mercy of my saviors. They obviously sent two angels to help me. These people protected me when I couldn’t protect myself.”

The robbery suspect, later identified by police as Christopher Hutchins, was being treated at Ben Taub Hospital for a gunshot to his abdomen. He is expected to recover.

It’s unclear whether the two men who came to Dorsey’s rescue were concealed carry permit holders, however, reports do not indicate that police took any action against the men. In Texas, gun owners can carry firearms in their car without a concealed carry permit so long as the weapon is not concealed and the owner is not involved in criminal activity, a criminal street gang or otherwise prohibited by law from carrying a weapon.

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