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Greg Gutfeld calls out the newest race pimp on the block

That race pimp being one Jason Whitlock, who has decided to use the Javon Belcher murder/suicide as a stepping stone to publicity. I see Whitlock this way, he is not that famous, he is certainly not a national figure at all. He has been writing sports columns for years, and to be totally fair, he has written some I really enjoyed, until he began blaming Javon Belchers evil actions on guns, and then doubled down on inane when he accused the NRA of pumping drugs and guns into the “Black Community” to make them into shooting galleries.

Whitlock has gotten national exposure for his piece thanks to the arrogant midget, Bob Costas, so now Whitlock sees an opportunity to turn his 15 minutes into a career upgrade. Heck, if he keeps spouting nutty theories MSNBS might give him a show. He would fit right in there with the likes of Al Pimp My Hair Sharpton and Toure. So, in my view, Whitlock is spouting this nonsense because he thinks it will pad his wallet, which makes him nothing but a race pimp. Yesterday, on The Five, Greg Gutfeld, who is the best reason, next to Kimberly Guilfoyles legs, and Andrea Tantaros legs, went off on Whitlock. Video here

Gutfeld is one of the few commentators I find worth watching. Funny guy, smart, and he cuts to the chase. Give me someone with real passion, and who does not spew the same tired talking points over and again. Like I said he is the best, second best, third best reason to watch the Five. Now the top two




*VIDEO* Greg Gutfeld Speaks At Reagan Library – 11/26/12

Click HERE to purchase Mr. Gutfeld’s new book titled ‘The Joy Of Hate: How To Triumph Over Whiners In The Age Of Phony Outrage‘.


*VIDEO* Greg Gutfeld: White House Declining To Release Photos Demonstrates Islamophobia

A must read book?

Yes, I would say so, Geg Gutfeld is a funny, sarcastic, irreverent bastard. He reminds me of me, only shorter and not as handsome. He offers up an excerpt from his new book, The Bible of Unspeakable Truths’ and it looks good. I enjoy Red Eye and Greg’s humor, so, what the Hell, I will go get his book this weekend.

Your Blog Quote of the Day

Comes from Greg Gutfeld who tears into Nancy Pelosi for telling the artsy types to quit their jobs and mooch off taxpayers who will pay for their healthcare. The whole thing is great but, as usual with Gutfeld, the last line is the best.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobe who won’t boycott Arizona.

No doubt Gutfeld holds the title for best closing lines. And if you disagree with me on that, then you are are an evil, left-handed, right-wing raaaaacist who has a giant photo of Keith Olbermann doing Rachel Maddow’s delicate laundry above your bed.

You sick puppy!

Another great line from Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld is a good writer, great host on Fox’s Red Eye, which is the best political commentary show on TV. The only thing that could make it better would be for me to be invited on, but, until that happens, check out the funniest line of the day

And if you disagree with me, you’re probably a racist leperchaun who eats babies.

Go read the entire piece, funny stuff.

Greg Gutfeld on NYC terror trial

BRILLIANT! Here is my favorite part

Oh, wait…we all saw this coming. The only people who didn’t? Those who let it happen.

There are three reasons for that:

-One, those people are stupid.

-Two. There’s a belief shared by the “why do they hate us” faction of America that we are equally responsible for the terror attack. If we were just better people – nicer, less successful and less “American” – no one would try to kill us! Replacing Bush with Obama was supposed to help with all that. It didn’t.

-Three, we’ve elected people consumed by the idea of root causes – a pseudo-intellectual exercise that prevents a real understanding of evil actions. Every culprit can tell a story, but by listening to that story, you insult each and every one of his victims. But to abort any argument based on root causes, simply say, “there are plenty of unhappy people who don’t fly planes into buildings.” Of course that’s just too sensible for the best and the brightest.

Greg Gutfeld on Jeneane and Prejean

Excdellent piece! by Gutfeld! I think he has the best show on TV, and Fox really ought to do two things to make it better. First, put it on EARLIER! Second, let me get on there, especially when Patti Anne Brown is on there. Man I like her!