Jeb Bush disgraces the Founders

Jeb Bush is a politician, so I guess we should hold him to lower standards than say we would hold a prostitute to? Dave Blount explains

If you didn’t already consider voting for potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush out of the question under any circumstances, maybe this will do the trick:

Possible 2016 Republican contender Jeb Bush is presenting Hillary Clinton, the presumptive front-runner for the 2016 Democratic nomination, with an award Tuesday, Sept. 10 in Philadelphia …

Bush, the chairman of the National Constitution Center, is presenting Clinton with the organization’s 2013 Liberty Medal.

September 10 is 1 day shy of the 1-year anniversary of the Benghazi debacle, which Shrillary helped cause if only through neglect and incompetence, absurdly tried to blame on a YouTube video out of California, and then dismissed with the infamous phrase, “what difference does it make?”

Jeb Bush is the quintessential RINO, in that he sucks up to liberals and exists to advance their policy objectives. He is John McCain without the war record. If he or the comparably intolerable Chris Christie is nominated in 2016, the GOP is finished.

Doug Powers has more

“Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,” Bush said in a statement released earlier this summer. “These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.”

Can you say Benghazi Mr. Bush?

A man of principle would abjectly refuse to take part in this mockery frankly! Present Hillary with a “Liberty medal” is a joke. She has spent her entire political career denigrating the Constitution. That alone should cause anyone who loves America to vomit at the thought of her being given any such awards. When you throw in her role in the Benghazi treachery? But I suppose Jeb Bush would just call me an extremist, I can just hear him now asking “what difference, at this point……..” I think you know the rest!

RINO Jeb Bush To Present Liberty Medal To Hillary (What Difference Does It Make) Clinton

Jeb Bush To Present Liberty Medal To Hillary Clinton – Philadelphia Inquirer

Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive the 2013 Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.


Jeb Bush, the chairman of the Constitution Center, will present the award to Clinton at a ceremony scheduled for Sept. 10.

Both Clinton and Bush are potential contenders in the 2016 presidential elections, for opposing parties. But in a statement, the GOP’s Bush only accentuated the positive.

“Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,” said Bush, the Republican former Governor of Florida, son of a former president and brother of another. “These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.”

Tickets for the general public will be made available in August. Details will be released next month, a Constitution Center spokeswoman said.

The Liberty Medal was established in 1988 to commemorate the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution. Previous recipients include former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, U2 frontman Bono, filmmaker Steven Spielberg and Nelson Mandela.

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Once Again Jeb Bush Proves That He Is, In Fact, Retarded (Video)

Jeb Bush Applauds Obama For Outreach To GOP, Not Sure If He’ll ‘Run For Elected Office Again’ – Daily Caller

While making the rounds on the Sunday shows, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that President Barack Obama was right to reach out to Republicans to resolve the ongoing budget crisis, but downplayed the suggestion he’s up for running for the high office himself.

………………………….Click on image above for video

“I don’t know what he’s doing, but I would encourage him to do more of it,” Bush said. “It’s important to build trust if you’re trying to deal with the big things. Big issues require everybody to get outside their comfort zone… And the only way you can do that is to engage them on a personal level… I think it’s important and I applaud the president for doing it. And I think Republicans appreciate it.”

As for his future political ambitions, Bush – who was on the Sunday shows to promote the book he co-authored with Clint Rolick, “Immigration Wars” – was noncommittal on running for president in 2016, telling Crowley he isn’t sure if he’d run for any elected office again.

“Nothing has changed. When you asked me before 2012, was I going to run in 2012, and I said no,” Bush said. “I went through the process and decided it wasn’t appropriate. Now, I’ve decided to defer any consideration of it until the proper time to make those kinds of considerations, which is out, you know, more than a year from now, for sure. And when I go through that process, I’ll let you know.”

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Every time I hear Jeb Bush 2016, I throw up in my mouth

Full disclosure, I voted for Jeb in 1994, when I still lived in Florida. I voted for his father in 1988 and 1992, and yes, I voted for “W” in 1998 as Texas Governor, and in 2000 and 2004 for president. I am not a Bush hater. But, Jeb is way too “moderate” for my taste, and I think another squishy Republican is the last thing we need in 2016. So, I do not cheer when I hear Jeb Bush flirting with a possible run.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush won’t confirm he’s a candidate for the next presidential race, but he sounded like a White House hopeful Monday, declaring his party in need of leadership.

“I have a voice, I want to share my beliefs about how the conservative movement and the Republican party can regain its footing, because we’ve lost our way,” he told TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

Bush said he wouldn’t rule out a run in 2016, “but I won’t declare today either.”

I doubt he could win the nomination frankly, although I am sure Karl Rove and the establishment would love him. He is just the type of Republican they swoon over. It is too early to be speculating about 2016 to me. That whole 2014 midterm is a lot closer, and that is a crucial election. We really need the Senate back in GOP hands folks. 


Rand Paul for President?

I would be happy to see him in the race frankly. We need a real Conservative who can deliver the Conservative message in a positive manner, Paul fits that bill I think. Sure the media would try to trash him, as they do any Conservative who even thinks about running, and the Dems would bring out the Extremist Card to play, but so what. Frankly, I think it is too early for talking about 2016, remember we DO have the 2014 mid terms next year, but frankly, traffic is slow today, and a bit of Rand Paul can only help.

Looking at 2016, I hope that we can for ONCE have a field of Conservatives without a Moderate to screw it up, why yes, I am talking to you Chris Christie. And I hope that field of Conservatives can debate without trying to destroy each other with unimportant issues or emotionalistic tactics, and yes, that is meant for you Michelle Bachman And PLEASE, Ann Coulter just shut up this time, we really do not need you telling us who CAN, or CANNOT win. Sorry for the negative tone, but, I am sick, and also tired of Conservative candidates picking each other off so that we get struck with the candidate the Democrats WANT to run against. And yes, that means you Mitt, and you Mr. Maverick. Finally, I want, more than anything, for a candidate’s record, and accomplishments to matter, not style. Yes, I am talking to you GOP voters!

While I am at it, let me add a list of GOP candidates I do not want to see run

Mike Huckabee, do I really have to explain why?

Jeb Bush

Chris Christie. He is the fatter, less tan Charlie Crist

Sarah Palin. the media would make a circus out of this, I do not think she could win.

Jeb Bush, yes, I already said his name once but I REALLY do not want him to run.

Joe Scarborough. Do we really want that tool running?

Rick Santorum. Two words sweater vests! Plus he is a whiner.

ANY “Moderate Republican”.

Newt Gingrich. I said him just to aggravate Ed Daley.


*VIDEO* The Best Of The Republican National Convention

























Poll: Who Should Mitt Romney Choose As His Running Mate?

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Whispers you say?

Is the GOP establishment ready to dump Romney if he loses Michigan and push another “vote for him because we told you so” candidate in his stead? I guess the Republican voters are not smart enough to pick our own candidate?

The main stream media declares war on Santorum

Matt notes what we all know, the media will NEVER let this election be about the economy and also offers some solid advice to Santorum.

 The administration and MSM are on a quest to avoid the economy at all costs.  To do that with Santorum, they have to hammer him on social issues, even if they have to do some cherry picking or making some stretches to do so.  Forget that gas prices are through the roof, and expected to rise even higher.  Forget that a couple million jobs are gone, and the people aren’t even bothering to look anymore.  Instead, let’s talk about how Rick Santorum is going to ban condoms, or some other nonsense. Santorum needs to do more refocusing.  Every time he is hit with a social issue question, he needs to comment quickly and go right back to economy

Go read the rest, Matt is right. Keep going back to the economy. But, I would add that this is good advice no matter who the nominee is. And, no matter who the nominee is, the DNC and the media have an attack strategy. If Romney wins, they will play the class warfare card like never before,and they will try to make Romney look like a candidate who is grossly out of touch with the common man. With Newt, well, take your pick on any number of issues, from, temperament to past “scandals”.  So, get ready folks, this one will be very nasty. There is not one trick the Left will not use to win. No matter who our nominee is, we best get ready to work our collective behinds off.


The Reaganite Republican wonders if the book on Sarah Palin is open?

No thanks- if Noot can’t come back I’d prefer and open convention, Palin vs. Jeb Bush or some such thing.

Mittens would lose in November due to insufficient contrast and a disgusted GOP base. I agree he’s an improvement over Obama, (not a maniacal racist/marxist) BUT I and many others deeply resent having Romney stuffed down my throat by the GOP old guard. At this point is merely slowing the growth rate of the state sector good enough? Methinks not.

Mark me down for ‘Cuda, then: We used to fear her polling negatives, and honestly I was glad she didn’t run. But now, after how all the negative campaigning has played out… Palin looks more than worth a chance since everybody else on the GOP side has suffered similar damage from flailing negative attacks.

Hmmm, I keep hearing about the brokered convention, it would make for fascinating TV and great blogging fodder, but, I would be surprised if it happens. Of course, we already know what the media attack on Palin would be. The message would be “she is stupid” repeated over and over and…… Of course, it would be fun watching Chris Matthews head explode if she actually beat Obama. Hell, MSNBS might pack up and move to Canada. Just think how that would raise the national IQ average.


GOP establishment heartache Daniels is out, Cain is rolling,

And Stacy McCain, and Ed and I could not be happier about this. As McCain points out, the same old, same old Diminished Expectations of the Republican Party are in panic mode

Mitch Daniels’s overnight decision against a presidential bid will immediately raise the volume on the low-hum grumbling among Republican insiders that they’re gearing up to face President Obama with the weakest primary field in recent memory.

The pressure on a handful of Republicans who’ve insisted they won’t consider running but would be potentially strong alternatives to Mitt Romney will now significantly intensify, but the ultimate beneficiaries of Daniels’s absence may be two candidates already on course to run: Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman.

At the moment, though, the Indiana governor’s exit illustrates the degree to which the GOP race is being shaped by who’s not running.

Ah yes, the same tools that told us we BETTER support Charile Crist over Marco Rubio if we were good Republicans are still stuck on stupid. Why is it I wonder, are they so afraid to look at a rising star who talks straight, answers questions directly, and who has the support of the Conservative base, solid business experience, and charisma to boot? Why are they afraid to Raise Cain?

Herman Cain said that if he were president and negotiating a Middle East peace deal, he would offer the Palestinians “nothing.”

“I’m not convinced the Palestinians are really interested in peace,” Cain, the former CEO of Godfathers Pizza, said on Fox News Sunday.

President Obama last week gave a speech calling for Israel to withdraw to pre-1967 boundaries, with “mutually agreed swaps.”

Cain, who formally announced his Republican candidacy for president Saturday, said that, “if we look at history, it has been clear that the Palestinians have always wanted to push the Israelis and push Israel for more and more and more.” I don’t agree with that, and I respect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or taking a stand and saying they cannot give that up.”

He also said “it’s Israel’s decision, not President Obama’s decision as to where those border lines ought to be.”

So, we are supposed to ignore Cain, or Bachman, in favor of the “Moderate, oh-so-electable” Republican re-tread that the “establishment tells us to get gaga over? Stacy McCain has the right thought about that

The discomfiture of “Republican insiders” is a very good thing. Can we get a show of hands of anybody who thinks “Republican insiders” (you know, the guys who backed Dede Scozzafava and Charlie Crist) have a clue as to how to win elections? Anybody?

I keep saying this election is different, American voters are not looking for an established politician, they are looking for someone who is NOT a life-long politician.

2012 Game Changer?

I have long thought Rick Perry might get in this race. Would he be a game changer? Allahpundit asks and I answer Oh Yes!

After months of gassy media speculation about Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie, we’re all near the point of dismissing deus-ex-machina rumors about candidates out of hand.

But this one … doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

A Texas pol who is close to Perry has been telling a few key strategists that the nation’s longest-serving governor sees a vacuum and is waiting to be summoned into the race. This source believes that could happen by late summer. Without fellow Southerners Haley Barbour or Mike Huckabee in the race — and with Newt Gingrich’s early troubles raising further doubts about the current lineup — there could be a glaring niche for Perry to fill.

According to another well-connected Republican, at least one Perry confidant has been very quietly making inquiries about the political terrain in the nation’s first voting state of Iowa. A third Perry associate, RCP has learned, has been heralding a small contingent of Iowans with the time-tested line that is often used by would-be candidates who are leaving their options open: “Keep your powder dry.”

Perry’s aides have long made it clear that the tough-talking Texan, who succeeded George W. Bush in Austin in 2000, would not seriously entertain the idea of mounting a White House run before the state’s legislative session finishes at the end of this month. That date is now less than two weeks away, and the 2012 presidential field remains fluid…

Perry’s presidential prospects may ultimately be contingent on the decision made by the only GOP White House hopeful who can boast a resume and home state that is large enough to mess with Texas: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Perry shares Palin’s dexterity with the simple, tough-talking language that tends to fire up the tea party faithful and is similarly adept at connecting on a human level that comes across as decidedly anti-politician, despite his more than a decade in the governor’s mansion.

Yes, I am still supporting Cain 100% but, of all the other options out there, Perry is likely my favorite

*VIDEO* The Mark Levin Show: Why Jeb Bush Should Never Be President

Charlie Crist a man with no conscience

Charlie is the perfect example of what American voters are fed up with. He is a guy who will say ANYTHING, tell any lie, change any position, to get elected. He has no interest in serving his constituents, he is, instead all about power! 

Political sleeze at its worst. Charlie Crist was interviewed by the Palm Beach Post editorial board. Crist went for low blows against his republican opponent Marco Rubio calling him a “radical right” politician that has the “fringe views” of those in the tea parties. He also called Rubio a “Jeb Bush Republican” in dire hopes that the Bush label might work in this election cycle against Rubio, and curry favor to his campaign.

So, he condemns Rubio as a “Jeb Bush Republican. Yet, he labeled himself, not that long ago, a “Jeb Bush Republican”.

Charlie, come on, can’t you even summon the integrity to stick to one lie? But at least you did get ONE THING  right.

To the Palm Beach Post‘s credit, they did not let Crist get away with labeling Rubio a Jeb Bush Republican”

Crist hasn’t become a full-throated Bush basher.

“He did a good job,” Crist said of Bush during his Post interview.

Afterward, Crist was asked about his former “Jeb Bush Republican” self-description.

“Yeah, well, that’s changed,” Crist said. “I think Jeb and I both agree on that. I’m not even a Republican.”

Yes, Charlie, that is right! Fact is you have shown yourself to be nothing but a bag of lies.