Chester Cheetah Enters Perfume Category With Launch Of Cheeteau, New Fragrance For Spring 2014 (Video)

Chester Cheetah Enters Perfume Category With Launch Of Cheeteau, New Fragrance For Spring 2014 – PR Newswire

The Unexpected, Yet Undeniably Cheesy Scent Will be Available to Chester Cheetah Fans beginning April 1.


This spring, international socialite, media personality and Cheetos brand spokes-cheetah Chester Cheetah, triumphantly enters the perfume category with the introduction of Cheeteau, a prestige fragrance that celebrates the irreverent, intriguing and playful nature of the iconic feline with a scent bold enough to excite and delight. Cheeteau will be available beginning April 1 for a limited time.

Distinctive yet timeless, playful yet refined, Cheeteau offers a frisky blend of bold notes bursting with sensual, cheesy aromas that unveil an enchanting bouquet reminiscent of the popular snack that catapulted this star to global fame.

“My fans are always telling me they love it when Cheetos dust lingers on their lips and fingers, keeping the deliciously cheesy scent around a little longer,” said Chester Cheetah, official spokes-cheetah of the Cheetos brand. “So this spring, I’ve decided to bottle the iconic aroma so that the pleasure of Cheetos is never farther than a spray away.”

To support the launch, Cheeteau will be part of an extensive marketing campaign including a digital video and print ad featuring Chester Cheetah. The campaign leverages Chester’s presence as an iconic pop culture personality to spread the word of the fragrance. For more details on Cheeteau, follow @ChesterCheetah on Twitter, or visit


About Cheeteau

Cheeteau is the inaugural fragrance by famed Cheetos brand spokes-cheetah, Chester Cheetah. Inspired by the popular snack, the scent also boasts buttery notes, accents of sharp cheddar and a touch of lemon for balance, perfect for evening or day wear. Learn more about Cheeteau by visiting

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New Chocolate Flooring Now Available At BuildDirect (Video)

New Chocolate Flooring Now Available – BuildDirect

Introducing BuildDirect’s Chocolate Sensation Handscraped Classic Collection.


The BuildDirect Chocolate Sensation Handscraped Classic Collection is a revolution in modern floors where you can literally taste the quality!

This tasty line of products represents true industry innovation. We’re offering samples of our newest line of actual, bona fide chocolate floors that not only complement your surrounding décor, but also make for a comforting (literal!) flavor and texture all on its own.

The BuildDirect Chocolate Sensation Handscraped Classic Collection offers:

* Richly colored and aromatic chocolate floors designed for appreciators of interior style, and high-quality confectionary

* Lovingly hand-poured premium quality cocoa-based handscraped planks

* A variety of colors to appeal to the designer’s eye, and the chocolate lover’s taste buds; milk, white, and dark

* Revolutionary surfaces that will add a built-in conversation piece to your property


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New From Domino’s: The Edibox

New From Domino’s: The Edibox – Domino’s

We are ridiculously excited to announce the launch of the #DominosEdibox, a world first in snackaging innovation.


So here’s the story behind the box: we found out recently, through conducting customer surveys, that the crust is overwhelmingly the most popular part of the pizza experience, and also that the majority of Domino’s devotees crave extra crust once they’ve finished their meal. These findings, along with our love of surprising people and pushing boundaries, led us to the Edibox. With every future Domino’s delivery, you’ll see the Edibox upgrade option: double the dough to enjoy alongside double the glorious garlic and herb dip. And the best bit? You won’t have to fight to fit that square box into a round bin – this is a waste-free dining experience.

Sarah from Scousecran, a renowned foodie blog up in Liverpool, was involved in the development of the box, from conception all the way through to the final working prototype. We caught up with her on the eve of the launch, and here’s what she had to say: ‘It’s been such a blast being involved in developing the Edibox. It was a pretty tough task – pizza dough is known for being particularly tricky to handle – so we had to be super patient and work together as a team. But what we’ve created is fantastic: it’s fun, eco-friendly and filling. What more could you ask from a pizza box? I can’t wait to hear what people think of it.’

Share this post with your friends and pop your comments in the space below – we’d love to hear your feedback. Join in the conversation using the hashtag #DominosEdibox on Facebook and Twitter.

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New 3-D Printed Membrane Can Keep Heart Pumping Indefinitely; May Prevent Heart Attacks

Membrane That Can Keep Your Heart Pumping Forever And Possibly Prevent Heart Attacks – Daily Mail

Scientists have created an external membrane using a 3-D printer than can keep a heart beating virtually forever.

The thin membrane is elastic, designed to stretch over a heart like a glove, and is outfitted with tiny electrodes that monitor cardiac function – it was first demonstrated as a proof of concept on a rabbit heart.

Researchers at both the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Washington University published the astonishing breakthrough in Nature, and hope it will someday help prevent heart attacks in humans.


It is about 10-15 years away from being made available to humans, but the revolutionary device might be a long-term solution to these normally catastrophic events.

The team told Gizmodo’s Sploid that they were able to custom fit it to the rabbit’s heart by using computers to scan it’s surface area and put together a mold for the membrane.

They then put it together and wove it with a spider web-like network of electrodes that interact with the rest of the body to regulate heart beat – it’s light years ahead of a pacemaker.

‘This artificial pericardium is instrumented with high quality, man-made devices that can sense and interact with the heart in different ways that are relevant to clinical cardiology,’ researcher John Rorgers said.


Those sensors track tissue movement and use the signals the nervous system, would normally send to the heart to regulate pulse.

This methodology allows the device to keep the heart beating even when a heart attack or arrhythmia occurs.

‘When it senses such a catastrophic event as a heart attack or arrhythmia, it can also apply a high definition therapy,’ biomedical engineer Igor Efimov told St. Louis Public Radio.

‘It can apply stimuli, electrical stimuli, from different locations on the device in an optimal fashion to stop this arrhythmia and prevent sudden cardiac death.’

The electrical stimuli regulate the heart’s movement, which means blood will keep flowing and more people will keep living.

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Obama Campaign Bundler Chosen As New Ambassador To Norway Apparently Knows Nothing About Norway

Obama’s Ambassador To Norway Fumbles Basic Questions About Norway – Truth Revolt


The next US ambassador to Norway, George Tsunis bundled $500,000 for President Obama in 2012, apparently knows nothing about Norway. Questioned by Senator John McCain about the anti-immigration Progress Party, which has now joined the ruling coalition, Tsunis had no idea what McCain was talking about. McCain asked for his thoughts; Tsunis replied, “You get some fringe elements that have a microphone and spew their hatred. And I will tell you Norway has been very quick to denounce them.”

That is untrue. They are part of the ruling coalition, as McCain quickly pointed out.

Tsunis then replied, “I stand corrected. I would like to leave my answer at…it’s a very, very open society and the overwhelming amount of Norwegians and the overwhelming amount of people in parliament don’t feel the same way.”

Tsunis also referred to Norway’s “president,” although the country has no president, since it is a constitutional monarchy.

The Norwegian newspaper The Local commented, “Future US envoy displays total ignorance of Norway.”

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Check Out Smith & Wesson’s Massive New Handgun, The .460 Caliber ‘Backpack Cannon’ (Video)

The Backpack Cannon: Smith & Wesson Unveil Their New Monster Revolver… ‘ A Great Gun For A Back-Up Gun Or For Hunting’ – Daily Mail

Gun Manufacturers Smith & Wesson have unleashed their newest revolver: a monster .460 caliber handgun which they say is ‘great for a back-up gun, or for hunting’.

Named the ‘Backpack Cannon’, the gun was unveiled in Las Vegas on Monday at the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade show, the largest gun show in the U.S., which around 60,000 gun fans attend every year.

The cannon – officially named the Performance Center Model .460 – features a three-inch barrel, high visibility sights and synthetic shock absorber on the rear of the handle, as well as a massive chamber to fit the gigantic .460 caliber rounds, which are some of the biggest and most powerful bullets in the world.



Paul Pluff, who works for Smith & Wesson told ‘It’s a very comfortable gun to shoot. It’s great for a back-up gun in the back-country, or even for hunting if you’re going after some pigs or hogs or anything like that.’

Smith & Wesson acknowledges that revolvers have been replaced by high-capacity semi-automatic rifles when it comes to self defense, often taking the place of ‘second-choice’ among potential gun owners.

But the company says they think that their new revolver will make a nice companion for those that enjoy outdoor activities.

The company suggests that avid outdoorsmen could carry the gun in their backpack in case their main armament fails.

And the huge caliber of the revolver means it could also be used to fend off bears.





In addition to the plethora of attachments that aid targeting and shooting, the gun is also compatible with several forms of ammo, able to carry .454 Casull rounds and .45 Long Colt ammo, both of which pack a significant punch. gave a favorable review to the handgun, saying ‘there is still a place for weapons like this especially if you like camping where the critters are big enough to eat you.’

At $1,200 (£730) the gun is much more expensive than your average handgun.

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Texas Election Turnout Nearly Doubles Under New ID Law, Dispelling Leftist Voter Suppression Myth

Voter Turnout In Texas Nearly Doubles Under New ID Law – Daily Caller


The first Texas elections under a contentious new photo ID law drew interesting conclusions for an off-year election that normally draws a low amount of voters.

There were nine proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution, and the number of votes tallied was nearly double what it was in 2011. Democrats and civil rights groups have long argued that voter ID requirements suppress turnout, particularly in poor and minority communities.

All nine measures were approved during this election, and dealt primarily with taxes and state budgets, according to Ballot Pedia.

Taxes and state budgets were also the most popular ballot measures for 2011, but the voter ID law had not been passed during that election.

Statewide, an average of about 672,874 Texans voted on those 10 constitutional amendments in 2011. In 2013, the number of votes cast in Texas reached 1,099,670.

In Hidalgo County, which is 90 percent Hispanic, just over 4,000 voted in the constitutional amendment election in 2011. In 2013, an average of over 16,000 voted according to the Texas secretary of state’s office.

Greg Abbott, the Republican attorney general and likely governor nominee, stated that critics of the voter ID law had “run out of claims” about those struggling to vote without an ID.

That hasn’t stopped opponents of the voter ID law from continuing their mission to get the law thrown out. The Houston Chronicle reports that the Justice Department, civil rights groups and U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey have filed a federal lawsuit to get the law overturned.

Abbott has asked for the case to be thrown out, calling the whole situation “overhyped.”

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New Invention Harvests Electricity From Background Radiation

New Invention ‘Harvests’ Electricity From Background Radiation And Could Be Used To Beam Power To Remote Locations Or Recharge Phones Wirelessly – Daily Mail

Engineers at Duke University have designed a breakthrough gadget that ‘harvests’ background microwave radiation and converts it into electricity, with the same efficiency as solar panels.

The development, unveiled on Thursday, raises exciting possibilities such as recharging a phone wirelessly and providing power to remote locations that can’t access conventional electricity.

And the researchers say that their inexpensive invention is remarkably versatile. It could be used to capture ‘lost’ energy from a range of sources such as satellite transmissions, sound signals or Wi-Fi.


The Duke engineers used metamaterials, which their press release describes as ‘engineered structures that can capture various forms of wave energy and tune them for useful applications.’

They say the device harvested microwaves with an efficiency of 36.8 percent, similar to modern solar cells that capture light energy.

A report that will appear in the journal Applied Physics Letters in December states that this invention is capable of converting microwave signals to enough direct current voltage to recharge a cell phone battery.

The gadget, created by undergraduate engineering student Allen Hawkes, graduate student Alexander Katko and lead investigator Steven Cummer, consists of five fiberglass and copper conductors wired together on a circuit board.

It is capable of providing 7.3V of electricity. As the press release points out, current USB chargers provide around 5V.

Hawkes said: ‘We were aiming for the highest energy efficiency we could achieve. We had been getting energy efficiency around 6 to 10 percent, but with this design we were able to dramatically improve energy conversion to 37 percent, which is comparable to what is achieved in solar cells.’


His colleague, Katko, added: ‘It’s possible to use this design for a lot of different frequencies and types of energy, including vibration and sound energy harvesting.

‘Until now, a lot of work with metamaterials has been theoretical. We are showing that with a little work, these materials can be useful for consumer applications.’

Possible uses for the new technology include building metamaterial into homes to ensure Wi-Fi signals are not just lost.

Electrical products could also have a device attached to increase efficiency by ensuring that excess power is not wasted.

In theory, the invention could also be used to beam signals from phone towers that could then be converted into electricity.

Electronic devices could be recharged wirelessly or electricity sent to remote areas without power cables.


The researchers explained that a series of the power-harvesters could even capture signals from satellites passing overhead.

This could allow for electricity in hostile environments such as mountaintops or deserts. Cummer said: ‘Our work demonstrates a simple and inexpensive approach to electromagnetic power harvesting.

‘The beauty of the design is that the basic building blocks are self-contained and additive. One can simply assemble more blocks to increase the scavenged power.’

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*AUDIO* Mark Steyn Discusses The New Obamacare Website



New Census Report Leaves ‘Obama Recovery’ Mythology In Shambles

New Census Report Leaves ‘Obama Recovery’ Mythology In Shambles – Independent Journal Review

Nearly every economic metric for 99% of the American public has shown a nation worse off over the last five years, as a recently released Census report illustrates.


CNS News lays bare that the ‘Obama recovery‘ that continues to be hyped in the mainstream media is a figment of the imagination – a false narrative that continues to be pushed for no other reason than to support the president. But the human wreckage is devastating, and the shattered lives keep mounting:

During the four years that marked President Barack Obama’s first term in office, the real median income of American households dropped by $2,627 and the number of people in poverty increased by approximately 6,667,000, according to data released today by the Census Bureau. [...]

The Census report builds upon a record that includes a 35-year low in labor force participation rate, an explosion of food stamp usage to 47,760,000 participants (up over 10,000,000 since Oct. 2009), 4 million who have left the workforce to go on disability, and a 43-year low for median net worth. An excerpt from a November 2012 article at CBS citing that last statistic is worth repeating here:

The median net worth of American households has dropped to a 43-year low as the lower and middle classes appear poorer and less stable than they have been since 1969.

According to a recent study by New York University economics professor Edward N. Wolff, median net worth is at the decades-low figure of $57,000 (in 2010 dollars). And as the numbers in his study reflect, the situation only appears worse when all the statistics are taken as a whole.

The current declining unemployment rate of 7.3% comes after the creation of 169,000 jobs in August (part-time, temp and full-time); but 312,000 left the labor force. Black unemployment has resumed to nearly twice white unemployment levels at 13.4%; former President Bush’s average black unemployment rate was 9.7%, while President Obama’s thus far is at a depression-level 14.9%.

These fairly ugly unemployment numbers have come as 9.6 million have left the workforce, giving them a politically desirable cosmetic boost. Additionally, of the 2.2 million net jobs created since 2009, seven times as many part-time as full-time jobs have been created. It should be noted that the decline in the labor force to approx. 144,500,000 is due not only to the inability to find work, but because of retiring Baby Boomers.

According to the Social Security Administration, there are currently 62.7 million beneficiaries on Social Security and/or Disability, and 41 million of those beneficiaries are age 65 and older. The number of workers-per-beneficiary dropped from 3.7 in 1970 to 3.2 by 2010, and is projected to drop to 2.6 by 2020: which would be a drop of 30% over 50 years.

Additionally, the Affordable Care Act legislation that was pitched as reducing the debt will add by the GAO’s calculation and Medicare actuary confirmation $6.2 trillion in long-term debt while creating economic disruption in one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

It is one thing to want great things for the country; it’s quite another to pay for them – as Greece, Spain and the Netherlands are finding out the hard way. This is all another way of saying we are placing an insurmountable burden of debt on future generations’ shoulders as the debt ceiling fight over a $16.7 trillion credit limit looms.

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New Ultra-High Definition TV Used In Hilarious Meteor Catastrophe Prank (Video)

Crazy Video! New TV Is So Good It Was Used To Trick People Into Thinking A Meteor Hit Earth – Gateway Pundit

This video is a must see. The newest high resolution televisions hitting the market today display an image so realistic that one of them was used to convince people that a meteor was smashing into earth just outside the “window”. Hilarity/panic ensues.


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New Election Law In North Carolina Requires Voter ID, Bans Same-Day Registration

NC Gov. Signs Voter ID Law – Daily Caller

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed a far-reaching election reform bill into law Monday.

The new law will require voters to present a valid photo ID at the polls, shorten early voting to 10 days, and eliminate pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds. It also does away with straight ticket voting and same-day registration.


“Common practices like boarding an airplane and purchasing Sudafed require photo ID and we should expect nothing less for the protection of our right to vote,” McCrory said in a statement, arguing that requiring a photo-ID is “a common sense idea.”

WRAL noted that there was no signing ceremony for the legislation.

The photo ID requirement will take effect in 2016, and while left leaning groups and politicians have argued against such laws, polls have shown that North Carolinians favor them by relatively large margins.

In July, Attorney General Roy Cooper – by letter and petition – urged McCrory to veto the legislation, calling it “regressive” and arguing that it would end in a legal battle, specifically from the Department of Justice.

“With a veto, you can encourage more people to be involved in the political process, stop this bad public policy, and prevent the confusion and cost of a legal battle,” Cooper wrote in a letter to McCrory.

In an op-ed published at Raleigh’s News & Observer Monday, McCrory argued that the reforms he signed into law “will protect the integrity of one of the most precious rights guaranteed in our state constitution, the right to vote.”

“These and other reforms will strengthen the integrity of North Carolina’s election process,” he continued. “Protecting the sanctity of every vote cast is among the most important duties I have as governor and is why I signed these protections into law.”

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*AUDIO* Mark Levin Discusses Several Aspects Of His New Book ‘The Liberty Amendments’

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George Zimmerman Haters Gain New Ally… Iran

Iran Blasts Zimmerman’s Acquittal In U.S. – FARS

Iran deplored the recent court verdict acquitting U.S. security guard George Zimmerman who killed unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin as a blatant example of racial discrimination.


Last week, a court in the U.S. found Zimmerman not guilty over Martin’s death. Several thousand people marched from Union Square to Times Square in New York after Zimmerman’s exoneration.

“The acquittal of the murderer of the teenage African American once again clearly demonstrated the unwritten, but systematic racial discrimination against racial, religious and ethnic minorities in the US society,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Araqchi said.

He noted that the court ruling has also seriously put under question the fairness of the judicial process in the United States.

“Several months on since a probe was launched (into the murder), the public opinion in the U.S. and across the world expect transparency, an accurate and fair judicial investigation into the case, with due regard to human rights principles for American citizens and a ban on discrimination against minorities in the country,” Araqchi added.

The public views the court ruling as a follow-up to similar incidents such as the suspicious murder of the grandson of former African American Muslim leader Malcolm X, which the U.S. judicial system failed to probe, Araqchi stated.

He said Tehran advises the U.S. government and its judiciary to “seriously abide by” the country’s international and human rights obligations, “particularly with respect to minorities,” and to take practical steps to put an end to its discriminatory conduct.

Zimmerman claimed the fatal shooting, which took place on February 26, 2012, in a small Florida town, was in self-defense.

The controversial ruling sparked angry protest rallies across the U.S., during which protesters burned American flags and held signs reading, “We are all Trayvon Martin,” among other slogans.

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Stuck On Stupid: Obama Taps Author Of Failed Stimulus Bill As His New Chief Economist

Obama Taps Author Of Failed Stimulus Bill As His New Chief Economist – Weasel Zippers

It’s almost like he purposely seeks out bad advice.


Via USA Today:

President Obama will announce on Monday that he’s tapping longtime economic adviser Jason Furman to be the next chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, according to a White House official.

The appointment of Furman, who had previously been identified as the leading candidate for the job, will be announced officially by the president on Monday afternoon, according to the official who asked not to be identified because the president has yet to make the announcement. [...]

During his time in the White House, he helped shape the president’s stimulus program at the beginning of Obama’s first term, and he was a core contributor to the shaping of the president’s health care law. More recently, he played a public role in warning that the $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts that went into effect in March could cause dire consequences for the economy.

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New Undercover Abortion Clinic Video Sparks Pro-Life Furor: ‘They Will Not Resuscitate’

New Undercover Abortion Clinic Video Sparks Pro-Life Furor: ‘They Will Not Resuscitate’ – The Blaze

Live Action’s undercover “Inhuman” series continues to deliver stunning video that adds to the perception that the murderous allegations against Dr. Kermit Gosnell may be unfolding in other abortion practices across America. The third clip was captured at Family Planning Associates Medical Group, a Phoenix, Arizona-based clinic. In it, pro-life advocates charge that a clinic counselor named Linda can be observed claiming that medical professionals would not resuscitate a baby born alive during an abortion.

When an undercover investigator went into the clinic with a hidden camera, she was given information about the procedure by at least two staff members – both are featured in the video. Linda, the counselor, noted that a digoxin injection into the belly is the best way to stop the baby’s heartbeat and to prevent suffering during the procedure, although she told the pregnant investigator that having the abortion without the drug is also an option. If the expectant mother chose the latter option, Linda said that the “there could be movement” on the part of the baby.


The undercover mother continued her questioning about babies born alive and there’s no doubt that the counselor’s responses will likely be disturbing to pro-lifers. Of particular note, the medical professional admits that some children do come out alive during the procedure.

“Sometimes they are [alive], yeah. But it doesn’t – it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come out whole,” Linda explained. “Cause they use suction, plus they use instruments so sometimes the fetuses don’t come out – you know, it’s not complete…”

From there, the investigator asked, “But if it does come out whole… I mean, are – will they resuscitate it? Like, will I have to take care of it?” It was at this point that Linda responded, “Uh-uh… No… They will not resuscitate.”

While some outlets have taken this to mean that the baby would not be cared for if born alive, the term “resuscitate” is multifaceted and somewhat problematic. In a sense, it seems to indicate that the baby would not be brought back from apparent death. If taken from the mother dead, though, then it would appear the clinic is not in violation if it refuses to “resuscitate.” But if born alive with complications and a need for assistance, the requirements would obviously be different.

Perhaps the more problematic dialogue is captured is depicted below, as it seems to indicate that life sometimes persists after birth – and the natural question is: What does the clinic do to try and save the baby’s life at that point? (we don’t get an indication either way based on the dialogue):

Counselor: Well, if they don’t use the digoxin, they’ll just, uh, suction the baby and it’s possible that there may be movement as they’re taking out the fetus.

Investigator: Like, movement after?

Counselor: Mhmm.

Investigator: And then what happens?

Counselor: Well, then usually it stops on its own.

During the woman’s interview with another individual at the clinic, Dr. Laura Mercer, it was made clear that the preferred option and intention is to “induce a demise – an intrauterine demise.” This would mean that the child would be killed before undergoing the removal portion of the procedure.

“We do the injection, which is a quick poke through your belly, um, and that stops the fetal heart, so that makes it so, if you were to deliver, there shouldn’t be movement,” the doctor explained. “There shouldn’t be any of those things.”

Mercer also warned the woman not to go to an emergency room if she goes into labor during the multi-day abortion procedure. Rather than going to a hospital – where they will treat the baby as though it is wanted alive by the mother – she said that the clinic should first be called.

“They would intervene and do all kinds of crazy things that you don’t need to have done to you,” the doctor said of how a hospital would treat the pregnancy.

Watch the shocking video below (warning: graphic content and themes):

Live Action founder Lila Rose believes that the clinic is in violation of federal law, purportedly the “Born Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002,” which defines a “‘person’, ‘human being’, ‘child’, and ‘individual’” to “include every infant member of the species homo sapiens who is born alive at any stage of development.” It mandates the protection of those babies who are born alive. Again, though, the issues mentioned above do leave some questions unanswered.

“The testimony we’ve documented in this abortion facility strongly suggests that staff there are committing infanticide,” said Rose of the most recent clip. “The Family Planning Associates Medical Group needs to be investigated immediately, and delicensed. Women are at risk during these brutal procedures, and this is a matter of life and death for these children.”

This investigative video comes after a Washington, D.C.-based abortion doctor said that he, too, would not help a baby born alive and similarly-troubling comments were made at a Bronx, New York, doctor’s office as well. These revelations come as the jury continues to deliberate in the Gosnell abortion case (full coverage of that can be found here).

In the past, TheBlaze has explored the journalistic standards and ethics surrounding undercover videos. The central question is: Is it ever permissible to lie to get the truth? While some would quickly answer affirmatively, it’s a challenging dynamic – and one that deserves scrutiny.

Experts have a variety of opinions, but the general consensus is that, unless deceit is the only option to retrieving information of monumental importance to the public, lying to obtain it is not ethical journalistic practice. There are, of course, differing ideas on how this dynamic unfolds. In 2011, Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard told TheBlaze that these rules do not apply to those outside of media.

“It’s dishonest for anyone in journalism to pretend to be someone they’re not. This rule doesn’t apply to folks outside the profession,” he said at the time.

But not everyone agrees with this assessment. Poynter has developed a list of standards for when it is – and is not – appropriate to use undercover tactics. And read more about TheBlaze’s exploration of undercover journalistic standards here.

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The New Zombie Perfumes Are Here!

Would You Want To Smell Like A Zombie? New Scent Inspired By The Living Dead, Contains Notes Of ‘Mildew, Moss And Wine Dregs’ – Daily Mail

A top perfumery has launched a scent inspired by the living dead.

The Demeter Fragrance Library explains that its colorless, Zombie For Him cologne smells like ‘forest floor’, with notes of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth.

And the women’s version is slightly ‘lighter’, with the additional aroma of dregs ‘from the bottom of the wine barrel for that feminine touch.’

Testers at Curbed Media described that the zombie fragrance smells ‘like a bag of grass… but not in a nice summery way’ and ‘potpourri your grandma would have in her bathroom.’

However one said that they were pleasantly surprised by the odor, and it wasn’t ‘nearly as undead as I would have expected.’

Demeter, which was founded in 1993 by Christopher Brosius and Christopher Gable, is known for its unusual product selection.

Mr Brosius explains on the website that the scent library ‘consists of more than 250 different fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences.’

‘We are the physical and literal manifestation of “stopping to smell the roses,” convincing people to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful smells that surround us all the time,’ he adds.

Previous releases include Steam Room, which one Amazon reviewer explains smells like a ‘sweaty old man’, and Crayon, which is meant to evoke memories of opening a ‘new box of Crayolas… on your first day of school.’

Over the years the New York-based firm has also attracted a celebrity fan base.

Its Gin and Tonic concoction is said to be a favorite of actress, Drew Barrymore.

While Clint Eastwood , Sharon Stone, and Kate Moss are partial to Dirt – a scent made to smell exactly like earth ‘from the fields’.

The Zombie scent, priced at $20 for a 30ml bottle, will only be available from March 15 through April 20 on the Demeter website.

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*VIDEO* Judge Napolitano Speaks Out Against New Unconstitutional Law Banning Protests Wherever Secret Service Is Present


New Form Of “Physical Therapy” For British Nursing Home Residents Provided By… Hookers!

Care Home Inviting In Prostitutes For Residents Is Under Investigation – The Sun

Prostitutes have been invited to a care home to have sex with disabled residents – sparking an investigation by the council.

Hookers regularly go for “special visits” at Chaseley nursing home in Eastbourne, Sussex.

They meet residents in a special room and a red sock is put on the door handle so staff know not to disturb them.

Bosses say many physically and mentally disabled people have no other sexual outlet – and become so frustrated they often resort to groping staff.

Care workers say the “sex surrogates” are “therapeutic” and experts claim they are a ”basic human right”.

But East Sussex County Council has launched an urgent investigation into possible “exploitation and abuse” of vulnerable people.

Sue Wyatt, Chaseley’s manager, has confirmed prostitutes are welcomed at the home and said they are ordered by a “third party consultant”.

Mrs Wyatt said: “People have needs, so sometimes we might need to set up a room in a certain way. We are there to help.

“We use a private consultant who arranges everything. They are an independent person who works in the home. She puts people in touch with people.

“We respect our residents as individuals so that’s why we help this to happen.”

The practice at the home was revealed by its former manager Helena Barrow.

She said: “The fact is sex workers are allowed by law to sexually enable people but care workers are not.

“So, if someone asked, we would often call in a professional, someone trained to do that. It’s known as the resident’s ‘special visit’.

“If you have a resident who is groping staff, one way of resolving that problem is to get a sex worker in who is trained to deal with that situation.

“But most of the time, these are people who feel frustrated by a primeval need they cannot fulfil.

“So we would help them with the phone, dial the number, or use the computer to contact someone who could help.

“If we refused, we would not be delivering a holistic level of care.”

Mrs Barrow, who now manages another care home in St Leonards, Sussex, insisted residents always paid for the call girls themselves.

Staff would then put a “special red sock” on the door handle to make sure the couple were not disturbed before checking on them every 15 minutes.

On one occasion, local strippers were invited into the home to perform a “special show” for residents.

Chaseley is an ex-military nursing home which now houses a mix of residents whose places are funded by private arrangements or by social services.

A spokesman for East Sussex County Council said the local authority had been unaware of Chaseley’s policy of inviting prostitutes on site and “did not welcome” the idea.

He said: “We will examine our concerns through the Pan-Sussex Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding Adults at Risk.

“This has the potential to place vulnerable East Sussex residents at risk of exploitation and abuse.”

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