Boston College Wide Receiver Alex Amidon Gives Up Chance To Play In The NFL To Become A Navy SEAL

Boston College Football Player Gives Up Chance To Play In The NFL To Become A Navy SEAL – Weasel Zippers

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Boston College wide receiver Alex Amidon, who finished his career in 2013 as the school’s leading career receiver, has decided to bypass a potential NFL future and instead try to become a Navy SEAL.

BC Interruption reported the news on Thursday.

Amidon (6-foot, 182 pounds) was not invited to the NFL Scouting Combine but still had the potential to be a third-day pick. Amidon finished his career with a school-record 191 receptions for a school-record 2,792 yards and 15 TDs. He had 78 receptions in 2012 and 77 in 2013; those are the two best single-season marks in school history.

Amidon, from Greenfield, Mass., was a first-team All-ACC pick in 2012 and a third-team selection in 2013.

While not considered a burner, Amidon had been clocked as fast as 4.42 seconds in the 40; he was effective both as a deep threat – information from shows that he had five catches of 50-plus yards in 2013 and 18 of 30-plus yards in 2012 and ’13 combined – and over the middle for BC.

Amidon roomed with tailback Andre Williams, who led the nation in rushing in 2013 and was a Heisman finalist. The two were co-winners of the Thomas Scanlan Award, considered BC’s highest football honor. It goes to the senior who is most outstanding in scholarship, athletic ability and leadership.

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*LIVE STREAMING* NFL: NFC Conference Championship – Seattle Seahawks Vs. San Francisco 49ers – 01/19/14 – 6:30pm ET

Sunday – January 19th – 6:30 p.m. ET








*LIVE STREAMING* NFL: AFC Conference Championship – Denver Broncos Vs. New England Patriots – 01/19/14 – 3pm ET

Sunday – January 19th – 3:00 p.m. ET








2014 NFL Playoffs – Round 3 (Conference Championships)

Sunday – January 19th – 3:00 p.m. ET

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Ed’s Pick:


Sunday – January 19th – 6:30 p.m. ET

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

Ed’s Pick:


2014 NFL Playoffs – Round 2 (Divisional)

Saturday – January 11th – 4:30 p.m. ET

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks

Ed’s Pick:


Saturday – January 11th – 8:00 p.m. ET

Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots

Ed’s Pick:


Sunday – January 12th – 1:00 p.m. ET

San Francisco 49ers @ Carolina Panthers

Ed’s Pick:


Sunday – January 12th – 4:30 p.m. ET

San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos

Ed’s Pick:


Colts Beat Chiefs In 2nd Biggest NFL Playoff Comeback Ever

Colts Complete 2nd-Largest Comeback In NFL Playoff History Vs. Chiefs – SB Nation

Andrew Luck has been held in contrast to Peyton Manning since entering the league in 2012, but the second-year quarterback cemented his own legacy on Saturday when he lead the Indianapolis Colts to one of the largest comebacks in NFL history against the Kansas City Chiefs.


Indianapolis looked dead and buried when the team trailed by 28 points early in the third quarter. Luck was out of sync with his receivers, throwing three interceptions. The Chiefs’ defense got regular pressure and the Colts lacked a reliable run game to steady their quarterback.

Suddenly things started to change.

A 10-yard rushing touchdown by Donald Brown was quickly followed by a sack-fumble and another Colts touchdown. The Chiefs answered back with a field goal, only to see Indianapolis score two more touchdowns in five minutes – the first came on a pass to Coby Fleener and the second on a wholly remarkable fumble recovery by Luck.

The reeling Chiefs needed offensive consistency, but only were met with injuries. The losses of Jamaal Charles, Donnie Avery and Knile Davis forced the team to lean on rookies and depth players to get them through the team’s most important game in three years. A 64-yard pass to T.Y. Hilton was the backbreaker, and the Chiefs couldn’t match it.

Indianapolis’ 28-point comeback is second only to the 1993 Buffalo Bills, who came back from 32 points against the Houston Oilers. Now there’s a new chapter in Luck’s NFL story in one of the most dramatic playoff wins in recent memory.

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Saints Beat Eagles, Earn 1st Road Playoff Victory In Franchise History – SB Nation

The New Orleans Saints earned their first road playoff victory in franchise history on Saturday with a 26-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. They’ll advance to the divisional round of the playoffs, where they’ll take on the Seattle Seahawks in what might be the league’s toughest and most hostile environment.

While the Saints will surely be underdogs in Seattle, this is a big milestone for the New Orleans organization. Before Saturday, the Saints had lost all five of their previous playoff games on the road.

A couple of those losses were close – a 36-32 game against the San Francisco 49ers in the 2011 season, and a 41-36 loss to the aforementioned Seahawks in the 2010 season – but the rest were fairly one-sided games. New Orleans fell twice to the Chicago Bears, 39-14 in the 2006 and 16-6 in 1990, its first ever road playoff game. The Saints had a 36-16 loss in Minnesota in 2000.

This is significant today because this team has been notably better at home. This has been discussed for some time, with particular emphasis on quarterback Drew Brees and how he performs better in the conditions of a dome. New Orleans put up a 3-5 record on the road this season, while sporting a perfect 8-0 mark at the Superdome.

Brees struggled early in Saturday’s game, throwing two interceptions in the first half. Whether or not he would have thrown those picks at home isn’t really the point, though. What matters is that the Saints won this one, and now have the ultimate road test ahead of them in Seattle.

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2014 NFL Playoffs – Round 1 (Wild Card)

Saturday – January 4th – 4:30 p.m. ET

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts

Ed’s Pick:


Saturday – January 4th – 8:00 p.m. ET

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles

Ed’s Pick:


Sunday – January 5th – 1:00 p.m. ET

San Diego Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals

Ed’s Pick:


Sunday – January 5th – 4:30 p.m. ET

San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers

Ed’s Pick:


Have you seen the Super Offensive Super Bowl ad banned by the NFL?

My patience with the NFL is wearing thin. From not allowing Rush Limbaugh to be part of a ownership group, to the inane rules no one can understand, to the often mediocre product on the field, and oddly enough, the increasingly sanitized and awful Super Bowl ads, to this bit of PC

By the way, the company offered to switch the company logo that appears at the end of the spot for an American flag. The NFL still ruled the ad “offensive”

According to a statement from FOX to Daniel Defense, “Unfortunately, we cannot accept your commercial in football/Super Bowl spots due to the rules the NFL itself has set into place for your company’s category.”

The NFL’s Advertising Policy addresses several Prohibited Advertising Categories, including guidelines for ads featuring alcohol, video games, movies, prescription drugs, and, of course, firearms.

The firearms portion of the NFL’s Prohibited Advertising Categories states:

“5. Firearms, ammunition or other weapons are prohibited; however, stores that sell firearms and ammunitions (e.g., outdoor stores and camping stores) will be permitted, provided they sell other products and the ads do not mention firearms, ammunition or other weapons.”

According to these guidelines, Daniel Defense’s Super Bowl commercial does not violate NFL policy for two reasons:

  • Daniel Defense has a brick-and-mortar store, where they sell products other than firearms such as apparel.
  • The commercial itself does not mention firearms, ammunition or weaponry.

While Daniel Defense’s commercial does not mention firearms, it does include a logo of their DDM4 rifle at the very end.

When the NFL denied the ad, Daniel Defense immediately offered to replace the DDM4 logo with an American flag and/or the words “Shall not be infringed.”

The NFL replied with another non-negotiable denial.

Allowing teams to shill for ObamaCare, though? That is OK of course, but an ad that talks about basic liberties and responsibilities? OFFENSIVE!


Doug’s NFL picks Week 5

Week 4 9-6

Season Standings 40-23

Thursday Night

Bills 2-2 at Browns 2-2

Sunday Games 1:00

The winner will be 3-2, which in today’s NFL means they will be in the Playoff hunt. The Bills are fresh off a thumping of the Ravens, and the Browns have won two straight after trading Trent Richardson and benching Brandon Weeden. Make it three in a row tonight

Pats 4-0 at Bengals 2-2

The Pats just keep winning, the Bengals just keep finding ways to set NFL unis back twenty years. Pats win

Lions 3-1 at Pack 1-2

This might be the year the Lions finally break out, but not this week, Packers win

Ravens 2-2 at Dolphins 3-1 The Dolphins got whacked Monday night in New Orleans, but that happens a lot on that city, this week the Ravens get mugged in Miami

Seahawks 4-0 at Colts 3-1

Best game of the week? It could well be. A Superbowl preview? how the Hell would I know I am only 17-14 in the last two weeks. But, Colts win a close one

Saints 4-0 at Bears 3-1

The Saints hope to go undefeated, the Bears will crush that hope

Eagles 1-3 at NY Giants 0-4

The Eagles looked great in the first half of the first game, but since then their new fast offense has averaged a loss every 18 seconds. Giants win

Chiefs 4-0 at Titans 3-1

Andy Reid is on track for coach of the year, and the Chiefs win a close contest. Is it too much to ask the Titans to bust out their old Oiler unis this week? 

Jags 0-4 at Rams 1-3

The Rams are bad, but the Jags are uglier than their helmets. Rams win

Sunday Games 4:00

Panthers 1-3 at Cards 2-2

Can I be honest here? No one will watch this game, no one cares, but Panthers will win any way

Broncos 4-0 at Cowboys 2-2

The Cowboys are on their win one, lose one formula headed to another 8-8 year. Peyton Manning is on a different level. 

Sunday Night

Texans 2-2 at Niners 2-2

Two teams that should have better records. Two teams that REALLY need a win. Hmmm, I will go with the Niners

Chargers 2-2 at Raiders 1-3

The good news for Oakland is that the A’s are in the playoffs. The bad news for Oakland is they get their starting QB back. The worse news for Oakland? That QB is Terrell Pryor. Chargers win

Monday Night

Jets 2-2 at Falcons 1-3

The Jets are 2-2, headed for 3-13, the Falcons are 1-3 headed for 11-5. Falcons roll!


Dougs NFL picks Week 4

Week 1 11-5

Week 2 12-4

Week 3 8-8 (UGH)

Season 31-17

Week 4

Time to rebound after an awful week 3

Thursday Night Niners over Rams. Easy pick, and yes, I forgot to do this Thursday before the game, so sue me

Sunday 1:00 games

Ravens 2-1 vs Bills 1-2

No reason the Ravens should lose, but this is the NFL so you just never know. So, take the Ravens, and strippers with champagne bottles

Cards 1-2 at Bucs 0-3. the Bucs should be 2-1, the Cardinals should still be in St. Louis. take the Bucs and their new QB

Steelers 0-3 vs Vikings 0-3. Let’s see two winless teams playing in England. Who wins? Steelers Who loses, fans in the UK

Giants 0-3 at Chiefs 3-0. Are the Giants really 0-3? Are the Chiefs really 3-0? Why the Hell not? Chiefs win

Colts 2-1 at Jags 0-3. Yes the Colts will win, we all know that. The real question is will the Jags ever finish painting their helmets?

Seahawks 3-0 at Texans 2-1. Best game of the day? Possible Superbowl preview? Why do sports reporters always ask those stupid questions? Here are your answers to those burning questions. Yes. No. Because they think they are supposed to. Texans win

Bengals 2-1 at Browns 1-2. The BATTLE of OHIO! No, just an easy Bengal win

Bears 3-0 at Lions 2-1. Are the Lions finally ready to take that next step? At home against the Bears I say yes

4:00 games

Jets 2-1 at Titans 2-1. What is more shocking? The Jets being 2-1 or the Titans being 2-1? Or that some people will actually CHOOSE to watch this game. Titans win

Redskins 0-3 at Raiders 1-2. What a great game this would have been in 1982 or 1983. Oh well, Redskins get off the winless list

Eagles 1-2 at Broncos 3-0. Odd fact #1. Chip Kelly left the Ducks and college football’s most dynamic offense to coach the Eagles who have the footballs most obnoxious fans. Odd fact #2 today Chip Kelly gets to see up close what it is like to get steamrolled by  a great offense. Broncos big!

Cowboys 2-1 at Chargers 1-2. The Cowboys cannot win, or lose more than one game in a row, and the injury bug has descended upon them, so the Chargers win. That is the bad news for Dallas. The worse news is that yet another incredibly awful post-game presser by Jerry Jones awaits after the game.

Sunday Night! Ah Carrie Underwood!

Pats 3-0 at Falcons 1-2. The Pats are lucky to be 3-0, and the Falcons are unlucky to be 1-2. Look for Atlanta to bury the Pats

Monday Night. Dolphins 3-0 at Saints 3-0. Are the Dolphins for real? Maybe. Are the Saints going to be 4-0? Yes!




Doug’s NFL picks for week 3

Week 1 11-5

Week 2 12-4

Season 23-9

Now to this weeks games

Thursday Night

Chiefs 2-0 at Eagles 1-1 

I gotta go with the Eagles at home, and for Andy Reid to get booed by the classless Eagle fans

Sunday 1:00 games

Texans 2-0 at Ravens 1-1. 

Tough call, but I think the Super Bowl hangover continues, Texans

Giants 0-2 at Panthers 0-2

As much as I would love to say the 0-3 NY Giants, I think the G men rebound this week

Lions 1-1 at Redskins 0-2

Can RG3 get the Skins going? Can their defense stop anyone? No, Lions win

Chargers 1-1 at Titans 1-1

No one knows what these two teams are yet. The Chargers could easily be 2-0, the Titans could be as well. The Titans are at home, the Chargers are more talented. Let’s go Titans

Cards 1-1 at Saints 2-0.

Let me say it like this, Saints big!

Bucs 0-2 at Pats 2-0

The Bucs are the team least deserving of being 0-2, the pats the least deserving of being 2-0, so of course Pats win likely in a fluky fashion

Packers 1-1 at Bengals 1-1. The Packers  are legitimate contenders, the Bengals are the worst dressed team in the NFL not named Jaguars. So I am going with the contender over the fashion felonies

Rams 1-1 at Cowboys 1-1

One thing about the Cowboys, they rarely lose two in a row. Of course, they rarely win two in a row either, but they beat the Cleveland LA St. Louis Cardinals ah Rams

Browns 0-2 at Vikings 0-2

An early matchup in the race for the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Vikings roll. Cleveland is on the clock

Sunday 4:15 games

Falcons 1-1 at Dolphins 2-0

Apparently those newly redesigned Dolphin Unis with the fierce Dolphin are working. But Atlanta still wins

Bills 1-1 at Jets 1-1

The NFL is warning fans who are sensitive to bad football to avoid this game at all costs, sadly, I have to pick someone. And that someone is the Jets

Colts 1-1 at 49ers 2-0

The 49ers should win a close one

Jags 0-2 at Seahawks 2-0

The Jags will play in new helmets with 0-16 painted on them. Seattle will cuise

Sunday Night

Bears 2-0 at Steelers 0-2

Do not ask if the Bears are good enough to be 3-0, ask if Pittsburgh is bad enough to be 0-3. No way I can go against the Steelers here

Monday Night

Raiders1-1 at Broncos 2-0

The REAL question is not who wins, but if the Broncos put up 40 plus points again. Broncos big

Now, where the Hell were Ed’s pick last week?



Doug’s NFL picks Week 1

I vow to kick Ed Daley’s backside this year! Here we go

Broncos Bash Ravens

Pats Pound Bills

Seahawks soar past Panthers

Da Bears Best Da Bengals

Browns Batter Dolphins

Lions Maul Vikes

Colts Clobber Raiders

Chiefs Chop Jags 

Bucs Blast Jets

Saints Stun Falcons

Steelers  stomp the Titans

Rams Roast Cards

Niners Pound the Pack

Cowboys corral the Giants

Redskins rap the Eagles

Chargers charbroil the Texans

So we differ in five games, whoever does better (ME) in those wins the week


2013 NFL Draft Picks – Rounds 4 Through 7

Click HERE to view results of ROUND 1.

Click HERE to view results of ROUNDS 2 & 3.


Note: for the following 4 rounds, I have only posted the draft picks of last season’s playoff teams. They are the Bengtals, the Texans, the Broncos, the Colts, the Patriots, the Ravens, the Vikings, the Packers, the Redskins, the Seahawks, the Falcons and the 49ers.

Click HERE for all other draft results.


Patriots – Boyce, Josh – WR – 5’11″ – 206 – TCU – 72.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A very “Belichickian” pick for the Patriots. Boyce had an injury that dropped him down boards, but he is a great down-the-field pick who reminds me a lot of the Aaron Dobson pick from Day 2. Doubling down on a big need is a path toward success for a team that is already in contention.” – Grade: B+

Packers – Bakhtiari, David – OT – 6’4″ – 299 – Colorado – 70.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Great pick and great value for Ted Thompson (redundancy alert!). I think Bakhtiari has upside as a left tackle, but I’ve been told that some teams had him as a top center in this draft class. Others had him as a top guard.” – Grade: A-

Bengals – Porter, Sean – LB – 6’1″ – 229 – Texas A&M – 71.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Bengals wanted depth in the linebacking corps, and Porter is a good prospect who can chase in pursuit as well as blitz the QB from both the interior and the exterior. Great depth for an already-great defense.” – Grade: B

Redskins – Thomas, Phillip – S – 6’0″ – 208 – Fresno St. – 74.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Another defensive pick for the Redskins, who needed a lot of help in their defensive backfield. Thomas has a better chance to start early on than their first pick, David Amerson. Thomas has good athleticism and great ball skills.” – Grade: A

Vikings – Hodges, Gerald – LB – 6’1″ – 243 – Penn St. – 72.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Great fit for Hodges who could come in and start as a middle linebacker by year two in Minnesota. They’re desperate for a player there and are lucky Hodges fell to them. He’s a heady defender and a great young man to add to the locker room. It’s a bit of a reach, in my opinion, but I definitely understand what they saw in him.” – Grade: A-

Colts – Holmes, Khaled – C – 6’3″ – 302 – USC – 71.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Holmes was my top-rated zone-blocking center in this draft class. In a non-ZBS scheme, I wouldn’t have touched him until the seventh, but in the Colts’ scheme, he should be fantastic. They had a need at the position and picked up the perfect player to fill it. I think he starts in his first year because of where he landed.” – Grade: A

Packers – Tretter, J.C. – OT – 6’4″ – 307 – Cornell – 64.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Tretter has been on a lot of lists as a “small school stud,” but I never saw it up close or on tape. He’s a tweener in the worst sense of the word, and I’m not sure he’ll ever find a starting position on even the Packers offensive line. Think they could’ve gotten a better player at guard in Round 5.” – Grade: C-

Seahawks – Harper, Chris – WR – 6’1″ – 229 – Kansas St. – 68.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I think Harper ends up as one of the better receivers on the Seahawks roster. He caught everything at Senior Bowl practices and has a little Percy Harvin in his game, as he has enough body size to line up at a bunch of different places. I love his physicality down the field.” – Grade: A

Texans – Williams, Trevardo – DE – 6’1″ – 241 – Connecticut – 66.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Another great pass-rushing prospect for Houston. This is a reach for the Texans, but they clearly have a “type” in this class. Williams will need to stick on special teams to get a lot of burn, but in a rotation at outside linebacker, he’ll provide a little spark once he warms up to the NFL game.” – Grade: B

Packers – Franklin, Johnathan – RB – 5’10″ – 205 – UCLA – 72.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Think the Packers targeted a certain position this offseason? “Jetski” Franklin is one of my favorite young men in this draft class and a fantastic football player. I know of a few teams that had second-round grades on Franklin, and I thought he could potentially sneak into the first. Great pick even if it wasn’t a great need.” – Grade: B+

Falcons – Goodman, Malliciah – DE – 6’4″ – 276 – Clemson – 67.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is a rotational pass-rusher for a team that was looking for an eventual starter, which I’m not sure Goodman can ever be. That said, he’ll provide them some burst on third downs and could be useful in a “NASCAR” pass-rushing front.” – Grade: B+

49ers – Patton, Quinton – WR – 6’0″ – 204 – Louisiana Tech – 83.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I wasn’t alone when I thought Patton could’ve snuck into the first two rounds. Big hands that he’s able to get up both down the field and across the middle. He is physical, uses his body well and can play inside and out. Impressive pick from a team that’s had a bunch of those in this draft.” – Grade: A+

Ravens – Simon, John – DE – 6’1″ – 257 – Ohio St. – 70.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Simon is smaller than Paul Kruger, but he reminds me a little bit of the player the Ravens lost this offseason. He doesn’t have a true position in either a 3-4 or a 4-3, but the Ravens have gotten where they are by finding roles and molding that type of player. A reach, in my opinion, but I hate to argue with Ozzie Newsome.” – Grade: B+

Ravens – Juszczyk, Kyle – FB – 6’1″ – 248 – Harvard – 53.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A nice H-back prospect for the Ravens, who love smart, high-character players. More than just a great Scrabble play, Juszczyk is an athletic player who can catch the ball. He won’t play FB over Vonta Leach, but he’ll be a nice Swiss Army knife for Joe Flacco and that offense.” – Grade: B+

49ers – Lattimore, Marcus – RB – 5’11″ – 221 – South Carolina – 74.9
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Goodness gracious… The Niners aren’t playing around today and grabbed a player who could end up being the best running back in this class. He’s such a fantastic talent, but leg injuries have made some question if he’ll ever make an impact. They have the ability to sit him and even put him on the IR his rookie year if he’s not healthy.” – Grade: A+

Falcons – Toilolo, Levine – TE – 6’8″ – 260 – Stanford – 66.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Off of 2011 tape, Toilolo is a value pick, but some thought he could fall much later after a disappointing 2012. Tall and athletic, the Falcons will hope Tony Gonzalez rubs off on him, and Toilolo reaches some of that untapped potential.” – Grade: C+


Seahawks – Williams, Jesse – DT – 6’3″ – 323 – Alabama – 85.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Knee injuries concerned teams enough to drop him to this point, but Williams has first-round talent. He’ll end up as the “elephant” end on the Seahawks and provide a lot of nastiness to a defense that is already full of it.” – Grade: A

Seahawks – Simon, Tharold – CB – 6’2″ – 202 – LSU – 70.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A tall corner? For Seattle? Consider me shocked! Simon is a perfect fit for the Seahawks defense. I think it’s a reach and he has some off-the-field concerns, but it isn’t a surprising selection.” – Grade: B

Colts – Hughes, Montori – DT – 6’4″ – 329 – Tennessee-Martin – 68.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “An absolute physical specimen for a nose tackle prospect. There aren’t many people at his size and his athleticism in this draft class. If his effort level is what it should be, he could start by year two and rotate in right away.” – Grade: B+

Broncos – Smith, Quanterus – DE – 6’5″ – 250 – Western Kentucky – 75.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Fantastic, athletic edge-rusher, who is a long-term upside pick for a team that needs more help on the edge. The Broncos will have some time to bring him around.” – Grade: B

Falcons – Maponga, Stansly – DE – 6’2″ – 256 – TCU – 68.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Another high-upside pass-rusher for the Falcons. Maponga is a good athlete who needs a lot of polish before he contributes at the NFL level. Had a lot of high-impact plays at college and loves to strip the football from ball-carriers.” – Grade: B-

Redskins – Thompson, Chris – RB – 5’7″ – 192 – Florida St. – 52.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Not a fan of Thompson, but I’m not going to argue with the Shanahans taking a mid-round back. He has injury issues and may be a long-term project as a scatback.” – Grade: C+

Vikings – Locke, Jeff – P – 6’0″ – 209 – UCLA – #
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Don’t know why the Vikings need a punter with Chris Kluwe around, and Locke wasn’t even my highest-ranked punter (although I know some who had him above LSU’s Brad Wing). Seems like a wasted pick.” – Grade: D+

Bengals – Hawkinson, Tanner – OT- 6’5″- 298- Kansas- 54.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “”Hawk” is a great athlete and will have time to develop in Cincinnati. I had him a couple rounds later, but this is an upside selection.” – Grade: B-

49ers – Dial, Quinton – DE – 6’5″ – 318 – Alabama – 55.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is a potential replacement for Justin Smith down the road. Dial is very athletic but underwhelmed at times with so much talent around him at Alabama. He’ll have the same amount of talent around him in San Francisco.” – Grade: C+

Seahawks – Willson, Luke – TE – 6’5″ – 251 – Rice – 56.9
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Willson is a great athlete and would’ve been a top combine performer had he been invited. Rice has a history of producing good multifaceted tight ends, and Willson should have some upside down the road. Not sure I would’ve drafted him, however, let alone in the fifth.” – Grade: D

Packers – Hyde, Micah – S – 6’0″ – 197 – Iowa – 61.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “High-character guy with positional flexibility. He’ll end up contributing to the Green Bay Packers defense, but may always be a backup because the athleticism isn’t there.” – Grade: B-

Broncos – King, Tavarres – WR- 6’0″- 189- Georgia- 69.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I like King as a prospect. He has the quickness to be a slot receiver at the next level with a little more consistent quarterbacking. Will have an uphill climb on that roster.” – Grade: C+

Redskins – Jenkins, Brandon – DE – 6’2″ – 251 – Florida St. – 82.9
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A great athlete with some health and production issues. So, pretty much what we’ve come to expect out of a Florida State defender. In a few years, he could make in impact. The Redskins are doing a good job adding potential playmakers, but not sure they’ll help much in 2013.” – Grade: B-

Packers – Boyd, Josh – DT – 6’3″ – 310 – Mississippi St. – 69.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A good nose tackle in college, but probably doesn’t have the size to play there at the next level. The Packers love movable pieces on their front, and Boyd has good talent.” – Grade: B

Ravens – Wagner, Ricky – OT – 6’6″ – 308 – Wisconsin – 69.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A great right tackle prospect. He’ll allow Kelechi Osemele to play guard and fits in the Ravens’ physical style of play. Love this pick and wouldn’t be surprised if he starts in his rookie year.” – Grade: A


Broncos – Painter, Vinston – OT – 6’4″ – 306 – Virginia Tech – 51.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I don’t see Painter as a starter, but he can be down the road because of his athleticism. He’s actually a converted defensive tackle and could be a late-round gem if the Broncos have some patience with him.” – Grade: C+

Texans – Quessenberry, David – OT – 6’5″ – 302 – San Jose St. – 69.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A good but not great lineman who can play a few different positions. He passes the look test and has enough athleticism to succeed in the Texans’ zone-blocking scheme.” – Grade: B-

49ers – Moody, Nick – LB – 6’1″ – 236 – Florida St. – 50.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Played linebacker in college but has some snaps at safety as well. I think he’ll be a long-term special teamer and a backup in the defensive backfield.” – Grade: C

Bengals – Burkhead, Rex – RB – 5’10″ – 214 – Nebraska – 56.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Will probably be used as a fullback in Cincinnati and has good enough hands to help Andy Dalton as a security blanket. A productive runner, he could also see time in the backfield if BenJarvus Green-Ellis goes down.” – Grade: B

Redskins – Rambo, Bacarri – S – 6’0″ – 211 – Georgia – 61.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Good in-the-box safety against the pass game, but he is inconsistent against the run and launches himself, often missing tackles against stronger ball-carriers. He’ll be good depth and a core special teams player.” – Grade: B-

Colts – Boyett, John – S – 5’10″ – 204 – Oregon – 67.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Didn’t play much in 2012 thanks to a knee injury, but was incredibly productive in the previous years in Eugene. Was the Ducks’ leading tackler in 2011.” – Grade: C

Packers – Palmer, Nate – LB – 6’3″ – 240 – Illinois St. – 54.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Talented pass-rusher as a linebacker and even tried out as defensive end for a few teams. Had visited the Packers earlier this year.” – Grade: C+

Seahawks – Ware, Spencer – RB – 5’10″ – 228 – LSU – 59.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Fringe draftable grade on my board, but I have no idea how he sees the field on anything other than covering kicks.” – Grade: D

Texans – Bonner, Alan – WR – 5’10″ – 193 – Jacksonville St. – 50.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Productive receiver from a small school who may stick as a slot receiver. Don’t see him on the roster in three years, however.” – Grade: D

Vikings – Baca, Jeff – OG – 6’3″ – 302 – UCLA – 59.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A natural football player, Baca needs to spend more time in the weight room and on the practice field before he’s even a depth player for the Vikings.” – Grade: C-

Bengals – Hamilton, Cobi – WR – 6’2″ – 212 – Arkansas – 72.9
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Big-bodied receiver who has the skills to get deep but lacks elite speed. He’ll be a fourth or fifth wide receiver depending on their skill grouping.” – Grade: B-

Texans – Jones, Chris – DT – 6’2″ – 302 – Bowling Green – 55.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Will get a lot of sacks and tackles on pure effort, but he doesn’t have a lot of size or athleticism. Jones will provide good depth as a 3-4 DE.” – Grade: C-

Ravens – Lewis-Moore, Kapron – DE – 6’4″ – 298 – Notre Dame – 55.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Didn’t have a draftable grade because of a recent ACL injury. He’ll be a good player down the road, but he may need to be on the IR for his entire rookie season.” – Grade: C-

Texans – Griffin, Ryan – TE – 6’6″ – 247 – Connecticut – 51.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Great hands, but isn’t going to start at tight end because he’s too slight to block. The Texans have a lot of players like Griffin, so he may struggle to find snaps.” – Grade: C

Ravens – Jensen, Ryan – OT – 6’3″ – 317 – Colorado State-Pueblo – 63.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I had a Round 6-7 grade on Jensen, so this is a perfect landing spot for him. He fits as a backup right tackle, but could find some snaps at guard as well.” – Grade: B-


Vikings – Mauti, Michael – LB – 6’2″ – 243 – Penn St. – 71.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Excellent pick, as Mauti could end up as the starting MLB two or three years down the road. Injuries could keep him down through his pro career, but a great talent when he’s healthy.” – Grade: A

Vikings – Bond, Travis – OG – 6’6″ – 329 – North Carolina – 54.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Road grading offensive guard that fits the Vikings’ offensive system. This is another value pick and a great fit.” – Grade: B+

Packers – Johnson, Charles – WR – 6’2″ – 215 – Grand Valley St. – 50.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A big receiver (6’2″ 215) with good over-the-shoulder catching. Was very productive at a small level. Great upside, but it’s a numbers game on that Packers roster.” – Grade: B

Seahawks – Seymour, Ryan – G – 6’5″ – 300 – Vanderbilt – 50.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Productive lineman who played both guard and center for Vandy, he’ll end up as a long-term backup in the NFL.” – Grade: C+

Packers – Dorsey, Kevin – WR – 6’3″ – 210 – Maryland – 50.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Big receiver with great hands. Dorsey didn’t have a draftable grade, but this is the kind of time where teams like the Packers just need to make sure that they don’t let their targets get to free agency.” – Grade: C-

Patriots – Buchanan, Michael – DE – 6’5″ – 255 – Illinois – 69.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Terrific value for a team that can seriously use more pass-rushes. Buchanan was one of my favorite players at the Senior Bowl and I could see him contributing very quickly for the Patriots.” – Grade: A

Redskins – Jamison, Jawan – RB – 5’7″ – 203 – Rutgers – 71.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A good fit for the Redskins because of his one-cut running ability. He’s short, but not a very shifty runner.” – Grade: B-

Vikings – Dawkins, Everett – DT – 6’2″ – 292 – Florida St. – 71.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Great athlete but a marginal player because Dawkins plays with little-to-no instincts. This is a great upside pick for a seventh rounder.” – Grade: A-

Colts – Williams, Kerwynn – RB – 5’8″ – 195 – Utah St. – 56.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Short back, but thickly built, Williams reminds me of a poor man’s Ray Rice. Very productive and could see some burn this season for the Colts.” – Grade: B+

Seahawks – Powell, Ty – DE – 6’2″ – 249 – Harding – 68.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is incredible value and fit for a player who played at all three levels of the defense in college. Freakish athlete who could end up as a top player wherever the Seahawks play him.” – Grade: A-

Packers – Barrington, Sam – LB – 6’1″ – 246 – South Florida – 53.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Didn’t have a draftable grade on Barrington and I think he’s a better fit in a 4-3. Decent pass rusher and very athletic but better in pursuit and against the run.” – Grade: C+

Broncos – Dysert, Zac – QB – 6’3″ – 231 – Miami (OH) – 83.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Awesome value here for Dysert. Needs a ton of polish with his footwork, but he offers as much upside as Brock Osweiler. It will be a great competition once Peyton Manning retires.” – Grade: A-

Patriots – Beauharnais, Steve – LB – 6’1″ – 240 – Rutgers – 60.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “An average athlete, but a better linebacker—Beauharnais will fit in New England because he can play SLB in their 4-3 and ILB in their 3-4. Love him downhill against the run.” – Grade: B+

49ers – Daniels, B.J. – QB – 6’0″ – 217 – South Florida – 50.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Not a very talented passer, but room to grow with an above-average arm. He’ll probably have to cut his teeth as a practice squad player, but he works as a back up to Colin Kaepernick.” – Grade: D+

Ravens – Mellette, Aaron – WR – 6’2″ – 217 – Elon – 61.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Mellette has a great body control and decent hands but needs more speed and route-running polish before he’s a productive player.” – Grade: C-

Bengaks- Fragel, Reid – OT – 6’8″ – 308 – Ohio St. – 77.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Another athletic lineman and a player who easily could have gone two or three rounds higher. Fragel will be a great player in two or three years and could end up as the right tackle of the future.” – Grade: A-

Seahawks- Smith, Jared – DT – 6’3″ – 302 – New Hampshire – 52.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Another big lineman, Smith didn’t have a draftable grade on my board because he’s a below average athlete. Still, he’s got a lot of hustle that could easily keep him on the edge of an NFL roster as he acclimates to the NFL.” – Grade: C+

Seahawks- Bowie, Michael – OT – 6’5″ – 330 – NE Oklahoma St. – 50.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is a developmental right tackle pick who was an D2 Honorable Mention All-American. He played well at the Raycom All-Star Classic.” – Grade: B-

Falcons- Ishmael, Kemal – DB – 5’11″ – 206 – Central Florida – 50.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Central Florida’s all-time leading tackler, I could see Ismael as a core special teamer for a long time.” – Grade: C+

Falcons- Motta, Zeke – S – 6’2″ – 213 – Notre Dame – 71.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Motta is an underrated prospect and a typical Falcons high-character pick. Don’t see him as being more than a special teamer because he doesn’t have NFL athleticism.” – Grade: C

49ers- Bykowski, Carter – OT – 6’6″ – 306 – Iowa St. – #
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A lumberer, Bykowski is a right tackle only. I expected him to be a big target in undrafted free agency because he’s a tough player with strong hands.” – Grade: B+

Ravens- Anthony, Marc – CB – 5’11″ – 196 – California – 68.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A great nickleback prospect, I’m surprised Anthony wasn’t drafted in the fifth round. He’ll see the field on special teams this year and in subpackages starting in 2013.” – Grade: A-

Falcons- Renfree, Sean – QB – 6’3″ – 219 – Duke – 52.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is excellent value and I had a sixth-round grade on the David Cutcliffe-trained prospect. He and Connor Vernon set all sorts of records at Duke and Renfree should step up as a No. 2 QB for the Falcons.” – Grade: A-

Bengaks- Johnson, T.J. – C – 6’4″ – 310 – South Carolina – 59.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “ohnson was one of my last players with a draftable grade. Johnson is a smart player but doesn’t always play with that intelligence. He has the ability to make line calls, but his footwork and hand placement need a lot of work.” – Grade: B+

49ers- Cooper, Marcus – CB – 6’2″ – 192 – Rutgers – 50.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Another Rutgers corner with a bunch of size, Cooper has enough talent to play down the road, but needs to work on his balance in and out of his breaks. He could play safety as well.” – Grade: B-

Colts- Cunningham, Justice – TE – 6’3″ – 258 – South Carolina – 63.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Cunningham is a good fit for Mr. Irrelevant and could see some time as a third tight end for the Indianapolis Colts because he is such a great blocker.” – Grade: B+


2013 NFL Draft Picks – Rounds 2 & 3

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Jaguars – Cyprien, John – FS – 6’0″ – 217 – Florida International – 90.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Great opening pick for the Jaguars as they get a big, strong and physical safety to set the tone for their defense. I question if Cyprien will be great in deep coverage at the next level, because it is not something he’s done a lot of in college. However, he’s got the athleticism to be fantastic in that regard. In the box, though, he’s the best safety in the draft.” – Grade: A

Titans – Hunter, Justin – WR – 6’4″ – 196 – Tennessee – 81.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I’ve been pumping the need for another receiver in Tennessee for a while, and it’s shaping up to be a fantastic draft for Jake Locker who needs some assistance on the offensive side of the ball. Now, with Chance Warmack and Andy Levitre on the interior and Hunter joining Kendall Wright on the outside, the Titans should be able to do a lot more than just run Chris Johnson to death.” – Grade: A-

Eagles – Ertz, Zach – TE – 6’5″ – 249 – Stanford – 82.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Awesome fit for Ertz in Chip Kelly’s offense! He’s a sub-par blocker, but on the move, Ertz might be the best pure matchup threat in this draft class. He’ll be able to bust the seam and give extra room for the receivers on the outside. He doesn’t really replace Brent Celek, but is a fantastic complement that will see a lot of targets.” – Grade: A

Lions – Slay, Darius – CB – 6’0″ – 192 – Mississippi St. – 71.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Huge reach for the Lions and it’s not even at a position that is their greatest need. Slay steps in as the No. 2 cornerback on the roster and is a tall, lean prospect who isn’t going to be able to press as much as the Lions would like. Fantastic athlete, but needs to be a much better football player to prove he’s anything other than a huge reach at the top of Round 2.” – Grade: B-

Bengals – Bernard, Giovani – RB – 5’8″ – 202 – North Carolina – 84.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Bernard is a great complement to Benjarvus Green-Ellis who is a tough runner while Bernard has great vision and fantastic quicks in the open field. He’ll join Tyler Eifert (their first-round pick) in giving the Bengals a much more dynamic offense in 2013. Eddie Lacy is the better back in my opinion. Johnathan Franklin might be better as well, but Bernard is a great fit for the Bengals.” – Grade: B+

Chargers – Te’o, Manti – LB – 6’1″ – 241 – Notre Dame – 87.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Solid pick for the Chargers, though I’m not sure it was necessary to trade up to get him with other talented linebackers still on the board (Kevin Minter from LSU, for example). Te’o has limited upside in the NFL, but can be very good with his football intelligence and his quick reaction time. The steps he loses in terms of athleticism, he makes up for diagnosing plays quicker than anyone in this class.” – Grade: A-

Jets – Smith, Geno – QB – 6’2″ – 218 – West Virginia – 88.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “EJ Manuel might have more raw physical tools, but Geno Smith is the best quarterback in this draft class. The Jets should immediately start accepting low-ball offers for the rest of the QBs on their roster, because this is their franchise passer for the next decade. He offers more athleticism, arm strength and accuracy than Mark Sanchez and is a fantastic fit for a short-range, timing offense.” – Grade: A+

49ers – Carradine, Cornellius – DE – 6’4″ – 276 – Florida St. – 85.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The 49ers need another pass-rusher and Tank Carradine is a great addition. While he’ll spend a lot of time out on the edge, he can also put his hand down in the 3-4 as a rotational player on passing downs. He was the best pure pass-rusher on the board and is going to look great as a piece to that Pro Bowl-player-laden defense.” – Grade: A

Bills – Woods, Robert – WR – 6’0″ – 201 – USC – 83.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Woods is a prototypical high-end No. 2 receiver with good (but not great) hands, and the ability to take over games—although, had he done so more often at USC, he’d have gone last night. The fit is great next to Stevie Johnson in an offense that is going to look to get vertical early and often.” – Grade: A

Raiders – Watson, Menelik – OT – 6’5″ – 310 – Florida St. – 85.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Watson was the best offensive tackle left on a lot of boards and gives the Raiders a lot of flexibility on their offensive line. Look for them to keep Jared Veldheer at left tackle until Watson is healthy and eventually play the two side-by-side for a great blindside tandem.” – Grade: A

Buccaneers – Banks, Johnthan – CB – 6’2″ – 185 – Mississippi St. – 84.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I think there are better uses for a first pick than a No. 2 cornerback, but the Buccaneers clearly wanted to upgrade their defensive backfield this season. This pick moves Eric Wright to his rightful role in subpackages and gives the Buccaneers a lot more freedom to blitz and manufacture some pressure on opposing quarterbacks in the NFC South.” – Grade: A-

Panthers – Short, Kawann – DT – 6’3″ – 299 – Purdue – 80.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Wow, some Panthers fans might not be happy with doubling down on defensive tackles, but this is a great pickup and a fantastic fit next to Star Lotulelei. Luke Kuechly is a happy man this evening as he’ll have room to maneuver with two stud tackles in front of him. In a division with so much offensive talent, this is a defining pickup for the Panthers.” – Grade: A

Cardinals – Minter, Kevin – LB – 6’0″ – 246 – LSU – 84.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Great value and fit for the draft’s best interior linebacker. I question the need, however, as the Cardinals’ defense wasn’t the problem last season. This is a best player available pick and he should be good, so I’m not criticizing too much. Yet, the grade is a little lower than perfect because there were other needs to be filled.” – Grade: A-

Bills – Alonso, Kiko – LB- 6’3″- 238- Oregon- 67.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is a high-upside pick with plenty of room to be a huge bust. Mostly a blitzer up the middle, Alonso will look great behind that Bills defensive line and give quarterbacks something to worry about when they step up in the pocket.” – Grade: A-

Cowboys – Escobar, Gavin – TE – 6’6″ – 254 – San Diego St. – 79.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Escobar is going to be a great weapon in the Cowboys offense, but Jerry Jones needs to be removed from the room before Tony Romo finds a sharp object. How does anyone expect Romo to deliver the ball to these weapons with zero interior blocking – save a huge reach at center – and a right tackle that consistently does a great turnstile impression?” – Grade: B

Steelers – Bell, Le’Veon – RB – 6’1″ – 230 – Michigan St. – 71.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This would be a terrible pick if not for the need and the fit in the Steelers’ physical offense. The Steelers needed a back, and Bell fits their physical style. Still, he’s not even close to the best back on the board and this will probably be a pick they end up regretting.” – Grade: B

Giants – Hankins, Johnathan – DT – 6’3″ – 320 – Ohio St. – 83.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Love this pick for the Giants as they struggled to get pressure up the middle last season. On a defense that is predicated around pressure, that’s a huge reason they weren’t able to get back to the playoffs. Hankins will provide pocket-collapsing pressure up the middle and allow the ends to be a lot more productive.” – Grade: A

Bears – Bostic, Jon – LB – 6’1″ – 245 – Florida – 62.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is Brian Urlacher’s replacement? He’s not going to make anyone forget about Urlacher, but he’ll be a terrific run-stopper in the middle of the Bears defense and is a clear sign that the middle linebacker in Chicago won’t spend as much time in coverage as the position used to.” – Grade: B+

Redskins – Amerson, David – CB – 6’1″ – 205 – N.C. State – 74.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “After trading up for Robert Griffin III last year, the Redskins defense was a year behind and needs to add a bunch of talent on every level if they want to keep up with the trajectory of their offense. Amerson is a reach in my opinion, but he’s a prospect the Redskins know well who can be a huge steal if he plays like he did in 2011. His 2012 tape, however, says that he should’ve gone a round later.” – Grade: A-

Patriots – Collins, Jamie – LB – 6’3″ – 250 – Southern Miss – 68.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This pick makes a lot of sense for the Patriots, and Collins is a player I really like. He fits their hybrid scheme and will play both end and outside linebacker. He’ll help the Patriots’ pass rush almost immediately.” – Grade: A

Bengals – Hunt, Margus – DE – 6’8″ – 277 – SMU – 75.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Bengals already have a great front-four and could’ve used this pick on a number of defensive back prospects. Instead, they get a player without a real position in their defense who will need to find either a great weight-gain plan to become an interior rusher or learn to get lower as he rushes around the edge.” – Grade: B-

Dolphins – Taylor, Jamar – CB – 5’11″ – 192 – Boise St. – 85.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Dolphins needed another cornerback after Sean Smith left, and Taylor had a higher grade on my board than Desmond Trufant or Johnathan Banks. He’s physical, athletic and has great ball skills. He’s been one of my favorite players since the Senior Bowl, and Dolphins fans will learn to love him as well.” – Grade: A

49ers – McDonald, Vance – TE – 6’4″ – 267 – Rice – 76.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “A No. 2 tight end might seem like a bit of a luxury, but the 49ers love the dual-tight end set and lost Delanie Walker this offseason. While many projected Zach Ertz to the Niners earlier, McDonald is the better blocker and more of an H-back who can line up at multiple positions. Great pick.” – Grade: B+

Ravens – Brown, Arthur – LB – 6’0″ – 241 – Kansas St. – 90.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Wow, the rich get richer! This is a great player to take over for Ray Lewis and a player who fell down draft boards for really no good reason—much like Lewis did when they drafted him. This is terrific value, and he already looks great in purple.” – Grade: A+

Texans – Swearinger, D.J. – S – 5’10″ – 208 – South Carolina – 81.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is the Texans’ starting strong safety in 2014 and beyond as Ed Reed continues to decline. Until then, this is a great depth pick and Swearinger will probably end up playing in nickle and dime packages – as well as on special teams.” – Grade: A-

Broncos – Ball, Montee – RB – 5’10″ – 214 – Wisconsin – 75.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Broncos needed a bell cow this offseason and Ball is a true workhorse. (Mixed zoological metaphors for the win!) Ball won’t see a ton of carries in the Peyton Manning-led offense, but when Ball gets the ball, he’ll deliver.” – Grade: A

Patriots – Dobson, Aaron – WR – 6’3″ – 210 – Marshall – 71.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Dobson isn’t the highest receiver left on my board, but this is a terrific pick. It’s also one I’ve made for the Patriots in quite a few mocks. Dobson is a great down-the-field receiver and has great hands and body control. He’ll become what Brandon Lloyd was supposed to be.” – Grade: A

Falcons – Alford, Robert – CB – 5’10″ – 188 – Southeastern Louisiana – 81.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Falcons draft board must have been someone’s defensive back rankings, because they’re adamant at shoring it up at all costs. Alford is a solid player with decent upside. He won’t start until 2014 (if then), and the Falcons have bigger needs. Still, love the player and his ball skills.” – Grade: A-

Packers – Lacy, Eddie – RB – 5’11″ – 231 – Alabama – 82.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Packers will never ask Lacy to carry the ball as much as Nick Saban did, and the only reason Lacy fell is because teams were worried he had already worn too much tread off of his tires. This is a great value as I had this exact pick in my last mock draft… in the first round.” – Grade: A+

Seahawks – Michael, Christine – RB – 5’10″ – 220 – Texas A&M – 71.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Can’t believe Johnathan Franklin wasn’t the pick here if it was going to be a back. Also, this shouldn’t have been a back. With Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin, adding a speedster might be intriguing, but the Seahawks have much bigger needs on offense. The redeeming quality here is that Michael is a great fit in the zone-blocking scheme. Otherwise, I wouldn’t want any part of him. He has poor vision and will often grab big chunks of yardage in one play, but run into tackles the rest of his carries.” – Grade: C+


Chiefs – Kelce, Travis – TE – 6’5″ – 255 – Cincinnati – 80.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is a pick I’ve had mocked to the Chiefs at the end of the third round, but it works here because tight ends went off the board a little earlier than expected. Honestly, the only reason Kelce wasn’t drafted higher is because of off-the-field issues. He reminds me of Brent Celek who played under Andy Reid in Philadelphia.” – Grade: A-

Jaguars – Gratz, Dwayne – CB – 5’11″ – 201 – Connecticut – 62.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “There’s no mystery here about what the Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to do. Another big, strong defensive back to help emulate what the Seattle Seahawks have built under Pete Carroll. The scheme is set and the fit is fantastic. Gratz picked up steam after the combine and it’s no surprise the Jaguars coveted him. Things are looking up in Northern Florida.” – Grade: A

Lions – Warford, Larry – OG – 6’3″ – 332 – Kentucky – 88.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Great pickup for the Lions as many considered this a possible target for a round earlier. Warford shines on tape, but opened a lot of eyes at the Senior Bowl when he was one of the most agile offensive linemen and did extremely well throughout the week. He’ll step right in at RG and start from day one.” – Grade: A

Raiders – Moore, Sio – LB – 6’1″ – 245 – Connecticut – 68.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Moore will provide a huge upgrade to the Raiders pass rush from the linebacker position. He’ll need some help over the top in coverage and is a work-in-progress against the run, but in terms of pressuring the quarterbacks of the AFC West, this is a great selection.” – Grade: A

Eagles – Logan, Bennie – DT – 6’2″ – 309 – LSU – 78.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I know a lot of media analysts that had Logan higher than I did, but I think this is a serious reach for the Eagles. As they switch to a 3-4 defense, however, this is a great fit. Logan can play both nose tackle and defensive end.” – Grade: B

Browns – McFadden, Leon – CB – 5’10″ – 193 – San Diego St. – 80.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Good pick for the Browns who need a corner opposite Joe Haden pretty badly. Along with Barkevious Mingo from the first round, McFadden will help shore up a Browns defense that was already taking big strides last year and had a good free agency period. McFadden will also likely return kicks.” – Grade: B+

Cardinals – Mathieu, Tyrann – CB – 5’9″ – 186 – LSU – 73.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “You play to win your division and the Cardinals just got a great player to track down the newest St. Louis Rams weapon – Tavon Austin. Mathieu is a nickle corner. He will not be anything more than that. Yet, in an NFL that utilizes a slot receiver more and more, Mathieu might as well be considered a starter. If he keeps his nose clean, he can be great.” – Grade: A-

Titans – Wreh-Wilson, Blidi – CB – 6’1″ – 195 – Connecticut – 77.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Titans didn’t desperately need a corner, but with the additions they’ve made on the offensive side of the ball already in this draft, a depth pick on defense is understandable. Wreh-Wilson had a third-round grade on my board. He’s tall and has great skills in zone coverage.” – Grade: A-

Rams – McDonald, T.J. – FS – 6’2″ – 219 – USC – 66.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “While Rams fans likely wanted a safety earlier, McDonald is a great pick here. Jeff Fisher will send him heading downhill where McDonald is a vicious hitter. He’s a little stiff in coverage, but he’s a perfect in-the-box safety for a team with lots of good ball skills in the secondary.” – Grade: A

Jets – Winters, Brian – OG – 6’4″ – 320 – Kent St. – 71.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Winters isn’t one of my favorite players in the draft, but after Warford he was the best guard available and the Jets need some help on the right side of the line. They’ll look to run early and often behind Winters who should step in as a starter right away at either guard or possibly tackle.” – Grade: A-

Buccaneers – Glennon, Mike – QB – 6’7″ – 225 – N.C. State – 79.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Glennon will get his shot to compete with Josh Freeman who lives in Greg Schiano’s doghouse. There is a bunch of offensive talent and Glennon has the arm (if not the decision making or accuracy) to make big plays.” – Grade: B+

Cowboys – Williams, Terrance – WR – 6’2″ – 208 – Baylor – 83.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Seriously, Jerry Jones? Stop. Just stop. This is a terrible pick on a team with so many offensive weapons already. It’s proof that Jones shouldn’t be scouting tape and he certainly shouldn’t be making personnel decisions. Get a real lineman – one that you’re not reaching two rounds for. Williams is going to get lost in the shuffle as the Cowboys’ third (or fourth) receiver.” – Grade: C-

Saints – Armstead, Terron – OT – 6’5″ – 306 – Arkansas-Pine Bluff – 84.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This wasn’t a need pick for the Saints who are OK at left tackle, but Armstead could easily overtake Charles Brown by 2014. He’s a freak athlete who should be a plus pass-protector at the next level. He dominated everything in the pre-draft process – a must for small-school prospects.” – Grade: A-

Chargers – Allen, Keenan – WR – 6’2″ – 206 – California – 86.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Huge pick for the Chargers as they get a position they need with a player who had a fringe first-round grade on a lot of people’s boards. On my personal list, he was my top wideout. He fell because of some lingering injury issues, but when healthy, he can be a stud in this offense. He’s a possession receiver with enough ball skills to still be a great target downfield.” – Grade: A

Dolphins – Thomas, Dallas – OT – 6’5″ – 300 – Tennessee – 82.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Dolphins certainly needed a lineman in this draft, but I’m worried that Thomas is too slow-footed and too much of a tweener to really separate himself from the pack. At best, he could start for the Dolphins by 2014 at either guard or tackle. At worst, he’s an NFL journeyman who will consistently be a liability.” – Grade: B+

Bills – Goodwin, Marquise – WR – 5’9″ – 183 – Texas – 68.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Love Marquise Goodwin as a prospect because he’s not just a deep threat with his speed. While that’s really all he did at Texas other than a bunch of designed runs, he has the polish to run a decent crossing route and can leave defenders in his dust once the ball is in his hands. Adding a player with Goodwin’s speed was a luxury after taking Robert Woods, but this offense should be fun to watch in 2014 and beyond.” – Grade: B+

Steelers – Wheaton, Markus – WR – 5’11″ – 189 – Oregon St. – 81.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I had WR as a need for the Steelers and a second-round grade on Wheaton. This is a great pick and he fits with the receiver pieces the Steelers already have. While Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown head deep, Wheaton should dominate the middle of the field. He’ll start over one of those two sooner rather than later.” – Grade: A

Cowboys – Wilcox, J.J. – FS – 6’0″ – 213 – Georgia Southern – 77.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “OK, I’ve been ragging on Jerry Jones, but this is a solid pick—if a bit of a reach. Wilcox has the athleticism (but not the acquired skills) to cover the deep middle and is extremely physical. He shined during Senior Bowl practices and has a lot of upside. Will not be an immediate impact player, however.” – Grade: B+

Giants – Moore, Damontre – DE – 6’4″ – 250 – Texas A&M – 87.9
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Oh, look… another pass-rusher for the New York Giants. Like I said with their last selection, they couldn’t get as much pressure as they wanted last season, so this is an understandable pick on a team that has the time to bring Moore along slowly and plenty of mentors to teach him the finer points of pass-rushing.” – Grade: A

Saints – Jenkins, John – DT – 6’4″ – 346 – Georgia – 81.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “One of my favorite picks of Day 2. This is the starting nose tackle for the Saints new 3-4 – possibly for the next decade. As the pivot point, Jenkins is going to make life a lot easier for just about everyone on the Saints defense.” – Grade: A

Patriots – Ryan, Logan – CB – 5’11″ – 191 – Rutgers – 69.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Patriots need depth at cornerback and Ryan has the potential to become a starter for them down the road. As a tall, physical player, Bill Belichick may be tempted to move him to safety.” – Grade: B+

Bengals – Williams, Shawn – S – 6’0″ – 213 – Georgia – 74.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “It’s a really deep safety class and the Bengals reached for a player I wouldn’t have touched for another round or more. I don’t think he cracks the starting lineup and will have to contribute on special teams early on.” – Grade: B

Redskins – Reed, Jordan – TE – 6’2″ – 236 – Florida – 80.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Don’t understand this pick for the Redskins as tight end might never be a focal point for their offense and Logan Paulsen was more-than-adequate with Fred Davis sidelined. It fits, because Reed is a lot like Davis as a matchup threat, but I don’t see him getting a lot of burn in Washington. They had much bigger needs. ” – Grade: B-

Colts – Thornton, Hugh – OG – 6’3″ – 320 – Illinois – 67.9
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Colts need a lot of offensive line help, and this is a good fit. While I think this is a really big reach, Thornton has more value for zone-blocking teams and should be able to play sooner rather than later because of the fit.” – Grade: B+

Seahawks – Hill, Jordan – DT – 6’1″ – 303 – Penn St. – 64.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Good pick here for the Seahawks as they look to rotate heavily with flexible pieces along the defensive line. Hill has enough talent that he could easily start as the 1-Tech tackle early on in his career.” – Grade: B+

49ers – Lemonier, Corey – DE – 6’3″ – 255 – Auburn – 71.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Complete luxury pick so the grade drops even though I’m a huge fan of the selection. The 49ers traded up to get another fantastic pass-rusher who can rotate in and put a ton of pressure on the NFC West passers. The Niners are having one of the best drafts this year.” – Grade: B+

Texans – Williams, Brennan – OT – 6’6″ – 318 – North Carolina – 71.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “It’s a complete reach, but this is probably the right tackle of the future for the Texans. Great fit in the zone-blocking scheme and he has enough athletic upside to be that guy in year two.” – Grade: B+

Broncos – Webster, Kayvon – CB – 5’10″ – 195 – South Florida – 52.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is a pretty big reach for an athletic defensive back prospect who may or may not start at any point in his career. I had a draftable grade on Webster, but as a long-term backup. He has the athletic tools, and one can see how cut he is, but he’s not beating out Rahim Moore or any of the cornerbacks.” – Grade: C

Patriots – Harmon, Duron – S – 6’1″ – 200 – Rutgers – 50.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Of course New England was going to take a defensive back that most of us have never heard of. Harmon has good size and can run, but they could’ve gotten him rounds later – if not after the draft.” – Grade: D+

Rams – Bailey, Stedman – WR – 5’10″ – 193 – West Virginia – 79.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey? I’m now a St. Louis Rams fan. Great pick and Sam Bradford is going to have a lot of fun getting the ball to these two in the open field.” – Grade: A-

Dolphins – Davis, Will – CB – 5’11″ – 186 – Utah St. – 71.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This pick has all the markings of a player that the Dolphins were thinking about with an earlier pick and were surprised he was falling. I have a fringe-starter grade on Davis, but he’s a good press-corner and physical like the Dolphins like. It’s a great landing spot.” – Grade: B

Ravens – Williams, Brandon – DT – 6’1″ – 335 – Missouri Southern St. – 73.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Another amazing pick for Ozzie Newsome, grabbing a player that introduced himself to the world at the Senior Bowl. Williams sent hundreds of media and scouts back to look for tape on him. He’s a classic one-gapper and will rotate in on the Ravens’ defensive line until he grows into the NFL starter he’s capable of being.” – Grade: A-

Texans – Montgomery, Sam – DE – 6’3″ – 262 – LSU – 71.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Texans need to get more pass-rushers aside from J.J. Watt, and Montgomery has as much upside as anyone on the board. He’ll need to be pushed, but there are plenty of great mentors on that Texans team. This is a best-case scenario for his landing spot.” – Grade: A-

Chiefs – Davis, Knile – RB – 5’10″ – 227 – Arkansas – 60.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Yeesh…I had Davis as a Round 7 target because his injury history is so extensive that it is a risk to take him much earlier. If healthy, he can contribute, but the Chiefs have a bunch of other needs and could’ve gotten a productive backup runner that wasn’t such a gamble later.” – Grade: C+

Titans – Gooden, Zaviar – LB – 6’1″ – 234 – Missouri – 70.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I had a third-round grade on Gooden who fits the Titans as a weak-side linebacker. Since they already have Zach Brown, this is a bit of a duplication. However, Gooden can back up a number of linebacker positions and be a great special teamer. Love the player – good depth pick.” – Grade: B+

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2013 NFL Draft Picks – Round 1

Chiefs – Fisher, Eric – OT – 6’7″ – 306 – CMU – 94.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I’ve been a big fan of Eric Fisher’s since the Senior Bowl when he consistently dominated the elite pass-rushers that he didn’t often face at Central Michigan. The Chiefs take a slight hit here because the need isn’t real big and Branden Albert will likely need to be dealt or Fisher will end up playing right tackle – a no-no for a first-overall pick. The value gets a tiny hit here as well because Luke Joeckel (OT Texas A&M) is the better player right now and Fisher was selected as the better athlete. Still as long as Albert brings back picks and Fisher matures as a player like the Chiefs hope he can be, this could be a franchise-defining pick for Kansas City.” – Grade: B+

Jaguars – Joeckel, Luke – OT – 6’6″ – 306 – Texas A&M – 95.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Thanks to the Chiefs going another direction, the Jaguars get the best overall player on a lot of people’s draft boards. The need is a hit here as well because Eugene Monroe is a great player (one of the best on the Jaguars’ roster). Still, the value is just too good to pass up and when the top player falls to a team as talent-bereft as the Jaguars, they had to make the pick.” – Grade: A-

Dolphins – Jordon, Dion – DE – 6’6″ – 248 – Oregon – 93.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Huge trade up and pick here for the Miami Dolphins as they move up in front of the Philadelphia Eagles to grab Dion Jordan just before his college coach could grab him. Jordan can play either DE or OLB for the Dolphins, but I suspect he’ll play the latter. His skills in coverage will be a huge asset for Miami and give a huge boost to its defense. He’s not the best player on the board, but he’s going to make a big impact in South Beach.” – Grade: A

Eagles – Johnson, Lane – OT – 6’6″ – 303 – Oklahoma – 92.9
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Awesome fit for the Eagles as Lane Johnson fits as well as anyone in Chip Kelly’s high-tempo offense. He’s not a dominant run-blocker, but he’ll be able to roll out and stay in front of Michael Vick. As a former skill position player, he’s used to running quite a bit and won’t slow down as Kelly pushes the tempo. The need isn’t necessarily big, however, as the tackles weren’t the problem in Philadelphia – at least, while Jason Peters was healthy.” – Grade: B+

Lions – Ansah, Ezekiel – DE – 6.5″ – 271 – BYU – 93.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is a big pick for the Lions, though he’s not the best player on the board and the Lions had to have wanted one of those top tackles to fall to them. While some might be surprised that they didn’t go cornerback here, they are absolutely bare at defensive end where Cliff Avril and Kyle Vanden Bosch played last season. Ansah is a boom or bust pick, but he’ll be a great fit in the Lions Wide-9 scheme and has a couple of great defensive line coaches to help him along.” – Grade: A

Browns – Mingo, Barkevious – DE – 6’4″ – 241 – LSU – 92.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Barkevious Mingo is a huge reach, but this pick is reminiscent of the Seahawks’ selection of Bruce Irvin last year. If all the Browns ask him to do is rush the passer situationally, he can be a stud, but he might not be a three-down player…ever. Also, awfully surprised the Browns passed on Geno Smith. That one might come back to haunt them.” – Grade: B

Cardinals – Cooper, Jonathan – OG – 6’2″ – 311 – UNC – 86.9
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is too high (and I mean way too high) for an offensive guard. Worse yet, he’s not even the best guard on the board. However, the pick gets a boost because he’s the best guard for the Cardinals. Cooper is more polished than Warmack as a pass-blocker, so he’ll work in Bruce Arians’ offense in Arizona. Sadly, the lack of talent at the Cardinals’ tackle position could keep the scoring from ever reaching the potential Arians is used to.” – Grade: B+

Rams – Austin, Tavon – WR – 5’8″ – 174 – WVU – 91.4
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Austin is not the best receiver in the draft. He’s hardly a receiver at all, because he doesn’t fit on the outside and his skills in the slot aren’t as polished as NFL teams would like. That said, he is an incredible weapon and will make the Rams’ offense immediately more explosive. He can line up in multiple positions and become Sam Bradford’s new best friend. Just get him the ball.” – Grade: A

Jets – Milliner, Dee – CB – 6’0″ – 201 – Alabama – 93.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is a great pick for the Jets, and their fans have to be glad that it came to them rather than the team going up and spending extra picks for a cornerback to replace Darrelle Revis. Honestly, the pick isn’t the biggest need because Antonio Cromartie will be the No. 1 cornerback anyway and taking a No. 2 corner with so many needs on the roster seems like a luxury. That said, this is a great fit and Milliner’s physicality and athleticism fits with what the Jets like to do with press coverage out on the edge.” – Grade: A

Titans – Warmack, Chance – OG – 6’2″ – 317 – Alabama – 93.9
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is a fantastic value and pick for the Tennessee Titans who have been targeting Chance Warmack for quite sometime. The need isn’t huge because Andy Levitre was already brought over in free agency, but this is going to be a huge pick for the health and success of Chris Johnson and Jake Locker. Positional value aside, Warmack is the best player in the entire draft.” – Grade: A

Chargers – Fluker, D.J. – OT – 6’5″ – 339 – Alabama – 85.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I’m a huge fan of D.J. Fluker, but the fit on the Chargers isn’t great. They need pass protectors and Fluker is a prototypical road-grading run-blocker. Seriously, he is a very talented prospect, but his upside still doesn’t ever fix the Chargers’ biggest issue – protecting Philip Rivers. The line was so atrocious, however, that the pick almost needed to happen. Great player, but a pick that reeks of desperation for San Diego.” – Grade: B+

Raiders- Hayden, D.J. – CB – 5’11″ – 191 – Houston – 85.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The fit is nice for the Raiders and it’s great that they were able to trade down and still land a player they were rumored to be targeting. The value, however, is incredibly low on my board where I had him as a fringe starter and not a first-round player. Hayden’s biggest issues is lack of overall athleticism (straight-line speed aside) and lack of size. He was bodied around often in Conference USA and could get eaten alive by bigger receivers in the NFL. Overall, an OK pick, but there were much better players available.” – Grade: B-

Jets – Richardson, Sheldon – DT – 6’2″ – 294 – Missouri – 90.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Terrible pick for the Jets, but this is still a fantastic player. The Jets have Quinton Coples and Muhammed Wilkerson at 3-4 defensive end and that’s where Richardson fits best. He was my second-ranked tackle in the draft and the Jets get good value, and he fits what they want to do. Still, he’ll likely be a rotational player when there were impact players still on the board.” – Grade: C

Panthers – Lotulelei, Star – DT – 6’2″ – 311 – Utah – 92.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The best pick of the first round so far belongs to the Panthers who get the player they need and the top defensive player on my entire board. Lotulelei has a freakish motor and immense amounts of talent. He’ll make Charles Johnson, Greg Hardy and Luke Kuechly very happy.” – Grade: A+

Saints – Vaccaro, Kenny – S – 6’0″ – 214 – Texas – 87.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The Saints replace Roman Harper (at least down the road) with Vaccaro who is better in coverage and better in the box. Vaccaro has been my top safety all along and will get more chances on errant passes in Rob Ryan’s defense than he ever did at Texas. The negative for the Saints here is that they may need to wait a year or two for this pick to reach its true potential.” – Grade: A-

Bills – Manuel, E.J. – QB – 6’5″ – 237 – FSU – 68.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “I really like this pick for the Buffalo Bills and it says a ton about Ryan Nassib that his own college coach went with a guy that I’ve been saying all along has much better upside. E.J. Manuel isn’t ready right now, and I don’t think he’s the best quarterback (Geno Smith). He’s going to be able to get the team going vertically, and the Bills can install elements of college offenses to get him on the run. This pick is going to get panned across the media, but two years down the road, they’ll regret it.” – Grade: A-

Steelers – Jones, Jarvis -LB – 6’2″ – 245 – Georgia – 88.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Good pick for the Steelers because he fits what they want in an edge-rusher and they have pretty big need for someone to get after the passer. I’m not a huge fan of Jones and I’m not sure that he’ll be able to hold up against the run. He’s also only a marginal athlete. Others (including Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller) are high on him, so he can’t be that bad.” – Grade: A-

49ers – Reid, Eric – S – 6’1″ – 213 – LSU – 82.5
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The 49ers trade up and replace Dashon Goldson with a talented free safety prospect out of the SEC. The need and the fit are there, but the safety class is extremely deep and a comparable talent probably could have been had later in the first. On its face, an overreaction to losing Goldson, and there were probably better ways to use those picks.” – Grade: A-

Giants – Pugh, Justin – OT – 6’4″ – 307 – Syracuse – 73.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Poor pick in my opinion for the Giants because I think Pugh will need to be a guard in the NFL and he is a better fit in a team that uses the zone-blocking scheme a lot more religiously than the Giants. This is a clear example of how runs at the top of the draft board can seriously change the landscape for teams in the teens. This is a reach and the Giants have other needs they could have filled on either side of the ball.” – Grade: B-

Bears – Long, Kyle – OG – 6’6″ – 313 – Oregon – 77.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This run on offensive linemen is embarrassing, and it’s a bit of a shock to the many analysts who thought that offensive linemen weren’t as important as other positions on the football field. The pick actually grades out higher than Pugh because Long is a much better fit for the Bears. Still, another huge reach for a team because it’s so desperate to protect its franchise passer.” – Grade: B

Bengals – Eifert, Tyler – TE – 6’6″ – 251 – ND – 83.3
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “The need isn’t immense for the Bengals here, but Jermaine Gresham has struggled in his short NFL career and Andy Dalton needed more of a safety blanket than Gresham provided. Plus, this gives A.J. Green a little more space on the edge as opponents will be forced to guard the seam. Without position factored in, Eifert was the second-rated player on my board after Chance Warmack.” – Grade: A-

Falcons – Trufant, Desmond – CB – 6’0″ – 190 – Washington – 84.1
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Trufant isn’t my favorite corner in this draft, but he fits the off-man scheme that the Falcons have utilized under Mike Smith. He’ll get pushed around a bit early on in his NFL career, but he won’t be asked to cover No. 1 receivers and should be able to grow nicely with a great team around him. Nice trade up for need by the Falcons.” – Grade: A-

Vikings – Floyd, Sharrif – DT – 6’3″ – 297 – Florida – 94.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is how you draft. Floyd was never the top-five pick that he was considered by many in the media. His game tape is pedestrian and his production was even worse. Yet, to get a player at 23 that many considered worthy of a top-10 pick? That’s huge for the Vikings. Floyd has skills that can be developed and he’ll have a good team around him as well as a great mentor in Kevin Williams.” – Grade: A-

Colts – Werner, Bjoern – DE – 6’3″ – 266 – FSU – 88.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Love this pick for the Colts and I’ve mocked it to them in the past. It’s almost a perfect fit for their system because Werner is a great athlete and can stand up against the run out on the edge playing OLB in their 3-4 scheme. Chuck Pagano will turn Werner into a perennial Pro Bowl player.” – Grade: A

Vikings – Rhodes, Xavier – CB – 6’1″ – 210 – FSU – 86.2
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “This is a pick I often mocked to the Vikings earlier in the first round because he’s such a great fit for them. He’s a little reminiscent of the Chris Cook pick from a few years ago and is a player that the Vikings could use at either cornerback or safety. With Antoine Winfield gone, this was a much needed pick and the value is pretty fantastic. ” – Grade: A

Packers – Jones, Datone – DE – 6’4″ – 283 – UCLA – 85.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Great pick for the Packers – if a little bit of a reach. Jones is a tweener and may not have the raw strength often needed from a 3-4 DE, but next to B.J. Raji, he’ll be able to move around and rush the passer a little more than a normal end might be able to. This is a great fit at a position of need. Ted Thompson does it again.” – Grade: A

Texans – Hopkins, DeAndre – WR – 6’1″ – 214 – Clemson – 87.8
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Hopkins is a bit lower on my board than Keenan Allen and Cordarrelle Patterson, but teams have concerns on Allen’s upside and Patterson’s character. Yet, this is a perfect fit for Houston’s offense and it’s at a position of need. He’ll be a great complement to Andre Johnson, a good intermediate threat for Matt Schaub and a willing blocker in its zone-blocking scheme.” – Grade: A

Broncos – Williams, Sylvester – DT – 6’3″ – 313 – UNC – 80.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Williams is the No. 2 nose tackle/1-technique player in the draft and while I think it is a little early for him, he makes the Broncos’ defensive line a lot better right away. He’ll rotate with both Kevin Vickerson and Terrance Knighton and play snaps at both interior defensive line positions. This will give Von Miller even more room to work with outside.” – Grade: A-

Vikings – Patterson, Cordarrelle – WR – 6’2″ – 216 – Tennessee – 90.6
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Fantastic pick for the Vikings who gave up a bevy of picks to get back into the first round. Patterson fell this far because of off-the-field issues, and the Vikings will need to make sure they monitor him closely, but the fit and value is amazing. Christian Ponder is a happy man right now.” – Grade: A

Rams – Ogletree, Alec – Linebacker – 6’2″ – 242 – Georgia – 84.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Love this pick for the Rams and often had it mocked to them higher in the round. That they were able to trade down and still land him is fantastic. The Rams have good defensive linemen and defensive backs, but other than James Laurinaitis, the team needed some talent and athleticism in the linebacking corps. Ogletree has some off-the-field issues, but Fisher did well with Janoris Jenkins last season and isn’t worried about guiding young men without pristine pasts.” – Grade: A

Cowboys – Frederick, Travis – C – 6’4″ – 312 – Wisconsin – 78.7
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Terrible pick for the Cowboys as Jerry Jones reminds everyone why he needs to hire a real general manager. I have a fringe starter grade on Frederick and there are a number of centers above him. Moreover, the Cowboys have plenty of other needs and could’ve added plenty of talented players without reaching like this.” – Grade: C

Ravens – Elam, Matt – S – 5’10″ – 208 – Florida – 80.0
Michael Schottey’s pick analysis: “Ozzie Newsome strikes again! The addition of Elam will help the defense further improve from the mass exodus it endured during early free agency. Elam is a prototypical strong safety prospect and I like his ball skills – the Ravens will too.” – Grade: A

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Pat Summerall passes away at 82

Very sad news today. I grew up listening to greats like Dick Enberg, Verene Lundquist, Charlie Jones, and yes, this man, Pat Summerall. He had a great voice, something that is surprisingly rare in the broadcast business. He will be missed

For many sports fans in the 1960s through the 1990s, Pat Summerall was the voice of the NFL, starting with CBS’ Sunday telecasts and later with Fox, famously paired for much of that time with John Madden.

Summerall, 82, passed away Tuesday in Dallas, said his daughter, Susie Wiles.

“He was an extraordinary man and a wonderful father,” Wiles told the Associated Press. “I know he will be greatly missed.”

The Dallas Morning News reported Summerall died in his room at Dallas’ Zale Lipshy Hospital, where he was recovering from surgery for a broken hip.

Summerall worked a record 16 Super Bowls, drawing on his football relationships made during his nine-plus years as a kicker in the NFL, primarily for the then-Chicago Cardinals and New York Giants from 1952 to 1961.



Again, where the Hell WERE these women when I was 12?

The Other McCain offers up a very sad tale of a 42-year-old woman, an ex NFL cheerleader, who has some deep isues maybe even the dreaded Cougaritis!

Jeff Gurner at Viral Read reports the disturbing story of the woman who was arrested for making advances on a 12-year-old boy:

Elizabeth Leigh Garner, a former Tennessee Titans cheerleader, was indicted last week on charges of aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor for child rape.
The 42 year-old denies the allegations and told police “that she was drunk that evening and that she got the boy confused with a man that was also at the residence.”
According to the Mufreesboro police report, the boy stated“she was asking him if he had ever been with a woman,” and that Garner then touched him “on the outside of his pants” and made “an attempt to take his shorts off” while offering to “perform oral sex on him.”

Well, if being drunk were a valid defense against criminal charges, there would be a lot fewer people in prison, but given the description of her actions in the police report, does anyone buy this over-the-hill NFL cheerleader’s excuse that she was “confused”?

Confused? Or depraved? Depends on your outlook I guess. By the way how the Hell did Stacy know what I was thinking?

It is routinely expected that lots of guys reading this will react by saying, “Where were these sexually aggressive NFL cheerleaders back when I was an adolescent fantasizing about them?” We are all reminded of that famous scene in Animal House where the Playboy Bunny comes flying through the kid’s window: “Thank you, God!”

Damn! It is like he read my mind. But, he does make a great point. Sometimes fantasy should stay in the fantasy world. Unless of course hookers with duct tape and hockey masks are involved, but enough about my college years.

Yet there are reasons why sexual fantasies – lust for things that are abnormal or taboo — are best restricted to the realm of fantasy. Sexual taboos serve a social purpose; the indulgence of what advocates of sexual liberation call “transgressive” behavior inevitably leads to trouble.

Stacy goes on to describe how the Slippery Slope of Depraved Kinky Sex, another term I invented, can go from just weird to terribly wrong very quickly. True dat! By the way, look for my new book, Baby Oil and Cougars: A Beginners Guide to ex-NFL Cheerleaders and the  Slippery Slope of Freaky Sex, due out in the Summer

Thuggery you say?

A Nod to the Gods compares the bad behavior of NBA players and NFL players, and comes up with some shocking results

36 have been accused of spousal abuse

7 have been arrested for fraud

19 have been accused of writing bad checks

117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses

3 have done time for assault

71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit

14 have been arrested on drug-related charges

8 have been arrested! for shoplifting

21 currently are defendants in lawsuits, and 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year !

OK, time to vote kids, which way do you vote?

If you said NBA, you are wrong

However if you said the NFL, you are still wrong

That abysmal record belongs not to the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, or any sports leagues. The real thugs do not dunk, run for TD’s steal bases, hit home runs or skate in hockey arenas. They inhabit Congress. And if you think that is a scary stat, just think about this. The people these folks are supposed to represent, keep electing them.


Ed’s NFL Playoffs Third Round Picks – 2013

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons –

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

——— 2013 Playoffs Second Round Picks ——— 1 Right3 Wrong ———
——— 2013 Playoffs First Round Picks ——— 3 Right1 Wrong ———
——— 2012 Regular Season Picks Record ——— 186 Right69 Wrong ———
——— Week 17 Picks ——— 13 Right3 Wrong ———
——— Week 16 Picks ——— 12 Right4 Wrong ———
——— Week 15 Picks ——— 12 Right4 Wrong ———
——— Week 14 Picks ——— 12 Right4 Wrong ———
——— Week 13 Picks ——— 11 Right5 Wrong ———
——— Week 12 Picks ——— 11 Right5 Wrong ———
——— Week 11 Picks ——— 12 Right2 Wrong ———
——— Week 10 Picks ——— 10 Right3 Wrong ———
——— Week 9 Picks ——— 12 Right2 Wrong ———
——— Week 8 Picks ——— 11 Right3 Wrong ———
——— Week 7 Picks ——— 12 Right1 Wrong ———
——— Week 6 Picks ——— 6 Right8 Wrong ———
——— Week 5 Picks ——— 11 Right3 Wrong ———
——— Week 4 Picks ——— 14 Right1 Wrong ———
——— Week 3 Picks ——— 7 Right9 Wrong ———
——— Week 2 Picks ——— 10 Right6 Wrong ———
——— Week 1 Picks ——— 10 Right6 Wrong ———
——— 2011 Regular Season Picks Record ——— 179 Right77 Wrong ———