Likely Obama Supporter Flees Traffic Cop; Tries To Hide In Police Academy; Is Busted On Multiple Counts

Mississippi Man Runs Into Police Academy After Traffic Stop And Gets Arrested – UPI


A Mississippi man who took off following a traffic stop in Biloxi forgot that it’s important to look before you leap, and he ended up running into a police academy.

To make matters even worse for Roger Beasley Jr., there was an active training session taking place at the Harrison County Law Enforcement Training Academy when he dashed through the doors.

The 30-year-old apparently didn’t notice, or disregarded, the marked police cars that were parked outside the training facility.

Biloxi Police Chief John Miller Police Chief John Miller told the Sun-Herald that an officer who knew Beasley didn’t have a license pulled him over after spotting him driving.

After unknowingly running into the academy, Beasley was arrested on charges of possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine, resisting arrest, no driver’s license, careless driving, improper lane change, resisting arrest and failure to comply.



Students Threatened With Expulsion For Using Gun To Fend Off Home Invader/Likely Obama Supporter

Students Face Expulsion For Using Gun To Protect Themselves Against Six-Time Felon Home Invader – Weasel Zippers


Via The Blaze:

Two Gonzaga students could be expelled from the university after they pulled a gun on a six-time felon in self-defense after he tried to force his way into their university-owned apartment. Even though the firearm may have saved both of their lives, the student handbook reportedly prohibits students from having handguns anywhere on property owned by the university.

The incident occurred on Oct. 24, when roommates Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh were hanging out in their apartment. The students got a knock on the door at around 10:15 p.m. and were greeted by a man named John Taylor, who just so happened to be a six-time felon.

Taylor reportedly showed the students what looked like an ankle bracelet and tried to intimidate them into giving him money. When they refused, he allegedly got aggressive and attempted to force his way into the apartment.

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Big Surprise… Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis Was An Obama Supporter (Video)

Navy Yard Shooter’s Friend: ‘Alexis Was A Liberal and Obama Supporter’ – Gateway Pundit


If you listen quietly you can hear the groans of the liberal media as they are forced to stop googling “Aaron Alexis and Tea Party”.


Breitbart reported:

Tuesday, on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Michael Ritrovato spoke at length about his friend, suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis. After expressing his condolences to the victims and their families, Ritrovato then expressed his shock over the actions of a man he described as being “like a brother to me” and a “good-natured guy.”

Ritrovato went on to explain that two of them had a close relationship based in part on their differences, specifically race and politics. Alexis was black, Ritrovato is white. Ritrovato described himself as conservative and Alexis is “more of a liberal type” who supported Barack Obama:

I would say things like, ‘You know, you are my brother from another mother.’ And he would say things like, ‘You’re my Italian mafia guy from New York.’ So we had things we joked about: Aaron wasn’t conservative like I am. He was more of a liberal type; he wasn’t happy with the former [Bush] administration. He was more happy with this [the Obama] administration – as far as presidential administrations.

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Likely Obama Supporter Robs Store Immediately After Filling Out Job Application

Man Filled Out Job Application, Robbed Store, Fled… Left Paperwork Behind – South Florida Sun Sentinel

If you’re plan to rob a business then pick one where you’re not a regular customer.

It’s also helpful if you don’t leave your calling card, such as a job application using your real name – that you had just filled out.


On Tuesday morning, Ocala cops responded to Martin Oil after getting a report that the store had just been robbed, according to a news release from the Ocala Police Department.

Officers were told that the suspected bandito was a known, regular customer who had, in fact, just filled out a job application prior to the holdup, police said.

Luckily, the store still had the application, on which the suspect had written his name.

The clerk from the store also told cops that while Anthony Dwayne Thomas had been standing at the counter filling out the job application for employment, he had reached across the counter into the clerk’s area, opened a drawer and swiped some cash from inside the drawer before fleeing the scene. the release stated.

When cops found Thomas just blocks from the store, the 33-year-old Ocala man immediately ran away from an officer who had approached him, officers said.

After a short pursuit, Thomas was taken into custody and positively identified as the thief, the release stated.

Thomas also reportedly had the stolen cash in the pocket of his shorts.

The 33-year-old man is charged with one count of Burglary, one count of Petit Theft – Retail and one count of Resisting with Violence.

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Likely Obama Supporter Calls 911 80 Times In One Day, Asks Cops To Bring Him Kool-Aid, Burgers And Weed

St. Pete Man Calls 911 And Asks Cops To Bring Him Kool-Aid And Drugs – Tampa Bay Times

Jarvis Sutton said he wanted three things Sunday: food, drink, and drugs. He asked the wrong people for help getting those items, though.


Police said Sutton, 34, of St. Petersburg, called 911 approximately 80 times on Sunday.

“The defendant admitted to calling 911 because he ‘wanted Kool-Aid, burgers and weed to be delivered to him,’ ” an officer wrote in an affidavit.

Sutton never got those things. Instead, he was booked into the Pinellas County Jail. On the way there, he started chewing foam attached to the metal caging in the back of the police cruiser, an officer wrote.

Sutton faces a charge of misusing the 911 system, and was in jail Tuesday in lieu of $150 bail.

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Parasitic Leftist School Principal (And Likely Obama Supporter) Bans Easter

If Easter Can Be Banned In Alabama School, It Can Be Banned Anywhere – Washington Times

An Alabama elementary school has banned the word “Easter” this year in order to respect religious diversity.


“We had in the past a parent question us about some of the things we do here at school,” Heritage Elementary School Principal Lydia Davenport told WHNT. “So we’re just trying to make sure we respect and honor everybody’s differences.”

The boys and girls can are still going to be able to hunt for eggs, they just can’t call them “Easter eggs.”

According to the station, teachers had originally planned to participate in a “quiz bowl” egg hunt where students would use egg buzzers to answer quiz questions in Easter eggs. But a school administrator told WHNT that they came up with a compromise to allow the game to continue.

“We compromised by allowing teachers to use other different kinds of shapes besides eggs in the classroom to put those questions in [that] the students will be answering.”

Ms. Davenport said the kids love the bunny, they just can’t call him the Easter bunny, “so that we don’t infringe on the rights of others because people relate the Easter bunny to religion; a bunny is a bunny and a rabbit is a rabbit.”

One parent wrote in an email response:

“I don’t get upset about too many things, but this upsets me. What is this world coming to? I am a Christian and proud to announce it. But even non-believers enjoy a good egg hunt. Kids need to enjoy being kids.”

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Likely Obama Supporter Banned From “Every Library On Earth” After Getting Caught Masturbating In One

Likely Obama Supporter Banned From “Every Library On Earth” After Getting Caught Masturbating In One – Weekly Vice

Tyree S. Carter, a 20-year-old Racine man was jailed and banned from “every library on earth” after he allegedly masturbated at a local library, in full view of staff and other patrons.

According to police, officers were called to the Racine Public Library around 10:35 a.m. on reports that a man was masturbating on the second floor of the building.

Library employees told detectives that Carter had been standing right out in the open with no attempts to conceal himself or the sexual act he was engaged in.

When officers approached Carter, he was sitting at a table reading a book. He initially denied committing the lewd act but later admitted to it and apologized for his behavior.

Carter was booked into the Racine County Jail and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior and disorderly conduct. He was released the next day.

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Likely Obama Supporter Attacks Ex-Girlfriend In Courtroom Where She Is Seeking Protection Order Against Him (Video)

Terrifying Moment Man Attacks Ex-Girlfriend Inside Courtroom As She Seeks An Order Of Protection Against Him – Daily Mail

A courtroom surveillance camera has captured the terrifying moment a man brutally assaulted his ex-girlfriend as she sought an order of protection against him.

Rashad Greene, 30, was left alone with his grandmother and 28-year-old ex-girlfriend after Magistrate Tracy Stoner briefly left the Summit County courtroom in Ohio on Friday.

They had attended the hearing after the woman applied for a restraining order against Greene, whom she said threatened and abused her, on January 16.

Calm before the storm: Rashad Greene talks with his ex and his grandmother after they are left alone

Attack: He suddenly jumps up from the chair and lunges at the woman, who tries to escape

In the footage, the magistrate leaves the room and Greene can be seen yelling and becoming increasingly agitated as his ex-girlfriend sits around the other side of the table.

He suddenly jumps to his feet and lunges towards her as she tries to run away.

When his grandmother attempts to get in between the pair, Greene just pushes her out of the way, grabs his ex-girlfriend and throws her to the floor.

As he is seen punching her, a sheriff’s deputy enters the room and subdues him with a stun gun – as the horrified magistrate watches helplessly.

Violent: He catches her and pushes her to the ground as the magistrate returns to the room

Stopped: A sheriff’s deputy uses a stun gun to subdue Greene as he beats the woman

The officer places handcuffs on Greene as the beaten woman stumbles to her feet. She needed medical attention for a head injury but was released from hospital.

Greene was arrested for domestic violence and booked into the county jail, where he is being held in lieu of $25,000 bond.

An Akron Municipal Court judge also signed a temporary protection order barring Greene from having contact with his ex-girlfriend.

The victim has now been left wondering why she was left alone with a man she was seeking protection against, the Akron-Beacon Journal reported.

Arrest: Greene was arrested for domestic violence and booked into the county jail

‘I went there, I told [the magistrate] I was in fear for my life and that I had children to take care of,’ she told the paper. ‘Once the judge walked out, I was in fear.

‘I thought he was about to kill me… I was just thinking about my life and [how] I wanted to go home with my children.’

Susan Tucker, the court’s community outreach director, said that this is the first time a victim has been attacked in the courtroom.

‘The reality is, and I think most of us in the domestic violence field know, that anything can happen at any time,’ she said. ‘And even if the magistrate had been there, if he had decided to do this, he would have done it anyway.’

She added that there are two sheriff’s deputies in the courthouse and funding is not available to have any more – yet after this incident, the court is re-examining its policies and funding.

‘We are certainly going to look at what we need to do in order to keep everyone safer,’ she said.


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Probable Obama Supporter Jailed After Stealing Police Cruiser, Fleeing To McDonald’s

Probable Obama Supporter Jailed After Stealing Police Cruiser, Fleeing To McDonald’s – Weekly Vice

Vanessa Brooks, a 22-year-old Florida woman was jailed Saturday after she allegedly stole a cell phone, stole an officer’s patrol car and then fled to a McDonald’s in Tampa.


According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, police had been called to a St. Petersburg apartment complex on a domestic violence complaint when one of the officers left his patrol car running because a fight was in progress at the scene.

Another officer arrived on the scene and parked directly behind the first officer, but did not leave the keys in the car.

While the officers were dealing with the domestic dispute, Brooks flagged down a motorist on a nearby road – then reached into his vehicle, grabbed a cell phone out of his car and then fled on foot.

She then ran to a nearby apartment building, where police were dealing with the domestic dispute case. She got into the running police cruiser, backed into the parked cruiser, then took off with the vehicle. The officers were unaware of the incident until they were finished with the domestic case.

According to the Tampa Bay Police Department, the stolen cruiser was spotted by officers around 10:00 p.m. with Brooks sitting in the driver’s seat. When Brooks saw an officer approach her, she jumped out of the patrol car and fled on foot. She was apprehended a short distance away.

Brooks was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail and charged with grand theft auto, obstructing an officer, and burglary.

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Drunk Woman Crashes Car Into House Then Offers To Help Find Children Lost In Debris… For $1,000

Drunk Woman Crashes Car Into House Then Offers To Help Find Children Lost In Debris… For $1,000 – Weekly Vice

Crystal Leija, a 32-year-old Port Richey woman was jailed Saturday after she allegedly became intoxicated, crashed into a family’s home and then offered to search for the couple’s children for $1,000.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, three adults and four children were asleep in their home around 2:00 a.m. when they were awakened by what sounded like an explosion. When they ran towards the sound, they were shocked by to see their house in shambles, and taillights glowing through a haze of smoke.

Investigators say Leija had driven her 1998 Honda Accord completely through the home, destroying a front hall, the living room, the dining room, and a bedroom where two small children, ages 4 and 10, were sleeping. The home-owner’s brother-in-law was sleeping in the living room on an air mattress. He escaped with cuts and scratches on his face and arms from flying debris.

Leija then stumbled out of the car intoxicated. When she realized that the parents could not find two young children who were sleeping in the bedroom, she offered to help find them the children for $1,000.

The victims told Leija to get back into the car and stay put until police arrived. The children were later found amidst the debris, terrified but relatively unharmed. No serious injuries were reported.

Leija also reportedly hit a parked car as she was leaving the Lane Glo bowling alley, where the incident began. She then ran over two fences and two mailboxes before crashing into the home.

Leija was booked into the Pasco County Jail on charges of driving under the influence causing serious bodily injury, DUI causing personal injury, DUI causing damage to property or person, and leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage. She is being held in lieu of $6,150 bail.

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*VIDEOS* Alabama Professor Who Shot Colleagues, Murdered Brother In 1986 And Was Let Go; Also A Suspect In 1993 Harvard Bombing Attempt

Amy Bishop shot and killed her brother in 1986 during an argument in their childhood home, but was released for unknown reasons, in spite of the damning evidence against her.

She was also a suspect in the 1993 attempted bombing of a Harvard University Medical School professor.

‘Oddball’ Portrait Of Amy Bishop Emerges – Boston Herald

As authorities searched for clues into what could have sent a University of Alabama neurobiology professor on an alleged killing spree, friends and family yesterday described Braintree native Amy Bishop as an awkward introvert on the brink of losing her teaching job.

Bishop’s husband, James Anderson, told the Herald his wife had been fighting the university for over a year about a tenure denial, and several months ago received a final decision. She was upset, but not overly emotional, approaching her appeal “like a game of chess,” he said.

Police in Huntsville, Ala., charged Bishop, 44, with capital murder after she allegedly opened fire on six colleagues at a faculty meeting Friday, killing three. Afterward, she calmly called her husband and asked him to pick her up as if nothing had happened, said police Chief Henry Reyes.

“She was an oddball – just not very sociable,” said Sylvia Fluckiger, a former lab technician who worked with Bishop in 1993.

Bishop acknowledged at the time being questioned in the bombing attempt of a Harvard medical doctor evaluating her on doctorate work, a professor with whom Bishop was known to quarrel, Fluckiger said.

Reyes confirmed he is working with the FBI to learn more about why Bishop was a suspect in the attempted bombing of Dr. Paul Rosenberg, who received a double-pipe bomb in the mail on Dec. 19, 1993. He ran from his Newton home with his wife, escaping without injury. The bomb never exploded.

“She was quite cavalier about it,” Fluckiger said of Bishop’s description of her interview with police. She said Bishop “grinned” as she described being asked by cops whether she’d ever taken stamps off an envelope and fastened them onto something else. “I cannot tell you what the grin meant,” Fluckiger said.

Seven years prior, Bishop shot her brother to death in Braintree in an incident that was ruled an accident at the time.

But Braintree police Chief Paul Frazier has raised questions about the handling of the case, and officials are investigating missing records in the 1986 death of 18-year-old Seth Bishop.

A classmate of Seth Bishop’s recalled yesterday that the boy, who was “painfully shy,” never talked about his older, only sibling.

“It was as if he was a complete stranger in her life. It seemed like a dysfunctional family. We just accepted them as being odd,” said the classmate, who spoke to the Herald on condition of anonymity.

Amy Bishop, he said, “wasn’t mean because she wasn’t someone you could get close to. She wasn’t an attractive girl, she didn’t have friends. She didn’t work at having friends. I think people probably, over time, learned to leave her alone.”

The Bishop household, he said, “was anything but a home… It was just a really dreary, dark place where there wasn’t a lot of love.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education, Anderson said he was searching for the “trigger” to his wife’s breakdown, and that he wondered whether an e-mail message – potentially in the form of a final tenure denial – might have upset her, because university higher-ups were known to send “nastygrams” on Fridays.

A family source said Bishop, a mother of four children – the youngest a third-grade boy – was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.

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