HHS “Started” Obamacare Applications For People Without Their Knowledge Or Consent Prior To Enrollment Deadline

HHS “Started” Individual Obamacare Applications Prior To Deadline, Obtained Personal Info From States – Shark Tank


In the closing days of the open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) , the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was mailing out letters notifying certain Americans that they had already started a healthcare coverage application on their behalf.

The HHS letter stated that the information they used to begin the application for individual Healthcare was obtain by the state agency in charge of implementing Obamacare.

The next step for the individual would be visit Healthcare.gov and complete the already started application to see if they qualify for “Marketplace coverage.”

News of the HHS letter was first mentioned by a listener of the popular “Daybreak with Drew Steele” Show on Fox 92.5, which is out of Fort Myers, Florida.

After his radio show concluded, another listener emailed Steele telling him about receiving the same letter. The listener asked for their identity to masked because they worked for the state of Florida.

— Forwarded message —
Date: Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 8:26 PM
Subject: letter from HHS
To: drew@925foxnews.com

Hi Drew,

I am not looking to have this read on air or my name used. I am merely wanting to have confirmation about another caller because I believe this is a pretty big story the STATE government is not talking about.

I listen every morning, but do not call in or contact you due to having a government position and I fear losing my job.

However, on Saturday of this past week I received a letter very similar to the letter I believe his name was Doug ( Doug called Wednesday A.M.) received from HHS.

It is a letter stating one of my dependents, I only have one, no longer qualifies for my insurance. I do not have said dependent on my insurance due to cost ($1000 a month).

This dependent is on Staywell Healthy Kids which is part of KidCare Florida (Staywell nor Kidcare has contacted me in regard to this matter). I do not receive subsidy due to my income but rather pay full premium for the coverage. The letter continued on to say that the State of Florida has forwarded my dependents information to them and they have set up an account for me. All I have to do is call to finish the process.

This scares me, badly. I will not finish the process as I have found coverage elsewhere, but it is a little freaky that this has happened.

All the best,


A little freaky is right. The state of Florida is now passing personal information onto HHS, where they take the liberty of filling out an Obamacare health insurance application for you.

Is this how the Obama administration is inflating the enrollment numbers, by making it easier for people to finish the application?

Drew Steele posed this question:

“Is HHS telling the state to give them info on families with dependants NOT on family policies so they could inflate the numbers? How many other states are doing it as well?”- Drew Steele

Here is how the letter reads.

You submitted an application for healthcare coverage, or made a change to your eligibility information. Your state sent your information in a secure transaction to the Health Insurance Marketplace, because you or someone on your application does not qualify for Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). You or someone on your application will likely be able to get coverage through the Marketplace, and get help paying for health coverage… We used the information from the state agency to start an application for you on Healthcare.gov. You’ll need to complete and submit this application to see if you qualify for Marketplace coverage.

To do this, you can log into your Healthcare.gov account, or if you don’t already have an account, you can create one on Healthcare.gov.

HHS urged enrollees to “confirm” information and “choose a plan before the deadline.”

For more information about how to complete the application we started for you http://www.healthcare.gov/help/statetranser

When visiting this web address, you will find the exact same text that is used in the letter, except for the asking the individual to “complete the application we started for you” part.

How many more healthcare coverage applications of unsuspecting Americans has HHS already “started” for them?

Here is the letter HHS sent this particular Floridian to notify them of their pending Obamacare application:


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Gals with huge racks just do not need Feminism

Do not blame me for that headline, I am simply repeating The Other McCain

When Donald Douglas posted this photo at American Power, I immediately recognized it as an ironic put-down of feminism:


Two key clues to the satirical intention:

  1. A poster in the background showing Austrian economists — Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, et al. — signals a libertarian/individualist orientation, directly contradicting the statist/collectivist radical egalitarian worldview of feminism; and

  2. Her breasts. A young woman with such a splendid rack would have no motive to adopt the victimhood mentality of feminism.

McCain is right, those are NOT Feminist boobs at all. And the woman’s face is not nearly angry and bitter enough to belong to a Feminist. Real Feminists are always angry, and their faces show it.

Wow, MSNBS is like so deep man

As intellectually deep as your nearest dried up mud puddle

I am confused here, I thought the Left desired tolerance? Is Mr. Robertson not able to ask a question? I mean considering that about 98 or 99% of people prefer heterosexual intercourse to, well, what Chris Hayes’ guest obviously prefers, is it that odd that Robertson might pose such a question? As for me, I have often said I do not give a rip about who you sleep with, but I do not understand Homosexuality. I mean how would a man watch Salma Hayek dance in From Dusk Till Dawn and NOT have dirty thoughts? Does asking such a question make me Homophobic? Of course not. But, of course, the aim here is not really inclusion or tolerance, it is rather to destroy freedom of speech. Not by legislation,  but by intimidation. If we are afraid to speak, the Left will have won, so, therefore I stand with Robertson, and I stand against the bullies on the Left.

What? Oh, OK, I will offer, strictly for context, the Salma Hayek scene I referenced.


HHS Secretary Sebelius ‘Urging’ Insurers To Cover People Who Haven’t Paid

Sebelius ‘Urging’ Insurers To Cover People Who Haven’t Paid – CNS

Fearing that many people will think they have health insurance coverage when they do not, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is “urging” insurance companies to “give consumers additional time to pay their first month’s premium and still have coverage beginning Jan. 1, 2014.”


Insurance companies should cover people who haven’t yet paid, in other words.

With just a few weeks to go until Obamacare takes full effect, Sebelius announced additional changes on Thursday, some that tell insurance companies how to run their business and others that “strongly” encourage insurance companies to waive their rules – on premium payments, for example.

Sebelius now says insurance companies MUST accept payments through December 31 (instead of Dec. 23) for health care coverage that begins the next day, Jan. 1.

She also is “urging” insurance companies to “give consumers additional time to pay their first month’s premium and still have coverage beginning Jan. 1, 2014.”

That’s because many people who have “enrolled” in Obamacare have not yet paid their premiums, which is supposed to happen for coverage to begin.

Other steps announced on Thursday:

- People enrolled in the federal Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan will be allowed to extend their coverage through Jan. 31, 2014 if they haven’t selected a new plan on the exchanges. According to HHS, “The additional month gives this vulnerable population additional time to enroll in a plan and ensure continuity of coverage.”

- HHS is “strongly encouraging” insurers to treat out-of-network providers as in-network – “to ensure continuity of care for acute episodes or if the provider was listed in their plan’s provider directory as of the date of an enrollee’s enrollment.”

- HHS is “strongly encouraging insurers to refill prescriptions covered under previous plans during January.”

“We are providing additional flexibility to consumers across the country to ensure they have access to coverage options that begin on January 1, 2014,” said Secretary Sebelius. “The Department is committed to providing consumers with the information they need to pick the coverage option that works for them and their families.”

And more changes may be coming: The administration says it is trying to “smooth this transition” by:

- Working with health insurers on options such as allowing people who sign up after December 23 to get coverage starting January 1, or sooner than February 1;

- Working with insurers and consumers to make sure they know whether their doctor or prescriptions are covered before they choose a plan, and how to get care they need during the transition (e.g., receiving a drug not covered by your plan if your doctor deems it medically necessary);

- Educating consumers who recently received cancellation notices about the possible option to extend their old policy (if the insurer agrees) or enroll in a new plan;

- Continuing outreach to consumers who began the application process through the Marketplace and experienced technical difficulties.

“HHS is committed to meeting consumers where they are in the health coverage process, helping them access and shop for quality, affordable insurance,” Sebelius said.

The insurance industry says additional changes so close to the enrollment deadline are not helpful:

“With only weeks to go before coverage begins, continued changes to the rules and guidance could exacerbate the challenges associated with helping consumers through the enrollment process,” said Karen Ignagni, president and CEO of Americas Health Insurance Plans (AHIP).

“Health plans will continue to do everything they can to protect consumers from potential coverage disruptions caused by the ongoing technical problems with healthcare.gov.”

In her testimony before a House panel on Wednesday, Sebelius acknowledged that “a lot of people” haven’t paid their premiums, which go directly to the insurer.

She also said people who shop for insurance on the exchanges must pay their premiums to be covered.

The rules and encouragement announced by HHS on Thursday suggest the administration also realizes that the problems with Obamacare go well beyond a dysfunctional website to the coverage itself.

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Expert Says It’s Logistically Impossible Now For Insurance Companies To Let People Keep Their Plans (Video)

Insurance Expert: It’s Logistically Impossible Now For Insurance Companies To Let People Keep Their Plans – Right Scoop

Bob Laszewski says that insurance companies can’t just turn on a dime at the whim of the president and start offering old plans. Considering what’s entailed in offering plans to people, Laszewski lays it out step by step and says it would be logistically impossible for insurance companies to do as Obama suggested today because there just isn’t enough time.


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Over 3 Times More People Have Read The Daley Gator Than Have Enrolled In Healthcare.gov Plans Since 10/01/13

Breaking: Fewer Than 50,000 People Have Enrolled In Health Plans Via ObamaCare Website Thus Far, Says WSJ – Hot Air

Add in another 50,000 people or so who’ve signed up on the individual state exchanges and you’ve got roughly 100,000 total enrollees through all of October and 10 days of November. The program’s target for October alone was 494,620. And that figure represents what they thought would be a “slow” month, as the public gradually got up to speed on the need to sign up before December 15th. If you’re looking at the bigger picture, they’re aiming for seven million new enrollees by March 31 of next year. They’re 1.4 percent of the way there with almost 25 percent of the initial enrollment period having already elapsed.


They’re in trouble.

So far, private health plans have received enrollment data for 40,000 to 50,000 users of the federal marketplace, the people familiar with the figures said. The federal marketplace uses an industry-standard format to exchange enrollment information, known as an 834 transmission…

In some cases, insurers have reported duplicated 834s and other data-integrity problems, but the people familiar with the matter said they believed these figures reflected an accurate count of enrollments through late last week…

The initial federal numbers set for release this week are expected to show enrollment only through the end of October, so the figures are expected to be lower. Efforts to clean up the data and reduce duplications could further cull the formal count…

The administration hasn’t said whether it will release demographic data such as ages when it announces the number of enrollees.

Fearless prediction: They’re not going to release the demographic data. The only way to make these numbers look more dismal than they are is if it turns out that many, or even most, of the 100,000 who’ve enrolled are older people or people with preexisting conditions. Which, in fairness to the feds, was always likely to be the case in the first weeks after launching the exchange, even if things had gone swimmingly with the website otherwise. It stands to reason that the people most eager to get coverage are those who’ve been locked out of it or been paying higher premiums in the past. It’s one thing to make that point, though, when you’ve got 500,000 new enrollees on the books and can cite such a robust figure as proof that the “young healthies” are out there and are on their way into the risk pool. It’s another to make that point when you’ve got one-tenth that number, which means a skewed pool and circumstantial evidence that maybe the “young healthies” have now been discouraged from even trying to sign up. In fact, the Journal published a story just a week ago quoting insurers as saying the early enrollees thus far are older than they expected. If, for the reason I just gave, they were already expecting an older, sicker crop among the early enrollees, how much older and sicker must the data they’re seeing be for them to be surprised at the extent of it?

Peter Suderman says it’s time to start thinking about worst-case scenarios:

The potential problems are not confined to the near term either. Very soon, the short-term technical troubles could begin to have meaningful longer-term policy consequences. Insurers must decide what plans to offer and what rates to charge in the first half of next year. If enrollment is low, if the exchanges are still broken, and if the president and his administration are still losing credibility and popularity as a result of the rollout debacle, how will insurers react? By pulling plans from the market? By raising rates?…

This could still be turned around, perhaps even soon. But it’s time to start considering the worst-case scenarios: that the exchanges continue to malfunction, that plan cancellations go into effect, that insurers see the political winds shifting and stop playing nice with the administration, and that significant numbers of people are left stranded without coverage as a result. Rather than reforming the individual market, which was flawed but did work for some people, Obamacare will have destroyed it and left only dysfunction and chaos in its wake.

Yuval Levin said not long ago that you can’t start talking about a “death spiral” until things have actually spiraled – not just higher rates next year, in other words, but higher rates year after year as the cost of maintaining coverage becomes prohibitively expensive for more and more middle class people and they end up dropping it, leaving only older, sicker people in the pool. As Suderman notes, if low enrollment persists into the spring and the 2015 rates are set based on that data, we might have our first full downward turn in the spiral. Exit question: How long before Obama announces some sort of extension of next year’s enrollment deadline? Over/under is Friday.

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Woman Repeatedly Calls 911 To Report “Drunk People Inside Bar”

Woman Repeatedly Calls 911 To Report “Drunk People Inside Bar” – Weekly Vice

Mary Jaggers of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has been jailed after she allegedly called 911 to report that there were drunk people inside the bar she was visiting.


According to police, Jaggers called 911 six different times to complain that there were drunk people inside Artie’s Sportsman Lounge.

Arriving officers spoke with Jaggers, who demanded the arrest of everyone inside the bar. A pat down search, however, revealed that she was in possession of hydrocodone without a prescription.

Jaggers was taken into custody and no other arrests were made.

At her arraignment hearing on Tuesday, Jagger told the judge that she repeatedly called police to prevent anyone from driving home drunk.

“I have a feeling that the mixture between Artie’s Bar and the hydrocodone probably led to count two, the calling of 911,” said Judge Hurley during the hearing.

Jaggers was booked into jail and charged with misuse of 911 and possession of hyrocodone without a prescription.

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Whoever said the truth was stranger than fiction was probably thinking of this story

Via Blazing Cat Fur

Wife kills abusive husband in self-defense only to discover ‘he’ was actually a woman wearing prosthetic penis

Many thoughts came to mind when I read that headline, but WTF summed them up best!

When a woman killed her abusive husband out of self-defense, she found out that ‘he’ was actually a woman wearing a prosthetic penis.

Angelo Heddington and Elizabeth Rudavsky from Canada had a whirlwind romance, which was followed by a shotgun wedding after four months of dating, and then escalating domestic violence.

But when a battered 27-year-old Elizabeth stabbed Angelo, 30, after he attacked her in 2003, it was the paramedics who discovered a prosthetic penis under ‘his’ clothes on the way to the hospital.



Wisdom never fades

Milton Friedman educates a young hippy on liberty vs equality H/T American Perspective

Two things I noticed. First the hippy was respectful, so maybe the Left has devolved over the years? Maybe they are more hostile now? Second, Friedman summed up, in just a few words, why “equality” as the Left defines it, is nothing but a shortcut to totalitarianism


I love being right!

I often write, and say that Feminists are only pro-choice when a woman makes choices that Feminists think they should make. In other words, Feminism is NOT about empowering women. Rather, Feminism is about controlling women, and forcing them to think, speak, and yes, vote certain ways. Well, now Elizabeth Wuertzel has confirmed my opinion. Writing in the Atlantic, Wuertzel makes clear that Feminism is NOT about empowering women

 When my mind gets stuck on everything that is wrong with feminism, it brings out the 19th century poet in me: Let me count the ways. Most of all, feminism is pretty much a nice girl who really, really wants so badly to be liked by everybody — ladies who lunch, men who hate women, all the morons who demand choice and don’t understand responsibility — that it has become the easy lay of social movements. I am going to smack the next idiot who tells me that raising her children full time — by which she really means going to Jivamukti classes and pedicure appointments while the nanny babysits — is her feminist choice. Who can possibly take feminism seriously when it allows everything, as long as women choose it? The whole point to begin with was that women were losing their minds pushing mops and strollers all day without a room or a salary of their own.

See! There you are! Women just cannot go making any choice they like. Not according to Feminist doctrine. Women can only be good Feminists if they KNOW THEIR PLACE!

You can read the rest, but I suggest keeping a vomit bag close by. It is basically the same hateful Feminist screed that we have heard before.

Why yes, men fantasizing about young sexy women is NORMAL!

American Power has the background on this dust up caused, of course, by the Kardashians!

ICYMI, my friend David Swindle kicked off a big debate on fantasizing about young women at PJ Media. Here’s David’s original post, “Revolting: Kardashian Mom Allows Bikini Photo Shoot of 16 and 14 Year-Old Daughters.”

Dave’s key point is that men should not be fantasizing about slutty “girls” in the 18-22-year-old range, as they’re immature and most likely to bring pain and unhappiness.

The argument’s not going over too well, however. Dr. Helen Smith responds, for example, “‘When Do Cute and Sexy Young Girls Stop Looking Cute and Sexy? Death’“:

EXACTLY right! Men stop thinking about young sexy women when they, well, you know, not even a dip in what my granddad called “Dead Pecker Creek” can stop a man thinking about women. Seriously David, stop it! BTW, I am NOT defending letting your 14-year-old, or 16-year old pose for bikini pics, no way, ESPECIALLY if your teen is a boy, I think that is how Andrew Sullivan went wrong, but I see nothing abnormal about a man looking at a college girl and having fantasies. Although, I must admit, now a days when I see a really hot 18-22-year-old, I ask myself this. “I wonder if her mom is single?”

The DaleyGator continues to honor National Offend a Feminist Week

Today, I figured I would bring you some of the posts other bloggers are doing to honor Stacy McCain’s N.O.A.F.W

Zion’s Trumpet has this classic! It is sure to bring most any Feminist to the edge of her broom

Get That Woman out there where she belongs – cooking your dinner and looking good!

Wyblog reminds us that Feminists hate boys, just like they hate men!

That Mr. G Guy has enough material that is guaranteed to offend any Feminist!

Bob Belvedere may have to go into hiding for daring to suggest, among other things, that Feminists should cook him dinner! And be sexy while she does it! And Bob does not stop there!

Stacy McCain himself has the dangers the over sensitivity that Feminists wish to force upon us all

Please join us as we seek to expose the radicals posing as genuine Feminists. Genuine Feminists actually care about women. The Gals at NOW and their ilk? They care about their own power, and they use women as pawns.

In an effort to calm a fellow blogger…….

I will remind Adrienne not to get too upset over this

Okay – my outrage meter just went up…

about 1000 notches.

What kind of woman proudly declares her desire to kill her own baby and demands that you pay for it?  This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve witnessed in a long time.  Sad and pathetic women acting out their part as useful idiots…

More at Zombie:   “Unite Against the War on Women” march, Los Angeles

Just remember Adrienne, these are not real women, they are Feminuts!

Rule 5 you say? OK but this time the ladies get some Tebow Time too!

Here are some links for those who appreciate lovely ladies, and YES ladies I am throwing in Tebow for FREE!

Bob Belvedere has a fine collection of women, highlighted by Minka Kelly

Woodsterman featuresa video that highlights how great Japanese women’s thighs are

Lance Burri is bragging on a new Danica?

Theo, as always, has a bedtime babe

And now, something for the ladies Smitty has a video of The Duke

And, ladies, TEBOW TIME!





















Mike has Ali Landry

Teresa has an Iranian Goddess

Wyatt has the woman who has two, uh, well……….

Say Anything has a great Rule 5 post

Jamie features Eliza Dushku

Feral Irishman has bacon and breasts

Proof Positive has a beauty to behold

More Tebow for the ladies

















Full Metal Patriot has Gina Carano

Hookers and Booze likes couch potatoes

Jake Finnegan has naked Olivia Munn

Pitsnipes Gripes loves Hump Day

POH honors Kate Beckinsale

Randy has two cheerleaders!

RRR has Miss Poland




















American Perspective has the very sexy Diana Krall

Barking Moonbat has a lovely redhead

Dustbury has a lady in red

Mike, of Fishersville, is a Ravens fan, or at least of their cheerleaders












Maggie has BIKINIS!

William Teach: If all you see……….

Donald Douglas has links to Evan Rachel Wood nude pics

Bring the Heat brings us Kate Middleton

The Chive has hot girls in the middle of nowhere























Hell on Earth…..WOW! Oh, wait, one more for the ladies

And that is it, but check back for updates!

Smacking down a Nanny Stater

Duane Lester does it in style, taking a letter-writer in Des Moines to the woodshed

However, this letter by Bill Leonard leaves me wondering if he’s a liberal or a conservative.  I really don’t know, since nanny-staters reside on both sides of the political spectrum.  Bill isn’t my type of conservative, if he’s leaning right, but if he leans left, his dependence on the government for control is right on target:

Does it make sense to take $60 million from the billfolds of Iowans to gain $13 million in taxes?

Well, of course, say advocates of online poker, the latest proposed gimmick for separating you from your paycheck. Iowans should be able to go broke from the comfort of their living rooms via computer without having to waste money driving all the way to a casino.

First off,  no one is “taking” $60 million from anyone’s billfolds.  The free people of Iowa, and the surrounding states, choose to enter these gambling establishments, knowing the likelihood of losing every penny they wager is higher than winning the jackpot.  So in the first five words, Bill shows flaws in his premise, but let’s continue:
Go read it all, Duane lays out the common sense this guy should embrace. The key point being this. Once you allow government to decide what we can do in our homes……..

Where does it stop?  Should I be allowed to eat Cheetos and drink Mountain Dew?  No, you’ll get fat and weigh down an already overloaded health care system.  BANNINATED!

Should I be allowed to read “Catcher in the Rye,” or even more controversial books like Ann Coulter’s, “Godless?”  No, Holden Caufield will corrupt our youth and Coulter says things we consider hateful and wrong, so you’ll be misinformed.  BANNINATED!

The fact is, in a free society, some people are going to engage in behavior or activities that you don’t approve of them doing.  As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone not involved, it’s really none of your business.


Well, now Donald Douglas has gone and done it!

In one very short blog post title, Douglas might have offended most of the people on earth! And I am darned proud of him. Here, is that title, and be warned you too might be offended by it!

African Indigents with Massive Erect Cocks?
Click the link to see what Douglas is talking about, and trust me, it is an excellent post exposing the inanity of the race-obsessed Left. But, let us consider the incredible outbreak of Offendeditis this will surely cause
It will offend, of course the race pimps, and all those who suffer from Racial Obsession Syndrome
It will outrage Feminuts, because, well men with erections deeply offend Feminuts for two reasons. A man with an erection is likely thinking about a Hooters waitress, a cheerleader, or maybe a woman in a bikini, and a man finding women attractive or sexy is “degrading” to women according to Feminist theology. The other reason that Feminuts will be offended is that most Feminuts are either too ugly, or to damned mean or in most cases both, to give a man an erection.
It will offend Leftists who always defend thugs and rioters as “victims of Capitalism and Western society”
It will offend those who freak out every time they see a naughty word, and that is good because those types only seem happy when they are offended by something they saw on TV, or read in a magazine, or at a blog. It will offend them so much that they might actually stop begging the FCC to police what their neighbors are watching, which would be a good thing.
It will offend Lesbians, and I doubt I really need to explain why
It will offend every host at MSNBS, who will somehow blame the Tea Party, and Secessionists, because hosts at MSNBS get paid way too much to be offended.
Lastly, Douglas’ post will offend Andrew Sullivan when he finds out there are actually no “massive erections” in the post itself
Of course, I am sure I have offended many people in this post, and I truly hope I did, because, as I have stated before, it seems that these types are only happy when they are offended.

Klavan on abortion

As I grow older, I lean more and more towards a Libertarian’s view of the world. Klavan sums up my feelings on abortion, and Gay marriage, and legalizing drugs in this piece pretty well in this piece. Yes, I know full well that many of the things I say and post here do, in fact, tend to cause many Social Conservatives to have outbreaks of offendeditis. But, on abortion, I believe the evidence is clear, abortion DOES kill an innocent unborn child. And, in the end, as Klavan says, whether the baby is alive or not is THE ONLY argument that really matters.

I’ve come to see that every single argument in favor of unlimited abortion simply skips over the decisive question: is an unborn child a human being or not? You can’t say killing a human being is a private matter. You can’t say a woman has “a right to choose” whether to kill a human being. You can’t say it’s okay to kill a human being because he was the product of rape or incest. You can’t argue that protecting the life of a human being unfairly extends government power — the government already has, and must have, that power. And you surely can’t say we must kill masses of innocent humans for the greater good of society. That’s more than hitlerian. It’s satanic.

You can see pro-choicers stumble over this problem of logic when feminists, say, complain that people are aborting far more girls than boys or when gays worry that the discovery of a “gay gene” may lead to a “gay holocaust” by abortion. It ain’t a holocaust if you’re not killing people. And if unborn children aren’t human, why shouldn’t parents kill them off until they get the one they want?

I still believe it’s possible for a person of good will to make the argument that a fetus is not fully human for some small period of its development. Thomas Aquinas did — and the man was a saint. But more and more, that point of view is coming to seem to me pre-scientific. In any case, if that’s the argument pro-choicers want to have, let’s have that argument, and no other — because no other matters. And if we as a free people decide that unborn children are children indeed, there is no moral alternative: we must not only end abortion but put our full efforts into supporting humane and broadly available methods of welcoming the unwanted.

The very definition of an elitist snob……….

That would be one Thoma Friedman, who, out of one side of his mouth lectures us that we must work less and own less in order to save the planet because the “world is full” and at the same time lives the life of the super rich! Doug Powers, blogging at Michelle’s blog exposes Friedman for what he is

There’s a common thread among many of the people who demand that everybody else do without: They tend to have a lot more than the people they’re asking to own less — which is why the following items come as complete non-surprises: Friedman’s wife is the heir to the shopping mall fortune of one of America’s wealthiest families (safe bet they don’t all live in eco houses). As for the more relevant issue of Friedman himself, if the world is too full, maybe it’s because he’s taking up too much space:

Newsbusters points out that the July 2006 issue of Washingtonian magazine called Friedman’s home “a palatial 11,400-square-foot house, now valued at $9.3 million, on a 7.5-acre parcel…”

Between Thomas Friedman and Al Gore, if they’d let some of us greenhouse gas-spewing eco-unfriendly serfs spill over into their sprawling carbon footprints, maybe the earth wouldn’t be so full

Marxists, and Leftist elites like Friedman love to lecture, the love to paint themselves as crusaders for “social justice” or “economic justice”, or “environmental justice”. They demand that everyone else live by the standards that the Thomas Friedman’s of the world set. Standards that, they, of course, are exempt from

Check out the home of the guy who demands that we own less and work less and thus live less well

Cassy Fiano: Top Ten Crazy posting on Feministing!

And when Cassy calls a Feminist crazy…………..

The world of leftist feminist extremists was rocked to its very core this week. Seven years after founding Feministing, Jessica Valenti (one of the most well-known femisogynists) announced that she was leaving the blog she created. Besides being busy with other projects, she’s 32 now, which is like, totally old, and Feministing is only for young femisogynists. And everyone knows that 32 is practically grandma territory. And while Valenti said she would still be involved in an advisory capacity, her departure caused much sadness and sorrow among lefty feminists in the blogosphere. Here at NewsReal, though, we thought: what better time than to honor Jessica Valenti’s femisogynist legacy at Feministing?

Like most blogs being written by femisogynists, you can find the typical subjects at Feministing. They write about the glories of abortion, bash conservative women, reinforce feminist myths, and defend sluthood culture. But this post isn’t about the typical Feministing posts. This is about the ones that went above and beyond, the ones that took ridiculousness and idiocy to a whole new level.

Read them all, Cassy nails Feminuts better than anyone on the Right!