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Noted Race Pimp does what race pimps do

Reverend Al, who is a gasbag says Rand Paul should never speak about race. Maybe because Sharpton and his vile cohorts at MSNBS are ALWAYS talking  about race, and usually lying about it I might add.

UPDATE! Gateway Pundit notes that Sharpton, self-proclaimed voting rights champion that he is, welcomed a known voter fraud felon recently

Melowese Richardson who was convicted of Voter Fraud and released early from a five year prison sentence is hugged by Rev. Al Sharton as he joins State Representative Alicia Reece to kick off the petition drive for Ohio Vote at Word of God Deliverance Family Life Center in Forest Park.

(Photo: The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger)

Melowese voted twice for herself in 2012 and three times for her comatose sister!

Melowese got a hero’s welcome by local Democrats at the party.
Cincinnati.com reported:

A Hamilton County poll worker who has been held up nationally as an example of voter fraud took the stage at a local voting rights rally – outraging Republicans and dismaying even top local Democrats.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, keynote speaker at Thursday’s rally to kick-off the campaign for an Ohio Voters’ Bill of Rights Ohio Constitutional amendment, even hugged Melowese Richardson.

Richardson, a Democrat, was convicted of voter fraud after using her position as poll worker to vote more than once in the 2012 presidential election. She got a five year prison term, but was released earlier this month after local Democratic activists pressed for a fairer term.

A judge sentenced her to probation instead.

Richardson was among the more than 400 at Word of Deliverance Church in Forest Park when Cincinnati National Action Network President Bobby Hilton called her on stage for a “welcome home.”

A tweet from an Enquirer reporter about the moment sparked immediate outrage from Republicans on Twitter.

Even Democrat leaders questioned the idea of applauding Richardson.

“I am very glad the county prosecutor and judge reconsidered and got her out of jail, but she is not a hero,” Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Burke, who was at the rally, told the Enquirer. “What she did was criminal conduct and was particularly problematic because of her role as a precinct executive.”

Hamilton County Democratic Party Executive Director Caleb Faux, who was also at the rally, saw it as an attempt to portray Richardson as a martyr because of the lengthy sentence

YEP! that is the Sharpton we know isn’t it?

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Rand Paul Leads 350,000 Plaintiffs In Federal Lawsuit Against Obama Regime Over NSA Surveillance

‘Rand Paul v. Barack Obama’ Lawsuit Hits Federal Court With 350,000 Plaintiffs, As U.S. Senator Sues White House And Intelligence Chiefs Over NSA Surveillance – Daily Mail

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is making good on his promise to sue the Obama administration over what he calls ‘precisely the kind of overreach we fought a revolution over.’ His targets are the National Security Agency, the FBI and other federal government offices that snoop on private communications at home and abroad.

With former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as his lead attorney, Paul is filing suit Wednesday morning in Washington, D.C. federal court along with the conservative FreedomWorks organization.

The legal action, officially titled ‘Rand Paul v. Barack Obama,’ will hit the court running with at least 350,000 plaintiffs, according to a source close to the process. Paul is aiming for 10 million, judging from a message on two websites run by his political staff.

‘When we learned that the NSA was collecting the phone data of every American last year,’ the senator said in a video message Tuesday night to supporters, ‘it posed a serious Constitutional question: Do we no longer have a Fourth Amendment?’




The lawsuit will argue that the president ‘has publicly refused to stop a clear and continuing violation of the Fourth Amendment,’ Paul said in a statement from his political action committee. ‘I expect this case to go all the way to the Supreme Court and I predict the American people will win.’

President Obama is named as a defendant, along with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Director of the National Security Agency Gen. Keith Alexander, and FBI Director James Comey.

A White House National Security Council Staff spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But Obama said during a lengthy January 17 speech about U.S. signals intelligence gathering – an oration that might be a preview of the government’s courtroom defense – that ‘the men and women of the intelligence community, including the NSA, consistently follow protocols designed to protect the privacy of ordinary people.’

‘They’re not abusing authorities in order to listen to your private phone calls or read your emails,’ the president insisted.

His press secretary, Jay Carney, followed up ten days later with assurance during a daily briefing that ‘to the extent that the NSA collects information, it is focused on valid foreign intelligence targets and not the information of ordinary Americans.’

‘Look,’ he told reporters, ‘I mean, terrorists, proliferators, other bad actors use the same communication tools that others use.’






Sen. Paul’s objection focuses on the so-called bulk phone-record ‘metadata’ that the NSA gathers routinely. The data includes phone numbers, dates, times, and the durations of calls.

National security analysts say the massive tranches of data can be helpful when terrorism suspects are identified, because they allow investigators to establish who they have been talking to – and when.

Paul’s legal advisers thought about filing suit in a Kentucky federal court, MailOnline’s source said, but decided on Washington, D.C. because its judges are accustomed to sifting through the thorny issues surrounding whether a class-action group deserves to be ‘certified’–if, that is, its members have standing to sue.

He plans a press conference in front of the federal courthouse on Wednesday morning to boast that he’s protecting the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment from the White House’s national security apparatus.

‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,’ that Amendment reads in part.

The senator first forecast his legal action in late December, and told the Fox News Channel that since the Obama administration ‘has used the IRS to go after people… we wonder if they would use the NSA that way.’

‘Everybody who has a cellphone would be eligible’ to become a plaintiff, he said.

That interview came on the same day the NSA convinced a top-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act judge to green-light its metadata collection for a new 90-day period.

That program, the subject of worldwide leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, has won reauthorization at least 36 times during the past seven years.

Paul’s odd mix of libertarian crusade and conservative button-pushing isn’t new, and it might become the norm on the right as more Republicans try to find common ground between what amount to warring cousins.


‘Libertarian, or liberty, doesn’t mean libertine,’ the GOP presidential hopeful told a red-meat right-wing crowd at a D.C. gala last week.

‘To many of us,’ he said, playing deftly to a room full of social conservatives, ‘Libertarian means freedom and liberty. But we also see freedom needs tradition.’

The speech came an hour after a lobbyist was heard introducing him to friends during a pre-dinner reception as a ‘Libertarian rock star.’

But Paul cautioned that ‘I don’t see libertarianism as, “you can do whatever you want”.’

Now the federal legislator is applying that message to the executive branch of government, and hoping the judicial branch will see things his way.

But while his lawsuit percolates, Freedomworks president Matt Kibbe will manage the plaintiff-lists and turn them into a political mobilizing tool.

‘If you use a phone, you should care about this case,’ Kibbe said Tuesday, adding that his group’s 6 million members stand behind the legal effort.

Names are initially collected on websites run by PaulPAC, the Kentucky senator’s Political Action Committee, and by his political campaign – presumably one now engaged in planning for the 2016 presidential race.

Both websites ask Web surfers to ‘sign below and join my class-action lawsuit and help stop the government’s outrageous spying program on the American people.’

They also ask for donations.

‘After you sign up, please make a generous donation to help rally up to ten million Americans to support my lawsuit to stop Big Brother,’ a message reads.

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Breaking News: Mike Huckabee no longer my least favorite Republican

Nope! That honor goes to Rep, Peter King (A) Asshole

Via Politico:

Rep. Peter King took swings at fellow Republican Sen. Rand Paul on Monday, saying he does not deserve to be in Congress and that he is stoking “paranoia” among Americans.

The New York Republican pointed to the debate over the National Security Agency’s surveillance, which King supports but Paul criticizes, as an example of why he believes the senator doesn’t belong in Congress.

“We can have honest differences about what [NSA’s] policies are, but what Rand Paul is creating is hysteria,” King said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday. “When Rand Paul is comparing [NSA Director] Gen. [James] Clapper to [leaker Edward] Snowden, saying Clapper belongs in jail with Snowden, talking about how all phone calls are being listened to, trying to create this paranoia among Americans that the NSA is spying on everyone, the fact is he has not been able to cite one abuse by the NSA.”

King said the Kentucky Republican “creates this illusion” of spying in an attempt to play off Americans’ fear in an “offensive” way.

“The same reason he was saying he was worried about the CIA using drones to kill Americans in Starbucks. He is playing on some sort of … fear mongering, isolationism,” King said. “Rather than using intelligent arguments, as people could well do, he is resorting to fear, he’s appealing to the lowest common denominator. And I find that very offensive.”

King seems to be attacking Paul, and Ted Cruz, and every other Conservative in the GOP. I would remind Rep. King that he has no friends at MSNBS, and his political grandstanding is pretty damned offensive to many Conservatives. And, I might also remind King that Sen.Paul deserves to be in Congress because the people of Kentucky elected him. And, I would add that I am not so eager to trust the government NOT to take liberties with out liberties.

Your Daley Gator Conservative Poll O’ The Day


Shutuppery works because Conservatives cave too easily

The Other McCain explains

A point I made Saturday at The American Spectator:

When so many cultural institutions, from the news media to Hollywood to your local university campus, are utterly dominated by liberal Democrats, there inevitably arises a stigma toward conservative ideas and Republican politics. When people are hammered day after day by the relentless partisanship of what the late Andrew Breitbart called the “Democrat-Media Complex,” when movies and TV sitcoms habitually mock or demonize Republicans, when conservative college students are afraid of their liberal professors and radical campus activists, who can blame anyone for thinking there is something wrong with being a Republican? Cast under this shadow of stigma and suspicion, many Republicans seem to internalize the negative stereotype of themselves, to become defensive and apologetic — “Please don’t hate me” — and generally to act as if they are guilty of doing something wrong. . . .

Please read the whole thing. Republicans who send out signals of weakness and fear are, in effect, inviting attacks. And because so many Republicans lack either the courage to fight back or the skill to fight back successfully, their enemies are emboldened.

Sad but true, we have to all develop stiffer spines, McCain explains

Organizations have images — reputations — and if a negative perception develops, that perception tends to become self-perpuating. The Republican Party is currently perceived as an organization of selfish, cowardly losers, and this makes it difficult for the GOP to attract support from people who admire generosity,  strength and success. The party is increasingly defined by its whining pathetic supporters.

From the perspective of the neurasthenic weaklings who now run Republican politics, anyone who wants to stand up and fight for principles is considered a troublemaker. Ted Cruz? Mike Lee? Rand Paul? No, the GOP leadership doesn’t want to elect people like that. They want smooth-talking sellouts like Lindsey Graham and good ol’ boys like Mitch McConnell who understand that the job of Republicans is to “compromise” by giving Democrats everything they want.

Well, who in their right mind would fight on behalf of a such a party? Who would risk their reputation, their comfort, perhaps even their livelihood, to defend the Republican Party, when the party itself is run by wimps who only care about their own re-election?

Think about this: When Lady Liberty and Sister Toldjah came under fire by North Carolina Democrats, did anybody in the North Carolina GOP apparatus stand up for them? Hell, no.

You cannot win in political combat by continually retreating. If you ever hope to win, you must first determine to fight. And once you’re in the fight, you must never stop fighting until you win.

In short, they attack us because we, or too many of us bury our heads in the sand, or refuse to rally around those few that DO stand up. Another problem is that we, as a party, are too ready to throw the “wacko birds” under the bus to appease our “friends across the aisle. Newsflash, those folks across the aisle are not our friends. The see us not as friends, but as ENEMIES. And frankly, we have to face up to reality and grasp that anyone who considers us THEIR enemy, is, by definition OUR enemy!



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Dont Fund Obamacare
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Related article:

GOP Document: Vote To Defund Obamacare, Then Let Senate Erase It – Big Government

A document House Majority Leader Eric Cantor distributed to all House Republicans on Tuesday, obtained by Breitbart News, confirms that he is planning to make it appear as though the House is voting to defund Obamacare while using a legislative procedural trick which would allow the Democrat-controlled Senate to strip defunding language from the Continuing Resolution.

“Many House Republicans have stated that they want to pass a CR that affirmatively defunds the implementation and enforcement of Obamacare,” Cantor wrote to House Republican members. “In addition to firmly putting the House on record, such an effort would force the Democrat Senate to confront the issue of defunding, providing Senate Republicans the opportunity to challenge Senate Democrats to join Republicans in blocking the further implementation of this awful and unpopular law.”

“Tactically, we want to engage this battle in a manner that unites House Republicans, provides as few opportunities as possible for Senate Democrats to duck the issue, and ensures that if defunding does not occur that Democrats are held to account,” Cantor added.

Cantor then laid out “The Plan” he and other members of the House GOP leadership will use allowing them to claim they support defunding Obamacare while leaving the fate of the defunding effort in the hands of the Democrat-controlled Senate.

First, he said the House will “simultaneously” consider a Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds the government “at sequester levels” along with a rule, or a “H.Cong.Res. that would amend the CR to include full defunding language.”

The House would vote on the CR, a vote that would include the rule and then send it to the Senate, where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can then remove the rule’s language after considering it. “The rule for the CR/Defund package provides that the CR cannot be transmitted to the Senate until the Senate has considered the defunding language,” Cantor writes in step number 4 of “The Plan” section of the document.

In step number 5 of “The Plan,” Cantor admits that the Senate can remove the rule language. “If the Senate passes defunding then it gets added to the CR as it goes to the president,” Cantor writes in step 5. “If they defeat it, then the Senate can consider whether they want to pass the CR. If they do, without amendment it goes to the president.”

Breitbart News reported on this plan from Cantor and others in House GOP leadership on Monday evening. After that story, a prominent House conservative source told Breitbart News that members who support defunding Obamacare are organizing and plan to whip against Cantor’s ploy.

“Expect a significant whip effort against the rule among the rank and file if they try to pull the trick on defunding,” the conservative source said.

In a statement provided to Breitbart News, ForAmerica chairman Brent Bozell denounced Cantor’s and Boehner’s ploy. “The latest move announced today by Speaker Boehner and House Republican leadership is nothing more than a cheap parliamentary trick. Once again these Republican ‘leaders’ have failed to commit to defund ObamaCare by any means necessary,” Bozell said.

“Instead they are hiding behind smoke and mirrors by ‘putting the responsibility on the Senate’ to defund ObamaCare. Conservatives and the tea party are fed up with these stupid government tricks,” he continued. “Now it’s the GOP leadership playing them.”

“What they didn’t say was that the vote they will push to the Senate to defund ObamaCare is meaningless and won’t get the job done — and they know it. It is a slap — a cynical, dishonest slap — across the face of everyone who voted for them. This will cost them,” Bozell warned.

“If they do not defund ObamaCare by any means necessary the GOP will own it and they will pay a hefty political price for breaking their promise,” he declared. “To those rank and file members playing this three card monte game, I can say only one thing: Get ready for some primaries.”

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URGENT! Sign The Petition To Defund ObamaCare – Join Ted Cruz, Mike Lee And Rand Paul Today


Dont Fund Obamacare
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Dont Fund Obamacare

Republican Senators who have not yet committed to defunding ObamaCare.

AK – Murkowski, Lisa – 202-224-3004
AL – Sessions, Jeff – 202-224-4124
AL – Shelby, Richard – 202-224-5744
AR – Boozman, John – 202-224-4843
AZ – Flake, Jeff – 202-224-4521
AZ – McCain, John – 202-224-2235
GA – Chambliss, Saxby – 202-224-3521
GA – Isakson, Johnny – 202-224-3643
ID – Crapo, Mike – 202-224-6142
IL – Kirk, Mark – 202-224-2854
IN – Coats, Dan – 202-224-5623
KS – Moran, Jerry – 202-224-6521
KS – Roberts, Pat – 202-224-4774
KY – McConnell, Mitch – 202-224-2541
ME – Collins, Susan – 202-224-2523
MO – Blunt, Roy – 202-224-5721
MS – Cochran, Thad – 202-224-5054
MS – Wicker, Roger – 202-224-6253
NC – Burr, Richard – 202-224-3154
ND – Hoeven, John – 202-224-2551
NE – Johanns, Mike – 202-224-4224
NH – Ayotte, Kelly – 202-224-3324
NV – Heller, Dean – 202-224-6244
OH – Portman, Rob – 202-224-3353
PA – Toomey, Pat – 202-224-4254
SC – Graham, Lindsey – 202-224-5972
SC – Scott, Tim – 202-224-6121
TN – Alexander, Lamar – 202-224-4944
TN – Corker, Bob – 202-224-3344
TX – Cornyn, John – 202-224-2934
UT – Hatch, Orrin – 202-224-5251
WI – Johnson, Ron – 202-224-5323
WY – Barrasso, John – 202-224-6441


Send a message to the House as well.

Dont Fund Obamacare


H.R.2682: Defund Obamacare Act Of 2013 (Introduced In House – IH) – Library Of Congress


1st Session

H. R. 2682

To prohibit the funding of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


July 11, 2013

Mr. GRAVES of Georgia (for himself, Mr. BRIDENSTINE, Mr. MASSIE, Mr. STOCKMAN, Mr. JONES, Mr. COLLINS of Georgia, Mr. COTTON, Mr. PALAZZO, Mr. BROUN of Georgia, Mr. DUNCAN of South Carolina, Mr. PITTENGER, Mr. HENSARLING, Mr. LAMBORN, Mr. MEADOWS, Mr. CASSIDY, Mr. ROE of Tennessee, Mr. LAMALFA, Mr. WESTMORELAND, Mr. WENSTRUP, Mr. HUDSON, Mr. MILLER of Florida, Mr. GINGREY of Georgia, Mr. FARENTHOLD, Mr. MULVANEY, Mr. WITTMAN, Mr. BARTON, Mr. OLSON, Mr. HALL, Mrs. BACHMANN, Mr. CHABOT, Mr. CULBERSON, Mr. FLEMING, Mr. KING of Iowa, Mr. DESANTIS, Mr. HUELSKAMP, Mr. POSEY, Mr. BILIRAKIS, Mr. SCALISE, and Mr. YOHO) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committees on Ways and Means, Education and the Workforce, Natural Resources, the Judiciary, and House Administration, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned



To prohibit the funding of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the `Defund Obamacare Act of 2013′.


(a) In General- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no Federal funds shall be made available to carry out any provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148) or title I and subtitle B of title II of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-152), or of the amendments made by either such Act.

(b) Limitation- No entitlement to benefits under any provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148) or title I and subtitle B of title II of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-152), or the amendments made by either such Act, shall remain in effect on and after the date of the enactment of this Act, nor shall any payment be awarded, owed, or made to any State, District, or territory under any such provision.

(c) Unobligated Balances- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, all unobligated balances available under the provisions of law referred to in subsection (a) are hereby rescinded.



Rep Amodei, Mark E. [NV-2] – 7/22/2013
Rep Bachmann, Michele [MN-6] – 7/11/2013
Rep Barr, Andy [KY-6] – 7/16/2013
Rep Barton, Joe [TX-6] – 7/11/2013
Rep Benishek, Dan [MI-1] – 7/24/2013
Rep Bentivolio, Kerry L. [MI-11] – 7/17/2013
Rep Bilirakis, Gus M. [FL-12] – 7/11/2013
Rep Bishop, Rob [UT-1] – 7/17/2013
Rep Boustany, Charles W., Jr. [LA-3] – 7/15/2013
Rep Bridenstine, Jim [OK-1] – 7/11/2013
Rep Brooks, Mo [AL-5] – 7/17/2013
Rep Broun, Paul C. [GA-10] – 7/11/2013
Rep Burgess, Michael C. [TX-26] – 7/22/2013
Rep Cassidy, Bill [LA-6] – 7/11/2013
Rep Chabot, Steve [OH-1] – 7/11/2013
Rep Chaffetz, Jason [UT-3] – 7/23/2013
Rep Collins, Doug [GA-9] – 7/11/2013
Rep Conaway, K. Michael [TX-11] – 7/17/2013
Rep Cotton, Tom [AR-4] – 7/11/2013
Rep Crawford, Eric A. “Rick” [AR-1] – 7/19/2013
Rep Culberson, John Abney [TX-7] – 7/11/2013
Rep Daines, Steve [MT] – 7/17/2013
Rep DeSantis, Ron [FL-6] – 7/11/2013
Rep DesJarlais, Scott [TN-4] – 7/25/2013
Rep Duncan, Jeff [SC-3] – 7/11/2013
Rep Farenthold, Blake [TX-27] – 7/11/2013
Rep Fleischmann, Charles J. “Chuck” [TN-3] – 7/15/2013
Rep Fleming, John [LA-4] – 7/11/2013
Rep Flores, Bill [TX-17] – 7/17/2013
Rep Franks, Trent [AZ-8] – 7/17/2013
Rep Gardner, Cory [CO-4] – 7/23/2013
Rep Gingrey, Phil [GA-11] – 7/11/2013
Rep Gosar, Paul A. [AZ-4] – 7/19/2013
Rep Griffin, Tim [AR-2] – 7/17/2013
Rep Guthrie, Brett [KY-2] – 7/16/2013
Rep Hall, Ralph M. [TX-4] – 7/11/2013
Rep Harper, Gregg [MS-3] – 7/24/2013
Rep Harris, Andy [MD-1] – 7/26/2013
Rep Hartzler, Vicky [MO-4] – 7/24/2013
Rep Hastings, Doc [WA-4] – 7/22/2013
Rep Hensarling, Jeb [TX-5] – 7/11/2013
Rep Hudson, Richard [NC-8] – 7/11/2013
Rep Huelskamp, Tim [KS-1] – 7/11/2013
Rep Huizenga, Bill [MI-2] – 7/17/2013
Rep Hultgren, Randy [IL-14] – 7/17/2013
Rep Johnson, Bill [OH-6] – 7/24/2013
Rep Johnson, Sam [TX-3] – 7/23/2013
Rep Jones, Walter B., Jr. [NC-3] – 7/11/2013
Rep King, Steve [IA-4] – 7/11/2013
Rep Kingston, Jack [GA-1] – 7/15/2013
Rep Labrador, Raul R. [ID-1] – 7/15/2013
Rep LaMalfa, Doug [CA-1] – 7/11/2013
Rep Lamborn, Doug [CO-5] – 7/11/2013
Rep Lankford, James [OK-5] – 7/23/2013
Rep Marchant, Kenny [TX-24] – 7/24/2013
Rep Marino, Tom [PA-10] – 7/18/2013
Rep Massie, Thomas [KY-4] – 7/11/2013
Rep McCaul, Michael T. [TX-10] – 7/26/2013
Rep McClintock, Tom [CA-4] – 7/22/2013
Rep Meadows, Mark [NC-11] – 7/11/2013
Rep Messer, Luke [IN-6] – 7/24/2013
Rep Miller, Jeff [FL-1] – 7/11/2013
Rep Mullin, Markwayne [OK-2] – 7/22/2013
Rep Mulvaney, Mick [SC-5] – 7/11/2013
Rep Neugebauer, Randy [TX-19] – 7/17/2013
Rep Nunnelee, Alan [MS-1] – 7/22/2013
Rep Olson, Pete [TX-22] – 7/11/2013
Rep Palazzo, Steven M. [MS-4] – 7/11/2013
Rep Perry, Scott [PA-4] – 7/22/2013
Rep Pittenger, Robert [NC-9] – 7/11/2013
Rep Poe, Ted [TX-2] – 7/17/2013
Rep Posey, Bill [FL-8] – 7/11/2013
Rep Price, Tom [GA-6] – 7/24/2013
Rep Radel, Trey [FL-19] – 7/26/2013
Rep Roe, David P. [TN-1] – 7/11/2013
Rep Rokita, Todd [IN-4] – 7/17/2013
Rep Rooney, Thomas J. [FL-17] – 7/24/2013
Rep Salmon, Matt [AZ-5] – 7/17/2013
Rep Scalise, Steve [LA-1] – 7/11/2013
Rep Scott, Austin [GA-8] – 7/17/2013
Rep Sessions, Pete [TX-32] – 7/26/2013
Rep Shuster, Bill [PA-9] – 7/26/2013
Rep Smith, Jason T. [MO-8] – 7/19/2013
Rep Southerland, Steve II [FL-2] – 7/24/2013
Rep Stockman, Steve [TX-36] – 7/11/2013
Rep Stutzman, Marlin A. [IN-3] – 7/17/2013
Rep Thornberry, Mac [TX-13] – 7/26/2013
Rep Tiberi, Patrick J. [OH-12] – 7/23/2013
Rep Walberg, Tim [MI-7] – 7/19/2013
Rep Weber, Randy K. Sr. [TX-14] – 7/17/2013
Rep Wenstrup, Brad R. [OH-2] – 7/11/2013
Rep Westmoreland, Lynn A. [GA-3] – 7/11/2013
Rep Williams, Roger [TX-25] – 7/17/2013
Rep Wilson, Joe [SC-2] – 7/17/2013
Rep Wittman, Robert J. [VA-1] – 7/11/2013
Rep Womack, Steve [AR-3] – 7/26/2013
Rep Yoder, Kevin [KS-3] – 7/24/2013
Rep Yoho, Ted S. [FL-3] – 7/11/2013

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Defunding Obamacare: Questions & Answers, Excuses & Responses – Heritage Action For America

Dont Fund Obamacare


“What do you mean by defunding Obamacare?”

Defunding Obamacare means attaching a legislative rider to a “must pass” bill (debt limit, annual spending bill, etc.) that 1) prohibits any funds from being spent on any activities to implement or enforce Obamacare; 2) rescinds any unspent balances that have already been appropriated for implementation; and 3) turns off the exchange subsidy and new Medicaid spending that are on auto-pilot.

“There is no such thing as defunding Obamacare.”

That is a false statement. Congressmen who assert this are either asserting that funding is not being spent to implement Obamacare (false) or that a defund amendment cannot technically be executed (again, false). Defunding Obamacare can be done, and it has been attempted by the House of Representatives recently. For instance, in 2011, after gaining the majority, the Republican House included such a defunding provision on the continuing spending resolution (HR 1) when the bill first passed the House. The provision was later discarded in negotiations with the President and the Senate, but the effort began with promise.

“What is the urgency to defund Obamacare now?”

On January 1, 2014, Obamacare’s new main entitlements – the Medicaid expansion and the exchange subsidies – are scheduled to take effect. Open enrollment for both programs begins on October 1, 2013, at the start of the new fiscal year. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the federal government will spend $48 billion in 2014 – and nearly $1.8 trillion through 2023 – on these new entitlement programs. Also on January 1, Americans will be forced by their government to buy a product – health insurance – for the first time ever. Individuals and families who don’t comply will be penalized by tax penalties administered through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Obama Administration has requested over $400 million in funding and nearly 2,000 bureaucrats for the IRS to implement the individual mandate and 46 other statutory provisions in the law. Within the Administration, the blizzard of Obamacare rules and regulations continues apace. Regulators have now written over 20,000 pages of Obamacare-related rules and notices in the Federal Register. Many of these regulations will increase the cost of insurance; CBO concluded Obamacare would raise individual health insurance premiums by $2,100 per year.

“Isn’t defunding Obamacare impossible because most of the funding is ‘mandatory’ (or on ‘auto-pilot’) and cannot be amended via the annual appropriations process?”

No. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the IRS, “will incur substantial administrative costs to implement the law’s private insurance reforms and its changes to the federal health care programs.” And while Obamacare provided $1 billion in mandatory implementation funding when it was enacted, HHS projects that this is largely spent. According to CRS, Obamacare “administrative costs will have to be funded through the annual discretionary appropriations.” Furthermore, annual appropriations bills routinely carry funding limitations to block all sorts of activities (for example, the Hyde Amendment), as well make changes to mandatory spending. These latter provisions are called “changes in mandatory program spending” (CHIMPS). Even if these riders were not so common-place, the stakes of so many provisions of Obamacare scheduled to take effect would present grounds for an exception.

“Isn’t defunding impossible because there is not a specific funding stream for Obamacare? Funding is embedded throughout the federal government and not specifically designated.”

No. Congress is aware of all of the programs that fund Obamacare because CRS has provided such a list and the Appropriations Committees are well-versed in the funding intricacies of the law. However, a blanket prohibition against funding all activities associated with implementing the law is all that is needed to halt implementation. Each program does not have to be specifically defunded.


“My Congressman supports repealing Obamacare but not defund….”

It is wonderful that Congressmen support repealing Obamacare, but it’s not enough. The House has had numerous votes to repeal Obamacare, but the chances of statutorily repealing the law decreased once President Obama won a second term. Conservatives cannot wait another three-and-a-half years to begin dismantling Obamacare; they need to leverage current opportunities to defund Obamacare on “must-pass” spending bills.

“Since Obamacare is the President’s ‘signature achievement’ won’t he veto any effort to defund the program? Why should conservatives make this the focus of their anti-Obamacare efforts?”

There is a critical window of opportunity to stop the flow of funding for Obamacare from now until October 1, 2013, when the new fiscal year begins. It is during the same window that the President and Congress must pass bills to fund the government for the coming year. It is entirely appropriate for conservative members of Congress to use this opportunity to say, “No more funding for Obamacare!” and wage a serious and determined fight. If the Republican House girds for this fight – and wins the national argument with the urgency coming from a number of scheduled implementation dates and the law’s rising unpopularity – President Obama will be forced to compromise.

“If you don’t have the votes for a statutory repeal, why would you think you can get the votes to defund Obamacare?”

The Constitution grants the House of Representatives the ultimate “power of the purse.” If Congress chooses not to fund Obamacare activities for the upcoming fiscal year, the Obama Administration cannot act to implement the law. The President’s party does not control the House of Representatives, which must originate debt limit and spending bills to fund the government. And the House Republican Majority was elected in 2010, on the basis of its platform against Obamacare.

“Won’t adding a provision to defund Obamacare to a ‘must-pass’ appropriations bill lead to a government shutdown?”

Obviously, this will set up a major political confrontation with President Obama, but it is the sort of conflict that will allow conservatives in the House of Representatives to remind the American people that the worst aspects of Obamacare are about to take hold and a defunding rider is the only thing standing in the way.

If House Republicans insist on defunding Obamacare, it is possible that the Obama Administration will shut the government down. This would not be the end of the world, and it needs to be an option. President Clinton shut the government down in 1995, by refusing to sign legislation to fund the government. While most pundits in Washington DC believe that this was a catastrophic political failure for Republicans, it is a fact that the House Republicans maintained their majority in 1996, even with a popular president of another party on the ticket. And their willingness to not accept all of Clinton’s demands was crucial towards eventually balancing the budget and reforming welfare. The nation can no longer afford for conservatives to leave political leverage on the table.

“Shouldn’t Obamacare opponents focus instead on repealing pieces of the law where there is bipartisan support – for example, the medical device tax or the IPAB – in order to reinforce the fact that Obamacare is not set in stone and make its supporters take hard votes?”

Washington is filled with special interest groups lobbying everyday to secure a “fix” for the part of Obamacare that affects their industry. There is no “fix” for this law and every time Congress caves to a special interest and makes the law “better” for that group, a little less momentum exists for full and final defunding or repeal. “Fix” votes also give Obamacare supporters every opportunity to appear reasonable and willing to fix the worst excesses of the law. The grim reality is that if the opponents of Obamacare are not willing to use every bit of political leverage at their disposal – a Republican majority in the House of Representatives, mostly made up of Congressmen from safe seats with constituents who strongly object to Obamacare – to halt implementation of the law, then it will be set in stone. There is simply no more time, particularly as the massive exchange subsidies are made available and the Medicaid expansion takes effect.

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Senator Paul Introduces Bill Blocking President Asshat From Arming Terrorists In Syria

Rand Paul Wants To Block Obama From Sending Aid To Syria – Daily Caller

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is one of four senators on Capitol Hill who introduced a new bill Thursday that would block President Obama from getting involved in the Syrian civil war.


It comes after the Obama administration announced plans last week to send arms to the rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime after determining Assad had been using chemical weapons on its people.

The bill proposed Thursday would stop “the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, or any other agency or entity of the United States involved in intelligence activities” from “supporting, directly or indirectly, military or paramilitary operations in Syria by any nation, group, organization, movement, or individual.”

“The President’s unilateral decision to arm Syrian rebels is incredibly disturbing, considering what little we know about whom we are arming,” Paul said Thursday.

Said Paul: “Engaging in yet another conflict in the Middle East with no vote or Congressional oversight compounds the severity of this situation. The American people deserve real deliberation by their elected officials before we send arms to a region rife with extremists who seek to threaten the U.S. and her allies.”

Other sponsors include Democratic Sens. Tom Udall of New Mexico and Chris Murphy of Connecticut. Utah Sen. Mike Lee, a Republican, is also a sponsor.

“Any military involvement in Syria, including the arming of Syrian rebels, needs to be authorized through Congress, where concerns can be publicly debated and the American people can have a say,” Lee said.

“I’m deeply skeptical about plans for military intervention in Syria, given the dangerously fractured state of the opposition, and the very real risk of American weapons and money falling into the hands of the same terrorist organizations we’re already fighting around the world,” Murphy said.

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Cruz, Bachmann, Paul, Beck And Loesch To Headline ‘Audit The IRS Rally’ Wednesday In DC

Beck, Bachmann, Rand Paul, Mike Lee & Ted Cruz To Headline “Audit The IRS Rally” Wednesday In Washington DC – Gateway Pundit

The Tea Party Patriots presents-

Audit The IRS Rally June 19th Noon – U.S. Capitol West Lawn


Speakers Include:

Glenn Beck, Senator Mike Lee, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Jenny Beth Martin, Rep. Steve King, Rep. Dave Camp, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, Rep. John Fleming, Rep. Tom Graves, Rep. Tom Price, Rep. Mike Kelly, Rep. Matt Salmon, Tea Party Leaders, Dana Loesch, Steve Bannon, Sonnie Johnson, Jim Hoft, Niger Innis and Andrew Marcus


Join the Tea Party Patriots on the west lawn of the US Capitol in Washington DC as we rally to Audit the IRS! Fight back against government corruption! AuditTheIRS.org

What: Audit the IRS Rally
When: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 from Noon – 2pm
Where: West Lawn of the US Capitol

** More details here.


Ted Cruz, US Senate (TX)
Mike Lee, US Senate (UT)
Rand Paul, US Senate (KY)
Michele Bachmann, US House (MN)
Jim Bridenstine, US House (OK)
Dave Camp, US House (MI)
John Fleming, US House (LA)
Louie Gohmert, US House (TX)
Tom Graves, US House (GA)
Tim Huelskamp, US House (KS)
Jim Jordan, US House (OH)
Mike Kelly, US House (PA)
Steve King, US House (IA)
Tom Price, US House (GA)
Matt Salmon, US House (AZ)
Justin Binik-Thomas, Individual, Included in Liberty Township Tea Party Letter *
Marion Bower, American Patriots Against Government Excess *
George Brunemann, Jr., Cincinnati Tea Party *
Joe Dugan, Myrtle Beach Tea Party *
Becky Gerritson, Wetumpka Tea Party *
Kelly Horsley, Katy Tea Party Patriots *
Darcy Kahrhoff, Katy Tea Party Patriots *
Kevin Kookogey, Linchpins of Liberty *
Sue Martinek, Coalition for Life of Iowa *
Gerri McDaniel, Myrtle Beach Tea Party *
Daniel Moore, Albequerque Tea Party *
Rick Morlen, Albuquerque Tea Party *
Austin R. Nimrocks, Alliance Defending Freedom *
Larry Nordvig, Richmond Tea Party *
Laura Van Overschelde, The Mississippi Tea Party *
Katrina Pierson, Dallas Tea Party *
Paul Simpson, Katy Tea Party Patriots *
Mark West, Chatanooga Tea Party *
Steven K. Bannon, Breitbart News
Glenn Beck, The Glenn Beck Program
Dan Bongino, 2012 Republican Nominee for US Senate (MD)
Darla Dawald, Grassfire/Patriot Action Network
Ken Hoagland, Restore America’s Voice
Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit
Niger Innis, CORE and TheTeaParty.net
Sonnie Johnson, Breitbart News
Phil Kerpen, American Commitment
Andrew Langer, The Institute for Liberty
Dana Loesch, The Dana Loesch Radio Show
Lisa Miller, Tea Party Washington DC
Seton Motley, Less Government
Michael Needham, Heritage Action
Lisa Mei Norton, Big Dawg Music Mafia, National Anthem Singer
Jordan Sekulow, American Center for Law and Justice
KCarl Smith, Frederick Douglass Republicans
Rose Tennent, The War Room Radio Program
Caleb Yee, Tea Party Students

* Individuals or groups that were targeted by the IRS.

Hope to see you there!

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*VIDEOS* 2013 Faith & Freedom Coalition’s ‘Road To Majority’ Conference… Sans RINOs







Rand Paul To Challenge NSA Snooping In Supreme Court, Asks Phone And Internet Customers To Join Lawsuit

Rand Paul Tells Fox Viewers To Join Lawsuit Against NSA: ‘I’m Going To Challenge This At The Supreme Court’ – Mediaite

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul took to Fox News Sunday to declare his legal opposition to the NSA’s surveillance programs. “I’m going to be seeing if I can challenge this at the Supreme Court level,” Paul said.


“I’m going to be asking all the internet providers and all of the phone companies: ask your customers to join me in a class action lawsuit,” Paul told host Chris Wallace. “If we get ten million Americans saying we don’t want our phone records looked at, then maybe someone will wake up and something will change in Washington.”

Like many lawmakers, Paul drew a distinction between targeted surveillance and the blanket surveillance revealed this week.

“They are looking at a billion phone calls a day,” Paul said. “That doesn’t sound to me like a modest invasion of primary, it sounds like an extraordinary invasion of privacy.”

“I have no problem if you have probable cause, you target people who are terrorists, and you go after them,” Paul continued. “But we’re talking about trolling through billions of phone records… That is unconstitutional.”

Paul also said he would introduce the Fourth Amendment Restoriation Act, though he offered few details about the still-hypothetical legislation.

“If you talk to young people who use computers every day, they’re absolutely with me,” Paul said. “What I spend on my Visa each month, that’s my business, where I spend it, and whether I read conservative magazines, whether I subscribe to Fox News, or whether I subscribe to Yahoo or Google – what I do with my private life is my private life. If you suspect me of a crime, have probable cause.”

“So much of our life now is digitalized, that we have to protect it from a snooping government,” Paul said. “We’ve now got a government that appears to target people based on their political beliefs. I don’t want my phone records being given to an administration I can’t trust.”

Paul remembered that the public outrage against SOPA and PIPA legislation last year were somewhat successful in pushing back the laws, and predicted that if people reacted with similar severity to the current surveillance measures, they would be successful in repealing them.

Watch the interview here, via Fox News:


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That awkward moment when you realize that Obama Care WILL be the biggest clusterfuck in history

Via Chris Wysocki, who is pretty fly for a Jersey Guy

Are you one of the millions of Americans who’ve suffered in silence after being pecked by a macaw?

Then Obamacare is for you!

Physicians currently have about 18,000 medical diagnostic codes to choose from to help them inform insurers of their patients’ ailments. However, as [Sen. Rand] Paul (himself a physician) notes, Obamacare includes a mandate for 140,000 of those codes — and some of them sound downright ridiculous.

“Included among these codes,” the senator continued, “will be 312 new codes for injuries from animals; 72 new codes for injuries just from birds; 9 new codes for ‘injuries from the macaw.”‘

“The macaw?” he asked. “I’ve asked physicians all over the country, ‘Have you ever seen an injury from a macaw?”‘

What about turtle bites? You’re in luck, Obamacare’s got you covered. And if that turtle merely sideswiped your leg? Rest assured your pain and suffering will be alleviated.

He continued, adding that he had found “two new injury codes under Obamacare for ‘injuries sustained from a turtle.”‘

“Now, you might say, ‘Well, turtles are dangerous’ — but why do you have to have two codes?” he asked.  “Your doctor has to inform the government whether you’ve been struck by a turtle or bitten by a turtle.”

And just because Barack Obama deeply cares about you, should that turtle bite you while your water skis are on fire, you’re completely covered!

He added:  “There is a new code for … walking into a lamppost. There’s also a code for ‘walking into a lamppost, subsequent encounter.’”

“I guess that’s if you don’t learn,” he added. “[T]here is [also] a code … for ‘injuries sustained from burning water skis.”‘

Ah, so that’s how your water skis caught fire; you walked into a lamppost! Twice!

Who dreams up this stuff?

What about if your head explodes while trying to figure out the code for being attacked by a midget wearing a sundress and a hockey mask? Is there a code for that?


*VIDEOS* Rand Paul Verbally Bitchslaps Democrats Over Persecution Of Apple Executives