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William Teach of Pirates Cove is famous for using pictures of hot women to promote a post he enjoys from other bloggers. He has extended this honor to this blog often. And trust me, when one of the best bloggers going honors you, well, it should be a proud moment. In this post I will attempt to return the favor, cue the babe!

If all you see is a RAAAAACIST picture exploiting a beautiful minority woman, then you might be a Leftist


The Blog of the Day is Pirates Cove with a post exposing the media’s race baiting

And the Left’s War on traditional values wages on

Does the left hold anything sacred? Sure, Leftism, and the complete destruction of America Dave Blount nails it

Progressivism represents a war of total eradication against American culture. There is not a single tradition that will not be perverted into grotesquerie and then swept away. For example:

A high school in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Bethesda, Md. has eliminated the traditional roles of homecoming king and queen in favor of a completely gender-neutral “homecoming court.”

Instead of choosing one boy and one girl to be crowned after an upcoming homecoming football game, students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase (B-CC) High School will simply choose two students to be honored regardless of their gender. The winners could be a traditional boy-girl duo, but they could also be two boys, two girls, or even two people who both reject the gender binary entirely. Finalists will have the option to be crowned as a “king,” “queen,” or generically as “royalty.”

Jacob Rains, head of the school’s student government, said it was an opportunity to move beyond an oppressive tradition

Ah,because gender is “oppressive” now somehow. Of course you might be screaming at your computer screen right now, wondering how such wacky ideals could be foisted upon the majority cultural norms. Call it a tyranny of the minority if you like. That is, in the end what this is. This is the natural result of pushing victim culture isn’t it? What starts as a campaign for “tolerance” slowly erodes into a complete state of intolerance for the dominant culture. And, when the majority refuse to stand up and say HELL NO, this is the result. When will it stop you ask? Well when the majority stops appeasing the miscreants and bullies of the Left. It ends when they stop quaking in fear of being smeared with the label of bigot. In the end it is up to us, the majority to stop this insipid campaign to stamp out every last vestige of normalcy.

Make no mistake. this is not about tolerance, or understanding. This is about vengeance a vengeance of the “victims” who demand that everyone else change their lives, and traditions to appease the few.

Video-Why do police officers sometime shoot “unarmed” people?

This video does a great job of illustrating how quickly an “unarmed” person can retrieve a firearm and fire

It should also be remembered that even unarmed people can and have attacked and killed police officers and civilians. Unarmed does not equate to non dangerous. One of the biggest reasons many people fall for the anti-police rhetoric of groups like BLM is that they do not have any idea what the reality is in many situations

There are some people who simply should never be police officers

No, in fact, I do not always defend police when they draw their weapons and use them. Someone accused me of this recently. What I do is wait for evidence before deciding whether or not the police were justified in using deadly force. I take that evidence, and rely on some folks more knowledgeable than me in use of force cases, and THEN I make a decision. Many times, in fact most of the time the facts destroy the types of narratives Black Lives Matter activists create and the media exploits for ratings. But in this case, I am horrified at the actions the police took. Bob Owens tells the sickening story of a six-year-old boy who paid the price for gross negligence and incompetence by two cops who will likely be in prison for a long time soon.

The body camera video released yesterday as evidence in the up-coming 2nd degree murder trials of two Louisiana police officers isn’t particularly graphic, but it nonetheless heartbreaking.

Police have released body camera footage showing two officers firing on a car and killing a six-year-old boy in Louisiana.

Jeremy Mardis was fatally shot by officers Derrick Stafford, 32, and Norris Greenhouse Jr, 23, last November in Marksville as they pursued his father, Chris Few.

The video from the body camera shown above shows the end of a several-mile police pursuit. What still isn’t clear almost a year after the incident is why Stafford and Greenhouse began the pursuit. Originally, they claimed that Few was wanted on an outstanding warrant, but he did not have any warrants out for his arrest.

In any event, Few fled officers, drove down a road that ended in a heavy metal gate access gate, and turned onto a narrow dead-end side road or driveway. Noticing that there was no outlet, Few put his vehicle into a reverse and began backing up.

A body camera worn by Sergeant Kenneth Purnell captured the video above and some audio of Stafford and Greenhouse firing.

Purnell’s body camera shows that Few was not backing up his vehicle towards officers or attempting to use it as a weapon. He was merely trying to escape.

There was no plausible legal reason for them to open fire as the vehicle was backing up.

More chillingly, it shows that they continued to fire even after Few had his hands raised and the vehicle had stopped. Stafford and Greenhouse fired a total of 18 rounds into the vehicle. Few was hit twice and critically injured.

Few’s son, six-year-old Jeremy Stafford, was struck five times in the back seat of the vehicle and was killed instantly.

Not only was their decision to shoot completely unjustifiable, their accuracy was horrific, spraying the entire passenger compartment of the vehicle, hitting and killing a small boy several feet removed from their target at relatively close range, inside 10 yards.

Horrific, absolutely sickening. The vast majority of police take their duty seriously, and only use deadly force when they are compelled to by a suspect. As I said in most cases the police use such force in a proper manner. These two? They deserve what is coming