Applebees blocks Moonbattery and Weasel Zippers?

Moonbattery has the details

A reader saw for himself how it does work when he tried accessing Moonbattery using the WiFi at an Applebee’s. Here’s what he saw on his phone:

This content has been blocked because it does not comply with the acceptable usage policy. The request was logged.
Intolerance, Jokes and Humour, Safe Content Filetypes, News, Web Content Group Unauthenticated IPs IP [IP address]
Content of type Intolerance blocked: Content filtering URL

They won’t say they are censoring us for defending traditional values. That would be the wrong spin. We will be silenced because those who express views they don’t tolerate are “intolerant.”

Attempting to access Weasel Zippers produced the same message. Whether the block was placed by the local franchise owner or the corporate entity is unclear.

Wow, I wonder if this blog is blocked too? I suppose I could go there and find out, but that would mean actually going to an Applebees. EWWW!

Then the EPA came for your mud puddles……………

The next president and Congress have to turn back the tide of regulation

The Wall Street Journal reported, via Instapundit:

The Clean Water Act limits the federal government to regulating the “navigable waters of the United States” like the Colorado River or Lake Michigan. In 1986 the EPA expanded that definition to seize jurisdiction over tributaries and adjacent wetlands. Now it is extending federal control over just about any creek, pond, prairie pothole or muddy farm field that EPA says has a “significant nexus” to a navigable waterway.

The agency defines waters as “significant” if they are “located in whole or in part within 100 feet of the ordinary high water mark,” or, alternatively, within the 100-year floodplain and 1,500 feet of the high water mark of waters already under the government’s jurisdiction. That’s already a lot of water, but there’s more.

The EPA acknowledges that the “science available today does not establish that waters beyond those defined as ‘adjacent’” to these “significant” waters should be regulated. But forget science. The agency says its “experience and expertise” show there are “many” other waters that could have a significant downstream effect. Thus the EPA establishes an additional standard for significance that covers just about anything that’s wet.

More on the DOJ power grab of police departments

Via The Gateway Pundit

The Obama Department of Justice released new rules for the racist Cleveland Police Department. Team Obama wants police to use nice words instead of guns.

CNS News reported, via I Hate the Media:

The Obama Justice Department intends to “transform” the Cleveland police department “into a model of community-oriented policing,” by restricting officers’ use of force to subdue suspects.

The consent decree announced on Tuesday requires Cleveland police to use “de-escalation techniques” instead of force “whenever possible and appropriate.”

And who’s to decide what’s “appropriate”? A civilian, someone with no experience in subduing dangerous suspects, will be placed at the head of the police department’s Internal Affairs division to ensure that complaints of police misconduct are “thoroughly and effectively investigated.”

In a section called “Bias-Free Policing,” the agreement says Cleveland police will “deliver police services” in a “respectful” manner, free of unlawful bias, in a way that inspires confidence: “CDP expects all officers to treat all members of the Cleveland community with courtesy, professionalism, and respect, and not to use harassing, intimidating, or derogatory language.”

Another key element of the agreement — a favorite of the federal government — is “data collection and analysis.” This means the police department must keep detailed notes on officers’ activities when they respond to calls involving the use of force — including whether they have unholstered a firearm during an encounter with someone.

According to the consent agreement, the new rules are intended to ensure that officers “use techniques other than force to effect compliance with police orders whenever feasible; use force only when necessary, and in a manner that avoids unnecessary injury to officers and civilians; de-escalate the use of force at the earliest possible moment; and accurately and completely report all uses of force.”

In short look for cluster fucks galore while police attempt to balance common sense training with politically correct BS. Then look for moral to plunge, good cops to resign to be replaced with inefficient, activist-approved shills. Look for crime to rise, violence to rise, and yes, for the same Leftists who created who created this boondoggle to blame RAAAAACISM and American gun owners somehow!

The backdoor route to federalizing police forces

Well, isn’t that special? The Department of Justice is going to “help” Cleveland’s police force

CLEVELAND (AP) — Cleveland agreed to overhaul its police department under the supervision of a federal monitor in a settlement announced Tuesday with the U.S. Department of Justice over a pattern of excessive force and other abuses by officers.

The announcement comes three days after a white patrolman was acquitted of voluntary manslaughter charges in the shooting deaths of two unarmed black suspects in a 137-shot barrage of police gunfire following a high-speed chase. The case helped prompt an 18-month investigation by the Justice Department.

In a report released in December, the department required the city to work with community leaders and other officials to devise a plan to reform the police department. A judge must approve the plan, and an independent monitor will oversee it.

The settlement calls for new use-of-force guidelines, a focus on community engagement, accountability reforms, training on bias-free policing and a mental health advisory committee.

Am I the only one that feels sick when I hear about changing use-of-force guidelines? Am I the only one that doubts these guidelines would actually help better train police? And what of “community engagement”? Sorry, I have no faith in a DOJ, run by Leftists, as ours currently is, doing anything positive to help here. And the big fear comes when I read about “bias-free policing”. Sounds like the feds would apply political correctness to police work. what could go wrong there, right?

Look for this trend to grow, we already know that Baltimore has “asked” for help, and the Ferguson Police Department has knuckled under as well. Which city, or county is next? this should concern everyone that cares about local police forces not being nationalized, which would be a disastrous route to take, can you imagine the red tape, and bureaucracy? The corruption, and worst of all, the centralization of powers? We know that everything the government touches is ruined, and that would be no different here.