Your Weekend Wrap Up, Link-a-Round, and Best of the Blogs all in one

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USSC Shuts Down Obama’s Attempt To Force Christian Groups To Pay For Their Employees’ Abortion-Inducing Drugs

The Supreme Court Just Gave Obama Some Very Bad News – Tell Me Now


The Supreme Court just ruled against a major Obama agenda in a decision that is sure to leave the president devastated.

The highest court in the land just ruled against Obama’s attempt to force Christian organizations to pay for abortion-causing drugs for their employees. This is the fifth time the Supreme Court has ruled against President Obama.

Christians everywhere rejoiced at the decision and were thankful that their religious freedoms were being protected.

“How many times must the government lose in court before it gets the message?” asked Lori Windham, Senior Counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. “For years now the government has been claiming that places like Catholic Charities and the Little Sisters of the Poor are not ‘religious employers’ worthy of an exemption.”

“That argument has always been absurd. Every time a religious plaintiff has gone to the Supreme Court for protection from the government’s discriminatory mandate the Court has protected them,” she added. “That’s what happened to the Little Sisters of the Poor, Wheaton College, Notre Dame, and Hobby Lobby.”

“The government really needs to give up on its illegal and unnecessary mandate,” Windham concluded. “The federal bureaucracy has lots of options for distributing contraceptives–they don’t need to coerce nuns and priests to do it for them.”

The Supreme Court has told Obama no time and time again, yet he just can’t seem to get the message. Hopefully, this time he finally will.



Nutjob Busted For Making False Abduction Claim To Cover Up Her Cocaine Binge

Woman Charged For Making False Abduction Claim To Cover Up Her Cocaine Binge – Gateway Pundit


Chicagoan, Veronica Fuentes, has been charged with felony disorderly conduct after falsely claiming she’d been abducted by three men who hit her over the head, dragged her into an abandoned building and forced her to drink alcohol.

Tribune reports she was actually on a 3 day bender, doing cocaine somewhere else entirely.

A South Side woman admitted to authorities that she lied about being kidnapped rather than admit that she had been partying and using cocaine, prosecutors said at a court hearing Friday. [More at Chicago Tribune]

Still no word on any charges, or any repurcussions of any kind, resulting from the fake rape claims in Rolling Stone’s bullsharticle spun by Sabrina Erdely. The fake rape “victim” in that story is a thoroughly discredited young woman by the name of Jackie Coakley.


Veronica Fuentes should’ve lied about being abducted by white guys on the UVA campus. Then she’d face no penalty whatsoever for her costly fabrication.



Open Letter To Martin Dempsey (Debbie Lee)

Open Letter To Martin Dempsey – Debbie Lee


I am shaking and tears are flowing down my cheeks as I watch the news and listen to the insensitive, pain inflicting comments made by you in regards to the fall of Ramadi.

“The city itself is not symbolic in any way” oh really are you willing to meet with me and with the families who have lost a son, daughter, husband, wife, father, mother, aunt, uncle, grandson, or teammate?

My son Marc Lee was the first Navy SEAL who sacrificed his life in Ramadi Iraq Aug 2, 2006. His blood is still in that soil and forever will be. Remember that was when so many of our loved ones were taken from us. You said that “it’s not been declared part of the caliphate on one hand or central to the future of Iraq.” My son and many others gave their future in Ramadi. Ramadi mattered to them. Many military analysts say that as goes Ramadi so goes Iraq.

What about the troops who sacrificed their limbs and whose lives will never be the same. Our brave warriors who left a piece of themselves in Ramadi. What about the troops who struggle with PTS/TBI who watched their teammates breath their last or carried their wounded bodies to be medevac’d out of Ramadi.

I’ve traveled to Ramadi and visited Camp Marc Lee in 2007. I brought back soil from that city where Marc breathed his last. I interviewed Iraqi General Anwer in 2010 when I returned. I asked him “If you could say one thing to the American people what would you tell them? He paused and with deep emotion said “We will tell our children, our grandchildren, for generations to come we will tell them what Americans have done. There is American blood poured out on our soil.” It seems the Iraqis understand the importance more than you do sir.

You sir owe an apology to the families whose loved ones blood was shed in Ramadi. Ramadi matters to us and is very symbolic to us. You need to apologize to our troops whose bodies were blown to pieces from IEDs and bullet holes leaving parts and pieces behind, Ramadi matters to them. You need to apologize to our troops who endured the extreme temperatures and battled the terrorists in some of the worst battlefields in Iraq, Ramadi matters to them. They carry vivid memories of the battles and the teammates whose future is gone, Ramadi matters to them.

You and this administration have minimized that Ramadi could fall, now you are minimizing that it is falling, but you Sir WILL NOT minimize the sacrifice my son Marc Lee made or any of our brave warriors!

Awaiting an Apology



*VIDEOS* 2015 New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit / Nashville NRA Leadership Forum











Thuggery in Memphis

How soon will this type of thing come to your town?

A man was viciously attacked in broad daylight by a mob of teenagers while helping an elderly woman at a gas station.  

Orrden Williams Jr. recounted his frightening experience tonight with Sean Hannity.

He said that an elderly woman told him that she was nervous about walking to her car alone from inside the Memphis, TN gas station’s store. 

Williams explained that the woman was scared of a group of teenagers who were outside loitering and throwing gang signs, so he decided to walk the woman to her car. 

As soon as he stepped outside with the woman, the teens charged and began violently attacking him with punches and kicks. 

Williams told Hannity that he considered using the gun he had in his car to protect himself and his family, who were inside his vehicle at the time of the attack.

He also said that customers and workers inside the store held the door shut, which prevented him from going back inside to escape. 

Hannity asked if he had any form of protection with him and he replied that he had a gun, but didn’t want to harm the kids.

This type of thing has been a real problem in Memphis of late, and it will no doubt, spread unless the thugs committing these acts are dealt with severely. Of course, when police, or armed citizens are forced to use force to stop such barbarity, we all know the cries of RAAAAACISM, will soon follow. Truly disturbing times these are. Morality seems to be upside down.

While watching the video, and surveillance for inside the store, I was reminded of something that happened at my local 7-11 a few years ago. There were five teens standing at the counter, and myself, and three other gentlemen were waiting to pay. The teens kept asking questions about lottery scratch off tickets, and being rude with the lady behind the counter. This went on for three, four minutes before one man told the teens they should let people in line pay for their items. I saw the teens  faces turn angry, and they began to mouth off. At that point, another fellow said yeah, it would be a good idea if the teens moved along. At that point, the fourth costumer, and myself stepped closer, making it clear that none of the four of us was going to allow anything to happen. The teens backed off and left quickly. The clerk thanked us, and I and the other three men all agreed we would walk out together. Nothing further happened. Maybe that is the mindset more of us ought to have. It certainly beats appeasement doesn’t it?

And another thing Tim McGraw………..

I wrote about McGraw playing a benefit for a gun control group the other day. Well, McGraw tried to “clarify” that he was only playing the show “for the community”. In doing so, McGraw overlooked one key fact, all the proceeds go TO the gun control group. A group that is pushing more useless gun control legislation that will do nothing to protect anyone.

Sandy Hook Promise is a group of parents and activists that formed after 26 people were killed and two were injured after a deranged young man murdered his mother to get into her gun safe and then attacked a completely undefended Sandy Hook Elementary School, which didn’t even have a school resource officer. The mass killer only took his life when “good guys with guns” arrived.

Sandy Hook Promise once claimed to be pushing a broad spectrum of solutions including mental health care, but has now dropped their fig leaf of moderation and is clearly promoting themselves as a gun control group, as their current home page clearly shows.

Of course, McGraw also managed to play the “I am a gun owner” card. Whatever Timmy, whatever!

McGraw attempted to defend himself yesterday, with his public relations team emailing Bearing Arms the following unsolicited statement.

“Let me be clear regarding the concert for Sandy Hook given much of the erroneous reporting thus far.  As a gun owner, I support gun ownership.  I also believe that with gun ownership comes the responsibility of education and safety – most certainly when it relates to what we value most, our children.  I can’t imagine anyone who disagrees with that.

Sorry, but McGraw is either supportive of laws that will serve as nothing more than back door registration, and that will do zero to stop crime or protect anyone, or he is just a useful idiot for the Cult of Gun Control,