The Indoctrinated and the Voting Booth are a bad mix for America

The Left thrives on indoctrination and division. They divide Americans along every possible line. Age, income, gender, race, sexual orientation, and religion. And those they cannot divide, they indoctrinate. Guns, taxes, spending, the Constitution, social issues, and of course global warming, or climate change, or maybe it is climate disruption now. Donald Douglas links to a column by such an indoctrinated person, John Cubelic, who pens this at the LA Times

My vote is up for grabs. Heading into 2016, it will be coveted, along with those of my fellow twentysomethings. For any candidate looking to “inspire the youth vote,” here is the key to mine.

Today’s news leaves no American wanting for reasons to fear: Islamic State, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Russia, not to mention our own border security, national debt and political gridlock. Yet one issue receiving less attention is the most pressing: Our planet is dying. It is hemorrhaging, suffocating and it is going to flatline. Soon.

Evidence of this inexorable march toward planetary collapse is overwhelming and yet the United States, the nation that considers itself “leader of the free world,” can’t even agree that it is happening? This is the issue. The only issue. We must do something to slow this trend — because we’ve already squandered any hope of reversing it.

Clearly, he has not only drunk the Kool-Aid that the Al Gore Cult of Climate Change dispenses, he apparently has been swimming in it. And no rhetoric is beyond his indoctrinated brain

Examine this hypothetical: Your spouse is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The outlook is grim. However, through great effort, you could prolong his or her life, maybe even long enough to find a cure. Wouldn’t you exhaust every available resource to do that? Or would you instead say, “I’m not a doctor and I don’t believe in cancer. There is no consensus on the data yet and to pretend there is does a disservice to the American people.” And then buy your spouse more cigarettes?

Go read the rest, it just gets deeper and deeper. Cubelic plays a whole deck of the settled science cards, ignoring all the scientists who do not support the Lefts narrative on the climate, and its future. He is so hypnotized by the panic mongering the Left uses that he can no longer think critically apparently. And, it appears he will give his vote to any candidate that tells him what he wants to hear about one issue, an issue that likely will not even have a great affect on any of us. Cubelic will ignore every other issue, issues that WILL affect this nation, and he will do so because he is blinded by indoctrination and propaganda. In short he is the perfect candidate for the Left.

He is what the Left tries to create every single day. He is not just an “uniformed voter” he is something worse, he is a voter that wishes not to be informed.


Your jerk off of the day is

The parent who complained about a special needs kid who was wearing a varsity letter jacket

Michael Kelley loves basketball and plays his heart out on the special needs team at East High School in Wichita, Kansas. He has such a passion for the game, that his mother purchased a varsity letter and put it on his varsity letter jacket. Michael, who has Down Syndrome and autism, was ecstatic about his jacket and proudly wore it everywhere.

However when one miserably despicable parent saw that Michael was wearing a varsity letter jacket she complained. School officials told Michael to take it off and was given a girl’s sweatshirt to wear instead.

The school’s policy states that only members of varsity teams are allowed to wear varsity letter jackets. Witchita East High School principal Ken Thiessen had the power to rectify the situation and just let Michael wear a varsity letter, but instead he shit the bed. He told KSN-TV, “We have considered (allowing special needs students to wear varsity letters) and our decision was no. That is not appropriate … because it is not a varsity-level competition.”

Come on Man! REALLY? I understand standards, but come the hell on. Sometimes exceptions ought to be made. Hurting a special needs kid? Someone should be beaten with a stick

Noted Satanists Threaten to kill yoga instructors and students


Via Hindu Existence:

To curb the increasing influence of Indian Yoga and spirituality in the global sphere including some section of Muslims, the  Islamic terror organisations are giving threats to various organisations attached with Yoga propagation. In this row, the Malaysian chapter of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living has received threatening letters from the Islamic State (IS) terror group, a close aide of the spiritual leader claimed on Saturday.

“Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is touring some countries in the far east and he landed in Malaysia on Friday. A few days ago while he was in Cambodia, we received threat letters from ISIS. One was received by the hotel manager, one by the director of Art of Living and one by senior faculty. The content of the letter is very threatening saying if you go ahead with the programme there will be consequences,” said Nakul Dhawan, an aide of Ravi Shankar.

According to reports, the terror group has in a letter to the manager of Jen Hotel, where the spiritual guru is staying, warned that the hotel would be destroyed.

Noted actress contracts R.O.S. over imagined “racial profiling”, gets cured when she sees the facts

ROS, of course is Racial Obsession Sydrome, Tajari P Henson, seemingly was stricken with it until the truth set her free

Taraji P. Henson is an actress who appears on a show called “Empire”. She tried to capitalize on the Martese Johnson narrative , “F**kThePolice”, through the use of her son’s interaction with police in California.

Earlier last week she claimed in a media interview with Uptown Magazine her son was racially profiled by police and abused.

Ms. Henson stated her son was not safe at any college that was not black and she would be sending him to Howard University because it wasn’t safe for a young black man around non-black college campus police officers.

…..“My child has been racially profiled. He was in Glendale, California and did exactly everything the cops told him to do, including letting them illegally search his car. It was bogus because they didn’t give him the ticket for what he was pulled over for.” […] “I’m not paying $50K so I can’t sleep at night wondering is this the night my son is getting racially profiled on campus.”  (link)

Here is the video of the stop.

Well, it seems after watching the video, Henson has done what most Liberals will not do, she has abandoned the narrative, and apologized. Good for her!

“Empire” star Taraji P. Henson issued an apology late Friday to the Glendale Police Department for accusing an officer of racially profiling her son during a traffic stop last fall.

“I would like to publicly apologize to the officer and the Glendale Police Department,” Henson said in an Instagram post. “A mother’s job is not easy and neither is a police officer’s.”

“Sometimes as humans WE overreact without gathering all of the facts,” Henson continued. “As a mother in this case I overreacted and for that I apologize.”

“Thank you to that officer for being kind to my son,” she said.

If only more folks  would follow her advice and gather all the facts first. As I said good for her