Just a reminder Feminists be crazy and shit

Yep, cukoo for Cocoa Puffs!

Tat Noticing: Commenting on a Girl’s Tattoos Is Now Considered Harassment

There’s a new form of harassment out there, according to the Feminist Internet: “tat-calling,” which is basically when a man comments on a woman’s tattoos.

“I was frustrated and uncomfortable that I couldn’t just go for a simple walk without being left alone, so over the course of 40 minutes, I tweeted (using the hashtag #tatcalling . . . every tattoo-related catcall I received – just to prove a point about what a day in the life of a tattooed woman out in public in a patriarchal society feels like,” Melissa A. Fabello writes in a piece titled “My Tattoos Aren’t an Invitation for Harassment — So Please Stop ‘Tatcalling’ Me” for the blog Everyday Feminism.

Oh good grief! Now simply being friendly, and possibly flirting is an all about the patriarchy! This sort of reminds me of the women that dress in ways that men will notice, who whine when men notice!

Again, CUKOO for Cocoa Puffs!

Your MUST READ blog post of the day

Bob Owens, at Bearing Arms, lays it out in no uncertain terms

We don’t have a “gun violence” problem as liberty-hating opportunistic politicians pretend.

We don’t have a “black male, 15-25″ problem, as the wealthy, paranoid, and prejudiced proclaim.

What we have is an amoral, gang-celebrating, “thug life” culture that embraces criminality as not just acceptable behavior, but as a preferred way of life.

If we could magically strip away every firearm from this same violent subculture, they’d simply find other ways to carry out the violence and intimidation tactics that are at the core of this system. Perhaps they’d “only” revert to knives and bats and clubs. Or perhaps they’d advance to bombs and arson, and importing fully-automatic weapons from the same overseas markets that supply the narcotic poison that sustains them, and we’d end up with “little Mexicos” in gang neighborhoods, where even the most heavily armed and armored police units would fear to tread.

Anyone attempting to sell you on “gun violence” is attempting to sell you on a lie. Period.

We have a violent “thug culture” problem, a problem that can be addressed by changing cultural norms and vilifying certain cultural mores, instead of celebrating and perpetuating them. You should question why they are lying to you, and why they refuse to address an addressable problem within a specific subculture that can be changed just as easily as views on smoking or drunk driving.

Subcultures come and go, and destructive subcultures can be marginalized and minimized until they simply cease to have any appeal, and are abandoned.

It would be nice to have a President who still retains so much popularity among certain groups attempt to use that influence to reduce crime.

Unfortunately, he’s clearly more interested in stoking the fears and prejudices of this same thuggish subculture, inspiring hatred, supporting lawlessness, and offering subtle supports for thug-culture based rioting.

Hopefully, the next President won’t be so interested in exploiting those he should instead be helping, to undermine the liberty of all.

Your non-shocker of the day, gun laws did nothing to stop San Francisco shooting by illegal alien

Yet, Liberals will still bleat for “common sense gun laws”

Via Breitbart:

When Francisco Sanchez allegedly gunned down Kathryn Steinle at San Francisco’s Pier 14 on July 1, Breitbart News discovered that Sanchez had been deported from the country five times. We also discovered another interesting tidbit–Sanchez has seven felonies, which means he faces 100 percent gun control 100 percent of the time.

He is completely barred from gun possession and prohibited from having the gun with which he allegedly shot and killed Steinle.

The fact that the allegedly had one anyway proves again that gun control does not affect the behavior of criminals, but it does place law-abiding citizens in a scenario where it is harder for them to get the guns they need for self-defense.

According to NBC Bay Area, “Sanchez has seven prior felony convictions, four of which were for drug charges.” The felony “convictions took place in states including Texas, Oregon and Arizona.”

But those convictions–and the resulting ban on Sanchez purchasing or possessing a firearm–appear to have done nothing to keep him obtaining one and, worse still, using it. Moreover, California’s expanded background check requirement, their state gun registry, and their 10-round magazine limit were powerless to protect Steinle.

Again, gun control merely empowers the criminals

Liberalism is an Ideology of “Yes… but”

liberal-idiot-40916728180Liberalism is an ideology for those that make excuses for every behavior it seems. OK, they Left doe not seem to keen on excusing behavior like owning firearms, or being the least bit proud of being Southern, but most other behaviors? Open season for excuse making! Here are some examples that will astound anyone with a functioning moral barometer

Conservative: Looting and rioting is inexcusable behavior.

Liberal: Yes, but, the rioters are only showing their anger at being victims of Capitalism, Racism, and police brutality, and a lack of jobs in the Black community

Conservative: But their rioting hurts mostly Blacks, destroys Black jobs, and Black businesses.

Liberal: Yes, but these rioters are victims, and we must understand their anger over injustice.

Conservative: Injustice? How is it just to destroy the community you claim to care about?

Liberal: Yes, but Blacks are being hunted down and slaughtered by police!

Conservative: That is simply not true. Most Blacks who are murdered are murdered by other Blacks.

Liberal: Yes, but that is only because of slavery and the legacy Racism that defines America. 

See what I mean folks, and it is not just crime and race relations with the Left. Try this one out

Liberal: It is horrible how Israel attacks and kills Palestinians

Conservative: Israel has bent over backwards to have peace, they have made concessions, and only use their military in self-defense after hundreds of rocket attacks, and terror attacks that target Israeli civilians

Liberal: Yes, but Israel has a powerful military, that Palestinians do not. that is not fair.

Conservative: So why don’t the Palestinians stop attacking Israelis then? Israel only responds in order to protect its people. If Hamas stopped its attacks on Israel, there would be peace.

Liberal: Yes, but violence only perpetuates violence. Israel should allow a free Palestine

Conservative: Again, every time Israel gives any concessions, or extends an olive branch, they are attacked, what would you have them do?

Liberal: Yes, but violence only perpetuates violence

At which point the Conservative will throw their hands up, amazed at the moral gymnastics the Liberal is engaging in. Here is one more example

Liberal: There is too much gun violence, we need gun control.

Conservative: Criminals do not obey laws, rendering these “gun control” measures useless. Such laws will only disarm law-abiding people.

Liberal: Yes, but America is awash in gun violence. There are more guns here than in any other country.

Conservative: Yes, we do have more guns here than other nations. America is #1 in gun ownership. But we are #111 in the murder rate. And are far lower than other nations with strict gun laws, nations like North Korea, Venezuela, Honduras, Brazil, and many others. America is not even in the top 100 in homicide rates.

Liberal: Yes, but we have more gun deaths here. Guns are the problem

Conservative: Is it somehow better to be murdered by stabbing, or strangulation than to be shot to death? 

Liberal: Yes, but, the NRA wants everyone, even children, even criminals to have guns

Conservative: That is patently false. The NRA has always supported gun safety, gun training, and responsibility.

Liberal: Yes, but so many children are accidentally killed by guns every year, If common sense gun laws just saved one life…………

Conservative: Accidental gun deaths are actually very low, among adults and children. Far more people drown, die in falls, choke to death or die from a medical error than perish in firearm-related accidents. Should we ban stairs in homes? Climbing trees? Swimming pools? Eating? Hospitals?

Liberal: Yes, but you are paranoid, a gun nut, I choose not to live in fear, besides people do not use guns in self-defense.

Conservative: Paranoid? Tell me, do you lock your doors? Have flood insurance? Do you own a watchdog? Do you own a fire extinguisher? Does having those things make you paranoid? No, they help make you prepared. We have those things not expecting to ever use them, but in case we do. And, studies and crime stats show many, many Americans, use firearms in self-defense every year. Guns are used far more often to stop crimes than to commit crimes.

Liberal: Yes, but violence only leads to more violence

Conservative: I give up!


Yep, you might as well go head butt that oak tree out back folks

26 Days Of Rock And Roll – Day 20

For those of you who don’t know what this post is about, see DAY 1

T is for:











Man killed by large Gator in Texas

Very rare that a gator gets someone. Very sad

A 28-year-old Texas man perished early on Friday morning after an alligator bit him in a bayou, reports CBS News. The man had been swimming in Burkart’s Marina in the southeast Texas town of Orange, near the border with Louisiana, around 2:30 a.m. on Friday. He was then attacked by a massive alligator shortly after jumping in, according to witness reports.

Two hours after the incident, the Texas game warden, sheriff’s deputies in tow, found his body not far from where he was attacked. The man has not yet been identified.

Authorities have said that the man wasn’t alone and that he was swimming with a woman. According to KFDM News, she jumped in after hearing his pleas for help from the dock. She felt something brush against her—likely the gator’s tail—but wasn’t hurt.

The pair had been seen at the marina bar beforehand, according to witnesses. The man took off his shoes and shirt, even after he had been warned him not to jump in.

Horrible, but you have to respect nature and its predators. Yes, alligator attacks are rare, but, they do happen