Why we need guns, a Green Beret speaks

Your Marxist Morons of the Day

Why do some Democrats wish to make mass shootings easier? Yes, it seems to be an unfair accusation. But when you read this at Bearing Arms, you gotta wonder

Democrats have these weird ideas sometimes. They seem to think that if they hope really, really hard, bad things will magically disappear and we’ll all live peaceful, happy lives.

That’s the only explanation for this Illinois bill other than pure, outright evil.

Democratic lawmakers in Illinois have drawn up a piece of legislation that would give extra cash to schools that reallocate funds toward replacing armed security officers with unarmed social workers and behavior therapists.

Yes, you read that correctly folks. They want to pay schools that abet those who would commit a mass shooting, or any other type of attack on schools

The controversial bill, proposed by Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch, D-Westchester, would offer grants to schools that use funds meant for school security and instead spend it on mental health services, including hiring social workers or implementing other practices “designed to promote school safety and healthy environments,” as The Associated Press reported.

“This increased presence of law enforcement in schools does not necessarily enhance school safety,” Michelle Mbekani-Wiley from the Sargent Shriver Center for Poverty Law told The Associated Press. “Instead it dramatically increases the likelihood that students will be unnecessarily swept into the criminal justice system often for mere adolescent or disruptive behavior.”

The stupid burns folks, it really does. Cops are BAD, enforcing laws is BAD! So, endangering kids is OK to the left, as long as it furthers their social justice platform. 

What type of sick, deranged lunatic would celebrate Barbara Bush’ death?

This kind. Looks like a real winner there Good Freaking Grief

Why does Fresno State allow this bottom feeding miscreant teach? Honestly who would hire this filth?

The Fresno State University professor who posted incendiary comments about former first lady Barbara Bush’s death is causing quite the headache among the college’s donors.

Randa Jarrar tweeted she’s “happy” former President George W. Bush “is probably really sad right now” in the wake of Barbara Bush’s passing. Jarrar called the 92-year-old icon an “amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal,” referring to the former commander in chief.

Fresno State President Joseph Castro, who has apologized for Jarrar’s tweets, told The Fresno Bee he has been inundated with messages from community leaders voicing outrage at Jarrar’s comments. So far, though, no one has threatened to stop donating if Jarrar isn’t fired.

But that doesn’t mean such a scenario is unlikely.

“The conversations I’m having are more about their concern, and I share that concern,” Castro explained. “I understand where they’re coming from. I’m asking them for understanding here as we work through the complexities of this issue.”

Ah it is complex you see. Maybe they are working out a way to fire this pile of camel dung legally? Or maybe they are just hoping it goes away soon? Frankly, as disgusting as her remarks are, I want her voice heard. I want the people to see and hear how evil leftists like her are. I want a spotlight on the words they use and the ideals they hold dear.

If you need a new cooler, don’t buy a Yeti brand

Simply tone deaf decision here

Just so you understand what the NRA Foundation does

For years YETI Coolers have been a hot item for sportsmen at the Friends of NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction events around the country.

These Foundation events raise money to support youth programs and educational programs nationwide. The youth of America who benefit from these programs are the future hunters, hikers, fishermen/women, bikers, campers, wildlife photographers, mountain climbers, sportsmen/women and conservationists who will protect our natural resources and recreational lands.

Suddenly, without prior notice, YETI has declined to do business with The NRA Foundation saying they no longer wish to be an NRA vendor, and refused to say why.  They will only say they will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation.  That certainly isn’t sportsmanlike. In fact, YETI should be ashamed.  They have declined to continue helping America’s young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities.  These activities enable them to appreciate America and enjoy our natural resources with wholesome and healthy outdoor recreational and educational programs.

And then they came for cheerleaders, and best friends and…………..

Progressives are actually regressive

The Houston Texans aren’t even bothering with the pretense.

On their website is a photo gallery of the finalists from last weekend’s cheerleader tryouts, and visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorites. Are these action shots of the women that highlight their athletic ability or dance skills? Do they include a list of their qualifications?

Of course not. They’re headshots. Sorry, head and chest shots. Close-up ones, at that.

The better to ogle, you know.

Cheerleaders from two NFL teams have filed gender discrimination complaints in the past month, detailing the demeaning ways in which they were treated. Restrictions on what they can and can’t post on social media. Rules that prohibit contact with players, and put the onus on the women to avoid it. Dress codes.

Is it any wonder? The underlying premise of NFL cheerleaders is degrading, presenting women as nothing more than objects to be leered at. With skimpy, suggestive outfits as their “uniform,” their only purpose is to titillate.

Of course may women flock to tryouts, for a myriad of reasons. But this choice is not approved by the left so, it must go. No matter that the vast majority are dancers, who love, wait for it, dancing. No matter that most of these ladies do it and enjoy it. Cheerleading is just wrong because LEFTISM! 

Of course we knew this was coming didn’t we? WE knew the #MeToo movement would eventually be used by the left to push their agenda. The left has been hijacking and bastardizing legitimate issues for decades and decades. Let’s face it, cheerleading is an American tradition, part of our culture, so, it too must go bye bye.

The only question now is when will they target college and high school cheerleading? And after that, what will be next? How about the state controlling friendships? What, that is a bridge too far for even for the left? Think again

None of the students at a Massachusetts preschool have a best friend. And that’s an order.

Pentucket Workshop Preschool’s “best friend” policy is being blasted by a parent who says her daughter got upset after reportedly being told by a teacher she couldn’t use the term because it could make other students feel excluded.

“How do you police a 4-year-old from expressing their feelings?” Christine Hartwell, whose daughter, Julia, attends the Georgetown school, told FOX25 Boston. “It’s outrageous, it’s silly [and] it hurts.

Leftism is evil, leftists are evil. And leftism destroys everything it touches. Never forget that. And those who give in, even a little to this nonsense feed the beast that leftism is. And that beast grows, and grows, and…………..

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