Race Pimps bring bad news! Racism is still alive and well!

These leeches are never going to stop buttering the bread of discontent and bitterness! If they ever admitted they are no longer needed, they might have to actually work for a living.

“There is an acceptance among wide segments of the population that a qualified African American (Obama) can be accepted in the highest office,” said Earl Ofari Hutchinson, author of a recent book on race and presidential politics.

“But that does not magically make the problems go away for the average person of color. Nothing has changed and for many the negative stereotypes are still very much there,” Hutchinson said.

Chuck D, regarded by many as the godfather of politically-conscious rap music, said Obama’s election could radically change the debate about race in the United States but in some ways could be unhealthy.

“People will say: ‘You guys have got a black president so it’s cool. It’s straight.’ But it does not erase the discussion (about race) that you need to have,” said Chuck D, the main force behind the rap group Public Enemy.


Ah, the Kool-Aid of perpetual victimhood! Drink deeply and keep the race pimps cash rolling in.

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