Ground assault in Gaza underway

This just got posted here

The IDF said that the purpose of the ground operation was to eliminate launching pads in northern Gaza from which specific long-range rockets had been fired into southern Israel.
Large forces from the army’s infantry, tanks and artillery units are among those participating in the mission.

Let us hope Israel does not stop until Hamas is finished More updates to follow

UPDATE At least 30 terrorists have been martyred by IDF forces

At least 30 Hamas gunmen were reported killed as IDF troops swept into the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday night, encountering fierce resistance from Hamas forces entrenched in fortifications just over the border.
Well, Israel’s goal is to wipe out Hamas’s ability to make war against Israelis so the more Hamas Jihadis they erase the better. Hot Air has an update via the Jerusalem Post that reports another senior Hamas leadr has been taken out

The IAF also hit the home of senior Hamas commander Abu Zacharia Al-Jamal. A Hamas spokesman announced that al-Jamal was killed in the attack, which would make him the third senior operative in the group to be targeted in the past three days.

Cutting off the snakes head obviously. Nice work. But as is pointed out at the Hot Air link, Israel will take out the ability of Hamas to launch rockets but, for how long? Israel is saying this incursion will last several days at least, so they obviously are intent on doing serious damage. I wonder how far they will go. As far as it takes is my sincere hope.

To that end, it should be noted that Israel is calling up tens of thousands of reservists

Israel’s government has approved the call-up of tens of thousands of reservist soldiers, it was annnounced Saturday, almost simultaneously with the launch of a Gaza ground incursion aimed at halting rocket fire on Israel’s southern communities.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s office said in a statement that, in accordance with a secret cabinet discussion Friday, the government ordered the armed forces “to draft the necessary reservists, on a scale of tens of thousands of troops.”


While you are contemplating to what extent Hamas will be crippled, consider just how biased some of American media coverage is. Then compare it to this! Just the headline should tip you off.


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