The Daley Gator has drawn the ire of….

Media Matters for America, which I call Media Marxists Against America has declared this blog as part of the MOB! Ed and I are honored! Honored I say! If Media Marxists is against us, then we ae doing a lot of things right!

Of course, we are not alone, apparently our fellow mobsters include Gateway Pundit, Michelle Malkin, The Confederate Yankee, The Washington Times, Fox News, and others. We are now all “mobsters.


10 thoughts on “The Daley Gator has drawn the ire of….

  1. darcprynce


    Ya know, back when I ran the Daley Times-Post, I was often targeted by this smarmy group of Marxist parasites and low-life Obamabots, and as you so accurately pointed out, I am truly honored to have once again garnered their attention.

  2. darcprynce

    Oddly enough, the story that Media Marxists Against America linked to (actually it was two related articles) didn’t originate with the Daley Gator. One was a story, and the other was an expose’ published by Michelle Malkin.

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