Your Sunday Linktacular

Donald Douglas really loves him some Sarahcuda! 

Ace gets ready for a PC holiday season 

Another Black Conservative has choice words for Newt

Are We Lumberjacks looks at the future

The Astute Bloggers are praying

At The Point of a Gun had an interesting Halloween

Babalu wonders if Castro will ever die 

BlackFive gives Obama some credit

BCB uncovers California Thieving 

Bluegrass Pundit has some costly jobs

Bring the Heat brings Kelly Ripa 

Bob has witches!

Carolyn congratulates the Gators on their 10th SEC Eastern Division championship sort of 

Cassy has news that should not surprise 

Cold Fury is not surprised 

The Confederate Yankee is not pulling punches 

Patrick Sperry notes another Obam Czar’s harted of liberty

The Conservative Mama mocks Obama’s EQ deficit

Doug Powers mocks the stupidity of Obamacare

Doug Ross sees Obama on every channel

Jeffords had a Rule 5 Halloween 

Fausta has the newest ObamaCzar 

Mike has some links of note 

Kathy has a case of Sharia vs Gay marriage? 

The Founding Bloggers have ACORNS? 

Gateway Pundit has the lamest of the lame 

Steve Burri has the reasons that Scozzafava bailed 

Grouchy Old Cripple has your boobs!

Honesty in Motion has cheerleader hotness!

Hot Air has indifference 

I Own the World has a cartoon 

IMAO has the man we should have elected 

Infidels Are Cool has a thoughtful joke 

Interesting News Items breaks the Brain Tax story that has zombies PO’d!

Jammie Wearing Fool busts MSNBS for their blatant sexism

Jules has booze news 

Jumping in Pools has a great quote 

Why was the Left Coast Rebel celebtating Obamaween?

William Jacobson explains the latest Leftist Malady. Hoffmanitis! 

Mark Steyn will have the Chicken Caesar 

Michelle Malkin proves that ladies can snort too! 

Molten Thought sets the NFL straight 

HotMes has Elizabeth Banks!

Moonbattery has a must-see video 

Carol has an awesome tribute!

Noah Johms just has to laugh 

Obi’s Sister has this right! 

Old Virginia has reconcilliation 

Paco has THIS! 

Dan Collins asks the who is teabagging question 

William Teach know a douchebag when he sees one

Protein Wisdom’s Darleen Click is an USC fan 

Pundit & Pundette have a health care rationing story

Erick Erickson is dealing with a one way street/

Dan Riehl mocks Charles Johnson 

Why is Right of course trying to derail TCU? 

Ruby is having urges 

Saberpoint has nudity! 

Sister Toldjah is a beautiful, Conservative woman who loves football! I am in love

 PatAustin has Frank Rich’s latest spewage of stupidity 

Stop the ACLU tellus that yes, idiots CAN SING

Storm Bringer is talking Favre Bowl

Support Your Local Gun Fighter has bad driving 

Teh Resistance Blog has your OUTRAGEOUS headline of the week!

The Classic Liberal, is not far behind 

Stacy McCain should not be surprised at this 

Theo Spark has the very latest rage Redneck water skiing! 

Richard McEnroe has your picture of the day! 

Tiger Hawk is digging his teams’s success 

Someone at the TrogloPundot has the hots for Brett? 

Cassandra has news on the Marine Team 

Washington Rebel has a picture of natural beauty!


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