Smacking down a smarmy secularist

Over at the Reb, Morgan K Freeberg devastates Penelope Trunk for a clueless column she wrote recently. Penelope is OFFENDED because workplaces celebrate Christmas. Oh no, not another pinhead Liberal suffering from the dreaded Offendeditis! Enjoy the mental mismatch

Just another smarmy secularist. Oh, no wait, I forgot: She isn’t saying anything about a desire for more secularism, her argument is grounded in diversity. Okay, very well then. She’s a cowardly fucking secularist.

And she’s being eaten alive in the comments section. Oh, that just warms the cockles of my heart. Really, it does. She deserves it. Just give it a read…

It seems there should be no debate that Christmas does not belong in the workplace. The people who disagree do not understand what it’s like to be a minority, and they fail to accept that Christmas is not a universal holiday.

Ah yes Penelope, we have heard that line of “reasoning” before. Someone MIGHT be offended, so let’s scrap the fun for everyone! Better, I suppose, to offend EVERYONE, than to possibly offend one malcontent right? Good freaking grief! The truth is that Penelope is a classic example of how intolerant, the folks screaming for tolerance really are. Freeberg nails it!

“Should be no debate” — that’s rich. This is where the whole thing falls apart. Diversity has something to do with tolerance, right? Tolerance has something to do with diversity? Diversity-tolerance, tolerance-diversity? Two great tastes that go together like peanut butter & chocolate?

Anybody who thinks so, I’m gong to show them Penelope’s column. It absolutely oozes non-tolerance.

What are my own feelings about it? Ann Landers wedding rule — and longtime readers will know what I mean by that. It’s one of the few pieces of sage advice on which the addled-minded late advice columnist agreed with Yours Truly, or maybe it’s more appropriate to say Yours Truly agrees with the advice of the deceased fuzzy-brained advice columnist: When someone says “If you want me there you’ll have to dis-invite X” there is only one appropriate, one logical answer: “That’s a shame, we’ll miss you.”

You do not negotiate with terrorists, and you do not appease people who make those kinds of ultimatums. Period. It all comes down to this — if your productivity & cheerful demeanor slip a notch or two because you were just reminded someone has a different belief from yours, then you are the problem. Just like the wedding guest who says “I’m not coming if X is coming” is the problem.

Go read the entire piece, it is brilliant, and dead on target!

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