Your Sunday Link-a-Round Updated through the day

TheoSpark: You know that Vanesa Hudgens is smoking hot!

Wyblog sums up Ron Paul

American Glob notes that the SEIU is laying out the Astro Turf

The Real Revo: Something smells rotten here

The Other McCain: Stupid Google Tricks

Adrienne suggests we all just take a breath

Ann Althouse has the Buckeye heartbreak

Robert talks about open carry

That Mr. Guy: Krugman is an idiot isn’t he?

The Last Tradition: Haley Barbour anyone?

Mike: Heather Graham is hot

Moonbattery has the ultimate in Totalitarianism

Steve takes a look at auto logo evolution

Nice Deb mocks The Obamassiah, so does Carol

Did Noisy Room just use Michelle Obama and cute in the same sentence?

PO’ed Patriot! Commies and Jihadis

William Teach has his Valentines Pinup Sunday

The Political Junkie Mom goes THERE?

Proof Positive has links

Donald Douglas links the Coulter CPAC speech

Clifton notes Sarah Palin’s new hire

Are We Lumberjacks has your funny for the day

Dave C: What a great idea!

Pam Gellar has a must see

Blogmocracy: YIKES!

Bob Belvedere: Oh My!

Carol finds some moral retardation in her Closet

Common Cents has CPAC videos

Matt has LINKS BABY!

Cubachi quotes John Bolton

Da Tech Guy was ALL OVER CPAC

Daniel Greenfield has proof of the intellectual bankruptcy of the Left

Doug Powers has a Diva Alert!

Doug Ross: Centrist my ARSE~!

Jamie Jeffords: Ah Summer!

Fortress Outpost: Sweet Sweets!

Gateway Pundit: Oh sure NOW he supports Iranian protesters

Silverfiddle: Thoughts to ponder

John: Boy, they must have really hated their Happy Meal!

Government Mess:  WEST 2012

Steve Burri is intolerable ever since the Pack came back

And so has Lance

Hell on Earth has SHAWNA!

King Shamus: Worst TAT EVAH!

Knuckladraggin: If you get this cake…………

William Jacobson: The brotherhood’s 5-year-plan

Maggies Notebook: Dictators wives are HOT

American Perspective: Iran’s version of Valentine’s Day!

Public Secrets asks the question of all questions

Jill has news you really ought to read about a vigil for victims of Planned parenthood

MNR: Texans and illegals

RRR gives us perspective, wow

Right Klik gives us some mixed reactions to Romney

Stogie: Is that Daniels guy a RINO?

Sentry Journal tees it up!

Smash Mouth: Vegas sucks

Wyatt Earp: TSA should be disbanded

Tersamerica: Diane Lane

Soylent Green: CORSETS!

Pat Austin: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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