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Bill Maher at the PETA screening of I Am An An...
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Is at Brutally Honest, where no truer words than these were ever spoken about Bill Maher.

Last week, he called Sarah Palin “a dumb twat”. Over the weekend, he decided to use the “C” word... you know the one… it rhymes with punt.

Class act eh?

There was a time, long since past, where peckerheads like this were dealt with by men with spines, men with class, men who treated ladies like ladies and a**hole misogynists like the scum that they are.

Bill Maher needs to have his butt kicked.  I’ve got to believe that many women out there could do it.  But there ought to be a man out there, a real man, who’ll stand up for ladies and punch this guy straight in his kisser.

AMEN! That is precisely what Bil Maher, and several other Leftist douchebags I could name need. And no, I am not saying we ought to pop anyone who disagrees with us, but those that say things like Maher says, about women, SHOULD receive a smack upside his head. So should the union bullies we have seen recently trying to intimidate anyone who dares disagree with them.

And, if you disagree with me, fine, I can dig it. But, you call my sister, or any woman I care about a name like those Maher used? Well, then, you better be out of arms length from me when you do.

One thought on “Your Blog Post of the Day

  1. Mary B.

    If I could get my hands on him he’d look like a *unt face when I’m done. Thank you for standing up for women. It’s about time somebody did.

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