Now THAT is cutting the budget!

I have to say, this Paul Ryan chap is looking like a winner! I mean when he talks about budget cuts, he means business!

The Republicans have recently come under fire by conservative voters–myself included–for what is perceived as their mishandling of the current budget negotiations after having failed to live up to their proposal to cut $100 billion in spending from the current budget, but are the Republicans finally beginning to get serious about this issue? While the current budget negotiations are underway Paul Ryan is working on a budget for the next fiscal year which he is set to unveil on Tuesday. This budget would include a cut in federal spending of $4 trillion over the next decade. The details are still not available, but here is what we know so far:

A “premium support system” for Medicare. In the future, older people would choose plans in the marketplace and the government would subsidize those plans. Ryan said that would differ from the voucher system he has proposed in the past. Those 55 and older would remain under the present Medicare system. Ryan acknowledged that the “premium support system” would shift more costs to Medicare recipients, especially what he called “wealthy seniors.” He did not define at what level someone would be considered wealthy.

-Block grants to states for Medicaid, the health program for the poor. Ryan disputed reports that the plan would seek savings of $1 trillion over 10 years from Medicaid, but would say only that the details would be in the plan.”Medicare and Medicaid spending will go up every single year under our budget. They don’t just go up as much as they’re going right now,” he said. Ryan said governors have told members of Congress they want “the freedom to customize our Medicaid programs. … We want to get governors freedom to do that.”

-A statutory cap on actual discretionary spending as a percentage of the economy. While Ryan did not specify the amount during the interview, he said it would be at a lower level than proposed by Obama and would return the government to its “historic size.”

-Pro-growth tax changes, including lower tax rates and broadening the tax base. Ryan said overhauling taxes would boost the economy. The plan will not propose tax increases.

Well, I will need to see the proposal, but, I like the sound of that number! Sounds like someone IS dead serious about getting a handle on America’s fiscal insanity. The Mind Numbed Robot is liking this too


…as in testicular fortitude.

As used by R.S. McCain to accurately describe Rep. Paul Ryan, who announced the first real plan to cut government’s wasteful spending.

Stacy McCain likes Ryan’s, er, he admires Ryan’s, ummm guts, yeah, that’s it!

The gentleman from Wisconsin steps up:

The Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee said his party’s budget proposal for 2012 would cut deficits by more than $4 trillion over the next decade, vowing to tackle costly entitlements like Medicare and Medicaid.
The proposal, set to be unveiled Tuesday, would serve as the Republicans’ official response to President Obama’s proposed $3.7 trillion budget for 2012. The White House claims its plan would cut deficits by $1.1 trillion over a decade.
But Ryan, R-Wis., in an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” accused Obama of “punting” and said Republicans’ plan would exceed the fiscal goals set by the president’s fiscal commission — which issued a report calling for $4 trillion in cuts. That report never made it out of committee.
“We can’t keep kicking this can down the road,” Ryan said. “The president has punted. We’re not going to follow suit.”

The Beltway spin on this: By proposing large cuts for the fiscal 2012 budget, Ryan’s plan gives House Republicans political “cover” if negotiations over the remainder of the fiscal 2011 budget require them to accept smaller levels of cuts for the current year.

I could care less about buying the GOP “cover” that is fine, but the meat here is that finally, a Republican leader is ACTING like a leader in a major way! No BS, no nibbling at the debt, no dancing, no prancing, or playing games. Paul Ryan has come out swinging for the fences, he has come out, let me say it again, LEADING! You want to get the GOP base fired up? Propose budget cuts that actually cut something.

Representative Paul Ryan, a mastermind on economics and budgetary issues, was on Fox News Sunday declaring that Republicans will lead when it comes to the 2012 budget.

Unlike President Obama and the Democrats who are missing in action, Ryan will release a 2012 budget proposal that will greatly reduce federal spending by tackling Medicare and Medicaid.

Ryan said it’s ironic that President Obama will relaunch his reelection campaign on the week that Republicans are trying to get Democrats to debate budgetary issues and get us out of the debt crisis looming in the horizon.

This Tuesday, Ryan will lay out his budget which will include more than $4 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade. Leading where Obama and the Democrats won’t.

Transcript via The Hill:

“Where the president has failed to lead, we’re going to lead and we’re going to put out ideas to fix this problem,” Ryan said.

“Democrats could use the plan as a “political weapon,” Ryan said.

“We are giving them a political weapon to go out against us, but they will have to lie and demagogue to make that a political weapon. They are going to demagogue us, and it’s that demagoguery that has always prevented political leaders in the past from actually trying to fix the problem. We can’t keep kicking this can down the road.”

He added, “Shame on them if they do that.”

They will demagogue, he knows it, I know it, you know it. But, consider that they have been doing the Democratic Dance of Demagogue and Doom like the Devil over the paltry cuts proposed so far. Harry Reid and his cohorts would bitch if Ryan suggested we cut five bucks of spending. Let them take that bag of BS to the American people if they choose to

7 thoughts on “Now THAT is cutting the budget!

  1. Thanks for the link! We finally have someone in the Republican party who is willing to stand behind his beliefs and take on a tough issue even in light of the fact that the attacks which are sure to come could hurt him politically. This is refreshing to say the least and it is going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

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