Further proof that we should have never allowed West Virginia to leave Virginia

During the War Between the States, a portion of Virginia, seceded and joined the Union. Odd that the North, fighting against secession, no not to free slaves, would allow the people of that portion of  Virginia to determine the government best for them, while fighting to deny that same right to the eleven Confederate States.

Anyway, I mention that bit of history in order to take a shot at the West Virginians in this poll

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Huckabee tied for the lead in West Virginia, leading their other potential 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination rivals by a wide margin. Trump and Huckabee each have 24% of the vote, followed by Gov. Sarah Palin at 13%, and Gov. Mitt Romney at 11%.

So, West Virginia Republicans have a fever and the only cure is Trumpabee? Or is it Huck-a-Trump? Either way, those two choices are about as pathetic as it gets. Huckabee is a televangelist with better hair, and Trump has hair even a televangelist would laugh at! And more importantly, Trump is a LIBERAL!

Good grief!

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