This is the top song in the United States?

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Donald Douglas offers up a video of  Adele, whoever the heck she is singingRolling in the Deep“: I listened, I cringed, and I thought, who the Hell would buy this piece of crap? Yes, I realize that great music is in the ear of the beholder, but seriously. Anyway, I went to Billboard and perused the current top songs. Katy Perry was number two with a song, Jennifer Lopez number three followed by the talentless Black Eyes Peas, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, and others like Kanye West, what a little whiner he is, Chris Brown, the guy who beats up women, and Lady Gaga, how did she, or he, or it, ever get a recording contract? Not one song would I buy, consider buying, or listen to. The most bothersome thing to me was that none of the songs sounded like anyone performing them had any talent at all. Good Grief! Either I am old or today’s packaged, soulless music is absolute crap!
Or maybe it is both?

5 thoughts on “This is the top song in the United States?

  1. I saw her on Dancing with the Stars. Never heard of before that. Hope I never hear her again.

  2. You’re not old. The youth of today just have no taste and their ears have been damaged by this stuff.

  3. You’re not old, you’re WAY TOO OLD. Leave the kids alone! For all I know your parents said the same thing about your musical taste when you were a young ignoramus. And bring along with you the other snotty posters. I’m pretty sure they’ve got “great musical tastes” like you do (or don’t)!

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