Chris Matthews still bashing Bush

Matthews questioning Bush’s intellect?

(RCP) — Earlier in the week MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said President Obama had an I.Q. near 160.

“The scariest thing, a guy of limited mental power, George W. Bush, talked this country [into the war in Iraq] . . . that’s the scariest part,” Chris Matthews said on HBO’s “Real Time” with host Bill Maher.

“This wasn’t Winston Churchill. This was a guy, about a little bit below average in ability and he talked this country into war.”

It always amazes me when people like Crazy Legs Matthews question anyone’s brain power. Matthews cannot think his way out of wet paper bag frankly. His ideological leanings prevent him from opening his mind and seeing anything except his LEFT-WING IDEALS. of course, Matthews also seems to believe that taking childish pot shots at Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, or other Conservatives proves his intellectual superiority. It does not prove anything, except that Matthews is a man incapable of critical thought.

4 thoughts on “Chris Matthews still bashing Bush

  1. One thing about Matthews..

    It’s not uncommon for him to have an unguarded moment and he’ll speak the truth about something…

    Then some producer will scream in Tingles’s earpiece and he snaps out of it..

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