I think Chris at Wyblog is aboard the Perry Train

Rick Perry shows us around his office. He's Te...
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He has a Fevah, and the only cure? Governor, er President Perry

He’s (almost) in. According to POLITICO, Texas Governor Rick Perry intends to use a speech in South Carolina Saturday to make clear that he’s running for president.

Then he’ll immediately head on up to New Hampshire and Iowa.

Oh yeah, he’s in.

Yep! Chris is on board, and he has some good reasons why, not least of al, this

Barack Obama is the disease. Rick Perry is the cure. Tell your friends.

2 thoughts on “I think Chris at Wyblog is aboard the Perry Train

  1. Hey! Is he the perfect candidate? No! Is he light years ahead of the other GOP wannabes? YES!

    Fiscal conservative, pro-life, proven job creator, telegenic, articulate, speaks his mind, appeals to Latinos, appeals to mainstream GOP donors, Tea Party base, understands the 10th Amendment; and most importantly – he can elucidate a concrete vision.

    There are negatives. His overt Christianity turns off Democrats and homosexuals (but I repeat myself). He was once a Democrat; so was Reagan! Texas has a lot of debt – so all the more reason to foster pro-business policies which result in increased tax revenues to pay it down. Gardasil. Yup, this is a toughie. But his pro-life stance ought to be enough to excuse a principled yet ultimately misguided attempt to save the lives of young girls.

    Yeah, I think Rick Perry is the Real Deal.

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