The newest government power grab?

The evil, collecting of rainwater! Bunkerville has more

As most of us know, we own less and less, and the government owns and controls more and more of what we think of is rightfully ours. Here is a bizarro story. Now the government is claiming ownership over rainwater. You can bet Obama and the EPA must be grinning from ear to ear when they heard this story.

Control of water in the West has been a big issue with the drought. But now, we no longer control the rainwater that falls on our roofs.

Whoever the next president is, they have to reign in the EPA! Consider what the new regs from Obama’s EPA will do to the coal industry

The econuts are giddy Barry’s EPA has finally released their new draconian air pollution regulations, effectively banning most coal-fired power plants in the United States.

The rules require coal- and oil-fired power plants to lower emissions of 84 different toxic chemicals to levels no higher than those emitted by the cleanest 12% of plants.

We have three years in which to comply. Then, the power plants go dark and the lights go out.

Power plants are responsible for half of the mercury emissions in the United States, the EPA says.

So where will all that mercury go? Into Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs! The very same light bulbs Congress mandated, and then “temporarily” put on hold until October of next year. Break one of those puppies in your living room and congratulations, your house is now a Superfund site.

This is what you get when you elect a president that has proven to be the biggest anti-business, anti-Capitalist president in our history. This is what you get when you allow politicians to by-pass Congress, and the will of the people. What they cannot legislate, they enact through out of control government agencies like the EPA!

This is why 2012 matters! This is why retaking the Senate matters so, and why retaking the White House matters! Folks our country is in peril, and this president, and his party, the Democrats, seem intent on driving the greatest nation on earth off the cliff of Failed Leftist Ideas.

This must not be allowed to happen!

One thought on “The newest government power grab?

  1. bunkerville

    Thanks for the link. This coal shutdown regs of course go down while no one is listening/watching. But then again, he told us he was going to do this. Rates to skyrocket, and said he would shut down coal plants.

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