Video- Margaret Thatcher rocks!

Found the video at Daniel Mitchell’s blog

I will take issue with  comment Mitchell makes after the video

While it’s inspiring to watch Thatcher in action, it’s also painful to realize that the current crop of GOP presidential candidates seems generally incapable of making similar arguments. Can you imagine, for instance, Mitt Romney making these remarks?

While I cannot imagine Romney saying something similar, unless his script writers told him to of course, I have heard VERY similar feeling shared by most of the current GOP field. No, not you John Hunstman. heck Ron Paul might have uttered something similar, I cannot say be cause I complete; ignore everything that crazy old bastard says. But I know the Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, and Newt have all echoed Thatcher’s sentiments.

2 thoughts on “Video- Margaret Thatcher rocks!

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