Ah yes, Ann Coulter lets her mouth override her brain

Ann is hopelessly devoted to Mr. Romneycare, and does not mind taking cheap shots at the Tea Party apparently. What a hack! And, today’s Daley Douchebag!

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Ann Coulter already told us that Tea Partiers opposed to Mitt Romney were just a bunch of “birthers” (emphasis mine):

Pemmaraju pressed Coulter on Romney’s conservatism, adding that the Tea Party has resisted him strongly, an indication he may not be as conservative as she thinks. Coulter replied that the Tea Party was “wrong about this” because “they’re looking at who is going to go around bombastically demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate or calling him a Kenyan,” instead of substance. She added that “Rick Santorum and [Rick] Perry are very bad on illegal immigration” despite being considered more conservative.

Bill quick at Daily Pundit sums up my feelings pretty well.

And Coulter is just another fellating tool of a hack propagandist drowning in the tank for a shit sandwich named Mittens Romneycare.

What can I add to that? Nothing!

5 thoughts on “Ah yes, Ann Coulter lets her mouth override her brain

      1. Ya know, I cannot argue with that. Sad! This is why I have so much respect for Michelle Malkin, she could be bigger than Coulter, if she chose, but, she puts her kids first.

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