Your Sunday DaleyBabe Rebecca Lynn takes you on a Rule 5 tour!

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Others Rule 5ing it

Pirates Cove who links us to his great Sorta Blogless Pinup

Pirates Cove

Theo Spark

The Other McCain




American Power

The Classic Liberal

Camp of the Saints

Soylent Green

Jake Finnegan

Proof Positive

Randys Roundtable

Zions Trumpet

Hell on Earth

Hookers and Booze

Feral Irishman

Pitsnipes Gripes

Rio Norte Line

A Man a Dog, and a Gun

A View from the Beach

Smoking Jacket

Bro Bible


Bleacher Report

That Mr. G Guy

Teresa America

Maggies Notebook

American Perspective

Guy Speed


Jamie Jeffords

Busted Coverage


The Chive


Bring the Heat

Barking Moonbat

Guns and Bikinis

Reaganite Republican

Shaws Blog

The Hostages

King Shamus


Astute Bloggers

Say Anything

POH Diaries

Wyatt Earp

8 thoughts on “Your Sunday DaleyBabe Rebecca Lynn takes you on a Rule 5 tour!

  1. Hey, our tour guide is hot!

    Thanks for the linkage, my friend.

  2. Dayam…with a tour guide like that, I need to come here more often. Thanks for the link.

  3. Thanks, DG! Got ya back in about an hour with Patriotic Pinup.

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