Unspeakable horror in Atlanta! Tyler Perry victimized by RAAAAACIST Racial Profiling Cops!

Good Freaking Grief, someone get poor, poor Tyler a box of Kotex please. 

Tyler Perry mixes it up with the media on the ...
Tyler Perry mixes it up with the media on the red carpet at the 82nd Academy Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tyler Perry was pulled over by two white Atlanta Police Officers, because he made a left turn from the right lane.

His security guys taught him this maneuver as a way to know if anyone (Paparazzi? Fans?) is tailing him.

Good advice.

The two cops did not know who he was, and wondered incredulously, “Who would be following you?”

And then they asked him about his tinted windows.

A black cop then showed up and informed the two white cops of who Tyler Perry was. At which point, the one of the white cops came to him and was “very apologetic.”

Tyler Perry calls this Racial Profiling. 

RAAAAACISM! Or maybe just reality? See the reality is this Tyler. You were pulled over for driving like a jackassSeriously, why would anyone be shocked that any police officer, anywhere, would pull over anyone who turned LEFT from the RIGHT lane? I would bet that the officers did not note Perry’s color when they hit their siren either. I would wager that they saw someone pull a dangerous stunt, one that endangers other drivers, and simply did their job. And, frankly, if anyone was acting in a prejudicial fashion, well, that would be Tyler Perry in my view.

The worst thing in America right now, at least according to the perpetual whiners on the Left is “racial profiling”. And they have pushed that issue to such absurd lengths that some Black Americans seem to think that they are above the law. Tyler Perry seems to have taken that attitude on this occasion. His reaction was not ” damn, I did something stupid, now I am getting a ticket”. Oh no! His first thought was, apparently “don’t these damned racist White cops know who I am?” Pathetic! Grow up Tyler

4 thoughts on “Unspeakable horror in Atlanta! Tyler Perry victimized by RAAAAACIST Racial Profiling Cops!

  1. My guess is he’s not related to Rick Perry? So I neither know nor care who he is.

    And the lesson we learn from this? “Celebrities” are above the law.

    I once had some stuffed-shirt pull the “obviously you don’t know who I am” routine on me. My response? Oh, did you forget? My friends were mortified.

  2. Mary B

    So a cop pulls a wreckless driver over, it happens all the time. And with those tinted windows who can see what color skin a person has?

  3. Tyler Perry is my favorite filmmaker and I adore his movies.

    Ironically, his movies always add both conservative and Christian solutions to the problems of the black community. (Liberals demean his movies as “degrading” and “stereotypical insults to the black community”.)

    One of my favorite quotes was “Our ancestors MARCHED for our freedoms and you blow then on drugs and [crap]?”

    I find it saddening that Tyler Perry is talking racial profiling while his movies speak of the conservative views of self-advancement, hard work, sticking to one’s faith when times get tough, and the importance of the family and forgiveness.

    If he acted as his movies, he’d be a Herman Cain.

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