Even More on the Left’s War on Conservative Women

Donald Douglas is all over the attacks against Ann Romney he posts a video of the phony, hollow, and meaningless “apology” the bitter Hilary Rosen gave today to Ann Romney

Donald Douglas also has Michelle Malkin talking about the Left’s disdain for stay at home moms. And, folks, if any woman knows about the Left’s hatred of women that do not know their place, it is Michelle

Michelle makes the point that Rosen is an attack dog, and I agree. This was not just a “flub” This was planned. The Left might have been taken by surprise by the push back. But, maybe Rosen made this statement to allow Team Obama an opportunity to show he “appalled” they are at Rosens’s comments.

Note, I have stayed away from Rosen’s sexuality, believe me, the LAST thing I want to think of is that hateful woman’s sex life. Other bloggers, who do not link Ed and I anymore, are wondering if Rosen acted in a fit of Lesbian Rage

Ann Romney Attacked By Crazed Lesbian

Of course, those of us who know Bob Belvedere, who does not like Ed or I anymore it seems, realize that he is simply expressing very righteous anger at the attack on Ann Romney.

This vile and sorry excuse for a human being deserves nothing but the finest choice cut of ridicule.

Ann Romney has more class in her little finger than a thousand Hilary Rosens ever would.

I say, GO BOB! Also understand that Mr. Belvedere has also concluded, quite correctly, that this really is not only a war on Conservative women. No, this is all part of the Left’s War on America! Be sure to click the link and read it all! It is very good stuff! Oh, and tell Bob that Ed and Doug sent you, maybe he will see fit to link us again

Part of the Left’s strategy for gaining power and control is to cause Chaos in society. They merely have to ignite the flame and blow on it from time to time, then sit back and watch the conflagration grow, because one of the few true facts of Human Nature they have sussed-out is that a good number of people will always react emotionally, ignoring Right Reason in their frenzies. If they push their minions to radical action, they believe that those is opposition will provide and equal and opposite reaction. If the radical action taken is not intense enough to provoke the reaction they want then the Left pushes it’s toadies to even more radical action. This escalation continues unto the desired result [Chaos] is achieved.

The Left knows it cannot obtain power and control through legitimate means, especially in The United States, which has a long-tradition of breeding individuality into it’s peoples, so it must resort to underhanded tactics to achieve what it wants. It must breakdown Free Will and cause people to plead and beg for the ‘knights in shining armor’, the ‘heroes on horseback’, to come and save them. Otherwise, there will be resistance. George Orwell understood this. It was not enough, as far as the state was concerned, to force Winston Smith to comply with the edicts of their Totalitarian regime, he must be mentally broken so that he ended up, of his own Free Will, loving Big Brother. He had to be made to fire the weapon that blew his own soul apart.

This is what the Left is seeking to do here in America. They want to break our Wills and make us want to be taken care of by them. They know that is the only way they will achieve a lasting victory. The Left believes that every Human Being can be re-engineered to spec – a set of specifications that only they, of course, are wise enough to write-up. This is what they tried to do in every country where they gained power. And this strategy has failed everywhere it has been tried – and hundreds of millions were murdered in the process.

While the Leftist Elites are basically cretinous in their thinking, they do possess a low-cunning that has allowed their members in The United States to believe that a different approach than that followed by the Soviets was needed. They also came to see that, unlike everywhere else in the world – even in the other countries of The West – the breaking of the American Spirit would require a variation in tactics. We are too cowboy, as it were, embracing a rugged individualism that most other peoples of the World lack. The Left also understands that most Americans, though they would find it very hard to articulate, see themselves as ‘The Sovereign People’, that the government exists at the pleasure and consent of the governed. Call it pride of ownership if you will – and it happens, happily, to be the Truth. Of course, the Left doesn’t see it this way.

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