SHHH, the media does not want this getting around, it does not fit the narrative

 But, we do here at The DaleyGator, via Moonbatterty

The scale of the epidemic of black on white violence that is taking place as the “mainstream” media distracts us with its grotesquely distorted version of the Passion of Saint Skittles is hard to determine in a country where journalism has died, but you can get some idea from the fact that at least seven incidents recently occurred just in one small city over a single weekend:

You didn’t hear about this is the media, but on the weekend of March 24th and March 25th at least seven white people were brutally beaten by mobs of blacks in Grand Rapids, MI. Five of the victims filed police reports. At least two other victims exist, and there are probably others. The local media has refused to report the cruel attacks and the authorities are resisting any serious charges.

One of the victims was 37-year-old Jacob Palasek. He was attacked on the street by a pack of black thugs who beat him with a chain and told him, “this is what you deserve you white piece of sh*t,” making it crystal clear that unlike George Zimmerman, they really were motivated by race.

Police told Palasek they believed the media’s Trayvon Martin hype inspired the attack. They also told him the perpetrators will not be punished in any meaningful way because they are only 17, the same age as the harmless darling Trayvon.

We no longer expect the national media to report stories that don’t fit the politically correct narrative, but local outlets used to cover them, even if with racial information carefully censored. However, at this point hiding the perpetrators’ race is the same as declaring it, so they have taken to pretending the events never happened.

To add insult to injury, not a single media outlet in all of Grand Rapids reported the brutal hate crimes. Jacob has contacted the local paper and his local news affiliates repeatedly. None will report the story.

The media is complicit in these attacks, if you ask me

4 thoughts on “SHHH, the media does not want this getting around, it does not fit the narrative

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