Using Bill Maher to prove a point

No, not that ugly little men who are not funny can make it as comedians. No, not that no matter how many times Maher calls Mormonism a “cult” it is his audience that exemplifies brainwashed dolts.

In this clip, Maher says what so many Leftists love to say. America is so racist they say, it is part of our DNA, it is inherent in America, and so on. Yet if this nation were truly racist, we would never have elected a Black president. In fact, many people, of all races, voted for Obama strictly because he is Black.

The fact is that America IS the most tolerant and diverse nation on earth. Yet, to Leftists like Maher America is a bad, evil, and yes, racist country. And to these intellectual midgets, it always will be because, for the most part, people like Maher are far less “inclusive” than they claim. The Left tends to isolate themselves in their own world of pessimism, victim hood, class warfare, and bigotry.

The Left, loathes those that are not like them. Sure they claim tolerance and diversity as their own, but try finding an ounce of ideological diversity among the Left. The Left does not believe in diversity, not in the least. The Left believes in complete and utter ideological and political conformity to Leftist doctrine. And ask any “minority” that dares stray from that conformity how they are treated by the tolerant likes of Bill Maher.

3 thoughts on “Using Bill Maher to prove a point

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