Black Mobs Violently Assault Stores In Florida, Oregon (Videos)

Flash Mobbery Florida: 300 Black Youths Ransack Walmart Store (Video) – Gateway Pundit

300 black youths ransacked a Walmart story in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend. The youths threw food and merchandise around the store and broke security equipment.


News 4 reported:

Flash mobs are known across the United Stats as a group of people, dancing, having fun and enjoying themselves while entertaining others.

However, the Wal-Mart off Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville fell victim to a flash robbery when more than 300 people entered the store and destroyed the security system as well as some merchandise.

According to the police report, the group destroyed an electronic anti-shop lifting security scanner that costs about $1,500. The police report also stated the massive crowd could have arrived at the store after a party that was broken up on Sampson Road.

YouTube video showed the teens throwing food and merchandise around the store.

Channel 4’s Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson said any sort of crime where there’s hundreds of people involved is a dangerous situation.

“You’ve got a large number of people going and coming at the same time they are throwing produce,” said Jefferson. “They are stealing items, they are all over the store. You can imagine how fearful the customers were who were in there at that particular time.”

Police did not make any arrests after the mob of people took over the store. If caught, these teens could face criminal charges.

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Related article:

Black Mob Terrorizes, Robs Albertsons Store In Troutdale, Oregon- Oregon Live

Police have identified 12 teens in a flash mob that attacked Albertsons in Troutdale late Saturday, storming the aisles, picking up produce and other items and flinging them around the store.


The 12 teens include a 15-year-old boy who lives in Northeast Portland and went behind a Starbucks kiosk, swiped the keys to the cash register and tried to pry it loose. He was captured in the act on the store’s surveillance footage, which was broadcast on nightly TV news shows.

He didn’t steal it, however. “Everybody’s running around the store,” said Sgt. Steve Bevens, spokesman for Troutdale police. “He got spooked – we don’t know why – and he left.”

The mob of 30 to 40 teens flashed through the store at 25691 S.E. Stark St. about 11:15 p.m. About 15 minutes later, a Troutdale patrol officer spotted about 20 teens waiting at a bus stop at Southwest 257th Avenue and Stark Street. When he approached them, the kids became aggressive, Bevens said. The officer arrested two teens, including the boy from Northeast Portland, on a curfew violation. Minors in Troutdale are not allowed to be outside unaccompanied by an adult between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Police later identified the boy through the surveillance footage. Bevens said he’ll be arrested soon and charged in the case. He could face burglary, disorderly conduct, attempted theft and rioting.

Troutdale police will follow up with the 11 other teens as well. They were identified by seven people who called police after seeing the surveillance footage on television. Although Troutdale only has two detectives, they will plod through the surveillance footage, trying to identify all of the teens involved.

“This is a national issue,” Bevens said. “We’re going to try to (identify) these kids. It will take a lot of time, though. It’s going to be a nightmare.”

Bevens said store employees are still going through surveillance tape, trying to identify what was taken. The footage shows the teens running through the produce aisle, picking up apples and throwing them around and ripping open bags of chips and tossing the contents around the store.

The teens could face various charges, including disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and rioting.

Bevens said his department wants to make an example of the teens to stem a growing problem. There have been a number of flash mob scenes in the Portland area in recent months, including an April incident at Nordstrom in the Lloyd Center.

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