NCAA hammer to fall on Penn State tomorrow at 9AM


Word is that Penn State is pretty much screwed

The NCAA has called a 9 a.m. ET Monday press conference to address the situation in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. CBS News reported earlier Sunday that the NCAA will hit Penn State with “unprecedented” penalties. A source confirmed that for There are indications that the penalties could be so unique and severe they would be different than any previously applied by the NCAA. has also learned that the penalties could last beyond one season. The NCAA on Sunday said that it will levy “corrective and punitive actions” against the school. A person with knowledge of the process said there is a way to impact Penn State’s competitive ability in football without applying the so-called “death penalty.” That term could be mere semantics by the time the NCAA sanctions are announced according to a source. Penn State, the source said, may prefer the death penalty.

But even if the NCAA stops short of shutting down the program and docks Penn State several scholarships, critics have wondered where NCAA president Mark Emmert would get the authority. His letter to acting president Rodney Erickson in November putting Penn State on notice of a possible investigation seemingly departed from NCAA investigative procedure.

“How many other athletics department employees have there been [at other schools] that engaged in criminal activity and the NCAA has done nothing about?” said a person familiar with the NCAA process.


2 thoughts on “NCAA hammer to fall on Penn State tomorrow at 9AM

  1. I’d be more in favor of Penn State shutting down football in 2012, and give the athletes that had nothing to do with what higher ups did the chance to go attend another school. They deserve mercy, at least.

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