I really hate getting bad news

Just got some bad news about a former friend, one who at time was my closest friend. But, that was 20 years ago, still though, still I miss what we had, and wonder where the person I was once so close to went. News like this makes you think, well, news like this makes me ponder life anyway. Nope, no details, this is personal, and even though this friend and I are no longer speaking, the news still upset me, and made me wish things had gone differently. Maybe I still love this person, maybe I am just wondering how relationships go from close and caring to non-existent. Maybe I am wondering how some people long for friendship while others cast away true friends that love them.  So, time for reflection for me. And one of the best ways for me to reflect is to write on this blog. So, I guess I should write, see where it takes me

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