New Jersey principal to pack heat at his school?

I am sure Leftists will get the vapors over this news

Score another one for Wayne LaPierre and the NRA. Passaic Valley High School will soon have a pistol packin’ principal.

Raymond Rotella, a career cop and former school resource officer, may become North Jersey’s first school administrator to pack a pistol when he enters Passaic Valley Regional High School each day.

The decision to arm the principal is one of several moves the district has made to beef up security following the school shootings in Connecticut late last year, including developing a rigorous registration process for visitors and installing elaborate security entrances.

“Having a teacher or a principal carry a weapon is not a policy I would have recommended for most people,” Superintendent Viktor Joganow said. “But we don’t just have someone who is trained to use a weapon, we have someone who is trained to respond to a crisis.”

Joganow said he sent 1,400 copies of a letter detailing the proposal and Rotella’s qualifications to parents. While only a few parents responded, the reaction has been mostly positive, he said.

The Passaic Valley Regional school board will meet Tuesday to take up the first of two votes required to adopt a policy permitting Rotella to carry a weapon in the school.

Rotella has served as the high school’s principal for the past three years. In his previous career as a Little Falls policeman, he served for four years as the high school resource officer. He’s had his concealed weapons permit since he retired in 2007 as a police sergeant in charge of the department’s firearms training unit.

Rotella sees the policy as a means to reassess the role of a school principal in a crisis. During a lockdown, he typically would be required to lock himself in his office or a classroom. But if the policy is approved, he said in an interview Wednesday, he would become an integral part of the school’s security plan.

Like I said, Liberals will wet their beds over this, but it is likely the best way to prevent or stop school shootings, especially when it is tied in with more secure entrances. The training is essential too. I believe that anyone carrying at a school should either be someone with training, or that they should undergo additional training depending on their past experience. The reality the Left does not want to face is that sometimes the only way to stop a violent criminal is with equal or greater violence.


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