More heartache for David Frum as three Americans use handguns to defend themselves

How insensitive of these three. Don’t they know how hard they are making it for David Frum to Tweet smart ass things mocking self-defense and gun owners?

In Detroit, MI two teens, 16-and 17-year old brothers, tried to rob two men working on a public lighting pole. The brothers pulled out a weapon and aimed it at the workers; one of the workers has a carry conceal permit and was armed at the time. He shot both of the teens, who are now recovering in the hospital. The workers were questioned and released.

A robber in Phoenix, AZ was not so lucky. A man arrived home and saw his carport door was wide open. He decided to enter through the front door and found his house ransacked. Two suspects escaped through the carport door, while two more ran out of the bedroom. One of them followed the other two out of the door, but 16-year-old Mario Barcenas decided to run at the homeowner.

Unfortunately for Barcenas the homeowner was carrying his gun. He took it out and shot Barcenas with one round. He was taken to the hospital and later died. Police are investigating, but said the homeowner was acting in self-defense and no charges have been filed against him.

Poor Frum, you poor ignorant, over-educated bastard!


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