*VIDEO* Senator Marco Rubio Discusses His Immigration Scheme On Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday

Ed’s two cents worth:

With all due respect, Senator Rubio, why should the American citizenry believe that our federal government – or any liberal state government, for that matter – will actually enforce new immigration laws they disagree with when they aren’t enforcing the ones they object to right now?

As for a secure border fence, we were promised one of those years ago, and it still hasn’t materialized. Tell me, how can the feds be trusted to do the right thing tomorrow when they’ve allowed sanctuary cities to exist – in conspicuous violation of federal law – for so many years?

While elucidating your plan, you mentioned a new commission who’s ultimate administrative authority would be “triggered” into play if the Mexican border remains less than 90% secure after half a decade. Yet the Obama regime tells us that this border is more inviolable today than ever before, despite clear evidence to the contrary.

Suppose the Democrats win the White House in 2016. Are we to just accept the word of another leftist-controlled Department of Homeland Security when it inevitably tells us that the border is suddenly and miraculously more than 90% secure? Do you not believe that such a DHS might lie to us in order to retain its authority in this respect?

Perhaps after the southern security fence we’ve already paid for is actually completed, and government officials and business owners are prosecuted en mass for blatantly defying our laws as pertains to illegal aliens, we can begin to talk about a new set of rules that deal with our remaining immigration problems. Is that not a reasonable proposition?

Whether you believe so or not, Senator, I can only hope you will eventually come to understand that the reason why few conservatives are getting behind your plan isn’t because your ideas are necessarily objectionable. It’s because true right-wingers like me don’t believe that most of your colleagues are honest people who will keep to their word on this issue. In short, we have no reason to think that our federal government will do this time around what it has failed utterly to do in the past, which is faithfully enforce its own immigration laws.


One thought on “*VIDEO* Senator Marco Rubio Discusses His Immigration Scheme On Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday

  1. Just read this earlier at FreeRepublic…WHO is Cesar Conda?

    Meet Cesar Conda, chief of staff, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., close associate and fellow amnesty pusher of Grover Norquist, who last week called all of us who want our borders secured, “Bitter enders”, He might as well have called us ‘Savages’.

    Here is detailed some of the undermining of immigration law these two have accomplished over 3 decades, including working closely with Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute, Conda circulated a statement against Prop. 187 of California in the nineties. The race baiting they pulled on Alan Simpson when he tried to enforce the borders in the 90’s was nothing but disgusting.

    Conda, an immigration lawyer, was Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief domestic policy adviser. After leaving there, Conda went to work for George Soros on the editorial advisory board of the Soros publication, The International Economy Magazine. (go read the rest at the link)

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